DO YOU LOVE JESUS? 1 Jn. 2:3; 5:2 At one time or other everyone has tried to prove love for another.  Some in strange ways, most in the usual ways, cards, flowers,various duties performed.  How does one go about showing/proving love for Jesus?  Jesus clearly told how. Keep Commandments Revelation (full series) Rev 1:1-22:21 Series on the book of Revelation (47 Sermons)

Outline of Revelation
1. Revelation of Jesus Christ
2. Revelation to God's Servants
3. Message to the 7 Churches
4. Message to Ephesus
5. Message to Smyrna
6. Message to Pergamos
7. Message to Thyratira
8. Message to Sardis
9. Message to Philadelphia
10. Message to Laodicea
11. The Picture of Things Hereafter
12. The Book of Destiny
13. The Seven Seal Judgments
14. The Seven Seals of Judgments Preceeding The Great Tribulation
15. A Remnant Will Be Saved 
16. A Numberless Multitude of Martyrs Will Be Saved
17. The Seven Trumpet Judgments
18. Natural Disasters, A Blast of The Fourth Trumpet
19. A Demonic-like Locust Plague, The Fifth Trumpet
20. Demonic-like Military Horsemen, Blast of the Sixth Trumpet
21. The Great Announcement
22. The Great Destruction of Israel and Jerusalem
23. Two Witnesses and How Israel Turned to God
24. An Over-all Picture of Things to Come
25. Seventh Trumpet - Two Spiritual Wonders Struggling
26. The Great Struggle Behind the Great Tribulation
27. The War of the Dragon Upon the Earth
28. The Second Beast - A False Prophet
29. Assurance One - The Redeemed Will Be With Jesus
30. The Gospel Will Be Preached - The Godless Government and Rebellion Will Fall
31. Assurance Four - Justice Will Be Executed
32. The Dead in Christ Rest are Rewarded and The Godly Will Be Separated
33. The Terrible Harvest of the Ungodly Will Take Place
34. The Heavenly Preparation For Judgment
35. The Pouring Our of the Seven Bowl Judgments
36. Religious Babylon of False Religions
37. The Power Behind Religious Babylon
38. The Collapse of Political Babylon
39. The Great Marriage Supper of the Lamb
40. The Millennium Ushered In
41. Satan is Removed From This Earth
42. The Millennial Reign of Christ
43. Finally, The End of the World
44. The New Heaven and the New Earth
45. The New Jerusalem, The City of God
46. Revelation, The Final Chapter

 Revelation series CHRISTIANS ARE TO IMITATE CHRIST Jn. 13:15, Phil. 2:5, 1 Pet. 2:20, 21, 1 Jn. 2:6 Everybody copies something from somebody, hair style, singing style, dress style, even pulpit mannerisms.  Why?  People imitate other people because of admiration.
Christians have their ideal to imitate and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Imitate AN ORDINARY ROD <br> God can use what we already have in His service Available BELIEVE IT OR NOT <br> Every word that is found in the Bible either has happened, is happening or shall happen exactly as God has declared. Choose  EVERYBODY GETS DISCOURAGED 1 Kings 19:4;  Jonah 4:3 Everyone gets discouraged at one time or other and Satan is a master at getting one to blame God when most of the time the reason for that discouragement is "self."
 Discouragement and Self FOLLOWING CHRIST WITH A CROSS <br> Everyone is invited to follow Jesus but Jesus has guidelines:  One must really want to follow Him; One must give up certain things; One must carry a cross. Everyone, Guidelines GOD HAS A MESSAGE OF LOVE FOR EVERYDAY <br> God`s love for everyone is generally known but not everyone realizes that God has so many ways of expressing that love. Love, Free, Available, Unlimited HEAVY HEART, LOAD LIFTED <br> Satan is very adept at getting people to sin and  "whispers" in the ear of the child of God, "go ahead, nobody will every know" and then after the sin, he again "whispers" "God knows what you did.." Thus making the child of God miserable and fellowship with God separated.  God wants that broken fellowship restored. SIN, SEPARATION, RESTORATION IF THE GOD OF THE BIBLE IS REALLY GOD... "...and God said..." If the God of the Bible is really God, then what is the wisest thing a person should do? Bible, God, Wise JESUS MADE SOME GREAT CLAIMS Exodus 3:14    "...I AM..." People of every century have made claims that were not true.  Who in their right mind would ever claim to be "God?"  Jesus made such a claim, many times.  Was He pretending?  Was He insane?  Or was He telling the truth?  Take a look at some of His claims. Claim, God, Truth, LIe KOINONIA 1 John 2 - 5; 1 Corinthians 13 People who are close and share things often are said to be "bonded" together.  There is a very strong fellowship within such "bonding."  God uses the word
"koinonia" to describe how He wants His children to fellowship together.  God makes it very clear that if His children want to fellowship with Him, they have to fellowship with each other, regardless. Fellowship, Sharing, Oneness, Bonding ALLAH OR JEHOVAH? "I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me..." Muslims and their religion have been getting the world`s attention lately and it would be good to note the differences.  They say Allah is the same God of the Bible.  Is this true?  Here are some comparisons of qualities of Jehovah God of the Bible and of the Muslim`s Allah. Jehovah God, Allah, Islam, Christianity LOVE FOR THE LOST <br> There are many wonderful things one can do for another but the greatest thing that one can do for another is to bring that person to Jesus.  An example is the text, Andrew met Jesus then went to bring his brother Simon (Peter) to meet Jesus. Love, Lost, Duty, Jesus MANY CHURCH MEMBERS BUT FEW SERVE Matthew 19:27-30 To be obedient and serve God, changes and adjustments will have to be made.  Ask any christian, "do you want to serve God?" and the answer will be "Yes."  Sadly though God is not able to use most of His children, christians.  They don`t want to make any changes. Obedience, Service, Changes STANDING STILL IN A FAST PACED LIFE 1 Samuel 12:7-16 Today`s life style is so fast paced that there are even drive-thru funeral homes.
In the Old Testament God often had to tell His people to "stand still" as He had something to say to them.  Today it is not different.  God`s children still need to be told to "stand still" for God has something to say to them. Fast Life, Be Still, Time for God THE NATION OF ISRAEL`S REBIRTH <br> In the matter of 17 minutes a meeting was called to order and the Declaration of Independence of the New State of Israel was read.  For the first time since 
A.D. 135 there was a land called Israel in existence.  This was the day when God made good on His promise for the rebirth of the nation of Israel and its restoration to the promised land.  A sign that the second coming of the Lord Jesus is at hand.
 Rebirth, Promise, Sign ALMIGHTY GOD IS ALSO A LOVING FATHER <br> What makes a father desert his own children or abuse and mistreat them in so many ways?  Many people cannot understand a "loving father" such as the Bible describes Almighty God as being.  They never knew a father who "loved" them so the very word "love" is strange.  Sad, but true, others also have a problem grasping the wonderful truth that Almighty God is also a Loving Father. Father, Love, God AMERICA IS CHANGING John 15:16-19; Matthew 5:43-48; 24:3-15; Exodus 14:13-18; 2 Kings 6:15-17 It is no secret that America is changing and the whole world is noticing.  What has changed in America that has someone to hurt it?  Has America left God?  Is it because America helps Israel?  Is it because it is so great and there is jealousy
among other nations?  Is it because America leads the world in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and non-believers don`t like it?  Is it because it is the beginning of the end? America, Change, Left God GOD`S OTHER NATION Joshua 3:17; Psalm 33:12; Isaiah 60:12 It`s well know that God has a special people called Israel, or Jews.  For a multitude of transgressions, including killing God`s own Son, Jesus, God scattered the nation of Israel across the world.

God brought about another nation, this time a Gentile nation, to do what Israel failed to do: be a witness of Him around the world, show the world what God wants every nation to be like. That other nation is America.

   Purpose, God`s Nations THE FAMILY OF GOD Galatians 3:26-27); Romans 8:14-17; 1 John 3:1-2 (other texts) Families have always made up the world with some family similarities and some differences.  God has a family and it is very different from any of the other families of the world. Family, God, Different THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THE TEN COMMANDMENTS <br> There`s been much "ado" lately about the Ten Commandments being in public places such as schools and courtrooms.  What`s the big deal about the Ten Commandments anyhow?  To those outside God`s family they mean nothing.  To those of God`s family they are guidelines He gave for His chidlren to live by.  What exactly are the Ten Commandments anyhow? Commandments, God`s Family HELP IN UNDERSTANDING THE LORD`S SUPPER 1 Corinthians 11;23-26 Why did the Lord choose bread and wine as symbols He wanted the Church to remember Him by?  Why did He choose that particular event and night of the year? Going back to the original purpose of the Passover Celebration will be helpful for the Christian to understand the Lord`s Supper more.  Bread, Wine, Passover, Mediator WHAT WAS JESUS REALLY LIKE? <br> Each person his his/her own idea of what Jesus must have been like when He was a little boy, a teenager, and then young adulthood.  Did He have many friends as a child, was He a good carpenter as a young man?  Each has an image in the mind of what Jesus could have been like.  What does the Bible teach about "what Jesus was really like?"   Jesus, Childhood, Youth, Adulthood TAKE A LOOK AT GOD Revelation 4:11     (other verses) Ever wonder what it was like before Genesis 1:1?  Ever wonder what God could have done instead of what He did when He made all that man knows today?  Going back to the beginning and then just looking around at today should cause a person to just stand back in awe at just who God is. God, Creation, Variety HOW GOD DID IT <br> God spoke and creation happened!  Simple as that.  Non believers have attempted to "explain" how the creation happened and they said that there was this "big bang" and there everything was and that life slowly "evolved" to where it is now and it is still "evolving."  When all of God`s people crossed the Red Sea and didn`t get wet, the non believers say it was at "low tide" but they don`t explain how all Pharoah`s army drowned at low tide.  To see some more of God`s wondrous works, just look at the Exodus.  Can non believers explain what happened there? God, Almighty, Exodus, Miracles MORE THAN A MONEY TITHE BELONGS TO GOD <br> Sadly most christian`s don`t know exactly what belongs to God.  Most are familiar with a tithe or "tenth" of their income belonging to God but unknowing about what else God demands.  The Book of Malachi is about God`s people denying that they owed God anything. "More than a money tithe belongs to God."   Tithe, God, Owes, Christian THREE LITTLE KNOWN FACTS IN A CHRISTIANS LIFE <br> Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, but He did teach them how to pray and through that teaching some little known facts about the christian life are revealed. Prayer, Power, Holiness, Lifestyle THE COMMANDMENT CHRISTIANS SEEM TO VIOLATE THE MOST <br> In the days of Jesus everybody had trouble keeping all the laws associated with keeping the Sabbath.  It seems that in today`s time God`s children, called Christians, also have trouble keeping God`s special day called "Sunday."   God`s Day, Command, Violate GOD HAS REVEALED HIMSELF IN THREE WAYS Matthew 1:23 Most love a good mystery, a "who done it.." However the greatest mystery is not about a crime, but a birth.  Why would the Creator of mankind ever want to become one of His own creation, a man?  God has revealed Himself to mankind in three ways during the course of human history. Creation, Bible, Birth, Love GOD SAYS TO "OPEN WIDE" John 15:7 Ever notice how wide baby birds open their mouths to receive what the mother or father bird has brought to them?  God wants His children also to "open wide" so that He might give them more and greater things. One`s prayer life is indicative of what one thinks of God.  Prayers, Great, Small, Honor CHRISTIAN, DO YOU REMEMBER... <br> As one gets older, remembering "the good old days" becomes more frequent and many happy memories are brought back to mind.  For those who have been christians for many years, it would be good to go back and remember what it was like not being a
christian as it can bring refresh one`s love and appreciation for the Lord and also renew one`s interest in those who are still not a part of God`s family.  Remember, Lost, Saved, God THE CROSS HAS CHANGED <br> Time has a way of changing things and sometimes values are also changed.  What was once important becomes unimportant, unimportant becomes important.  Take the Cross of Christ for instance.  Once it was considered sacred, Holy and respected.  Today  there are cross tattoos, ear rings, bracelets, desk decorations, and even painted on motorcycle fenders.  Think about it, The Cross Has Changed! Cross, Death, Sacred, Meaningless GOD`S "NEVER"  IS DIFFERENT <br> Jesus chose to call those who believe in Him His "sheep."  Sheep need a very caring and protecting shepherd as they are totally defenseless, tend to roam or wander away and need constant watching.  Jesus said that His sheep will "...never perish..."  Some people don`t believe what Jesus said about His sheep      
"never perishing..."  That brings dishonor to God the Father, Jesus, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit, for all three are involved in seeing that Jesus` sheep never perish.  

 Sheep, Believer, Never, Perish HAVING PROBLEMS DOING WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO? <br> Ever hear a child answer "I don`t know..." when asked why he/she did that?  Ever wonder why people do strange things?  Ever do something "dumb" and didn`t know why you did it?  Every person born since Adam and Eve`s first son has been born under the control of what God calls the Old Sin Nature and it is contrary to how God wants people to live.  To try to go against the Old Sin Nature will bring about inner struggles.  Paul, the Apostle had such struggles and he tells about them in this passage. God`s Will, Old Sin Nature, Struggles, Help MOSES SAID IT FIRST <br> A man tried to help some people being abused but the abusers and the ones being abused turned on him so he had to leave the country.  This man met God on a mountain side and found out that he was the one God had in mind to help the people he had already tried to help.  He asked God a lot of questions and finally told God that He had the wrong man. People still ask God the same questions and give the same excuses as did MOSES. 
 God`s Will, Excuses, Wrong Person, Obedience SOME QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Jeremiah 8:6 "What have I done?" A question often asked when accused of something.  A question not asked when Israel had left God for Idols.  A similar question Pilate asked when he asked "what shall I do unto Him ye call King of the Jews?"  Why not ask yourself some questions about "what is being done in my life about....." and reflect back upon your relationship with God.  Use these questions and do a check on what is going on between you and God: God, Jesus, Bible, Holy Spirit, Obedience, Opportunities SOMEONE WHO WILL ALWAYS BE THERE <br> Nothing seems to ever stay the same.  Neighborhoods change, friends and family members get old (everybody except YOU of course).  Wouldn`t it be comforting and reassuring to have someone close by who would always be there and who would not be changing?  The Christian has just that "someone." Change, Unchangeable, Present, Heavenly Father, Christians Only HOW COULD JESUS BE SO FORGIVING? <br> What if you could read people`s minds, knowing their every thought.  How do you supposed you would react?  Fear? Caution?  Jealousy? Hate? Disgust? Love?  What if someone could read your mind?  What if there was someone who knew everything you had ever done?  There is someone who knows and that is Jesus.  If Jesus knows what`s in the minds of people, then how in the world could Jesus be so forgiving?
 Foreknowledge, Hurt, Love, Forgiveness THE ONE THEME OF THE BIBLE <br> Of the many books, hundreds of chapters and thousands of verses of the Bible, there is but one theme and that is "God and Man."  God has great things He wants man to do but man wants "to do his own thing" and between God and man there is Satan and what he wants man to do.  The Bible reveals God`s patience, love, and interventions as man gets into trouble again and again.  Bible Theme, God, Man, Satan, Wills SOME SCARY WORDS Genesis 6:3  Matthew 7:21   Acts 7:42  Romans 1:24, 26 Most people think of God as being loving, kind, patient, forgiving, which He is but there`s another side of God not mentioned very much and that`s when God says
"ENOUGH!" When someone persistently continues ignoring God`s warnings, His calls, there can come a time when God will say, "...let him alone..." God will have nothing more to do with that person.  Those are Some Scary Words." Enough, Ignore, Refuse, Warnings THE FIRST ONE EVER MAD AT GOD Isaiah 14:12-15     Ezekiel 28:11-19    John 15:18-19     1 John 3:1 The Bible speaks of countless angels in heaven doing the will of God and of one who became jealous of God and was removed from office.  Ever since Satan (Lucifer) has been trying to take away from God or destroy everything God loves and tries to do, beginning in the Garden of Eden up to today. Anger, Jealousy, Hate, God, Satan, Church THE REAL THING  (SAVING FAITH) Matthew 13:3-8; 18-22 Church rolls have many names of members who don`t come and haven`t come for years.  However if those people were asked if they were a Christian, every one would answer "yes, of course."  Why then is there such a difference in church members?
Many are faithful in all ways to the Lord and His Church but so many more don`t seem to care.  Something is wrong here.  Is there more than one kind of saving faith? Faith, Imitation, Christian, Church Member UNHAPPY CHRISTIANS  Deuteronomy 10:8-9   Joshua 13:29-33 God chose Abraham, God chose Israel, God chose a land (promised land), God then chose where each tribe would be located in that chosen land.  God chose one of the 12 tribes to give full time service to Him (Levites).  Some Christians are living unhappy lives and tend to blame God for their unhappy life.  As God chose the things for Israel, so God chooses what each christian is to do with his/her life in serving Him.  Christian unhappiness comes when not doing what God wants. God, Christian, Unhappy, Choose, Life, Content GOD`S GRACE IS GRACE <br> People are always trying to bring God down to their level as they don`t do things as He does.  God`s grace is a problem with many as God`s grace is just that:  Grace.  Free, undeserved, unmerited, unearned favor of God for the believer, regardless of the believer`s past and it`s permanent. Also there are some things that God`s Grace is not:  THINKING ABOUT BEING SAVED? <br> It`s not often that a pastor has someone tell him, "I`ve been thinking about being saved, what do I need to do?"  Most often it`s the other way, "I don`t need your religion, go preach it to somebody who needs it..."  A very rough and tough man, a jailer whose attention God got one night asked the question:  "Sirs, what must I do to be saved..."  And he got the short and sweet answer:  "...believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..."  Salvation, Jesus Christ, Delay, Now WHY CRITICIZE THE CHURCH? <br> Everybody is a born critic.  It is not unusual for a non christian to criticize a church and it`s members, but it is indeed a sad thing for a christian to criticize any church.  It brings disgrace to Jesus Christ upon whom the church is built and He even calls it His "body."  It shows that that christian critic has a lack of respect, lack of appreciation, lack of love, and is not right with God.  It also shows ignorance of what all the church has been, is and will continue to be. Criticize, Church, Christian, Body, Ignorance THE GREATEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE <br> People are recognized for great accomplishments with parties, a lot of "pomp and circumstance" with awards given, speeches, "thank yous" to everyone.  That event will be long remembered in that recognized person`s life as a great moment.  However, the greatest moment that a person can really have is the moment when one "comes to Jesus."  GOD SAVES THE BEST TILL LAST <br> In the days of Jesus wedding receptions lasted over a week sometimes and food, drink and entertainment was provided by the host and the best of everything was always served the first few days.  Jesus` mother, Mary, asked Jesus to take care of a wine shortage.  In doing so Jesus turned water into wine and the result was that everybody was amazed for it was better than what was served at the first.  Thus the comment:  "...but thou hast kept the good wine until now."  That comment also brings out a truth about God:  "God always saves the best till last." Worst, Best, World, Sin, God, Last THINK ABOUT IT CHRISTIAN <br> Everybody has something at one time or other to be thankful for, some more so than others such as money, property, health, friends, family, job, etc.  People are generally most thankful for things they have had a part in.  There are, however, some people who have more to be thankful for than anybody else on earth for they actually had nothing to do with that for which they should be so thankful for that nobody else has and those people are "Christians."
 Thankful, Christians, Only, Think, Nobody NOT JUST THE OLD FORGET <br> Everyone forgets and sooner or later everything and everyone is forgotten, faces, names, places, athletes, musicians, classmates, teachers, dates, childhood events, promises, all fade away and are replaced with the new.  Most of the time nothing serious happens when one forgets, but when one forgets the things of God that can indicate some very serious problems in that person`s life.  How can a Christian forget about God? Forget, Self-Sufficient, God, Abundance, Remember WANT TO GET GOD`S ATTENTION? Isaiah 66:1-2 "Psst" "Hey You!" are words that people speak to get each other`s attention.  Children even do things that will get them in trouble with parents or teachers just to get attention.  Much is done "in God`s Name" by churches, organizations, and societies to benefit others and often receive "praise" for their efforts, but did it get God`s attention?  What does get God`s attention? Attention, God, Works, Non-interest ONLY GOD CAN DO WHAT GOD DOES John 3:25-36 There is no argument that only God can do what God does.  The Islamic and Jewish faiths have a big problem with the Christian faith for "Jesus" of the Christian faith is God in the flesh.  The son of Mary was nothing more than an ordinary human being but with extraordinary skills to the Islams and Jews.  Did Jesus do what only God could do?  What does the Bible say? God, Jesus, Works, Same BE PROUD Romans 1:16; 9:33; 10:11   2 Timothy 1:8    1 Peter 4:16 Pride can bring a person a lot of trouble but being proud of one`s husband, wife, children, or grandchildren is just not the same thing.  Everyone is proud of someone or something.  How about being proud of being a Christian?  If so, then here are some more things to be proud about, being a Christian. Proud, Jesus, Gospel, Future THE CHRISTIANS` TWO POSITIONS BEFORE GOD Romans 6:23              1 Corinthians 15:1 The Christian has two positions before God.  One is permanent, unchangeable but the other one is varying, always changing but not affecting the first position.
If a big, strong, muscular person becomes sick with the flu and becomes bedridden, he is still big, strong, muscular, but something has changed.  So it is with the positions of a Christian.  One position before God stays the same, but the other changes frequently.  "Standing" and "State" are those two positions. Standing, State, Christian, Believer, God, Change A VOICE FROM THE DEAD <br> People throughout time in all parts of the world have tried to contact the dead in one way or other.  Some sit in circles while one tries to reach some loved one who had died, others drink some mixture that sends them into a trance while others dance in circles chanting, all these and many other methods are efforts to contact the dead and learn of the life beyond.  All they need to do is read the Bible for Jesus tells of two men who died and what was there for each one. Hell, Heaven, Real, Choice TO PRAY OR OBEY? Deuteronomy 10:12-13   Matthew 5:6       John 14:21 Ever visit a christian book store?  There`s a book for every situation a christian might ever encounter and also somewhere there`s a church offering a study course, a seminar, a share group, or a retreat as well.  Whatever a chrsitian needs spiritually, just buy a book, attend a seminar, or just pray all night and God will fix it.  Most problems christians have can be fixed with just one word but it is a word they had rather not hear. Pray, Obey, Repentance, Change SOMETHING SOLID TO STAND ON Matthew 16:13-18 Today is an age of uncertainty, unrest, constant change with wars, disasters, disease, suicide bombings, insecurity everywhere. Even Christianity seems to have lost it`s cross as the 10 commandments have been removed from schools and courtrooms as well as any reference to God.  Morals have just about disappeared.  Is there anything that a person can turn to that won`t change?  Is there anything that will always be there?  Is there anything solid to stand on anymore? Uncertainity, Solid, God`s Word, Jesus, Truth EVER SHUT THE DOOR ON JESUS? Revelation 3:20 "Hurry, shut the door, maybe he`ll go away."  Ever deliberately shut the door on someone, hoping that he/she would not want to come in?  Ever shut the door on someone and not know it?  They were going to come in but you didn`t know it so you closed the door on them?  The disciples did that to Jesus once.  They were having a problem believing Jesus had risen from the dead that day and out of fear of the Jews they shut and bolted the door, but that didn`t keep Jesus out, He came in anyhow. Jesus, Shut Doors, Who, Impossible GOD AND MAN DON`T THINK ALIKE <br> Every person has his/her own concept of God but nobody thinks like God on all matters.  Many have trouble trusting God as they just can`t understand Him as His ways are so different from theirs.  God forgives the same people over and over for doing the same wrong things, even when they have hurt Him in what they have done.
How does He do that?  He is so different from people. Forgiveness, Man, God, Different THE MOST WELCOME WORD Genesis 7:1    Mark 10:46 There is a word when uttered by God the Father or the Lord Jesus that is the most welcome word a person could ever want to hear.  It has been called the "gospel in a single word."  The word appears over 1,000 times in the Bible and if one deleted from the Bible all other passages of scripture leaving only those with this word, there would still be a full gospel to preach.  What is that most welcome word?  What is that word that can change lives, give hope?  That word is "COME!" Welcome, Wonderful, Word, Come GOD`S PURPOSE FOR PRAYER James 4:3 Ever ask God for a new van?  Ever tell God that if He would grant this one prayer for you, you`d go to church for a year and never miss?  Ever tell God that if He would answer just this one prayer you`d never bother Him again?  When two teams play each other and they both pray to God to help them win, whose side does God take?  Who would want a God who could be persuaded to change His mind or to do things somebody`s own way?  It is God`s unchangeableness that is the greatest encouragement to pray.  Just what is God`s purpose for prayer, why pray? Pray, Honor, Blessing, Needs, Answered THREE "F`S" IN THE CHRISTIAN`S LIFE John 3:16   John 14:6    John 1:12     Romans 10:13 Often one sees a "bubbly" Christian whose life is overflowing with joy, excitement and service, then there`s the other Christian whose life seems to be filled with doubt, despair, and ups and downs.  What causes the difference?  There are three important factors in living the Christian life and if the order is mixed up then  one`s Christian life can be one of uneasiness and questions.  The three important factors in a Christians` life are:  FACT, FAITH, FEELINGS. Fact, Faith, Feelings, Order, Life BEEN PLEASING GOD LATELY? John 15:26; 16:7     Colossians 1:26-27      1 John 3:24        Matthew 28:19-20 Been pleasing God lately or is there room for improvement?  Would you be a good example for a new Christian to copy his/her life after?  How do you like change?  What about not being in charge?  Want things to stay like they are right now?  Would it surprise you to know that Jesus is not in control of most Christian`s lives?  Is He in control of yours?  To live as God wants you to live, Jesus must have absolute control of your life.  How does that happen?  Pleasing, Control, Jesus, Willing HOW MUCH PLAINER CAN JESUS MAKE IT? <br> Since God created the first couple there have been three ways of doing things:  God`s way, Satan`s way, and man`s way.  Since Satan (Lucifer) tried to take God`s throne and lost, he has told everybody that God lies and cannot be trusted.  God has offered fellowship restored and eternal life to those who would have it and it is only through Jesus.  Satan tries to get people to believe otherwise.  People are left to decide to listen to God, to Satan or to neither. Eternal life, God`s Way, Everybody, Choice HOW FAR DOES YOUR BELIEF IN GOD GO? Matthew 11:26 Just about anybody you ask about belief in God will say that they do.  There are many different beliefs about God:  He is distant.  He started things and left.  He cannot be known.  He cares only for certain ones, etc.  If a person believed that the God of the Bible was the only true God, then what should their attitude toward the God of the Bible be? God of the Bible, Only God, Belief, Attitude SOONER OR LATER EVERYBODY SINS <br> Picture that fateful night of the Passover Supper when Jesus initiated the Lord`s Supper.  The hours spent with the faithful disciples, then the garden where Jesus prayed then the soldiers taking Him away.  Peter followed at a distance for a while, then came closer but when asked if he knew Jesus, Peter denied three times that he did, even using profanity.  How could Peter have done such a thing?  A lesson here is that sooner or later everybody will sin. Love, Faithful, Sin, Everybody, Disgust, Forgiveness THE SIAMESE TWINS OF THE GOSPEL <br> Siamese twins are joined together bodily, yet they are actually two individual beings.  There are two separate truths of the Gospel, yet they are required to be joined together in order to become one in salvation. Gospel Twins THAT LIFE IN YOUR HANDS <br> Kids want to be left alone, do their own thing, live like they want.  If left to their own ways, how do they turn out?  Take a look around our society today. Chldren, Accountability, Examples THE BELIEVER IS ETERNALLY SECURE <br> Jesus calls those who follow Him "sheep."  It is no secret that sheep cannot take care of themselves so the better shepherd they have the better off they will be.  Therefore if Christians are Jesus` sheep, then the Christian has no need to fear of ever being lost or uncared for.  The sheep of Jesus are always in absolute safety and shall never be be taken from Him. Sheep, Christian, Shepherd, Jesus, Secure UNBELIEF IS STILL AROUND TODAY <br> When Jesus started His ministry it would seem that some of His first supporters would have been some of the people who knew him but it was the opposite.  Those who knew him turned against Him and thus Jesus "marveled at their unbelief."  It seems that unbelief is still around today and if Jesus marveled then, how much more must He marvel at this present generation. Unbelief, Marvel, Jesus, "Profession,"  NEED SOME REASSURING? <br> There are many who believe that they can lose their salvation and even teach and preach that belief to others, thus causing a lack of assurance of one ever being saved in the first place and if so, then what can cause one to lose his/her salvation, creating a life of uncertainty and insecurity in those who are led to believe such.  Here are some facts that can bring assurance of one`s salvation. Salvation, Assurance, God`s Word, Work of Christ, Holy Spirit BE CONFIDENT ABOUT THE BIBLE <br> Through the centuries Satan has tried to destroy the Bible and if he couldn`t do that then to discredit it and cause people to doubt parts of it therefore raising questions as to whether any of it was true or not.  To receive God`s gift of eternal life and to live as God wants one to live, believing every word of the Bible is essential.  Every Word of the Bible is true because God wrote it.   God`s Word, True, Bible, Believe, TWO MOST WONDERFUL WORDS <br> There is no way that mankind can ever know what this world would be like without God.  Even though in God`s eyes mankind is dead in trespasses and sins and is walking as the prince of this world wants, seeking the heart`s desires and having no interest in God, God is supremely interested in every single human being and two most wonderful words spell the difference between heaven and hell, life and death for the human race. History, Lives, Impossible, God WHEN IS JESUS COMING BACK? <br> Every generation has had people who thought they could tell the future.  Some used a crystal ball, some cards, some would throw sticks down, some would gaze up at the stars but in reality, none of them could actually tell the future although they did have their followers.  There is, however, One who can actually tell the future and that is God.  When is Jesus coming back?  Only God knows and He has given "signs" to look for that will occur before Jesus does return. Return, Signs, Jesus, Bride, Indifference THE WORLD OR HEAVEN, WHICH DO YOU WANT? <br> What would you do with an unlimited bank account?  Where would you go?  What would you buy?  What would you give to have such a life style?  Jesus talked about such a situation when He said, "...What is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?..." World, Soul, Heaven, Hell, Choice DO YOU HEAR GOD EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS TO YOU? <br> In this text God is pleading for Israel to stop what they were doing and listen to Him.  How many times has God had something to say to us but we were too busy doing something else to take the time to listen?  What could be more important that hearing what God has to say?  When God has something to say, He can make Himself heard! Hear, Speak, God, Attention YOU DON`T HAVE TO WAIT TO ENJOY GOD`S GOODNESS <br> Most people look forward to retirement someday and usually are trying to save money for that wonderful day.  Christians also look forward to a day and that day is when God calls them home to their place in Heaven.  However the Christian doesn`t have to wait till they get to Heaven to enjoy God`s Goodness for God has much He wants the Christian to have right now. Retirement, Heaven, God`s Goodness WHO IS "GOD" TO YOU? Psalms 9:10 Before anything, there was God.  God is the source of all morality and all that is good.  People say they believe in "God" but without a pure heart and a surrendered mind, no person can ever know God.  It is absolutely critical that God be known for mankind came from Him.  Ever since Satan led the first man away from God every human being since then has been born separated from God.  To really "know" God is to trust Him. True God, Man`s Idea of God, Church`s Concept  ENCOUNTERING GOD THROUGH THE BIBLE John 10:2-4 Through the ages God has revealed Himself to people through various ways such as using angels, dreams, nature, even animals and by His "voice" and by prophets.  In the New Testament, God came in the flesh and was called "Jesus" and people heard God, in the flesh, speak directly to them.  After Jesus ascended back to Heaven, the Holy Spirit came and spoke directly to those starting the Church and then led men to write what is called the New Testament, the written Word of God. Voice, God, Encountering, Bible FORGIVENESS FROM GOD?  WELL MAYBE <br> This passage of scripture is an "eye opener" for those who think that God quickly forgives any Christian who comes to Him and asks for "forgiveness."  There is a particular condition under which God will just not forgive any Christian and that is when that Christian asking for forgiveness has not been forgiving to others.  This is a truth which is not well known among Christians or else is ignored. Forgive, Others, God, Christian, Forgiveness ENCOUNTERING GOD THROUGH PRAYER <br> God has always been interested in people and has spoken to them through the ages in various manners such as through angels, a burning bush, clouds, preachers and even in person, known as Jesus.  God speaks also through His written Word, the Bible.  Today God speaks mostly through the Bible and PRAYER. Prayer, God, Relationship, Encountering THE HOLY SPIRIT PART OF GOD John 16:7-11 God has loved man from the very beginning and told Adam and Eve that someday the fellowship they lost by sinning would be restored by a Redeemer, Messiah, a Savior and in God`s time that promised one came, known as "Jesus," God in the flesh.  Jesus told of someone who was coming to take His place when He left and that someone was the Holy Spirit  Today there is the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  What does the Holy Spirit do? Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, Father, Bible ENCOUNTERING GOD THROUGH DIFFICULTIES <br> God loves mankind very much and knowing each person is different, God has used many methods to make Himself heard such as sending angels with a message, or speaking in a cloud or thunder, or a burning bush and even through a donkey once.
Today God speaks through the Bible, through prayer, using the Holy Spirit to help His Children hear Him.  There is another way that God speaks to His children and that is through difficult situations in their lives. Difficulties, Situations, God`s Viewpoint, Wrong Ideas STAYING POWER Matthew 24:9     John 15:13      Revelation 2:10 Every nation has it`s heroes and honors them at special times and especially recognized are those who gave their lives for their country.  God`s Church has those who gave up their lives before denying their faith in Jesus Christ and God calls those special people, "martyrs." Why can some die for their faith and some cannot?  Those who have given their lives for their faith have "Staying Power." Heroes, Martyrs, Faith, Staying Power ASSURANCES FROM SATAN <br> Jesus tells of a wedding where a man tried to get into the festivities without the proper wedding attire, a white shawl, which was given to everyone who had been invited to the wedding.  Most people think they are going to go to heaven some day but not everyone will as God has a "wedding garment" that only those who have been invited will have.  That "wedding garment" is called "salvation" and it comes from belief in Jesus Christ.  Satan is quick to assure that nobody needs to fret or worry as all will be well in the end.   Heaven, Salvation, Assurance, Satan, Jesus WHAT ABOUT "WORKS?" <br> There are various ideas about "works" that please God and how those "works" relate to one`s salvation.  Jesus explained that "works" such as keeping the Law are not as important as being obedient to the Gospel and that "works" are not done to earn salvation or a crown or a place in heaven but "works" that please God are done out of gratitude and obedience.  What kind of "good works" please God? Works, Salvation, God, Acceptable I WILL FOLLOW YOU, BUT... <br> It's amazing how man has remained the same through the centuries.  As the Gospel also remains unchanged, so also has man's excuses and objections for not following Jesus.  Countless people have become interested in Jesus, yet something in some way causes them to refuse to follow Jesus, just as the people did in Jesus' time. Follow, Excuse, Jesus GOD WANTS TO HELP John 14:13-14;   15:16;   16:23-24;   1 John 5:14-15 Ever need help?  Why?  Ever give help?  Why?  Ever refuse to give help?  Why?
Does God really want to help His Children?  If so, how much? Help, Children, God, Unlimited GRACE BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL GRACE <br> Some people have some strange ideas about the things of God.  For instance "GRACE."  It is admitted that God`s Grace is unmerited, undeserved, and unearned favor as He offers salvation to those who would believe in His Son, Jesus.  Some want to insist that man has to add to God`s Grace to obtain salvation and then some insist that man has to do something to keep God`s Grace in effect or else that grace and salvation can be lost.  How strange.  How wrong! Grace, Salvation, Eternal SENIORS, TAKE TIME  AND REMEMBER 1 Peter 2:4-10 As we become senior adults, changes take place as our arms grow feeble, legs weaken, teeth fall out along with hair which turns white as well.  Eyes grow dim, hearing lessens, hearts begin to fail, worries increase, minds become forgetful along with countless other things.

We are told to remember our creator in the days of our youth for many reasons and one of the main ones is that when we grow old, we don`t remember and not remembering our Creator is a sad and bad thing.  Therefore, let us now "remember our Creator as in the days of our youth..." Seniors, Remember, Creator, Benefits WITNESSING IS LIKE FARMING Luke 10:2      John 4:35-38 Jesus often used farming illustrations and expressions when describing people who need to know about God`s love and the salvation that comes through believing in His Son, Jesus.  Jesus compared the Gospel to a seed and people to different kinds of soil and when one believes in Jesus, it is harvest time.  Jesus would remind us today that each generation has it`s own "harvest time" and Christians need to be busy helping God harvest His crop of lost souls. Harvest, Souls, Fields, Workers RESISTING GOD`S CALL <br> If we believe God is who He says He is and if we believe God wants only the best for us, then why do we resist His call to service?  Jonah knew exactly what God wanted, yet he resisted.  The same holds true for so many of us.  God calls, we know what He wants and we still resist and refuse to obey. Refuse, Obey, Jonah, Self AFRAID TO WITNESS? <br> Many Christians are in an uncomfortable position in that they know that God wants them to witness, to share their faith but they are very uneasy in even thinking about trying to witness to someone.  They have forgotten about a Christian man of long ago who felt the same way but finally did what God wanted him to do, witness.
That man`s name was Ananias and the person God wanted him to talk to was a man named Saul, later called Paul. Afraid, Witness, Everyone, God, Plan,  WHERE TO FIND GOD Romans 1:20-25 A man was looking for his watch under a street light and others joined him in looking as they came by, not finding the watch after a time of looking, the people told him that the watch just wasn't there.  "Oh, I know that, I lost the watch a couple blocks back but the light was better here.."  Sound dumb and stupid?  Well, people are trying to find God in the same manner - looking for Him in the wrong place. God, Religion, Christianity WHEN YOU DON'T GO TO CHURCH <br> A pastor began to compare the Sunday morning worship attendance with the church's membership and did so for over 40 years and a dozen churches he pastored and found that with a few exceptions the average Sunday worship attendance compared to the church's membership was a sad 25%.  Where was the other 75%?  Christian have you ever thought about the consequences of your not attending worship regularly?  Christian, Worship, Absence, Consequences  <br>   SORRY, NO HELP NEEDED <br> "Religion" is a word used to define the efforts of man to create his own god or some system of "worship" from his own design.  Ever since Cain "did his own thing" by offering to God his own idea of a sacrifice instead of following God's guidelines, mankind has been doing the same thing.  Man has even tried to change God's "Christianity" (salvation through Jesus Christ alone) to the way he thinks God should have done it.  Contrary to what some so called "christians" preach and teach, God doesn't need anybody's help.     Christianity, Salvation, God, No Help WOMEN IN THE LIFE OF JESUS <br> In the days of Jesus women were considered less important than men and therefore were shunned.  It was a disgrace for a man to acknowledge a woman in public and  even in places of worship women were not allowed to be with the men but in a different part of the room.  How did Jesus react to the women He encountered in His ministry?  The Book of Luke reveals how accepting, sensitive and affirming Jesus was of women. Women, Jesus, Disgrace, Public, Acceptance  <br>    <br>   EVER WISH YOU HAD A DONKEY LIKE YOUR NEIGHBOR'S? <br> People may not be interested in their neighbor's donkey in most places, but all people everywhere are always seeing something that others have and wish that they had one like it or even the one somebody else has.  Why are  people never satisfied with what they have but always want more, something bigger and better?  God gave a commandment about "wanting" what belongs to others and He called it "coveting." Wanting, Coveting, Desiring, Commandment TAKING THE THINGS OF GOD LIGHTLY 1 Samuel 5 When God had the Ark of the Covenant built, He was very specific in the "who, what, when and where" in it's construction.  The Ark was special to God and anybody who even touched it died with the exception of the high priest and then only at certain times.  Through the years thousands died from not respecting God's Ark of the Covenant.  Today people still take lightly the things of God. Ark, Respect, Cheapened,Godly Things AN EXAMPLE OF OBEDIENCE Genesis 6:1-7:10 There is no question as to what God thinks of sin and wickedness that mankind is always getting into.  God showed what He thought about sin and wickedness when He flooded the world and destroyed all human life except for one man and his family.  What was so special about this one man that God spared only him?  Noah found grace in the eyes of God.  God then gave Noah a tremendous task to warn the world of a coming flood and to build a very big boat. Wickedness, Sinfulness, Grace, Obedience, Faith, Ark WHEN GOD IS NOT NEEDED <br> Every generation has revealed that there has been a time when God was not needed, even God's own people, Israel, at times acted like they didn't need God.  Today's generation is no different in not needing God all the time.  God is not included in making plans for the future but potential financial needs are, such as insurance, investments, savings, etc.  People live as they will never die and give no thought that someday they will stand before God in judgment.  God warns such people that "if they have no need of Him when times are good, then don't look for Him when things go wrong." God, Plans, Included, Needed SERVING GOD PART TIME Key verse:  9:62 Many people have two jobs and usually one is called a "part time job."  Equal time and energy is hard if not impossible to give to both jobs, therefore one of the two is done less seriously.  Jesus tells of three men who said they wanted to follow Him.  One decided on an impulse, not giving any thought at all as to what it would cost to follow Jesus.  Another said he had to go take care of a family matter first then he would follow Jesus, then another said that he wanted to go home first, tell everyone good by and tie up some loose ends.  Jesus used a farming illustration to point out what following Him must be like.  Once started, no looking back, but holding on firmly and looking only forward.  One cannot serve God part time. Part time, Unfit, Looking Back, Serving God BRINGING UP CHILDREN GOD'S WAY Deuteronomy 6:1-8      Genesis 1:27-28 Over 16 years of education is required for one to teach in a public school and at least 19 years of education is required for a doctor.  Even carpenters, plumbers and electricians must have several years of training before being proficient in their chosen area of work.  However there is no education or training required to become a parent.  Child rearing is most difficult and very trying.  Children "specialists" have written books for parents-to-be and new parents to read in hopes of learning how to be good parents.  Just what does God have to say about parents and children? Children, Parents, God, Love, Bible WHAT PROVES ONE'S LOVE FOR JESUS? <br> Jesus asked Peter a direct question three times, "Peter, do you love me?"  Notice Jesus didn't ask Peter if he believed what he had heard Him teach about the Kingdom of God or if he trusted Him or did he accept all the new things he had heard Him talk about.  Jesus asked Peter the question that could be answered with a lie.  If Jesus were to ask you that same question, would your answer be the same as Peter's?  Would you be telling the truth?  Do you always
act like you love Jesus? 
  Love, Jesus, Lie, Proof, Desire, Obedience CHRISTIANS WILL BE JUDGED Romans  14:10-13       1 Corinthians 3:12-15 It is important for Christians to witness, for those without Christ will stand before God and be condemned to a horrible eternity as they never accepted God's Son and never became a part of the Family of God.  The Christian also needs to think about the day he/she will also stand before God.  God has made it clear that how the Christian judges others is how God will judge him/her.  God wants to bless and reward the Christian on that great day, but how much He can depends upon how the Christian has lived his/her life.   Christian, Judgment, Christ, Reward, Loss SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT BEING THANKFUL <br> To be sincere the heart has to be involved.  We are always telling people "thank you" without even thinking of what we are saying, it is an automatic response.  Being really thankful involves the heart.  A little girl could not get down from the dinner table until ate something she didn't want to eat and then say "thanks."
Finally she ate what she didn't like and said, "I'm thankful I didn't get sick from eating that yucky stuff, now can I get down."  On the other side however, there was a bed fast man who had been an invalid all his life who was always happy and thankful.  When asked how he could be so happy, he replied, "oh, my happiest times are at night as I can see the stars from my bed and I have named every star I can see, so every night I am with my friends."  Sincere thankfulness comes from the heart. Thankful, Sincere, God, Blessings SOME REASONS TO BE GRATEFUL Luke 12:15-31 Being grateful is a positive emotional attitude resulting from some act of kindness or discovering that things could be worse than they actually are.  A story is told about a man who was shipwrecked and the only survivor on a deserted island.  After taking an inventory, he decided that he was alive, had water from a stream, fruit to eat from trees, weather was warm, and there were no dangerous animals to fear.  He was not in as bad a condition as he first thought and was therefore grateful.  Not to forget the man Job of the Old Testament and the Apostle Paul of the New Testament.  Both are examples of horrible things happening to them and at the same time they found cause to be grateful.  What are some reasons you have to be grateful? Grateful, Reasons, World, God THE REAL CHURCH 1 Corinthians 1:1-2     John 10:27-28     Ephesians 1:20-23 God's Children have had many names through the centuries such as:  sheep, Christians, saints, believers, elect, body of Christ, bride of Christ, brethren and many more.  Jesus chose to call them His "ekklasia" or His "called out ones."
"Ekklasia" has gradually been adopted by different languages and changed to fit the vocabulary of those languages, but keeping the basic meaning of "being called out."  Today "ekklasia" is called the "Church." Church, Christians, The Called Out Ones, Jesus EASY TO SAY, HARD TO DO <br> Everybody has their fears.  Fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of elevators, fear of crowds, fear of traveling, fear of the weather, and so on.  Christians are not exempt from having fears, but they could be.  Jesus gave an example in how to get rid of being afraid.  He commended His spirit into the hands of God.  What better way of handling one's fears than putting them into the hands of God.  However, it is easier to say than to do.  Fears, Hands of God, Resignation, Peace BELIEVING HAS BEEN MADE EASIER <br> A story was told about a bus driver being responsible for more people being in heaven than the local Baptist preacher.  Seems his driving scared people into praying and "changing their ways."  It appears that "believing" is a bit different today than what Jesus said it was.  Jesus required total, complete loyalty and warned about the cost and difficulty in following Him.  Seldom does one hear Jesus' requirements but things like "raise your hand, fill out this card, repeat this prayer, try Jesus, get baptized."  "Believing" in Jesus has changed it seems. Believing, Gospel, Requirements, Easier, Difficult OUR CHILDREN AND GOD'S CHILDREN      Galatians 3:26         John 1:12 Everybody knows about children.  All a pastor has to do to fill the church sanctuary is to have a program that has children in it and parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends will all come to see that special child.  Children grow up into adults, but that "child" is still in that adult body.  We have our children and God has His children.  There are an awful lot of similarities. Children, Ours, Gods, Similarities, Adulthood IF YOU HAD BUT ONE YEAR TO LIVE Psalm 39:4 Everyday somebody gets bad news from their doctor.  You have this or that, you need surgery, you need to start taking this medication or that but the worst news that a person can hear is "you only have a year to live."  What kind of thoughts rush through a person's mind upon hearing those words?  What does a person do?  Who does a person turn to? Bad News, Year to Live, Most Important Things, Worldly Things, God COULD GOD USE YOU? <br> Through the ages God has spoken to man in many different ways, even using a donkey.  God has used many prophets through the centuries but sometimes He picked out a single person and used that person only once.  Ananias was one of those used only once.  God sent Saul (Paul) to Ananias to get his eyesight restored after the encounter on the road to Damascus.  What kind of person can God use best?  Joshua was used by God in a mighty way, but Joshua was far from perfect.  Just what did he have that caused God to want to use him? Used by God, Faithfulness, Availability, Familiar with God's Word SHHH...BE STILL ! 1 Kings 19:11-13 The Old Testament spoke often about being still and quiet in order to hear God speak.  Past history speaks of men and women taking part of every day to read God's Word in stillness and quietness.  There has never been a time in history when stillness was needed as much as today and yet so hard to find.  Jesus offers His presence and power as much today as to the fishermen on the quiet sea of Galilee or to the shepherds in the quiet plans of Judea.  To experience  His presence one has to get still and be quiet enough to hear His voice and then to believe and obey what is heard. God's Voice, Be Still, Be Quiet, Noise, Activity, No Change IMAGES OF JESUS CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH John 14:9-10 Jesus often used parables to help people understand spiritual truths.  He also said that He and the Heavenly Father were "one."  To help Christians better understand how they (the Church) and Jesus are related, the Bible gives several comparisons. Sheep, Vine, Branches, Cornerstone, Stones, Bridegroom and Bride, Jesus, Church SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT NOW Romans 14:11, 12 Nobody likes to think about death, but everybody knows that it will happen to them someday.  Thoughts of suddenly standing before Almighty God to give an account of one's life ought to cause one to give some serious thoughts now to that certainty.  Having a good conscience about one's self and others is one thing but to have peace and a good conscience about God is an entirely different matter as God has His own standards that He will judge by.  Death, Certainty, Judgment, God, Everyone, Account THE LAST GOODBY Matthew 25:31-33    People are always telling each other "goodby" as they go to work, to school or move away and seldom think of it being the last time they would ever see each other again.  When death comes for a person, a last "goodby" will be said at the funeral services with no hope of ever seeing that person again unless being someday reunited in Heaven by God's Son, Jesus. Goodby, Sheep, Goats, Righteous, Wicked, Heaven, Hell, Eternity SPIRITUAL DETERIORITUS <br> Things have a way of looking "normal" when actually on the inside they are unhealthy, defective or even dead.  Hunters have stepped on logs in the woods that had the appearance of being solid but upon stepping on them, they crushed beneath the weight of the hunter.  People also sometimes have the appearance of being perfectly healthy while on the inside disease has taken over.  In the text God's people had changed on the inside while on the outside still seemed to be the God-loving obedient people they had been in the past. Normal, Decay, Spirit, Causes, Cure HOW THE CHURCH IS TO FUNCTION Romans 12:3-6 The human body is unique and God designed.  The Church is also unique and God designed.  On the outside the human body is different from other human bodies, but on the inside all is the same so it is also with God's Church.  Sometimes the human body has parts that quit working or sickness affects parts of the body thus causing the entire body to not function properly.  The same is with the Church.
Paul wrote to a Church and showed them how they were to function properly. Church, Human Body, Members, Functions, God's Design GOD'S HEART CAN BE HURT TOO Luke 19:42-48 Everyone is always asking God for help in their times of trouble and especially when their heart is heavy and broken from some tragic even in their life.  Prayers are made expecting God to step in and bring relief.  Did anyone ever stop to think that just maybe God also gets His heart hurt too, and from the behavior of His own Children?  Do you think that maybe you may have hurt God's heart? Heart, Hurt, God, Jesus, Paul ONLY OUR GOD FORGIVES Jeremiah 10:23 Through the ages people have had all kinds of faiths and gods and have tried all manner of ways to being accepted by their gods, from giving gifts, doing injury to their bodies to show devotion and even throwing their children into a fire as a sacrifice with never a word or sign from their god or gods.  How different for those who believed in Jehovah God, the God of Israel who often revealed Himself to them and then sent His son Jesus Christ to die in such a way that all who would believe in Him would have have their sins forgiven and be brought into the Family of God and be called Christians.  Only Jehovah God can and ever has forgiven the believer. Forgiveness,  Jehovah God, Jesus, Believer, Salvation THE CHRISTMAS STORY WITH SONGS Matthew 2:1-12  This is an ageless story with fulfilled prophecies.  There is no need to apologize for repeating it over and over again as it is the single most important event in human history.  This event has turned the world upside down and celebration of it is the most favorite and looked forward to event in the year.  Sadly, thousands must do so in secret as it is considered a "Christian" event.
Here is the Biblical account of that wonderful event accompanied with Hymns. Christmas, Bethlehem, Messiah, Birth, Prophecies, Wise Men CHRISTMAS MEANS PROPHECIES HAVE BEEN FULFILLED <br> The Christmas story should not have been a surprise to anybody as prophets had been telling of the coming of the Messiah for centuries.  Hundreds of years had come and gone and still no Messiah, so nobody was looking anymore for the Messiah to come when He did.  The same attitude exists today as Jesus promised centuries ago that He was coming back but since He hasn't, nobody is looking for Him in their life time.  Look at some of the details of the fulfilled prophecies of the Messiah. Christmas, Prophecies, Fulfillment, Messiah THE CHRISTIAN'S CHRISTMAS IS DIFFERENT Luke 2:1-18      Matthew 2:1-12 Today's Christmas has changed.  Once it was centered in the Church, now everybody says "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays."  Manger scenes are in yards and lights strung all over trees, bushes and eaves of houses with lighted snowmen, Santa Claus and his reindeer and sled on the rooftops.  The non-Christian world has changed the meaning of Christmas. Christmas, Non-Christian, Christian, Real Christmas Story DON'T FORGET THE ONE WHO GAVE THE GIFT John 6:25-27      James 1:27       2 Timothy 4:9-18 Have you ever helped someone who really needed your help and was totally unable to repay you?  Have you ever been "used" by someone?  How did that feel?  Did you ever help that person again?  Churches are "used" by people all the time who have no intent of ever trying to pay back that which was given to them.  All sorts of "sad," "hard luck" stories are told and if turned down they go away angry.  Ever think that just maybe we do God the same way? Giver, Gift, Used, Unthankful, Thankful BE HAPPY, JESUS HAS COME <br> For centuries God's people had been looking for the Messiah.  Can you imagine the excitement when John the Baptist announced that the Messiah had come and was in their midst?  Everybody who found out that Jesus was the one John the Baptist was talking about hurried off to tell their family and friends.  Andrew hurried to tell Peter and Phillip told Nathanael.  Everyone was happy and excited. Jesus, Messiah, Prophecies, Excitement, Happiness JESUS IS IN THE CENTER <br> The wheel hub of a bicycle is exactly the same distance from the rim in all positions.  The bicycle spokes are exactly the same, none longer, none shorter in length, every spoke exactly the same.  Think of Jesus as being the hub or center
of all things.  Every person is as close or as far away as anyone else from Jesus with no exceptions.  Jesus came to save all mankind, the "whosoevers" of every race, every color, every language, no exceptions. Jesus, Center, Whosoever, All Things THE NAME, JESUS <br> There have been many named "Jesus" in times past but God named this one yet to be born "Jesus" for that name means "deliverer."  The name "Jesus" was not found among princes, priests, noblemen, warriors, men of wealth, or of great reputations, it was a common name, found among common people.  However the name "Jesus" has changed from that of being a common name to being the name above all names.   Jesus, Name above all names, Savior, Deliverer JESUS IS PREPARING US A PLACE Acts 1:6-11 Ever have somebody tell you that they have a room waiting on you, so why not come for a visit?  Did you ever tell somebody that whom you wanted to see?  Jesus told His disciples that He was going to leave them to prepare a place for them and that one day He would come back for them.  Jesus told the thief on a cross beside His who had believed in Him that on that very day they would be together in paradise.  Do you think Jesus has done what He said He was going to do in preparing a place for those who believe in Him? Heaven, Place, Jesus, Mansions, Perfect JESUS KNOWS EXACTLY HOW WE FEEL <br> There was a 10 year old little girl who was afflicted with a terrible disease that had left her deformed.  All the children laughed and made fun of her and even some of the mothers did too.  One time the mother of the little girl heard one of the children's mother's making fun of her little deformed girl.  She hit that mother in the jaw knocking her to the ground.  Could you blame her?  God sees us as that loving mother saw her little deformed daughter and loves us as she loved her little girl, deformities and all.  Jesus showed that same kind of love for all people when He was here. Care, Feels, Jesus,Knows JESUS IS REALLY THE SON OF GOD <br> Looking at the crucifixion scene there is really little to indicate that a great world faith was about to emerge from there.  A weeping mother and a friend of one of the men on the crosses were there along with passer-bys and of course the necessary soldiers.  Signs were tacked over the heads of the criminals who were being crucified for horrible crimes describing their horrible crime.  Only thing of note was that over the head of the man on the center cross were the words "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." Claim, Jesus, Son of God, Cross, Eternal Life WHAT IF WE COULD TAKE A LOOK INTO HEAVEN 1 Corinthians 2:9   Matthew 25:41    Revelation 14:13; 20:11-15 The Bible does not tell us a lot about heaven for if it did we would be unhappy being kept down here.  Many have tried to describe how it must be, but not ever being there it is only speculation.  The Apostle John, however, was privileged to take a look into heaven and what he saw and heard was beyond his ability to describe as he wrote the book of Revelation.  What if we could be like John and take a look into heaven, how different would we be afterwards? Look, Heaven, Waiting, Christians, Beyond Comprehension REPENTANCE <br> We have a strange way of "adjusting" things to fit our own needs or wants.  We even take God's Word and "adjust" it to make it say what we want it to say.  Take for example "repent."  We seem to think that just saying "I'm sorry about that" is all we need to do to have "repented."  Wrong!  "Repent" according to God's Word involves much, much more.  So, just what does God say we have to do in order to "repent" His way? Repent, Change Direction, Emotions, Will, Knowledge, Forgiveness WHEN WE DIE, THEN WHAT? <br> A man by the name of Job (Old Testament) asked the question, "If a man die,shall he live again?"  History has proven that death is certain for everyone and the longer we live the more we are certain that we, too shall die but then what?  We sing hymns about a resurrection and having new bodies and a new life, we song about heaven and the streets of gold but what is it really going to be like after we die? Die, Life, Where, Eternity JESUS WAS A "PEOPLE" PERSON <br> Looking at how Jesus spent His time, one must conclude that He spent most of His time with people.  People of questionable reputation, those who were not well liked, those who were poor, those who were rich, those who were businessmen, those who were fishermen, every kind of person, Jesus spent time with them.  Some hurried off to tell others about Jesus, some wanted to do Him harm.  Jesus always responded to whatever need He found among the people He was with.  Jesus was a "people" person.
 People, Jesus, Crowds, Individuals, Needs, Love WHAT IF JESUS CAME BACK TOMORROW <br> Looking back through the centuries many outstanding things have happened: the creation, the fall of man, the flood, Israel being freed from slavery in Israel, the crossing of the Red Sea, years in the wilderness.  Today there are space events, space ships to the moon and other planets, cures for diseases, great inventions but the greatest event of all history is yet to happen and that is when Jesus comes back.  What if Jesus came back tomorrow? Return, Jesus, Tomorrow, Christians ISRAEL'S FIRST OBSTACLE <br> God called Moses to lead His people, Israel, out of captivity in Egypt.  They were led by a firey cloud and stopped at the Red Sea.  Soon they were trapped for there was the Red Sea in front of them, steep cliffs on both sides and then the
Egyptian soldiers behind them.  They were trapped with no hope of escape.  Often Christians find themselves in a similar circumstance Obstacles, Trapped, Dangers, Helps, God's Design IT IS FINISHED! Isaiah 14:12-15       Ezekiel 18:11-15 "Tetelestai" which means "finished, accomplished, completed" was spoken by the
greatest person who ever lived, Jesus.  It was the greatest announcement ever to be uttered and it affected more people than any other announcement ever would.  It
announced the greatest victory ever to be won.  What was "finished" at Calvary?
What was the great victory won on a cross?  How are so may affected by what happened at Calvary? Finished, Victory, Battle, Satan, Jesus, Lord THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE WAY Matthew 6:33-34              Genesis12:1-5 Some people can't give directions and some people can't follow directions but everybody can follow somebody who knows the way.  In our world of today everybody seems to have their own opinion and ideas about the truths of God's Word (if they even believe in God)and therefore there are many different interpretations and applications of Biblical truths.  However in the midst of all this confusion about God and His Word, there is One who knows exactly what is what and that person is JESUS. Confusion, The Way, Direction, God's Will, Jesus CHRISTMAS IS A PROMISE KEPT Jeremiah, Luke, Numbers, Isaiah, Luke What is your reaction to someone who makes you a promise?  What about your reaction to someone who doesn't keep a promise?  Ever have anybody make a promise to you about something a long, long way off?  What do you think about the promises of God?  Does He keep them all?  Did you ever think about Christmas being a promise kept by God? Christmas, Promise, Fulfilled, God, Jesus CHRISTMAS IS THE START OF GATHERING BROKEN PIECES Isaiah 14  Luke 19:10     Matthew 11:28     Revelation 22:17 What Satan has done to mankind and what God through Jesus Christ has done to restore broken mankind is powerfully illustrated in a story about a servant determined to bring heartache to his master for dismissing him from service, by shattering a priceless, much loved vase.  The story of the owner's determination to find someone to put all the broken pieces back together is a beautiful picture of how God is working through Jesus to put broken humanity back together again.   Christmas, Broken Pieces, Humanity, God, Jesus, Satan THE GREATEST GIFT TO MAN <br> At Christmas everyone gives and receives gifts.  Usually when one receives a gift the most important thing about that gift is who it is from.  When God wants to give a gift to one of us, what does He give that is worthy of who He is?  Christmas marks the time that God gave to mankind the greatest gift mankind will ever receive.  God gave us His Son so that we might be restored to the family of God. Christmas, Gift, Greatest, Mankind, Jesus, Nature ARE WE LOSING CHRISTMAS? <br> Is Christmas today, as celebrated, anything like that first Christmas with the baby in a manger and the shepherds peeping in?  Well, what about Christmas when you were a child?  Christmas today has been changed in so many different ways that the real meaning of Christmas is missing.  What has happened?  Are we losing Christmas?  Christmas, Change, Satan, Emphasis, Meaning, Jesus AND GOD BECAME FLESH AND BLOOD <br> Ever wish some of your dreams or thoughts could become real?  Ever been glad that they didn't?  There is someone who has been able to make thoughts become reality and that someone is God.  Christmas is one of those times when the thoughts of God became real, flesh and blood to be exact.  Nobody knows how He did it, but He did.  Christmas, Thoughts, Dreams, Reality, God, Jesus CHRISTMAS, THE WORD OF GOD BECOMING A PERSON <br> What is in our minds we find ways to communicate it to others such as speaking sounds, writing letters, using sign language.  Christmas is an example of the most wonderful way God made His thoughts known to mankind.  For us Christmas is shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, angels, Christmas trees, and all the decorations, Santa and his reindeer, carols, cards, presents and many other things.  However Christ is the dominating and most outstanding character of Christmas.  He is what Christmas is all about. Christmas, Word, God, Person, Jesus, Love, Thoughts OLD HYMNS HAVE A MESSAGE Jeremiah 18:3-4     When Paul was struck down by the Lord on the side of a road, he asked a question "What wilt thou have me do?"  Adelaide A. Pollard expressed the same sentiments of Paul in a prayer that has been turned into a grand old hymn, "Have Thine Own
Way."  Sing it and then review what you have invited the Lord to do. Have Thine Own Way, Lord PROTECTION FROM SATAN Ephesians 6:10-18 It is no secret, Satan hates God and anything God cares about, therefore Satan doesn't like Christians for we are God's Children, His Family.  Satan will try to keep everyone from listening to or obeying God and he is forever accusing the believer before God.  Since only God is stronger than Satan, how can the believer be protected from Satan? Satan, Protection, God, Armor, Weapon RECOGNIZING OUR VETERANS <br> Our country has set aside a day to recognize it's veterans, men and women who have served in one of the several branches of military service.  Today we will recognize those veterans who are in this room and the families who have had family members serve in one of the branches of service as well as our veterans all over our nation and the world.  
 Veteran's Day, Recognize, Our Country CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS Ephesians 6:10-18              Revelation 19:11-16 Any American should be proud to serve our country in time of need and there should be little sympathy for anybody who lives in this country, enjoys it's freedoms and then refuses to serve or honor our flag.  The same applies to those who live under the Christian flag.  We Christians are at war with an invisible enemy, Satan and he has his army of demons, fallen angels and followers.  God has His army made up of angels and Christians.  Today we recognize God's Soldiers, Christians. Soldiers, Christians, Army, Enemy, Commander in Chief WHAT JESUS PREACHED WAS CLEAR, WHAT ABOUT OUR MESSAGE? John 3:1-21 Jesus was sure about His call.  His purpose and approach were also fixed.  He had an urgent message that needed to be heard.  Wherever He went crowds of people surrounded Him, hanging on His every word.  He spoke to crowds and to a few at a time or alone with a single person.  Jesus never lost the opportunity to speak the message He came to bring.  What was that message?  Is it the same message we preach today? Message, Jesus, Clear, Today's Message A DIFFICULT DECISION TO MAKE <br> Sooner or later everyone has to make decisions.  Some decisions are easy but some are life changing and therefore most difficult to make.  God has given us the Bible and within the pages of the Bible there are instructions, commandments and examples.  Moses is an example to look at when it is time to make a decision, especially a life changing decision. Decision, Moses, Life Changing, Options, Results SOME INEXCUSABLE FACTS <br> We are forever making excuses for our behavior thus trying to hide the "real" us and our true heart.  God's Word has a way of of tearing down all the walls we put up thus revealing what we are really like.  It has been that way every since Adam and Eve made excuses for disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.  Let's take a look at some inexcusable facts of which we are guilty. Inexcusable, Facts, Irreverent, Ungrateful, Disobedience THE VALLEY OF DECISION Acts 24:25-26       Acts 26:24-28 Today there are multitudes who are in a "valley of decision."  They are lost and are thinking about being saved.  Everyone of us has had to wrestle with a difficult decision at one time or other and can identify with others who are also wrestling with a decision.  There is uneasiness, restlessness and asking "what should I do?"  God's Word, once again, has guidance and examples for us to consider as we look at being in "the valley of decision." Decisions, Valley, No Decision, Right Decision, Results FINDING GOD'S WAY Job 28:7-28     Luke 11:34-36 Every Christian should want to walk the way God wants but if the truth were known, many would confess that they are not sure, don't know what to do, where to go, what to believe.  Why doesn't every child of God know what God wants him/her to do?  Doesn't God care?  Is it "get saved and you're on your own?"  On the contrary.  God has a way He wants His children to go and has provided necessary guidance.  So how does the Christian find God's way?  God's Way, Finding, Understanding, Fear of the Lord TURNING TEMPTATIONS INTO VICTORIES <br> Would you buy a lottery ticket if you knew for sure that you would win?  Why?
Cristians are to expect temptations.  Satan wants us to live a life of sin so we are useless in our Christian life.  Overcoming temptatioins is something every believer must learn how to accomplish. Temptation, Victory, Source, Satan, Word, Blood YOU CAN BE SURE THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD <br> Much has been said about the Bible through the centuries.  To some it is a history book, to others it is a book of poetry, to yet others it is a book of mythical stories.  To the Christian the Bible is the Word of God.  Not just about God but God's actual Words to people.  It is essential to the Christian
that every Word of the Bible is believed as coming from God and is to be obeyed.  You can be sure the Bible is the Word of God. Bible, Word, God, True, Proof, Essential,  GOD IS CALLING OUR CHURCHES TO REPENTANCE various This text is a message from God directly to one of His Churches.  At first the church had great power and their love was near perfection, but things had started to change as they began to leave their first love and lose the great power they once had.  God's Churches are very much the same today as there is still a falling away from what was once excitement, blessings and great works for the Lord.  God's message for then is still just as applicable today. Church, Falling Away, First Love, Repentance, Return, God HIGH LIVING WON'T LAST <br> Amos preached in a day much like today.  A time of peace, unsuspected peril, unrivaled national power, unparalleled prosperity, and religious activities were popular.  With great insight Amos diagnosed Israel's sickness and announced it's forthcoming death.  In less than 40 years Israel was carried into slavery by
Assyria. Our country is affected by the same sickness Israel suffered.  We have a cure for our sickness and we had better use it. Prosperity, Complacency, Idleness, God, Judgment, Repentance HOW DO YOU TREAT JESUS? <br> During Jesus' earthly life He was treated many ways.  Some could never forget that He was "just" a carpenter's son.  Many admired the miracles He did and some were astonished at His knowledge.  There were those who wanted to crown Him king and then there were the others who wanted to kill Him.  Upon His resurrection His disciples became so devoted to Him that they willingly gave their lives for Him.  How is Jesus treated today? Treatment, Jesus, Today, Attitude HOW TO BE SAVED AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE <br> A pastor asked a dying woman if she was going to heaven.  She didn't know, so he explained to her the plan of salvation.  She prayed to receive Jesus.  Her son in law remarked that "nobody can really know if he/she is saved or not, the best you can do is to hope that you are saved."  The pastor read 1 John 5:11-12 to the man.  You can know for sure if you are saved or not.  Assurance of one's salvation is important and comforting. Saved, How, Tests, Sure HOW TO BECOME A CHILD OF GOD <br> How does one become a Christian? A Child of God?  In this passage there are three ways one does not become a Child of God and only one way that one can become a Child of God. It is something which can only be done God's way.  Child of God, Blood, Will, Self, Divine Way GOD'S REAL HOUSE <br> Many Christians think of God as an absentee Landlord who has left us here to do the best we can.  He forgave us, then shoved us out into the world and peeks in on us now and then.  Where does God really live?  In the Church building?  Somewhere on earth?  God actually designs houses and moves in and if the house gets dirty and is therefore desecrated, He moves out and destroys that house.  Remember Adam?  He was God's first "house." House, God, Real, Dirty, Desecrated, Destroyed, Permanent, Jesus, Holy Spirit HOW TO PRAY Various scriptures From the beginning of time mankind has "prayed" to some superior being.  Those prayers have been silent, whispered, shouted, accompanied with gifts, sacrifices, even self inflicted injuries.  All hoping to get the attention and help from someone greater than those praying.  In today's society is prayer really needed since we have advanced beyond gods and goddesses?  For the Christian, prayer is absolutely essential for the Christian believes in Almighty God and His help is need daily in the life of the Christian.  Just how does a Christian go about praying to Almighty God? Prayer, God, Answered, Not Answered, Jesus, Name HOW TO GET RID OF JESUS <br> Our first response to the sermon title is to take offense.  However Jesus has never really been wanted.  From His birth people tried to get rid of Him and finally thought they were rid of Him when they crucified Him.  Our country, our culture, our civilization has been built upon Christianity and surely nobody wants to get rid of Jesus today.  Yet, it is still true.  People don't want Jesus around. Jesus, Unwanted, Get Rid, Today HOW TO STRENGTHEN OUR FAITH James 1:17 Advertisements for healthy, muscular, strong, beautiful bodies in 30 days if we buy their products or enroll in their programs are popular today.  No doubt every body would love to have a body like those that are seen during the advertisement.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could strengthen and increase our faith in just 30 days to the level pleasing to God? How do we go about strengthening our faith anyhow? Faith, Strengthen, Word of God, Testing, Hands Off CHRISTMAS AND WONDERFUL THOUGHTS ABOUT JESUS Luke 2:1-20       Isaiah 9:6-7 Christmas is the sudden revealing of things that had been going on for centuries and when God was ready, He revealed to mankind what He had been planning for their salvation, a Savior, a Redeemer, Jesus. Christmas, Revealing, Salvation, Savior, Redeemer, Jesus, Wonderful SOME MIRACLES OF CHRISTMAS <br> No doubt Christmas is the most fascinating time of the year for most people.  Much is said about the wonderful "miracle" of the birth of the baby Jesus with hymns and poems written and sermons preached.  There were many miracles that accompanied the birth of Jesus.  Let's go back to that wonderful time and take a look at some of those miracles. Christmas, Miracles, Birth, Angels, Shepherds SOME WHO SPOKE OUT AT THE FIRST CHRISTMAS <br> In the fullness of time God turned to His angel, Gabriel, and told him to go make the necessary arrangements for the Messiah to come.  The Christmas story is the result of that angel's visit.  The Christmas story is very familiar to us so let's focus on some who spoke out at that first Christmas. Christmas, Angel, Time, Messiah, Spoke Out IT WAS GOD IN THAT MANGER Philippians 2:5-8   John 5:30 Our world would accept Jesus more if He were still a baby in a manger but doesn't want to recognize Him as Savior, Lord, and King.  That, however is the truth of the Christmas story.  It was God in that Manger. Christmas, Manger, God, Jesus, Savior, Human WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE THE KING? Matthew 1:21   Luke 2:10-17    Luke 1:38     John 3:16    2 Corinthians 9:6     Romans 6:23 Been Christmas shopping? What do you think you will get this year?  If you could have only one present, what would you want?  Christmas is a season of giving and receiving with love being expressed by the giving of gifts.  How, when, where did all this giving get started anyhow?  Well, God started it and others have followed His example ever since. Christmas, Giving, God, Jesus, King, You CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS THE ORIGINAL WAY <br> Ever get tired of doing things the "same old way" or doing the "same old thing?"
What about Christmas?  Do you ever change your way of doing Christmas?  Do you celebrate it the same way every year?  Have you ever celebrated Christmas as the first one was celebrated?  Read the Christmas story over and take note of how it
was celebrated.  It is an example for us.   Christmas, Celebrate, Original Way, Shepherds UNUSUAL EVENTS AT THAT FIRST CHRISTMAS <br> Through the ages God had given bits and pieces about a coming Messiah.  God had spoken about a virgin, a small town named Bethlehem, and even a star.  That first Christmas didn't "just" happen.  God had told the very first couple on earth about it and "in the fullness of time" God brought it to pass, and as usual when God steps into human history unusual things happen and this first Christmas was no exception. Christmas, Unusual, Bethlehem, Shepherds, Messiah WHAT KIND OF MAN IS THIS <br> What kind of man is this whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time?  Ever take a good look at His background, His family, His childhood, His upbringing?  How was He accepted by those around Him?  Why do we celebrate His birthday anyhow?
What if He had never been born in the first place? Christmas, Celebrate, Birthday, Jesus LET'S KEEP CHRISTMAS AS IT WAS <br> Do you like change?  Like it or not, it happens.  Our world is changing, places, people, countrysides, towns are changing.  True, some things need to change, but also true is the fact that some things don't need to change and the real, true
Christmas does not need to change.  Let's keep Christmas as it was. Christmas, True, Real, Change, Joy, Love, Salvation DON'T MISS CHRISTMAS Matthew 2:1-8;  2:4-6             Luke 4:16-30 Christmas is getting to be quite hectic with all the rush, hurry, go here, go there, buy this, buy that, attend this party, decorate, wrap presents, etc.  Christmas has become so complex that the true meaning of Christmas is being missed.  Sadly there were some who missed that first Christmas, too. Christmas, Miss, Meaning, Complex, Jesus LET'S DO SOMETHING FOR THE LORD THIS YEAR <br> A well known football coach called his team together after a tragic defeat and holding up a football before them said, "guys, this is a football.." to which one of the players in the back spoke up and said, "slow down coach, you're going too fast.."  It does us good to get back to the basics every once in a while and refocus on the necessary things.  The church needs to do that every once in a while to regain the vision of what the church is supposed to be doing.  As we enter a new year, let's refocus on what we are really here for and see if we can't do something great for the Lord this year. New Year, Refocus, Review, Goal, Strategy, Disciple, Commitment WHAT NEW THINGS FOR OLD THINGS? Revelation 21:4-5 When the Bible speaks of "old things passing away and all things becoming new" just what passes away and what becomes new?  There are a lot of questions, opinions, thoughts, and hopes about this teaching of the Bible.  What really is the answer? Old, New, Pass Away, Christian, Law, Legalism SOMETHING TO REMEMBER AS WE START A NEW YEAR <br> The Bible has a lot to say about remembering the past and then there is hindsight and foresight.  Also experience tells us to learn from the past or we may be doomed to repeat it in the future.  Looking back through this past year have there been things that you have learned from?  As Christians and as we enter this new year, let's start the year by remembering some things worthwhile we learned from being Christians. New Year, Remember, Salvation, Grace, Faith, Jesus TAKE A LOOK BACK AT THIS PAST YEAR Daniel 5:22    Matthew 23:37     John 14:7-9     Isaiah 1:18    Proverbs 27:1     Philippians 3:13 Business take a yearly inventory to see how their business has been for that year.  Sometimes couples that have been married for many years sit around and talk about how the years have gone by and what happened.  They remember their children now grown and all the friends they have known through those many years.
As Christians, let's take a look back at this past year and note some things we might be proud of and some things we might want to avoid this  new year. New Year, Inventory, Reflect, Good, Bad, Avoidable, Undone, Confidence, Past DID YOU GIVE GOD ANY LEFT-OVERS THIS PAST YEAR? <br> History shows that people are resourceful and the Bible even tells about a man making himself a god from some left over wood.  We have left-overs around the house all the time, like food.  We put left over food away to use it again some time later.  We have left over wood from projects, left over scraps of cloth from sewing.  Did you ever stop to think that we do God the same way?  Our lives are so fast paced that we don't have time to do all we have planned or need to do.  Let's take a look at some ways we may have given God some of our left-overs. Left-Overs, God, First, Last, Christians COMMANDMENT NUMBER ONE:  NO OTHER GOD <br> Israel was on their way to the promised land to be made into a great nation but they had to have a set of rules and laws first.  Therefore God had Moses gather the people to Mt. Sinai and gave them Ten Commandments.  The very first commandment given was one that Israel had a lot of trouble with and that was to have no other god but God.  We, also, have a lot of trouble with that commandment unknowingly perhaps, but nevertheless God is not always THE God of our lives. Commandment, Only God, No Other COMMANDMENT NUMBER TWO:  NO GRAVEN IMAGES <br> All of us have seen statues and paintings of Christ although nobody know  what He really looked like.  Many bow before these statues and paintings in prayer and worship seemingly to expect them to answer their petitions.  The first four commandments are God to man related and the last six are man to man related.
If we keep the first four then we shall also keep the last six.  No Graven Images are to replace God in our worship.  Have they? Graven Image, Commandment Two, Worship, Replace God COMMANDMENT THREE:  DO NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD LIGHTLY <br> Names today don't mean very much if anything.  A woman named her newborn baby girl "Padge-a-may."  When asked where she got that name, she replied, "it was in a catalogue I was looking at."  She showed the page and there in big bold print was "PAJAMAS."  Get it?  We name our children after relatives, people we admire and all sorts of things.  In Bible days names were very important and one of the ten commandments God gave was to not take His name lightly.   Commandment, Name, Lord God, Lightly, Honor, Profane COMMANDMENT NUMBER FOUR:  KEEP THE LORD'S DAY APART Deuteronomy 5:13-15 Sundays have always been special through the years.  Long sermons, big dinners, family time together, stores closed, special "Sunday-go-to-meeting" clothes worn only on Sundays, weddings and funerals.  There are churches having services on Sundays all over the world.  If Saturday was the original day of worship, which God, Himself, set aside how did the day of worship change from Saturday to Sunday?  God gave a commandment to keep His day apart.  Are we breaking His commandment by worshiping on Sunday instead of Saturday? Lord's Day, Sabbath, Sunday, Commandment COMMANDMENT NUMBER FIVE:  HONOR THY PARENTS Leviticus 20:9   Deuteronomy 5:16    Ephesians 6:1-4 We have relationships in two directions, with God and with each other.  The first four commandments are about our relationship with God and the last six are about our relationships with others.  This fifth commandment is God telling us to honor our parents.  Before loving others, we have to love our parents first.  Strong families produce strong communities, strong cultures, strong countries and strong civilizations.  So goes the family, so goes the nation.  How are parents treated in our country?   Commandment, Honor Parents, Blessing, Respect, Children COMMANDMENT NUMBER SIX:  THOU SHALT NOT KILL Deuteronomy 5:17 From what is happening in our world today it seems God is the only one who thinks
human life is sacred.  Killing unborn babies, suicide bombers, drive by killings, high school killings, murder-suicides, robbery killings and countless other manner of taking human lives.  Where is respect and obedience to God's commandments?  This sixth commandment is the shortest and yet it is the strongest of all.  Human life is sacred to God.  Why isn't it sacred to us? Commandment, Not Murder, Penalties,  CHRONOLOGICAL OUTLINE OF THE HOLY WEEK Mark: 11-16      Matthew:  21-28       Luke:  19 - 24 This is a general outline from the scriptures of the last week of Jesus'life up to and including His crucifixion. Crucifixion, Holy Week, Chronological  WHAT A CHOICE TO MAKE Matthew 27:15-25      Hebrews 6:6 From the very beginning God gave people the freedom to choose between right and wrong.  Eve make a choice, Adam made a choice, Cain made a choice, Israel made a choice, now in the text Pilate must make a choice.  The mob chose Barabbas instead of Jesus to be released.  We make many choices everyday and most of those choices involve Jesus in some way or other.  Not choosing Jesus is choosing Barabbas and all he stood for. Choice, Barabbas, Jesus EVENTS ON RESURRECTION DAY IN SCRIPTURAL SEQUENCE Mark 16   Luke 24     John 20      1 Corinthians 15 No comments, just the events on the resurrection day in their scriptural sequence. Resurrection, Events, Sequence THE THREE GARDENS Matthew 26, 27, 28     Acts 1 This is a very moving message and requires sound effects.  Visual effects can be added if desired.  This message was first delivered by Dr. W.O. Vaught, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas in the late 1970's.  With his permission I revised and adapted it and preached it at every church I pastored since 1978.  This is about the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Suffering, and the Garden of Death. Easter, Gardens, Jesus, Triumph THE FINAL WEEK <br> If we know the outcome, we usually are not interested.  The final week of Jesus' life is well known, yet remains interesting.  Let's take a look at some events of this final week of Jesus' earthly ministry. Easter, Final Week, Jesus COMMANDMENT NUMBER SEVEN:  DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY <br> This commandment brings come ugly thoughts to mind.  We wish that we could skip over this one and just be silent about it but God condemns Adultery and therefore we need to talk about it.  If a preacher wants to preach about the needs of our country, this commandment would be one of his top topics.  So goes a person's morals, so goes the person.  The same is for a nation.  So goes the morals of a nation, so goes that nation.   Adultery, Forbidden, Guilty, Effects, Remedy COMMANDMENT NUMBER EIGHT:  DO NOT STEAL <br> Of the ten commandments God gave, this eighth commandment speaks of rights of ownership.  However there is more to steal than just possessions.  God has given people the right of ownership in a way but we are more like "trustees" than real owners.  God is more interested in the spiritual part of us than our possessions although we are the opposite.  We are more interested in our possessions than our spiritual lives.  Just what can be stolen? Commandment, Steal, Possessions, Invisible  COMMANDMENT NUMBER EIGHT:  DO NOT STEAL <br> Of the ten commandments God gave, this eighth commandment speaks of rights of ownership.  However there is more to steal than just possessions.  God has given people the right of ownership in a way but we are more like "trustees" than real owners.  God is more interested in the spiritual part of us than our possessions although we are the opposite.  We are more interested in our possessions than our spiritual lives.  Just what can be stolen? Commandment, Steal, Possessions, Invisible  THE WICKED SHALL BE TURNED INTO HELL Revelation 20     Romans 14      Luke 16        Mark 9       Matthew 9 The Bible makes it very clear that the wicked shall be brought into judgment and from there they will be sent to Hell.  There will be no opportunity to correct things or even to voice one's opinion.  There will be no mercy shown and nothing can be done to change God's decision.  Hell is a terrible place to be sent to and it will be for all eternity. Wicked, Hell, Judgment, Eternal, Torment SIGNS OF A DYNAMIC CHURCH <br> Looking at the members of the church at Antioch it is easy to see why they were the first ones to be called "Christians."  They were busy with Evangelism, with Missions and with Benevolent Stewardship.  Any church that practices these same three things with the same enthusiasm and membership participation as did the Antioch Church will have similar results. Evangelism, Missions, Stewardship, Antioch Church, Dynamic THE OUTCOME OF THE CROSS <br> What belongs last in the story of Golgotha?  The death of the man Jesus?  Two friends burying his body in a tomb?  Followers of this man losing their leader?
Hopes destroyed?  Everyone going back to their homes and businesses in sadness?
Hold on!  God has an epilogue to the cross and it's called "The Resurrection." Cross, Outcome, Jesus, Followers, Sadness, Resurrection, Joy SIGNS OF A GENUINE CHRISTIAN Exodus 20:3-17 There are hundreds of thousands of church members among the thousands of Southern Baptist Churches.  What if every member attended Sunday School, witnessed, tithed, participated in all the activities of their church?  Sadly they don't.  Only about 25% of a church's membership is active and only 20% tithe.  Jesus said that not everybody who says they know Him really do.  Therefore not everybody who says they are a "christian" really is.  So, who is a genuine Christian? Christian, Genuine, Signs, Tithe, Witness PREPARATION FOR REVIVAL <br> Friends fellowship together because they like to be together and generally agree on things.  For a person to walk with God, there must be agreement.  A person must agree with God about what God thinks of things.  We talk about revivals and have meetings called revivals.  But to have a genuine revival, God must be there and the Church must be in agreement with God for such a thing to happen.  How does a Church prepare for a "God-led" revival? Revival, Preparation, God's Presence, Genuine, Meeting THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD 1 Corinthians 1:18-28; 2:14; 3:19 Ours is a world of power, intellectual, atomic, incomprehensible, frightfully,
challenging power.  Has the Church adopted the ways of the world for it's ways instead of God's?  The Church has substituted many God blessed, proven through the centuries ways for today's philosophies and methods.  The Church must return to the "Foolishness of God" ways in order to be the Church it is supposed to be in the eyes of God. Church, Worldly Ways, God's Ways THE DOWNWARD JOURNEY <br> This is a very popular parable Jesus told to a lawyer who was trying to entrap Him about who was a neighbor.  The road Jesus spoke of was dangerous and many had been robbed and even killed on this road.  Looking at this parable one can see Jesus in the role of the injured man and the good Samaritan. Samaritan, Priest, Levite, Injured Man, Help STEPS TO CHRISTIAN MATURITY Philippians 2:12          Luke 5:4 Some have said that they learned to swim when they were thrown in so it was a "sink or swim" thing.  However the less stressful manner of learning to swim starts in shallow water and gradually as one becomes more skilled, deeper water is moved into.  Thus it is with the Christian life and maturity in that life.
God gets us started when He saves us and then it is up to us to grow and mature in our Christian life at our own pace. Christian Life, Maturity, Steps WHY WE ARE FAILING TO WIN THE LOST <br> Did you know that a very tiny percent of our world's population are Christians?
Ever hear of "old time revivals?"  Ever wonder why our Churches are not bringing more people to the Lord than they are?  The disciples of Jesus didn't do too good either at first.  It seems that prayer and caring has a major part in successfully
doing things for the Lord.   Failing, Unsaved, Prayerlessness, Uncaring THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE BELIEVER <br> As God has everything worked out for our salvation and our part being to believe, repent of our sins and call upon the name of Jesus, so God has everything worked out for the believer to be able to become and do all that God has in mind for him/her and that being through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit.  Just what does the Holy Spirit do in the life of the believer? Holy Spirit, Believer, Work HOW DID THINGS COME INTO BEING? Psalms 19:1-2 Dr. William Tolar brought a stunning, mind boggling chapel message in 1966 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary which left everyone who heard it reassured that God created everything and was still in charge.  Using 10 coins Dr. Tolar illustrated how it was impossible for things to have "just happened" as modern day scientists insist.  The following are excerpts of the scientific facts he used to illustrate how impossible it is for things to have "just happened." Creation, God, Facts, Impossible, Scientists THE CHRISTIAN'S DAY OF JUDGMENT Romans 14:10-13               1 Corinthians 3:12-15 Seldom is heard a message about coming judgment and when one is heard it is usually about those who go into eternity never having trusted in Jesus and will hear the words, "Depart from me I never knew you..." and be sent to Hell.  But even more seldom is heard a message about the Christian's day of judgment.  True the Christian is going to heaven and not hell but every Christian will also stand before Christ and give an account of his/her life. Judgment, Day of Accounting, Christian's Day THE "GIFT AND THE "GIFTS" Acts 10:45; 22:17;    1 Corinthians 12:1-4 Everybody knows what a "gift" is.  All of us have given and received a "gift" at one time or other.  God is also in the "gift" giving business and His greatest gift of all is eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ.  God also gives the gift of His Holy Spirit to those who have received His first gift, eternal life.  The Holy Spirit then gives "gifts" to those in whom He indwells. Gifts, God, The Holy Spirit, Eternal Life BEING KNOWN IN DIFFERENT WAYS <br> Many years ago there was a radio series entitled "I Led Three Lives."  It was about a man who had a family, worked at a normal job, and then was a secret agent for the government.  He was know in three different ways by the three different groups he was around.  So it is today.  Some lead more than one life as they hold down two jobs, or have a secret life of some sort.  You and I also live different
life styles at different places.  See how your life style changes. Life Style, Different, How Known, Others GOD'S WORD IS ENDURING Key verses 27, 28 A king in our scripture didn't like hearing God's Word read so he burned the scroll of God's Word.  He, like many since him, learned that God's Word is enduring and cannot be obliterated.  God's Word is everlasting whether people want to believe it or not.  Only God's children, led by the Holy Spirit, can understand God's Word and they are persecuted by those who don't care for God or His Word.
 God's Word, Enduring, Everlasting, Unbelievers, Indestructible FIVE STAGES IN A CHRISTIAN'S LIFE Romans 12:4-5;   7:14-25                          John 14:26-27                  Colossians 2:8 We all know about the different stages of life we go through:  infancy, toddler, child, youth, teenager, young adult, adult, and senior adult, with sub-phases within those stages.  If we take a look at the Christian life we can see that there are "stages" we Christians go through also.  There are many "sub-phases" within those "stages" as well as each of us is different from everyone else.  Here are "five stages" that have been identified in a Christian's life. Stages, Christian Life, Happy, Wrestling, Doubting, Searching, Silent MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH Matthew 17:20 "Faith" is defined by our dictionaries as "Allegiance to duty or a person, loyalty, belief and trust in God."  We as Christians use the word "faith" just about every day but is it the same kind of "faith" Jesus said would move mountains?  To move mountains by faith sounds like an awful lot of faith.  Do you have that kind of faith?  Know anybody that does? Faith, Move Mountains, How, Jesus Taught GOD'S PROVISION FOR NOAH <br> Many times it appeared that there were fewer faithful left that there really were, such as in Elijah's day and even in our time today. There are far more believers in China, Russia and other places than once believed.  However that was not so in Noah's day.  God said there there were none left but Noah who was still faithful.  God declared that He was going to destroy all the world except for Noah and his family.  God then made provisions for Noah and his family to be saved when destruction came upon the earth.  How was God doing to do that? Faithful, Provision, God, Obedience GOD NEVER COMES NEXT Matthew 6:33 Life has it's basic priorities and the quality of one's lifestyle will demand other priorities which, as we have learned, will take over and control one's life and one ends up more as a servant to the priorities than controller of them.  There is, however, a place in one's life that priorities must take a secondary place and that is one's relationship with God.  God never comes next.  God must be first or He is not at all.  What is the situation of your life? God, First, Priorities, LIfe, Next HINDRANCES TO PRAYER <br> "Now I lay me down to sleep..." is part of a prayer children said as they learned how to pray.  Sadly, many don't bother to pray and some use empty insincere words they call "prayer" which is but a mockery to God.  Again God does not hear the prayers of well meaning Christians sometimes because of hindrances in the pray-er's life. Our text points out one such hindrance and there are others which perhaps we are not even aware of.  How is your prayer life? Prayer, Hindrances, Unheard, Reasons FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD <br> A "family tree" is the family background, ancestors traced back as far as one can.  Among the members of the family tree will be famous ones, black sheep ones, unimportant ones, and then most will be the normal ones.  Genesis 5 is a "family tree" of sorts and of that family tree is a very famous member:  Enoch.  It is said that "Enoch walked with God."  Just what does it mean to "walk with God?  Can anyone do that today? Fellowship, God, How, Who FAITH OF THE UNSAVED <br> Jesus had a lot of people interested in Him as He had multitudes following Him.  Temple authorities didn't like Him but were interested in Him.  The common people thought He had come to restore the Kingdom of God.  The Roman officials and soldiers were watching Him as He was a source of potential trouble as people flocked around Him.  Of all these people there were different degrees of faith in Jesus.  Our text reveals a nobleman who expressed a type of "faith" that might be called the faith of an unbeliever.  Just what kind of faith can an unbeliever exhibit? Faith, Unsaved, Results, Circumstances, Degrees GOD'S HOLY CHARACTER <br> Most of us are usually uncomfortable in the presence of someone we consider pure, holy, innocent and spiritual, especially if they know us well.  We're afraid we might say or do something offensive to that person.  God's character is flawless and holy so that our failures and faults become a barrier between us and God.  We measure ourselves up against each other just fine, but when we try to do so with God, there is always a barrier for God is Holy and we, in ourselves, are not. Holy, God, Characteristics, Sin, Barrier DOES GOD SPEAK TODAY? Romans 10:14 Our world of today needs to hear from God.  All through the Bible we read where God spoke.  God spoke to His prophets, He spoke with His angels, He spoke through thunderings and lightenings, and even through an ass one time.  In the New Testament Jesus spoke, then the Disciples spoke, then the missionaries of the Church spoke.  Does God speak today?  How does He speak?  Our world needs to hear from God. God's Voice, How, Where, When COMMANDMENT NUMBER NINE:  DO NOT LIE <br> God made all things and when He made man, He did something with man that He did not do with anything else He made.  Man was made in the image of God.  One of the things man does is that other creatures cannot do is to speak.  We speak and say good things about others but we can also speak and say things that are not true.  God calls this lying.  God has commanded us, who are made in His image, not to bear false witness against our neighbor.  This is not telling the truth. Lie, Truth, Falsehood, Commandment THE FAITH OF MOSES <br> All of us have imitated someone else in some way or other and we do so because we admire what we see or hear in that person.  The Bible has some wonderful role models for us to imitate and learn from.  When considering Faith, there is a man who stands out as a wonderful example and we could learn a lot from this man and his faith.  This role model, this man, this example is Moses. Faith, Example, Role Model, Imitate, Moses GOD'S CALL, THE RIGHT RESPONSE <br> As in the days of Paul our world is filled with those who do not know about the Lord Jesus and salvation through Him.  God called Paul to go out to preach and establish churches.  This text is about God's call and Paul's response to that call of God and is an example of how each of us should respond and react when God calls us into service for Him. God's Call, Paul, Response THE WORLD'S GREATEST DISEASE <br> Do you know anybody who thinks people are perfect?  By looking around and listening it is glaringly apparent that something is dreadfully wrong with our world.  Our world is SICK.  People are SICK.  Mankind is affected with an ugly disease.   It is hidden at first, like any disease, but sooner or later it makes it's appearance.  What is this disease?  God calls it SIN and He has the only cure. Disease, World Wide Sickness, Cure, Jesus DO IT OUR WAY Jeremiah 13:22-23             Luke 18:9-14          Romans 4:4-5           2 Timothy 1:9          Ro The Bible makes it very clear that there is a BIG gap between God and the human race.  God has made the only way that gap can be bridged and that is through His son Jesus Christ.  However mankind has been trying to bridge that gap doing things his/her own way.  No matter what people think, say or do, there is nothing people can do own their own that will get them back where they belong with God.
It's God's way or NO way. Gap, Bridge, God's Way, Man's Way GROWING UP IN THE LORD 1 Peter 3:18    Ephesians 4:15       Colossians 2:7 As with our children, so with us as being born into this world.  The natural response is to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and reach adulthood.  The Bible reveals that a Christian is also born and is to grow spiritually in that new life given by God.  There are several stages of growing up in the Lord and here are a few of them.  Try to find where you are and see if you need to move on to another stage. Grolwth, Spiritual, Stages FOOLING YOURSELF ABOUT GOD <br> Israel had been freed from enslavement, back in it's own land, had rebuilt the walls and now had settled into a routine lifestyle.  However that lifestyle had become sensual, selfish, skeptical, immoral and was neglecting vital worship.  What worship Israel was giving was more formality and had a spirit of worldliness mixed in with it.  Respect and obedience must be given to God by His people. Worship, Respect, Obedience, Irreverence, Best FUNGUS AMONG US <br> Builders are careful about what is used to build a building.  They choose only the straightest lumber and the strongest and best looking materials.  They want to be proud of what they have built.  The early Church had some non-Christians as members.  Jude called them "clouds without water and trees without fruit."  Mold and fungus are parasites living off other living things contributing nothing but existing on the surface of that which they have attached themselves.  God's Church is to be pure and non-believers are not a part of God's Church.  They are a type of "fungus." Church, Pure, Believers, Unbelievers, Harmful GOD DEMANDS TRUE WORSHIP <br> It was no accident that the Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well for Jesus intended to go there and to meet her.  Jesus broke all tradition when He spoke to the woman for she was a Samaritan and Jews and Samaritans hated one another and then she, of course was a woman.  For a Jewish man to speak to a Samaritan woman in the open was strictly forbidden.  Jesus is no respecter of persons and everyone who thirsts may come to Him.  Jesus set the example in witnessing. Worship, True, Jesus, Samaritan Woman, Everyone, Sinners FIND IT HARD TO FORGIVE? Galatians 6:7-8 "Forgive him?  Are you kidding?  After what he has done to me?  I can NEVER forgive him."  Sound familiar?  All of us have trouble forgiving and perhaps there are still some whom we just cannot and have never forgiven of something done to us years ago.  Actually when we don't forgive, we alienate friends and loved ones by our attitude and poison our whole personality.  Not only that but it is impossible to live the abundant Christian life. Forgive, Hostage, Loser, Hard, Abundant Life COMMANDMENT NUMBER TEN:  DO NOT COVET <br> The ten commandments are like a mirror.  We hold them up before us and see our true selves.  The first nine commandments deal with visible acts but the tenth commandment deals with the inward desires.  If we keep the tenth commandment, we will have less trouble keeping the other nine.  To "covet" means to desire to have that which belongs to someone else.  This commandment is perhaps the hardest of all for us to keep. desire, covet, commandment, hardest to keep FOLLOW THE BEST PLANS <br> Anytime a builder builds a building there are blueprints to follow.  If the builder follows the plans the building will be comfortable and pleasant to the eyes.  However no matter how the builder follows the plans IF the foundation of the building is not secure on a solid, unmovable base, the house will be unsafe in stormy conditions.  Jesus taught that one's life is like a building and it needs a solid foundation, one that is on a rock and Jesus is that rock.  If one follows Jesus' plans for his/her life, then one will be secure and safe in difficult times and in the judgment. Foundation, Life, Building, Jesus' Plans, Storms GOD'S NEW WAY <br> Ever think how Jesus' crucifixion would have been announced if it had happened in our modern times?  How much t.v. coverage would have been given?  What would we have done after hearing/seeing such a news item?  Be concerned or just say "that's too bad.." and grab a snack and then go to bed?  Why get so excited over a man being killed?  That happens every day somewhere and sometimes hundreds get killed in a single accident.  The Cross happened.  God planned it for it was His New Way for people to be able to measure up to His requirements. Standards, Requirements, God's Way, Cross, Jesus GOD'S BRIDGE FOR US Luke 19:10; John 14:6; 10:9; Matthew 11:28; John 7:37; 6:37; Ephesians 2:8-9; John  1:12; Acts 16:30 From the beginning of time God gave mankind freedom to think, reason and to choose.  Adam chose wrongly and every person since him has also chosen wrongly.  We are free to choose to live sinful, worldly lives or to live our lives trying to please God.  God has established a "bridge" for us which will bring us together with Him and there is no other way to Him except to cross the bridge He has made for us and that bridge is His Son, Jesus Christ. Man, God, Bridge, Jesus Christ, Choose THE NATURE OF SALVATION <br> Can "Salvation" be explained in a way that we can understand it? Salvation THE GOSPEL IN A SINGLE WORD Genesis 7:1; Matthew 10:46 There is a word when uttered by God and obeyed by us brings joy to the angels in heaven.  It is the word God spoke to Noah which spared his life.  It is the word which prophets preached so often. It is the word Jesus spoke and Peter became a disciple.   It is a word when disobeyed brings sadness to God.  It is the Gospel summed up in a single word.  That one, single word is "COME." Gospel, Come, Joy, Sadness JUSTIFIED, SAVED, BUT STILL ACCOUNTABLE 1 Peter 4:17    Romans 14:12    1 Corinthians 3:13    Matthew 25:14-30 Just to think that one day we shall stand before almighty God and give an account of our saved lives, considering what He gave us to use and the things He expected us to do and what we actually did, should give us all great cause for concern.
Most Christians are satisfied with how they are living and their current standing with God.  Indeed we are justified, saved, indwelt with the Holy Spirit and have a heavenly home awaiting us, but we seem to have forgotten that that we are still accountable to God. Justified, Saved, Accountable GOD IS GOD Exodus 3:3-6; 13-14     Job 38:1 In the movie "The Ten Commandments" Yule Brenner who played the role of the Pharoah of Egypt, uttered the infamous words, "His God is God!"  After experiencing the plagues God sent upon Egypt, the greatness of the God of the Israelites was without question.  Thus those famous words "God is God!"  In the rush and hurry of our lives we tend to forget just how great our God really is and it would be good for us to be reminded from time to time.  Let us take some time right now to reflect upon our God and His greatness. God, Great, Remember JESUS, THE INCARNATION OF GOD <br> "Incarnation" means having human form, thus in the Bible, deity in earthly form.  Jesus at the same time being God and a man.  This is beyond our comprehension, it defies our known laws but it happened and it is so. God became flesh in order that He might be able to being salvation to doomed humanity.  Looking at the life of Jesus, He appears to be totally human, yet there was this difference which stood out totally unlike a normal man, more like "God."  Jesus, Flesh, God, Incarnation JESUS, DIVINE AND ETERNAL 1 Timothy 3:16    Hebrews 2:14-17 Jesus was born, lived, suffered and died.  Yet unlike his fellow men, Jesus was also eternally pre-existent.  He was entirely sinless and His death was a sacrifice for the sins of the world.  Jesus has/had a human side, but He also had/has a divine side.  Jesus Christ is God in human flesh. Jesus, Human, Divine, Both JESUS' SUBSTITUTIONARY DEATH <br> Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for the sins of all people and His death was actually a substitute for all of us.  All of God's judgments against us was borne by Jesus and therefore God's judgments have been satisfied.  When one of us believes in Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we can then be accepted by God.  There are others things accomplished by Jesus' death: Jesus, Death, Subsitute, Judgments, God, Satisfied JESUS' ASCENTION AND PRESENT MINISTRY <br> The ascention of Jesus is a beautiful and wonderful thing.  It brought to end His earthly ministry and that was to bring mankind and God together through His sacrificial death on the cross.  Contrary to what some may think, Jesus' work for believers is not finished. He is very busy.   What is He doing this very moment? Jesus, Ascention, Busy, Believers JESUS, COMING FOR HIS SAINTS <br> The Bible is full of prophecy with much of it already fulfilled.  The birth of Christ from the tribe of Judah, a son of Abraham, of a virgin, in Bethlehem, all foretold 1000 years before it happened.  Even after His ministry on earth was over and Jesus ascended back into Heaven, there is still yet prophecy to be fulfilled.  Jesus is to come back - twice more.  Once FOR His Saints and once WITH His Saints. Jesus, Rapture, Second Coming, Saints, Prophecy JESUS COMING WITH HIS SAINTS <br> Of all the prophesies of the Bible other than of the promised Messiah, His birth, death and resurrection, the prophesies of the Second Coming of the Messiah is perhaps more preached about, studied about and predicted than any of the other prophesies.  Even in our generation there have been men who determined the exact date of the return of the Lord and some even gathered their congregation up on a mountain to be the first to greet the returning Lord.  Of course He didn't come.  What exactly does the Bible tell us about the Second Coming of Jesus? Jesus, Second Coming, Prophesies, Saints, Judgments, Satan FROM CHAOS TO CALMNESS <br> Sometimes storms come up very suddenly in life and there is little time to prepare and get to safety.  What do we do in situations beyond our control?  Things are going along fine, all is well, and suddenly things are turned upside down in our life.  Where do we go?  What do we do?  To whom do we turn to?
The disciples had such an experience.  From a night of calmness, quietness, and pleasure to a night of chaos, danger and possible death.  Then Jesus came. Storms, Dangers, Chaos, Calmness, Peace, Safety, Jesus DO YOU REALLY WANT ALL GOD HAS FOR YOU? <br> Parents are always encouraging their children to do their best and at ball games parents can be heard yelling, shouting,"knock it out of the park," slide, catch that ball, hurry, run, etc."  Our text is a ringing challenge from God to us, His children, to aim for the highest.  God has so much He wants us to be doing but sadly most of us are content to just stay like we are.  We say we want all God has for us, but we really don't for it involves changes and we don't like changes.  Just what would we have to do to be able to have all God has for us? God's Best, Changes, Requirements, Necessary, Christians THE CHURCH - THE BODY OF CHRIST <br> A little boy once asked, after being treated very politely, was that person Jesus?
It seems our world is so full of rudeness and impoliteness that whenever someone dares be nice and polite, there is wonder as to why that person was so nice.  The Church is to act and serve in ways that make people see how Jesus lived and how what He did for others.  The Church is Christ in the flesh and without the Church the world will not see Christ.  We are to be doing what Jesus DID. Church, Body, Christ, Works, Same THE CHURCH  - THE BRIDE OF CHRIST Revelation 19:7-9 The Wedding March brings many emotions and memories.  Two people have chosen each other to spend the rest of their lives together.  In the eyes of God they will become ONE person, with one "everything."  Jesus Christ and His Church are also referred to as Bride and Groom.  Vows are also taken in becoming a Christian.  Jesus gave His at the Cross, the believer gives his/her in that moment of commitment of him/herself into trust and belief that Jesus will take care of him/her throughout eternity. Church, Bride, Groom, Vows, Are One THE CHURCH - THE FAMILY OF CHRIST Psalm 122:1 "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."  Many homes had a plaque hanging on the wall somewhere that had those words and how true they are.  Home is the place one goes when the world caves in.  Home is where there is sympathy and understanding.  Home is where there will always be love.  The Church is the Family, the Home of Christ.  The Church is where Christians gather as a family.  What kind of place ought the Church be then? Church, Family, Home, Christian, Secure THE CHURCH - THE ARMY OF CHRIST 2 Timothy 2:3 What is the Church?  The loving Bride?  The serving Body?  The nurturing Family?
Or the Army of Christ?  Jesus expects His Bride to wear "Combat Boots."  We, the
Church are to do more than "defend" against Satan, but we are to ATTACK.  We sing
"Onward Christian Soldiers" and that is a war song, that is advancing, that is more than just self-defense.  How can we, the Church, be the Army of Christ? Church, Army, Christ, Soldiers TWO WAYS TO ETERNITY <br> The Bible states that eternity has no beginning and no ending.  Also that every person enters into eternity upon death but while living on earth is traveling on one road or another.  One road is broad and most people are traveling on this road but it leads to eternal destruction.  The other road is described as being narrow and not very many are traveling on this road, but it leads to eternal life. God has given people the freedom to choose which road they want to travel on during their earthly life.  Which road are you on?
 Eternity, Two Roads, Choice, Heaven, Hell THE MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE <br> Only the unborn and dead don't make mistakes.  Some mistakes we make are minor and easily taken care of.  However, some are pretty bad and the worst mistake a person can make is to neglect Jesus Christ.  Judas had made mistakes before in his life but when he betrayed Jesus Christ he made "THE MISTAKE OF HIS LIFE" and found himself condemned and too late for atonement.  Take a look at your life.  Are you about to make that same "mistake?" Mistake, Doomed, Neglect, Soul, Destiny REAPING WHAT IS SOWN <br> Everyone knows that whatever a farmer plants in planting season he will reap the same thing at harvest time.  Equally true is the fact that if we plant sin and wickedness in our lifetime we can expect to reap the same thing when God says it's time to harvest our lives.  We can sow seeds of righteousness or the seeds of wickedness.  We can also reap Life Everlasting or Damnation and Corruption.
Look at some Biblical examples of Reaping what is Sown. Reaping, Sowing, Righteousness, Corruption, Choose THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD <br> Light gives life and where there is no light, things are silent and lifeless.  Ever try to imagine our world without the sun?  Think about what we do in the sunlight and what we do in the darkness.  Jesus brought Spiritual Light to the world and His Church is to continue to share that spiritual light.  How well do you "shine" the light of Jesus? Light, Jesus, Darkness, Church, Shine PLANTING FOR THE LORD Matthew 13:1-9; 37-41 Jesus understood His mission - reach the lost.  He trained His disciples to also reach the lost.  Even the Old Testament believers were to be witnesses.  Satan does all that he can to keep God's people from witnessing.  What has he done in your life to keep you from witnessing?  Perhaps Christians might witness more if they understood that it is GOD WHO DOES THE SAVING, we (Christians) are more like "seed" planters. Witnessing, Planting, Christians ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE Ephesians 5:22-33 Ever hear of a "fairy tale" marriage, where two people come together in a beautiful wedding and then ride off to live happily ever after?  Don't see too many of those kind of marriages do we?  Know anybody who is divorced?  Our marriage success rate is not all that good.  God says marriages can be successful and has given guidelines for that to happen. Marriage, Divorce, Two, One, God's Guidelines GOD'S FOUR DIMENSIONAL LOVE John 3:16 Contrary to what some Churches think and even teach, God has only ONE Family.  There is some of God's Family in Heaven with Him and then there is the rest of us still living our lives out here on earth.  We need to remember that death does not in any way separate God from any of His family.  God's love is so different from ours and our text explains God's love as a four dimensional love. Love, Dimensions, God, World THE SECRET OF BEING HAPPY <br> Are you happy?  If not, you ought to be and can be.  Happy people are friendly, eager, bubbly always ready to share their love for the Lord.  Unhappy people are grumpy, selfish, stingy, grumbling, defensive, fault finding and unpleasant to be around.  Real joy is normal for the Christian who is "right" with the Lord and is a symptom that indicates that that joyful Christian is living his/her life at its best.  ARE YOU JOYFUL?  If not, you can be.  Here's how: Joyful, Happy, Secret, Fruitful DON'T BLAME SOCIETY Romans 14:11-12 Every day we see on television, hear on the radio and read in the papers about people breaking the law.  We then hear their defense attorneys proclaim that these law breakers are not really to blame.  They didn't have a good family life, they were mistreated, they lived in ghettos or slums, they didn't have the necessities of life, and so on.  It's just not their fault.  Society is to blame for their crimes and for others like them.  Well, according to God's Word, every individual is accountable for his/her actions and Satan is behind everything evil and sinful.  So, is society to blame for the condition of our country and world?   Criminals, Lawbreakers, Slums, Ghettos, Families, Society, Blame, Sin, Satan THE FALSE GOSPEL 2 Corinthians 4:3        Proverbs 14:12 We are all familiar with copies, duplicates, imitations, counterfeits of the real authentic thing.  It looks like it, sounds like, feels like it, smells like it, tastes like it but it is not the original, real thing.  Somebody made a copy.  Satan has copied God from the very beginning and he has tried to copy God's Gospel.   Satan, Gospel, False, Imitation, Damning ON WHICH SIDE OF EASTER ARE YOU? John 20:19-21 Looking back through history we see where the disciples of Jesus preached, started churches, healed people, were put in jail and all but one killed. They were not always these brave, dedicated men.  There was a time when they hid in a room, afraid for their lives and sad, broken in heart and in despair.  What made the drastic change in these men?  It was EASTER!  Before Easter they were cowards with no hope.  After Easter, they were excited, fearless and eager to tell about Jesus.  On which side of Easter are you? Easter, Excited, Sad, Afraid, Fearless, Before, After WHAT A MORNING! <br> "I just can't believe what has just happened!"  Ever hear anybody say anything like that?  Has something happened to you that was just unbelievable?  On that morning when Jesus came out of the tomb He had been buried in for the past two days expressions of disbelief and shock were uttered and heard by many.  Today we celebrate that wonderful morning and call it Easter. Easter, Resurrection, Morning, Joy THE ETERNAL SYMBOL John 3:14 We are all familiar with symbols, signs, emblems and such.  The steeples on church buildings are symbols and the crosses mounted on top of the steeples represent something eternal.  The cross has been the symbol identified with Christianity since Jesus died on His cross.   Easter,Cross, Eternal, Symbol,  JESUS' LAST WEEK Mark, Luke, John, Isaiah, Hebrews For those who would like to study the last week of Jesus' life this study can be very helpful and encouraging.  Take your Bible, this outline and perhaps a Bible dictionary and spend some time listening to Jesus as you re-live His last week with Him and His followers.  Your time spent will be most rewarding.

Most of this study is not original with me so give our Lord the honor and recognition for this study.

 Easter, Jesus, Last Week THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESURRECTION <br> When Jesus was buried in the tomb, there were those who "half-believed" what Jesus had said about His being resurrected on the third day so guards were posted.
There were those who wanted to believe, didn't believe and believed that Jesus was resurrected.  It is the same today.  There are those who don't believe at all, those who want to believe and those of us who believe.  Just how significant is the resurrection of Jesus today? Resurrection, Jesus, Importance WHY BELIEVE IN THE RESURRECTION? <br> Many people believe that death is the end - nothing afterwards.  Some believe that they will be reincarnated until they reach a state of perfect nothingness.
Some have experienced dramatic events while being declared clinically dead such as bright lights, seeing dead loved ones, etc.  There is life after death because God says so.  For those who believe in the resurrection of God's Son, Jesus, there is great joy awaiting them.  How do we know for sure that Jesus was resurrected? Resurrection, Jesus, Belive, Proofs WHAT DOES THE CROSS MEAN? <br> On the Cross Jesus did something that was necessary for man's liberation from sin.  On the Cross, Jesus also did something that brought God and man together.
"It is finished!" Jesus said in His dying breath.  What was finished?  What exactly did the cross mean then and what does it mean today? Cross, Meaning, Jesus, Then, Today FORGIVENESS FROM THE CROSS <br> WWJD?  What Would Jesus Do?  WDJD? What Did Jesus Do?  We use these expressions to help us try to be like Jesus when we get in difficult situations.  There are many things we imitate what Jesus did, but one thing Jesus did under extreme circumstances is an example most of us would have a very hard time, if impossible to do.  While on the Cross, Jesus asked God the Father to Forgive those who had nailed Him to that Cross.   Cross, Forgiveness, Example, Jesus THE STORY IS TRUE:  CHRIST DID RISE FROM THE DEAD <br> Somebody coming up out of a grave alive?  Sounds like a science fiction or ghost story.  Yet a story has been circulating for over 2,000 years about a man coming alive again after being dead in a tomb for three days.  There have been believers, disbelievers and those who have tried to prove the story is false.  Interestingly though most of those who have tried to disprove the story of Jesus coming out of a tomb, alive, after three days have believed their findings.  He did. Resurrection, Jesus Christ, Story, True THOUGHTFULNESS FROM THE CROSS Luke 2:29-35 It's hard to think of more than one thing at a time, especially if we are in any kind of pain.  Ever give thought to the amount of pain Jesus went through while hanging on the cross?  Did you notice that even in the most excruciating pain and agony, Jesus thought about His mother's welfare and who would take care of her after He was gone?  Jesus told His best friend, John, to take care of His mother. Cross, Thoughtfulness, Example, Jesus SHOCKING WORDS FROM THE CROSS <br> Jesus was alone on the cross.  Everyone had deserted Him.  John had returned with Mary, Jesus' mother and a few women followers were there.  All Jesus enemies were there though.  The religious leaders who caused Him to be crucified and the soldiers who actually nailed Him to the cross.  In torment, agony and pain, it seemed there was nothing else that could go wrong but then...Jesus sensed that God, His Heavenly Father had also left Him, thus the shocking words..."My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?"  Why did God leave Jesus at such a difficult time? Cross, Forsaken, Jesus, God, Sin, Penalty HOW DID JESUS END UP ON A CROSS? Luke 23:32-33 The cross was and still is a hideous tragedy.  How in the world did in happen in the first place?  What in the world was wrong with all those people?  What kind of people were they anyhow?  They were just ordinary people like us, kindly, likable, with families, religious and had their daily lives.  Would things be so different if what happened then with Jesus and the cross were to happen today? 
Have you ever given thought as to just where you would have stood if you had been there then?  Think about it. Cross, Jesus, Who, Why, Today THE CHRISTIAN'S CROSS Luke 14:27 Looking at a Church family one sees many different life styles and could surmise that being a Christian is not really different than not being a Christian.  However according to Jesus that's not true.  There is but one lifestyle for a Christian and that is one in which Jesus' lifestyle is being imitated, followed, duplicated.  Jesus said:  "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me..."  The Cross of a Christian is a way of life. Cross, Christian, Denial, Follow JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR US <br> Easter is a wonderful time of the year.  We put on our "Sunday best" clothes, hear beautiful Easter cantatas, hide eggs then watch our children excitedly hunt for them carrying their little baskets and eat delicious chocolate bunny rabbits.  But what about the real reason for Easter?  What about the cross?  What about the tomb?  Have you ever given some detailed thought as to why this man, Jesus was put through so much and why He let them do what they did?  Just what does all that happened so long ago have to do with us today? Cross, Christ, Sins, Love, Atonement IF A CHRISTIAN, THEN A CROSS <br> Think about how different from Jesus the two men were who were crucified alongside Jesus.  The remarks they made, the attitude they exhibited, and then how opposite Jesus was.  He seemed to feel sorry for those who were nailing Him to the cross and then He even prayed that they would be forgiven for what they were doing.  No one who believes in Jesus Christ can get along without His cross for it is the main reason we believe in Jesus in the first place.  The cross was so important to Jesus that He has required His followers to have their own cross as well.  Do you have your cross?  Cross, Jesus, Followers, Required HOW WE LIVE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE ABOUT GOD <br> Ever wonder why God isn't around you as He seems to be around others?  Have you ever felt God had something for you to do but you felt He was asking too much of you or that perhaps somebody else could do it better?  Every day we are faced with deciding whether to be involved with God or not.  How we live our lives determines what we really believe about God. Faith, God, Work, Belief, Involved, Life COMPLETELY SAVED <br> By looking around and  back through the history of mankind it becomes very clear that help is needed.  Mankind is far from what it could be and what God has wanted it to be.  God promised that one day He would send somebody to help get mankind back to where it ought to be.  That day came but Jesus wasn't very welcome. Only a few accepted Him as the promised one and were changed.  Not much has changed to day.  Jesus isn't all that accepted around here either.  What Jesus came to do and still wants to do today is to change us into what God wants us to be and when He does, it is a permanent, complete change called "being saved." Salvation, Complete, Permanent, All Inclusive ASSURANCE OF SALVATION <br> Some people believe anything they hear.  Some believe anything they see.  Some believe things only with a lot of proof.  Then some believed yesterday but not today.  Christians should know for sure that he/she is saved but some seem to think it a bit presumptuous to think that one may be assured of his/her own
salvation.  Some think they can be saved today but not saved tomorrow.  What does the Bible say about assurance of salvation? Salvation, Assurance, Word, Belief, Doubt WORRY OR FAITH? 2 Corinthians 5:7 All of us worry and we know the results of too much worrying.  Our health can be affected, our attitudes and personalities can change, our whole life can be miserable.  When we cannot be in control of situations or unpredicted events occur, we often go into stages of worry.  Faith is letting God take care of our needs, situations, events in life.  We have faith that God can save us for all eternity, but have difficulty in letting God take care of things during our earthly lives.  So, which shall it be, Worry or Faith? Worry, Faith, Control, God, Us, Eternity, Today NOT ALL FAITH IS SAVING FAITH <br> For some today their definition of "saving" faith is different from what the Bible states that "saving" faith is.  Some think that the only faith required for salvation is a "momentary" faith used at the moment of saying "yes I believe" and then they resume their normal way of life with nothing changing.  There seems to be no need for remorse, guilt, repentance or anything new or different.  Eternal life does not come from just "any" kind of faith.   Faith, Saving, False, Empty,  WHY DID GOD BECOME ONE OF US? Hebrews 2:13-17       Romans 8:3 The Bible is from God to us and it is filled with teachings about God as Father, God as the Son, and God as the Holy Spirit. There is no human being capable of grasping all that God has given in the bible and one of the most challenging questions is "why did God become one of us?"  Christmas is the time we celebrate God becoming a human being, starting out as an infant like all of us have.  Why in the world would God want to leave His Heavenly Realm to live down here among us? Birth, God, Human, Flesh, Why? GETTING TO KNOW GOD Matthew 5:8   John 10:27; 14:1, 21-23    Hebrews 11:6; 12:22-24    Psalm 34:8 How well do you know God?  Most people don't know God and could care less.  They do, however, use His name in their profanity or when they are angry or surprised or frustrated.  Somewhere in the back of people's minds there is a "maybe there is a God" thought but most people don't know God personally.  One would think that Christians know God very well, but sadly that is not so true.  For many Christians there is a distant vagueness in their "relationship" with God. God, Knowing, Personally, Intimately, Distant, Choice ETERNAL DAMNATION <br> Jesus told the story of the rich man and Lazarus to help people realize that death ends a person's ability to make choices.  There is a place called Hell that Jesus describes as being the place where all unbelievers go immediately upon their death.  He uses "garbage dump" language to try to describe the terrible conditions of such a place.  We are reminded that as long as we are alive we can still change our eternal destination, and by believing in Jesus Christ we can be sure that we will not be going to Hell but to God's Heaven. Hell, Damnation, Eternity, Fire, Suffering, Forever, Salvation, Jesus WHEN SAVED, YOU ARE SAVED FOREVER! 2 Peter 2:20-22     Matthew 24:11-13     John 15:5-8        Hebrews 6:4-9 All around our world people have needed rescuing from perilous situations and rescue parties have been sent out to search and help those in need.  We have heard of heroic rescue attempts and have breathed a sigh of relief when those in danger were saved and all was well.  However, having been once rescued does not mean that there could not come another time when that person or people won't need rescuing again.  That is not so with our Salvation.  Once we have been saved by the Lord Jesus, there will never arise the need for Him to have to "save" us again.  Once we have been saved, we are permanently saved. Saved, Forever, Secure, Religious, Unfruitful, Wander, Lost WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD? <br> America is one country where the Gospel has been presented in just about every way to every person.  By way of television, movies, churches, revivals, tracts, pamphlets, door to door and casual conversation among friends but sadly our country has become hardened to the Gospel.  However what about those on the other side of the world who have never had the opportunities to hear about Jesus that our country has?  What about them?  How does God see them? Gospel, Salvation, Everyone, Responsibility IMITATING THE CHARACTER OF JESUS CHRIST <br> All of us have "played" like we were somebody else.  As children we were always acting like our "heros' and animals.  We were in school plays and acted our parts in plays.  Today we see countless television shows where people are acting the part of another person.  Some even take their acting role so seriously that they begin to take on the personality and characteristics of the role they are playing.  Paul tells us that we as believers need to take on the role of acting like God's Son, Jesus Christ. What might be involved in that? Acting, Role Playing, Imitating, Jesus Christ, Believers, Obligated THOUGHTS ABOUT JESUS <br> There is no way any human being or angel can possibly know all about the Lord Jesus.  Most of us stay around the things we do know about Jesus and seldom venture out to learn something new about Him.  However exploring the unfamiliar and forgotten things about Jesus can be most rewarding.  Our interest in and love for our Lord can be greatly increased.  Here are some thoughts about our Lord Jesus, let them bless you. Thoughts, Jesus, Bless, Refresh PENTECOST BROUGHT CHANGES John 14:16-25; 15:26; 16:7-13; Luke 24:49 The work of the Holy Spirit is seen throughout God's Word and the history of mankind.  Throughout the Old Testament the Holy Spirit came and went but when Jesus came, the Holy Spirit came and stayed with Him until His death.  Then on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came again and brought changes that were very different from past actions and continue on even to today. Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Changes, Permanent Indwelling, Temple DEACON ORDINATION SERVICE 1 Timothy 3:8-13 The pastors of the first Church family became overwhelmed with trying to do their spiritual duties and meet the material needs of the Church family and therefore called upon the Church family to set aside seven men to take care of the material needs of the Church family thus freeing up the pastors so they could take care of the spiritual needs.   In most Churches of today there are still those selected to help with the Church needs.  Here is a simple Deacon Ordination Service that can be used to ordain a deacon.  Deacon, Ordination HINTS ABOUT PRAYING Matthew 6:25-26; 32-34 Ever dread to see "so and so" coming?  What about that person who calls and doesn't know when to stop talking and hang up?  It seems some people just go on and on and on and what they have to say never amounts to anything and it's always all about themselves and all their ailments and kinfolk.  Well, not all of our "prayers" are all that exciting to God either.  Ever consider that "prayer" is supposed to be a two-way conversation?  God wants to get in on our "conversation" too, but like those boring people we can't stand to be around, we are often just like them in our "talk" with God.   Prayer, Conversation, Fellowship MISSING GOD'S MARK Romans 6:23 Ever aim an arrow at a target?  What about throwing darts?  How about aiming a rifle at a target?  All of us probably have and missed a lot of the time as well.  God has a way of life He wants us to live and whenever we don't, God calls it "sin."  The Biblical definition for "sin" is "to miss the mark."  So whenever we miss God's mark for us, it is called "sin.  What does God think about us "missing the mark" so much? Sin, Mark, Missing, God, Humanity THE LESSER KNOWN OF THE HOLY THREE <br> We are familiar with God, the Father and God, the Son, Jesus but we sometimes feel like strangers to God, the Holy Spirit.  We don't know as much about Him as we do the other Two.  Why is that?  The Holy Spirit is not some strange emanation or a stream of something holy flowing from Heaven.  He is as much an actual person as either The Father or the Son.  How do we get to know the Holy Spirit better?  Do we really want to know Him better? Holy Spirit, Trinity, Unfamiliar, Person GETTING ALONG WITH GOD 1 John 2:15-16 Most people want to stay on the "good" side of God but not everyone does.  The "secret" to getting along with God is that we have to do things God's way.  God is the One who begins the relationship anyhow.  He approaches us and if we respond by believing in His Son as He requires, then the Holy Spirit indwells us and relationship with God is established.  To continue that relationship/fellowship we have to do things as God wants.  After all He started it. Relationship, Fellowship, God, Requirements OLD FASHIONED HOLY GHOST POWER <br> Every one has his/her own opinion of what power is.  Some say it's personality, others say it's money, then some say that it's knowledge.  Strange that nobody ever mentions power from the Holy Ghost/Spirit.  Through the ages there have been men who have moved thousands of people through their preaching.  None of these men had the kind of power most of us think about, but they had old fashioned Holy Ghost power.  God's Spirit moved through these men to change the lives of thousands.  How did that happen?  Can it happen today? Holy Spirit, Power, Obedience, Christ-like ON WHICH SIDE OF PENTECOST ARE YOU? Acts 2:1-4 Our churches today seem to be headed in the wrong direction.  What our churches need today is not greater preachers or bigger choirs or contemporary singing and contemporary preaching or more seminars or more things to get people's attention so they will want to come to "our" church.  What our churches need today more than anything they are trying is the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Most Christians act as the disciples/apostles did before they were filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.  Why does the Holy Spirit make such a difference? Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Changes GETTING SPIRITUALLY RENEWED Hebrews 12:12 Ever get tired of doing the same old thing day in an day out, over and over until finally you could care less?  That's called "burn-out."  Students get that way after so long in studying for exams, workers get that way after doing the same thing week after week.  Anything that gets to be "routine" has the possibility of becoming boring and thus a "could care less" attitude.  Did you know that we Christians often suffer "spiritual burn-out?" Burn-out, Spiritual, Renewal, Revival PLEASED OR DISPLEASED? <br> "Pleased or displeased?" was the question asked each young person sitting in a circle.  Of course nobody was ever pleased so each person got to say what it would take to please him or her.  Usually it was for so and so to walk around the house (in the dark) with so and so.  Well, Christians are seldom pleased either and Paul (while in prison) had some advice for Christians who seem to be displeased all the time. Displeased, Pleased, Rejoice, Obstacles ALMOST DOESN'T DO IT <br> There are many whose names could be "King Agrippa" because like this king, they, too have "almost" believed in Jesus.  Countless men and women have heard the gospel but have remained lost and will in all probability die the same way and will spend eternity in Hell with no chance of having another opportunity to change their decision and will meet face to face this very King Agrippa, who, too is spending eternity in Hell.  Belive, Almost, Lost, Hell OUR GOD IS GOD! 1 Samuel 5:1-8 All through the ages man has had to have something to worship for God instilled that desire into the human race with the very first man created by God.  Since then man has made gods of every living thing, the stars, rocks and even dreamed up half human and half something else to be his god.  Man has also assigned personalities to the gods of his imagination.  Our God is the almighty God and there is no God but our God. God, False, Imaginary, True, Only MOM, WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU? 1 Samuel 1:20-28   Luke 1:26-35     2 Timothy 1:2-5 The Bible has examples of mothers within its many pages, Jochebed, Hannah, Mary, Eunice, and Lois, just to mention a few.  There is no question that mothers of today are challenged more than perhaps any generation.  What kind of mothers do our children need today?  Mom, what kind of mother are you? Mother, Biblical, Worldly, Children MOTHERS AND SITUATIONS MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE <br> All of us owe our very existence to our mother.  Everybody has memories of "Mom" in their growing up days.  Ever see a giant of a man, with all his football gear on wave and mouth "Hi Mom" when the television cameras come by him?  Sure we have.
We also know that not everybody has the same growing up environment thus not all mothers have the same home situation to be a mother in.  God's Word mentions some mothers and various situations they had to be a mother in. Mother, Situation, Bible, Today A MOTHER'S REWARD <br> Say what you want to but a nation is no greater than it's mothers.  All leaders of the world have had mothers and mothers are always a mighty influence on their children in one way or another.  Everyone remembers "what Mamma said..."  All of us have habits and expressions we use or avoid because of Mom's influence.  The mothers in Israel influenced their children so that another nation recognized Israel as being exceeding mighty and became afraid and enslaved them. Mother, Influence, Invaluable, Powerful, Rewarded MOTHERS ARE MOTHERS Leviticus 19:3     Deuteronomy 5:16       Ephesians 6:1-3 Mothers are special, there's no doubt about that.  A special day has been set aside in our country to recognize and give honor to our mothers and they are so deserving.  Mothers can just look a certain way at her child or children and immediately there is a change in behavior.  Let's take a look at some things about mothers and how Mother's Day got started. Mother, Special Day, Histrory, Sayings MOTHERS ARE A LITTLE BIT LIKE GOD <br> There's just nobody like Mom.  Everyone has memories of mother, something she said, something she did, and perhaps something she made just for you, you still have.  Think about it - Mothers are a little bit like God! Mothers, Similar, God, Many Ways THE CHRISTIAN GRADUATE 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 There are "graduations" from just about everything today.  Our children graduate from day care, kindergarten, grade school, junior high and high school.  Then there is college and vo-tech schools.  Most of us have graduated from something at one time or other.  Does God have "graduation" anywhere in the Christian's life?  If He did, what grade would you be in? Graduation, Christian, Maturity, Level, School ADVICE TO A GRADUATE 2 Timothy 5:1-13; 2:1, 15, 22 God tells us to listen to our elders as their advice could save us a lot of trouble and also help us benefit in a lot of ways.  In Timothy, Paul is giving advice to an 18 to 20 year old young man.  You are graduating from high school and about to enter into the adult world.  What advice should I give you? Graduating, Advice, Adult World, Christian THREE MAJOR SINS OF A CHRISTIAN <br> Know anybody who does not sin?  Christians sin too.  Sin has it's consequences but there are three major sins which Christians can commit which have very serious consequences for the Christian.  These three major sins have something to do with the Holy Spirit who lives within the Christian.  Just what are these three major sins? Holy Spirit, Sin Against, Christians Only, Consequences ADDRESS TO GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Deuteronomy 8:2; 32:7; 11:27; 13:4; 30:20 You are graduating from High School.  If you could express your feelings and attitude about life right now, what would you put on a T-shirt and wear around?In the Bible, the Book of Deuteronomy God tells His people three things for them to do that will hold them together as they venture into a whole new kind of world.
God's advice has always been pretty good, let's see if that advice might just fit in with you graduating Seniors as you start a new phase of life. Graduation, Advice, Remember, Obey, Dream WILL YOU DO IT? Matthew 9:9; 19:16   Luke 9:57; 14:16 There seems to be no trouble being a Christian.  Ask any church member and in all probability the answer will be, "no problem."  Jesus explains very clearly that to be one of His followers/disciples, one has to give up everything.  Now that can't be easy so it would seem that Christians who are having no problem living the Christian life are either "super" Christians or they are not obeying Jesus and have not given up everything as He requires.  How about you? Everything, Surrender, Required, Jesus, Believer A THING CALLED "GRIEF" Psalm 23:4; 6:5-7; 137:1-6; 119:28 Grief is something everyone will go through and some will go through it more than once.  We tend to try to handle grief in losing a loved one by flowers, dressing them up, using words like "passed away" or "just asleep" or "gone to be with Jesus."  Regardless of what we do to try to ease our grief, it is still "grief"
and there's not much we can do.  However for the Christian there is reassurance and help that the unbeliever does not have. Grief, Death, Everyone, Jesus, Assurance THOUGHTS ABOUT THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST 2 Peter 3:3-10 Every generation since Jesus ascended into the heavens has looked for Him to come back as He promised.  Every generation has had it's "prophets" and those who said they "knew" when and where.  In our own generation there has been more than one preacher who gathered his congregation on a mountain top or in their meeting place to await the return of Jesus.  Only the Heavenly Father knows when Jesus will come back.  Here are some thoughts about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Return, Coming, Second, Christ, Thoughts THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD <br> All of us are either a son or a daughter of some family.  Many here have their own family with children.  So we are all familiar with family behavior and family resemblances.  God has His own family of sons and daughters and as we and our children were born into this world, so God has His own Spiritual Birth that brings sons and daughters into His family.  Are you a son or daughter of God, the heavenly Father?     Family, Son, Daughter, God, Spiritual Birth MEMORIAL DAY MESSAGE Matthew 10:17-22; 24;9    Revelation 2:10; 6:9-11; 7:9-17 Memorial Day is a time when we recognize those who gave their lives while serving in our military forces.  However, there are other fallen men and women who should also be remembered who gave their lives while serving the Lord God.  Today let us remember them along with those who gave their lives while serving in our armed forces. Memorial, Died, Lives, Serving MEMORIAL DAY, A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE John 15:13     Romans 5:7      Matthew 22:21          Revelation 6:9-11 Memorial Day is a day set aside for us to remember fellow Americans who died in the line of military duty.  Men and women who left the security and safety of their homes to risk their lives so that others could live in freedom and peace.
How did Memorial Day get started?  Here's a brief description. Memorial Day, Why, When, Who THE CHURCH'S MEMORIAL DAY Hebrews 11:32-12:4, 12   John 4:38    Matthew 19:29     1 Corinthians 3:6-11 It is only right that we remember the men and women who gave their lives for this country.  Let us honor them with all due respect.  There is another group that deserves much recognition and honor also and they are those who have helped us get to where we are today and they are called Christians.  Let us take a look at some of those who made it possible for us to be Baptist Christians today. Memorial Day, Church, Missionaries, Martyrs CONCEPTS OF GOD ARE FIRST LEARNED FROM DAD Proverbs 22:6     Ephesians 6:4      Colossians 3:21 Many people have trouble accepting God as a loving, caring Heavenly Father and that trouble is almost always traced back to the kind of dad/father they had when they were growing up.  The "father" image they experienced as a child has influenced their adult concepts of people and things.  In God's design for the family "dad" is the one who is to set the example and it is "dad" who is responsible for teaching his children about God and God's ways. Father, Dad, God, Example, Learn ARE YOU A GODLY FATHER? <br> Potentially the dad/father is the best possible teacher in the family about most things and especially about God that a family can have.  Anyone who has never had a loving, caring, knowing dad/father has had a serious handicap in grasping a proper understanding of the nature and character of God.   Father, Dad, Godly, Example A PRAYING AND CONCERNED FATHER <br> In today's time most children grow up becoming adults and never serve the Lord.  Wonder why?  Some children grow up and rebell against their parents, never having anything to do with them again.  Wonder why?  God says such actions can usually be traced to the children not having a godly father.  God gives us an example of a Godly father who was very concerned about his children, even after they became adults.
His name was Job. Father, Concerned, Pray, Children CHRISTIANITY IS SUPPOSED TO PRODUCE GOD-LIKENESS <br> Not everybody who says "I'm a Christian" lives a God-like life. Sometimes faith and works get mixed up and the Christian tries to do one without the other and therefore never attains that "God-likeness." Faith, Works, God-likeness THE GREAT QUESTION <br> It is true that we live, die and pay taxes.  It is also true that there is something else everyone must do and that is to answer the question that Pilate asked when Jesus was on trial before him.  Pilate asked, "What shall I do with Jesus?"  This question will be answered by every person, if only by silence.  Silence meaning "nothing."  What one does with Jesus determines his/her eternal destiny, Heaven or Hell.  Salvation, Eternity, Dealing With Jesus SAYING YOU WILL WHEN YOU'RE NOT SURE <br> All of us know somebody we don't trust for they don't keep their word.  When asked what happened, we hear things like:  "I forgot," or "Something came up," or I changed my mind."  Sadly people do God the same way.  Jesus had something to say about "putting one's hand to the plow." Untrustworthy, Unreliable, Honesty, Determination, Sincerity, Plow FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS IS REWARDED <br> Have you ever been rewarded for doing what you were told to do?  Have you ever rewarded your children for doing what they were told to do?  What if they disobeyed?  God tells us that our obedience to Him will be rewarded and our disobedience will cause loss of reward.  God's Word tells of a man who had a problem in obeying God's instructions for the instructions seemed so silly. Instructions, Reward, Obedience, Disobedience, Loss VISIBLE  FAITH <br> "Wow, that took a lot of faith to be able to do that..."  "I'm going to take a big step of faith..."  All of us have our own "definition" of faith, even our Forsaking All I Trust Him saying (FAITH).  Did you ever think about how visible "real" faith is?  Yes, Faith is VISIBLE.  God has shown us a man whose faith was so visible that it has influenced countless people through centuries. Faith, Visible, Results, How THERE'S A RIVER BLOCKING THE WAY <br> The hymn, "On Jordan's Stormy Banks" starts with the statement, "...on Jordan's stormy banks I stand, and cast a wishful eye..." indicating that there is a desire to be on the other side.  Israel was stranded on one side of the raging, flooded Jordan river and needed to be on the other side.  Only with God's help did they get across that raging river and it is so with us and the "rivers" in our lives that prevent us from being and doing what God wants of us.  Only with God's help can we get across the rivers of impossibility in our lives. River, Block, Impossibility, God's Plan, God's Help THREE IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS <br> No matter what country we live in or what language we speak, or whether one is rich or poor there are some relationships that are necessary to really be happy.
If our relationship with God is good, then we will be happy and if our relationship with other people is good, then we will be happy and if our relationship with other Christians is good, then there will be happiness.  How is it with you?  Are you alright in all three of these relationships? Happiness, Relationships, Attitude A COUPLE OF THINGS ABOUT "LOVE" <br> All of us use the word "love" but seldom do we use the word the same way.  We "love" chocolate pie, we "love" our family, we "love" to go on vacation and so on.  When God uses the word "love" just what does He mean?  Here are a couple things about God's kind of "love." Love, Lesson, Act, Example, God, Jesus Christ MEASURING GOD'S LOVE Ephesians 3:17-19 A little boy needed a blood transfusion or he would die.  His older brother volunteered to give his blood.  While lying next to his younger brother during the transfusion, the older brother looked up at the doctor and asked, "how long before I die?"  God's love is like that of this older brother.  Have you ever tried to measure God's love? Love, God, Unmeasurable, Free, Everlasting, Whosoever A MOST OFTEN COMMITTED SIN <br> This particular sin is perhaps the most often committed sin and sometimes unknowingly but sometimes deliberately but probably by every person at one time or other.  Some people seem to "live" by committing this sin, they enjoy it, they seek ways to commit it.  This most often committed sin is committed with the voice, the tongue, with words.  It is that one of gossip, slander, criticism and passing judgment on others.  When did you last commit this sin? Gossip, Judging, Slander, Criticism, Sin PARENTS ARE ROLE MODELS Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Ever hear a tiny child say nasty words?  Ever see children act in a hateful manner?  Know where they learned that?  At home!  From one or both parents.
Art Linkletter once had a t.v. show that featured children and the show's title was something like "Children Say the Darndest Things."  Children learn from their parents both good and bad.  Like it or not, parents, you are role models for your children.  They DO  what you DO, Say what you say, not what you tell them to do or say. Parents, Role Models, Children, Imitate GET READY TO MEET GOD <br> We Americans are "covered."  We have insurance for just about everything.  We have life insurance, burial insurance, home owners insurance, health  insurance, drug coverage insurance, auto insurance, unemployment insurance, and so on.  We are indeed ready for about anything.  Sadly, however, most are not ready to meet God.  God is one of their least worries or thoughts, however standing before God is a certainty.  One needs to be ready to meet God for that will happen. Meet God, Ready, How, When, Why, Fact NOT YOUR OWN IS SECOND HAND, BORROWED Philippians 3:10-14 Someone who confesses to something they did not do and receives punishment for it in order to protect the guilty person is a "hero" of sorts.  A soldier throwing himself upon a grenade in order to save his buddies.  Those who live with the underprivileged in order to be accepted by them and then be able to help them are indeed "different" people.  What causes some people to do such heroic deeds?
What do they have that others seem not to have?     First Hand, Borrowed, Used, Second Hand, Faith WHAT WILL IT TAKE? <br> It is not a secret that our country is far, far from where it once was with God.  God is not recognized nor honored as He once was in years past.  His Word is not heeded, His Day is violated, His laws abandoned, His Churches and children almost silent.  What will it take for God to get back that which is His?  What will God have to do to bring this country back to where it once was with Him?  What will it take? God, Abandoned, His, Return ARE WE REALLY FREE? <br> Our country has a motto of being the "land of the free."  People from all over the world want to come to America to be "free."  Our armies have been all over the world "freeing" people.  People brag that they don't have bosses, nobody to tell them what to do, they are "free" to do whatever they want.  Take a good look and you will see that we are not really free.  God says we are not free but can be. Free, Enslaved, Bondage, Jesus RUNNING FROM GOD Luke 14:16-24     John 6:66, 67 How cowardly the disciples were when they ran away from the Lord, leaving him alone in the Garden when the soldiers came.  We are quick to condemn those men, yet we are as guilty as they were.  We, too, run away from God.  Sometimes our flight is not even recognized as such but nevertheless there are things in our lifestyles that cause us to run away from God. Flight, Running, God, Away HELP THE FALLEN <br> Ever break a bone?  Did it hurt?  Did you get it fixed?  Did anybody volunteer to fix it for you?  What if you had left it alone and not got it fixed?  God compares the Christian "drop-out" to a broken bone.  He/she needs to be found and fixed, restored, brought back into fellowship of the Church family.  Who is to do all this?  Those who are not broken or have fallen from the Church family. Fallen, Broken, Drop-out, Fixed, Restored, Family WE ARE TO GO AND TELL FIRST <br> Pills, alcohol, sex, nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, divorces, indicate that our generation is missing out on something and is searching for whatever it is that it doesn't have.  God knows what our generation needs and has given us the answer and responsibility but we are going about it in the wrong way.  We are to go out and tell, not try to bring them in.   Go, Tell, Great Commission, Not Bring In BORDER LINE CHRISTIANS Romans 8:4-8    Galatians 5:19-26       Romans 8:4-8 Countless people are living their lives under the fear of death and then standing before God.  However it is the opposite for the believer, the Christian.  Death is not feared, it is looked forward to.  Standing before God is not feared either for it will be a time of happiness.  One cannot straddle the line and be a Christian, either one is or is not.  Too many want to be a Christian but also want to keep on doing what everyone else is doing in the world. World, Flesh, Carnal, Unbelief, Spiritual, Godly, Christian RELIGION NEEDS SALVATION <br> There are countless religions around the world and in our own country.  If you asked a member of each religion if he/she had the right religion, each would say "yes."  Sadly there are millions who are "religious" but they are still without God's salvation.  The religions of the world need SALVATION and that can be found only in the Christian's "religion of belief in God's Son, Jesus Christ." Religion, Salvation, Christianity WHAT YOU BUY IS YOURS Revelation 5:1-9 We are all familiar with buying and selling.  What we sell belongs to someone else when paid for and what we buy belongs to us totally and completely and we can do whatever we want to with what we bought.  It's ours.  God's Word speaks of people being bought and paid for by Jesus Christ.  How did we ever become anybody's property in the first place that we can be sold and bought? Purchased, Bought, Ownership, Jesus, Man THINGS ARE READY, ARE YOU? 1 Peter 4:5     Luke 12:40      Matthew 25:10 "Be prepared" is a motto of an organization of young lads.  We are all familiar with the word "ready" and use it every day in various situations.  Our military stays in a state of "preparedness" as well as our firemen, emergency response teams and other such units.  When God uses the word "ready" He is talking about something far more important than how we use the word, for God is talking about eternal things.  God says that some eternal things are ready right now. Ready, Prepared, Salvation, Judgment, Eternity THE CROWD AT THE CROSS <br> Of all the tragic events that have struck humanity through the centuries, there has been none greater than when the Son of God hung on a cross on a hill called Calvary.  The crucifixion drew a great crowd of people and they all had different reasons for being there.  People are the same and today those same kind of people are still around.  If you had been there at the cross that day, which part of the crowd do you think you would have been a part of? Cross, Crowd, Curious, Uncaring, Opposed, Sympathetic THE ANGER SIDE OF GOD Genesis 18, 19     Psalm 78:41-53 Most people only hear about how loving God is and don't ever think that God has another side.  The Bible reveals that God has another side and it is the side of Anger and wrath.  God, being no respecter of persons, sends His anger upon both His own people and those who are not His people.  How does one escape the anger side of God? Anger, Wrath, God, Escape, Love FAITH THAT IS ALIVE <br> Looking through the Bible one can find many great examples of people of faith.
They believed God and God acted.  One example in particular was Jehoshaphat.  His faith led God to destroy an enemy army.  What kind of faith does it take to cause God to step in and help His children?   Faith, Living, God's Word PART ANGEL, PART DEVIL Numbers 22:1-25:9 Know somebody who can "talk out of both sides of his/her mouth" at the same time?  We understand that to mean that that person can't be trusted for he/she will tell one person one thing and another person something different.  Well the Bible tells of a man who walked with God, spoke for God, but also went the other way at the same time in order to get what he wanted.  Balaam didn't exactly go against God's Word, but he just didn't exactly tell it like it was either. God's Word, Truth, Twist, Silent THE BREATH OF GOD <br> From the very beginning the "breath" of God has been active in this world.  The "breath" of God is also called the "Holy Spirit" of God. In reading God's Word it is found that the "spirit" of God visited men and enabled them to do unusual things but came and went, never staying.  However today we are aware that the Holy Spirit of God comes and stays with people.  What brought about the change? Breath, Spirit, God, Power A WALK WITH GOD <br> Want to walk with God?  Who wouldn't.  Who does?  God walked with Abraham and through him started a nation whom God walked with.  Jesus, God in the flesh, walked with people when He was here.  So, today, does God still want to walk with us?  If so, how do we go about walking with God? Walk, God, Requirements, Possible THE SEE-SAW OF LIFE <br> Ever sit/ride on a see-saw?  Remember how you went up and down, up and down?
There was a split second when you were even with each other and then your position was reversed, up became down and down became up.  Jesus told a parable that pictures life as being a see-saw.  Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down, but there is something that happens to everyone that makes every one even, on the same level. Up, Down, Even, Heaven, Hell, Death THE GREATEST THING TO DO FOR ANOTHER <br> What's the greatest thing we can do for someone?  Buy them a new car?  Buy them a house?  Put someone through college?  Give someone a cruise around the world?
As wonderful as these and many other things might be, there is one thing that is more important than anything that can be bought or given away.  The greatest thing a person can do for another is to bring them to Jesus.  Andrew is a good example of how to bring someone to Jesus.  He went to tell his brother Peter about Jesus.  Witness, Personal, Duty, Privilege, Joy MAN'S CONDITION IN A SINGLE WORD - LOST! <br> If you were told to choose a single word to represent the whole human race, what word do you think you might choose?  There is a word that Jesus chose that includes every situation, race, creed, color, occupation, status, leaving no one out.  The single word Jesus chose was "LOST." Condition, Mankind, In a Word, Lost A STEWARD OF SERVICE <br> If every person who says "I am a Christian" would actually live each day as a Christian should, then there would be more Christians in the world.  A Christian is bound by the Cross of Christ to live by the standards of the Cross.  Sadly,however for many, the Cross is just an ornament to be worn, not to be carried.  There is a great difference.  Which are you?  One who wears a cross or one who actually "carries" the cross? Cross, Service, Steward, Ornament, Wear, Bear HEAVEN, THE PLACE OF NO TEARS <br> For the Christian there is this world and then there is Heaven.  This world is one filled with a lot of tears and the place awaiting the Christian is a place where there will be no tears.  Strangely, Christians seem to be caught up in the things of this world more than they are looking forward to leaving it and going to the place of no tears.  Why  would they want to do that? Heaven, Perfect, No Tears, No Saddness, Joy THE "CURE-ALL" REMEDY <br> No doubt our generation is in a mess.  Divorces, law suits, hospitals filled with nervous break down patients, mental homes filled with seemingly hopeless cases.
Everyone seems to be overly anxious and so wound-up all the time.  Is there an answer?  Is there a cure for the condition of our generation's restlessness?
Jesus says there is.  It's a thing called "LOVE." Love, Cure, Remedy, Indifference, Hate, Peace IS GOD FOR YOU? <br> Here something scary to think about:  "Is God for you or not?"  "Well, I hope so" might be the reply. We had better be sure that God is for us for if He is not then eternity is certainly going to be long and painful to say the least.  You can know whether God is for you or not.  There are some God is against.  Who are they? Hell, Heaven, Against, For, Hypocrite, Believer AMERICA VERSES THE RICH, YOUNG RULER <br> No question about it, our country is in a mess.  Everyone seems to be searching for something and trying everything but finding nothing.  There is a young man who came to Jesus who had the same problem as our country.  He was searching for something and  he came to Jesus with his problem.  What was the result of his visit?   Uneasiness, restlessness, searching, Jesus, Answer HIDDEN SINS Proverbs 28:13 Ever committed a sin that only you and God know about?  Ever done anything that you hope nobody ever finds out about?  In the book of Joshua there is an account of a man who disobeyed God's directives and tried to hide what he had done.  He eventually paid for it with his life.  Hidden sins in our lives separate us from God and can eventually bring punishment from God.  Got any hidden sins in your life? Sin, Hidden, Unconfessed, Separation, God, Punishment OUR GREATEST NEED 1 John 1, 2 From what is seen going on or not going on in our Churches today it is obvious that something is lacking.  There seems to be an emptiness, a pretense, an indifference within many Churches.  Do Churches need more entertaining programs? Do Churches need to adjust themselves to the norms and attitude of their communities?  Where is the power and energy Churches once had?  What is the Church's greatest need? Church Need, Jesus First, Love the Lord HOW IS YOUR HEART? <br> Without a doubt we are living in a time of hardness of heart.  Have you noticed the lack of a "conscience" in people today?  When was the last time you were in a genuine Holy Spirit filled and controlled worship service?  What about "fire and brim-stone" preaching and people being filled with the Holy Spirit to the point of expressing it?  Something is wrong with the hearts of people today.  The Holy Spirit is missing.  How is your heart?  Indifference, Coldness, Hardness, Emptiness of Heart CONFESS YOUR SINS <br> Remember when you were in school and somebody threw an eraser or paper wad?  Remember how the teacher tried to find out who it was and nobody said anything?  Nobody admitted to throwing anything.  As adults we still do the same thing but it is with God.  We break His laws, which He calls sin but we don't admit doing it and we keep our sins secret from others as well.  A person cannot be on the right side of God with unconfessed sin in his/her life.   Wrong Side of God, Sin, Unconfessed, Confess, Restoration BLIND AND A NOBODY <br> What if you had been born blind and all at once you were given your eyesight.  We can only imagine what that would be like.  What a wonderful thing it would be.  The Bible tells us of such a thing when Jesus touched healed a man who had been born blind.  A similar thing happens to us when Jesus comes into our lives for before He comes in we are spiritually blind.  Take a look at this wonderful story. Blind, Nobody, Sight, Obedience, Jesus' Touch ARE OUR SINS REALLY FORGIVEN? <br> Ever wonder if your sins have REALLY been forgiven?  Ever wonder if there are some that have been overlooked and haven't been forgiven yet?  How in the world can God forgive us of all the sins we commit anyhow?  Whose idea was it for Jesus to be the one to have to take our place in paying for our sins anyway?  What if there's something else we need to do to get our sins forgiven and we don't know what it is? Forgiveness, Completely, Paid For, Jesus Christ, The Cross, Assured CHRISTIAN COMPASSION <br> How would you define "compassion?"  Ever see much "compassion" displayed around you?  Sadly very little compassion is seen anymore, especially the kind of compassion Jesus displayed and talked about.  If anyone should be an example of one who shows compassion, it should be a Christian but Christians seem to be suffering from "compassion fatigue."   Compassion, Concern, Unbelievers, Christians, The Church CROSSING THE DEADLINE <br> Has God ever "turned His back" on anyone?  Is there a limit to how long a person can put off accepting Jesus?  Does the Holy Spirit ever quit working with someone?
Jesus made it clear that there is a time when a person can no longer be saved.
There is a "deadline" that once crossed, salvation is no longer available.
What does one have to do or not do to cross that deadline? Deadline, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Delay, Unpardonable Sin CAN THE SAVED EVER BE LOST AGAIN <br> If God does something can we or Satan undo it?  The Bible teaches us that once we are saved, we are permanently, eternally saved and there is nobody or power that can take us away from God.  However there are some who believe and even teach that Christians can be saved one minute and then lost again the next.  That kind of "salvation" is very unsafe and certain unreliable.  So, the question is, "Can the saved ever be lost again?"   Salvation, Permanent, Temporary, Lost Again BEING FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> The greatest need of Christians today is to be Holy Spirit filled and the greatest sin among Christians is that of being self-satisfied.  Quick to accuse others of being cold, complacent, careless, indifferent, lethargic and apathetic many Christians are blind to the fact that they fit in the same pattern and category.  "Just a little cabin over in glory land."  "Just so I get into heaven, if only by the skin of my teeth."  Those are not the remarks made by  Spirit Filled Christians. Holy Spirit Filled, Command, Complete Surrender, Absolute Control THOUGHTS ABOUT THE RESURRECTION <br> On Friday of that fateful week, thoughts were focused on the Cross.  On Sunday, the first day of the next week, thoughts were focused on the burial tomb of Jesus. Everyone was sad, fearful and disappointed.  Upon discovering that the tomb was empty and that Jesus was alive, everyone's thoughts and lives began to change. The resurrection of Jesus turned history upside down.  What has the resurrection of Jesus done to you? Resurrection, Thoughts, Importance, Personal Experience WALKING IN DARKNESS <br> All of us have walked in darkness at one time or other.  We stumble over and run into things we cannot see.  We get "all turned around" and often we get lost.  God describes our world as a place of darkness and sin and all people  who eventually die in this world of darkness and sin will go into an eternity of damnation unless they have received the spiritual light of God which comes through Jesus.   Darkness, Sin, Damnation, Light, Jesus, Salvation, Heaven WHY ARE UNBELIEVERS MORE PROSPEROUS THAN CHRISTIANS? Key verses: 2-3 "It's just not fair!" We go to church, tithe, pray, read the Bible, witness, are faithful in every way we can be and still bad things happen to us but not to any of those who don't go to church or even believe in Jesus.  It seems that the Christian should be blessed with health and wealth but instead we get the bad things and the unbelievers get the good things.  Something seems to be wrong here.
Why are unbelievers more prosperous than Christians anyhow? Unfair, Prosperous, Unbelievers, Evil, Christians WINNING SOULS FOR THE LORD'S SAKE <br> "What we need to do is build a family life center and the  people will come to our church."  "What we need to bring people to our services is to get a Youth Rock Band."  What we need to do to bring people to our worship services is to get rid of hymnals and the piano and organ, add stereo sound and project everything on a big screen and people won't even have to bring their Bibles."  Actually what churches need to do to bring the people to their services is for the Christian members to become concerned that the lost are already damned and when they die they are going to Hell - to actually be concerned for the lost.   Unbeliever, Damned, Lost, Hell, Christian Soul Winner FOUR TRUTHS OF GOD'S GOSPEL <br> Ever meet somebody who was perfect?  Ever meet somebody who had never done anything wrong?  Ever meet anybody who said they had never sinned?  Well, they are out there who think that they are perfect and use words like "absolute perfection" and "the state of sinless perfection..."  God's Word contradicts those people for God says that everyone has sinned.  There are four truths of God's Gospel which point out some facts essential to living as God wants. Truth, Sin, Forgiveness, Confession, Assurance, Cleansing HELL IS A REAL PLACE <br> The Bible is very clear that Hell is a real place, created by God but not for people but for the devil and his followers.  However the Bible teaches that people go there also.  Why?  What is Hell like?  How does one escape going to Hell?  What if every Christian had to spend 24 hours in Hell, would they be any different? Hell, Torment, Eternity, Fire, Punishment, Escape, Jesus Christ COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN <br> Ever meet someone who was always complaining about something?  Did you like to be around them?  Ever get tired of hearing them gripe and complain?  Do you ever gripe and complain?  It seems that it must be our nature to complain.  Why, though, would a Christian gripe and complain?  After all, it is God who blesses him/her.  So why Christian do you complain? Complain, Gripe, Displeased, Blessings, God YOU CAN'T GET BY WITH SIN <br> If we get into a fight and get a black eye but later we apologize to each other and all is well between us, that's it, right?  Well, there is still the black eye.  We suffer the consequences of the fight.  So it is with sin.  God says we can't get by with sin.  Sooner or later it catches up with us and we reap exactly what we sow, if not a bit more. Sin, Consequences, Reap, Sow, Repent WHEN JESUS COMES <br> There are a lot of differences between the early church and the church of today.  They met in homes, we meet in nice, cool, buildings.  They had to walk or ride an animal to get to church, we ride in nice car, trucks, vans, etc.  They believed that Jesus was coming back at any time and every day they looked for His return.  We don't.  Every once in a while some preacher mentions the possibility, but the average Christian doesn't ever think about Jesus' return.  Why not?  THE MEANING OF STEWARDSHIP <br> Are you trustworthy?  Are you dependable?  Are you considerate?  Are you reliable?  Are you selfish?  Would you consider yourself a good "steward?"  Understanding that a "steward" is one who takes care of somebody else's things.
How have you been doing in taking care of the things of God and His Church?
Might there be a bit of "selfishness" getting in the way?  Is Jesus Christ really FIRST in your life in all areas? Steward, Gospel, Church, Jesus Christ THE TRUTH WE WILL NOT FACE <br> People of our generation and our country have a way of ignoring and side-stepping that which is unpleasant.  We also change things from how they started out to how we want them to be.  We do the same thing with the things of God.  We "play" God and pretend that there is not a "Hell" and that everybody is going to make it to
Heaven some how or other.  There are some truths we just won't face up to and the fact/truth that there is a real HELL is something we just will not face. Hell, Truth/Fact, Ignore, Put-off, Life after Death WHY ARE YOU NOT A CHRISTIAN? <br> How long are you going to live?  Ever think you might be one who drops dead putting on your shoes?  What about going to bed one night and not waking up the next morning?  It happens every day.  So, are you ready for eternity?  Everyone is going there to one place or the other, to Heaven or to Hell.  Only Christians will be going to Heaven.  If you are not a Christian, then why not? Christian, Heaven, Hell, Eternity,  SAVED AND SURE <br> Everything we buy we want a guarantee, especially the expensive items. Well there are countless people who don't believe that God's salvation can be guaranteed and that when one is saved, that salvation can be lost again. Isn't it strange that many of these same people believe that companies can guarantee their product, but that God can't? Salvation, Permanent, Forever, Lost, Works, Sure SAVED BY BELIEVING <br> We are very familiar with the word "believe."  That is the exact word God chose to explain how Salvation and eternal life are made available to people.  To "believe" is to "trust," to form a "conclusion."  So, what does our "believing"
have to do with our going to heaven?  In short, Jesus has done all that is necessary to enable us to be able to go to heaven.  Do we "believe" that that is enough?  Or do we "believe" we need to help in some way?  Salvation, Heaven, Saved, Believing, Trusting, Jesus THOUGHTS ABOUT SIN <br> Comparing yourself to others, would you say you are a pretty good person?  Are there some you know worse than you are?  How about better than you?  Ever stop to think that in the eyes of God everybody is the same?  God has different standards than we do and God says that we are all sinners - period!  Sin separates us from God.  So what about sin?  How did we get mixed up in it in the first place? Sin, Started, Separates, Substitute, Savior WHAT DOES GOD WANT BACK FROM CHRISTIANS? <br> Who likes to be around a stingy person?  Know anybody who is stingy?  Are you stingy?  If you were rich, would you share?  We expect those who have to share with those who don't, right?  Well, Christian, what has God given you?  Ever think that He just might expect something back?  He does!  So, just what does God want back from Christians? Given Much, Much Expected, Gratitude, Christian Debt THE SIN OF TOLERANCE <br> Would you say that our country has changed lately?  Not only in scientific and medical achievements but negatively in our morals.  Are the youth of today like the youth of 20 years ago?  Are marriages as stable today as 20 years ago?  Are television programs as non violent as 20 years ago?  Is language as clean as it was 20 years ago?  What in the world has happened to our country?  Tolerance.  We have become tolerant of just about everything.  This is devastating. Tolerance, Downfall, Sin, Enough, Christians Speak Out SEVEN STEPS TO ANSWERED PRAYER <br> Do you get all your prayers answered?  Ever wonder why?  Perhaps unanswered prayer is one of the greatest weaknesses in a Christian's life.  If God is so anxious to hear our prayers and answer them, thus blessing us and others, then why doesn't He do so?  Is it God or is it us?  God has given us guidelines in prayer which will enable us to have our prayers answered.  Did you know that? Answered Prayer, God's Way, Steps  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? <br> Ever put anything off?  Ever neglect anything?  Ever wish you hadn't?  How many tragedies could have been avoided if neglect or delay was not involved?  Putting off making decisions usually bring undesired results.  God warns us that putting off accepting His Son, Jesus has tragic results.  There is often a "dead-line" God puts on us and believing in His Son is one of those that can have that "dead-line."  "Now is the time to believe" not when "we" get around to it. Delay, Neglect, Wait, Decision, Believing in Jesus MAN'S SEARCH <br> Ever look for something but didn't know exactly what you were looking for?  Well, every person has done that and countless are still looking for something but don't know what it is that they are looking for.  When God made man, God put space within man's heart that only God could fill.  Unless God is there, man is restless and keeps on trying to fill that vacancy with whatever he can think of. 
Take a look at our own country how it has been trying to fill God's place. Emptiness, God's Place, Searching, Substitutes THE WAY OF THE TRANSGRESSOR IS HARD Matthew 7:13-14 In the eyes of God there are only two classes of people, those who are on their way to heaven and those who are on their way to hell, no middle ground.  Every person has a choice in which "road" of life he/she travels.  God tells us that the "way of the transgressor is hard."  So, what is "transgression?"  Who is a "transgressor?"  What makes the way of a transgressor so hard anyhow? Transgress, Laws of God, Heaven, Hell BURIED WITH CHRIST <br> What if for someone to consider believing in Jesus they had to first see Him in the life of someone who was already a believer.  Could you qualify?  Just because someone "says" he/she is a believer in Jesus is not always enough proof that one really is a true believer.  Can Jesus be seen in YOUR daily life?  What is involved in causing Jesus to be seen in someone's life? Seeing Jesus, Believer, Witness, Surrender A DEFINITION OF A CHRISTIAN Acts 26:28      1 Peter 4:16 There are lots of "Christians" around, however they don't all act alike or sound alike.  What/who exactly is a "Christian?"  Where in the world did the name "Christian" come from anyhow?  How did it get started? There are a lot of Churches around today and they are all so different from each other, Seems that if the members are "Christians" there would be more similarities.  So, define a "Christian." Christian, Believer, Derogative Name, Follower of Jesus A MESSAGE WITHOUT WORDS Acts 2:37-38, 41 What does a flag mean to you?  What about a hand wave?  How about a badge on a uniform?  Red, green, yellow lights at a traffic intersection?  Do you need a sign describing what these things mean?  Of course not, it is obvious.  Well, God has given us something also that needs no words for us to understand what He is telling us.  That message without words is BAPTISM.  What does Baptism mean? Wordless Message, Baptism, Meaning THE BELIEVER'S LIFE IS LIKE TAKING A TRIP <br> When we are going on a trip, we make plans.  What roads we will take, where we will stop, what we plan to see on the way, how long we are going to stay.  Also we take some "emergency" things, just in case.  Life is like taking a trip and things happen along the way.  If a believer in Jesus, there is help that unbeliever's don't have.  Remember the disciples in a boat caught in a storm? Trip, LIfe, Difficulties, Help, Believer, Non-believer A CHILD'S FIRST CLASSROOM Deuteronomy 5:1-21 Shootings in high schools.  What in the world has happened to our youth?  Where did they get such ideas?  Teenagers having babies, doing drugs, stealing, totally out of control.  Well, there's an old saying that what kids are exposed to at home they become.  If so, then where are the parents?  What kind of home life have our youth had?  God expects parents to raise their children the way HE wants them raised.  The HOME is a child's first classroom. Classroom, Parents, Upbringing, God's Instructions REACTIONS TO JESUS <br> Ever stop and sample "samples" in a store or mall?  Somebody wants you to try their product and then go buy it, right?  What about a buffet restaurant?  Lots of choices to pick from there.  Some people follow Jesus for about the same reason they go to a buffet.  They want to pick and choose what they want from Him.  If you are a follower of Jesus, why? Reaction, Jesus, Follower, Reasons THE RIGHT KIND OF CHURCH <br> Everybody has somebody they admire and copy after - a "mentor," a "role-model."
We imitate and copy after someone because we want to look, sound, act like that one we admire.  Churches do the same thing.  Churches copy building designs, worship styles, programs, just about anything that "works" for a particular church, others copy it, hoping for the same good results.  God has given the Church what it needs and a Church not following God's plans is not the right kind of Church. Imitate, Copy, Church, God's Way Only EAGER TO FIND <br> New Year's resolutions!  Make them and break them - right?  We are so quick to made decisions without thinking through what all may be involved.  People do the same thing with spiritual matters.  Countless people have "decided for Jesus" and even baptized but soon disappeared, never to be seen again.  They made a quick decision and never thought through what was involved or was not very serious when making the decision.  A young man came to Jesus with that same attitude.  Quick to Act, Slow to Follow Up, Sincere ONLY ONE THING WILL WORK <br> Not every one who says so is really a Christian.  Even Jesus said so.  Many followed Jesus but not all that many believed in Him.  It seemed that Jesus turned away far more than He accepted.  What does it take for a person to be accepted by Jesus?  Nicodemus found out that there was only one way to be a part of the life Jesus talked about and he didn't have the slightest idea of what Jesus was talking about when told what had to happen to him. One Way, God's Way, Born Again, Nicodemus A STRONG SHEPHERD BUT WEAK SHEEP John 10:11 Ever see a hard, strong, firm, fierce battle scared soldier hold his tiny baby in his rough hands?  In battle he is fierce, determined, unyielding but with his tiny little baby, he is gentle, loving and tender.  God is like that.  He can be fierce, hard, destructive but He can also be gentle, loving, forgiving and patient.  God calls His Children, sheep and sheep are know to be weak and vulnerable but Jesus is their Shepherd and He is strong but also gentle. Sheep, Weak, Shepherd, Strong, Jesus ISAIAH SPEAKS ABOUT AMERICA Isaiah 5:8, 11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 23 No doubt America has drifted from God.  Abortions, murders, robbery, stealing, deceit, adultery, divorce, teen crime, filthy television, you name it, America is doing it.  However Churches continue to operate, people "profess" to be  Christians and all  seems well in the religious area.  Isaiah preached against Israel for doing the very same things that America is doing and God brought judgment against His own people.  Will we escape God's judgment?   Left God, Israel, America, Warning, Judgment HOW THE CHRISTIAN MUST LIVE Romans 8:29 No doubt for one to have someone listen to what you have to say, they must think positive about you in some degree.  When one witnesses for example, how the "reputation" of that person in the eyes of the person being witnessed to determines whether that person listens or not.  The Christian has been told how he/she must live.  If one professes to be a Christian, then that person's life will reflect Jesus Christ for Christians are to live like Christ. Christ-like, Way of Life, Christians A SILENT SERMON <br> Ever have your mother look at you with "that look?"  She didn't have to say a word for you knew exactly what she was thinking.  Silent expressions can speak as loud as spoken words.  There is a thing Christians do that does that.  It is a physical thing but it has a wonderful message with lots to think about.  It is sort of like a "silent sermon."  That thing is Baptism.  Not sprinkling or pouring but immersion - BAPTISM. Baptism, Message, Silent, Immersion, A SECOND CHANCE Jonah 3:1-3     Luke 15:18 Ever mess up and need a second chance?  Ever given a second chance?  Ever give somebody else a second chance?  Second chances are great!  Did you know that God gives second chances?  Every Christian messes up at one time or other and gets away from God therefore needing a second chance.  Thankfully God gives second chances.  Do you need one right now? Second Chance, Gracious, Forgiving, Repent SOME GOALS FOR THE CHRISTIAN <br> Everybody has certain characteristics that stand out.  Many are admirable and sadly, some are not.  We have all said that we'd like to be like "so and so" because there was some trait that person had that we admired.  To be like Jesus is the goal of every Christian and there are others whom the Christian can strive to be like who had an outstanding characteristic, like love, patience, faith, holy living, wisdom, and spiritual power.  These can help the Christian to be like Jesus. Christian Goals, Jesus, Imitate GOD DOESN'T SEEM TO BE ENOUGH <br> For some reason God just doesn't seem able to supply what people think they really need or want, so they add things along the way which, for some reason, God forgot.  Israel did that very often and seemed to stay in trouble with God for God was always telling them that He was enough and would provide all they needed.  God has told the Christian the same thing but the Christian acts like Israel did and is always adding and changing things around.  God just doesn't seem to be enough now days either.  What is wrong? God's Ways, Our Ways, Adequate, Want More A DEADLY ENEMY WITHIN THE CHURCH <br> Ever drive down an old country road that was "rutted out?"  You had to drive in the grooves, the imprints, the ruts already in the road or you couldn't get down the road.  Somebody had to go first and dig those ruts in the mud and everybody else followed in his tracks.  We do things like that all the time in life.  Sadly our churches also "get in a rut" and do things like they have always been done and nobody knows why they do what they do.  That can be deadly to a Church. Deadly, Church, Rut, Habit, Routine AN EXTRA SPECIAL FAMILY MEETING <br> Everyone has a family get-together at one time or other such as Thanksgiving, or Christmas, and birthdays.  Close friends are sometimes invited and of course the "in-laws" are considered part of the family as well.  However there are times when ONLY the blood-kin family get together and no outsiders are invited, needed or welcome.  It is a strictly private, family matter.  Such private meetings are held within the Church and the Lord's Supper is one of those very private times. Lord's Supper, Family Members Only, Special Time WHAT DOES THE RECORD SAY? <br> Everybody keeps records.  Some people carefully file their records in a precise order of some sort while some people keep their records in a box under the bed, nevertheless, people keep files and records.  So does God.  The Bible tells us that God keeps records on when we were born, what we do during our lifetime and whether we ever believed in His Son, Jesus or not.  Also the Bible tells us that some day every person will stand before God and listen while God goes over the records He has kept of each person and then make a decision that will have an eternal affect.  What does God's records say about you up to now? Records, Files, God's, Judgment Day SATAN HATES GOD AND ALLTHAT BELONGS TO GOD John 15:18-19       1 John 3:1 Ever wish you could tell the future?  God can do that.  Right after God made Adam and Eve, Satan messed with them and got them kicked out of the garden of Eden.  God then told Satan that one day a human being was going to bring him, Satan, down.  Satan tried his best to keep Jesus from doing what he knew Jesus came to do but lost out.  Now Satan is trying to destroy everything that belongs to God and that is God's Church, God's Family, the Christian. Satan's Hatred of God, Christian, Church, Promised One NO NEUTRAL PLACE <br> Sometimes we don't want to become involved in something so we say, "count me out" or "I'm neutral on this."  Nevertheless we really have our own opinion but just don't want to take a "public" stand, so we excuse ourselves in some way.  Well, we can't do that with God.  God says we are either for or against Him.  That may not be OUR opinion, but it's God's and what He thinks outweighs what we think.
So, there is no "neutral" place one can be with God.  So, where are you? Uninvolved, Neutral, In Between, God and Godly Matters GOD'S CALL TO YOU AND THE RESULTS <br> Life goes by so fast.  It seems like just a little while ago we were kids in high school or college, now look at us.  We sit around and talk about things that happened a long time ago, yet seems like it was just a month or so ago.  Ever think about what has happened in your life since you became a Christian?  For some it has been a very long time ago, for others it's been just a short while.  What kind of changes have happened?  Why did God call you in the first place?  God's Call, Remember, Changes ARE THERE TWO WAYS TO BE SAVED? <br> Judging from all the different religions around the world and all the different kinds of churches in our own country, there must be another way to be saved and get to heaven other than what we Christians believe. Is there?  If so, then what is the other way?  God has His way, so is there another way?  Getting to Heaven, Man's Way, God's Way WHEN GOD RULES John 6:38 Looking forward to going to heaven?  Think you will be happy there?  What do you think will be different?  Do you think that you would like for God to rule down here right now as He is ruling in heaven?  "Yes?"  Well, how are you and God doing right now?  Is He ruling you?  Is He in charge of everything you do?  Do you trust Him totally, completely for every single thing?  Ah Ha!  When God rules, He must be completely, totally in charge.  So, how's your record so far? God's Rule, Complete Control, Total Submission WHAT KIND OF PERSON OUGHT YOU TO BE? 1 John 5:13        Ezekiel 3:17-21 How long are you going to live?  Know anybody who does?  What happens after you die?  Anybody really know?  Well, according to God's Word, everybody will go to either heaven or hell after they have stood before Jesus, God's Son, and given an account of their earthly lives.  Knowing that there is something after death and the difference is made while living, what kind of person ought you to be?  Concerned or unconcerned? Decision Time, Heaven or Hell, Concerned or Unconcerned RESPONSE TO GOD'S BLESSINGS <br> Saying "thank you" is a very common thing and just about everybody says it every day to someone.  Most of the time it is automatic but sometimes we sincerely mean "thank you."  Thinking about how God has blessed, how does one go about telling God "thank you?"  David, in one of his psalms, wrote "What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits?"  So, how do we respond to God's blessings? God's Blessings, Our Response WHY DOES GOD LOVE US SO? <br> Many have speculated how the world was made but the Bible clearly reveals that God just spoke and things happened.  What a powerful God.  So now the question comes up, why in the world would God be interested in us?  We know what we are like and to know that the God who made all things even knows we are alive is amazing, but to go a bit further, we are told that God even loves us.  Why does God love us anyhow? God Created All Things, God Loves Us, Why? THE END OF TIME <br> No doubt our time is a time unlike any other time in history.  Today is a day of crisis all over the world and yet today is a day of great scientific and medical discoveries and advancements.  However today is seeing morals cast aside and people living as if there's no tomorrow.  Regardless how one lives, or how long one lives, death is still there waiting.  There will no doubt come an end of time, and end to all the world has known.  The Bible has a lot to say about this. END OF TIME, LAST DAYS, RETURN OF JESUS, WHEN CHRISTIANS ARE COMMANDED TO PREACH AND  WITNESS Matthew 28:19-20     Acts 1:8 Ever turn anybody away?  Ever ignore somebody?  Ever think somebody was cruel or mean because of their actions toward somebody?  Christian, have you ever given thought to the fact that you could very well be numbered among the cold, indifferent, heartless, and non-caring?  How do you treat the unbeliever?  Have you ever witnessed?  Christians are commanded to witness to every person.  What is your excuse for not doing so? Commanded By God, Witness, Preach, Every Person FOUR QUESTIONS FROM GOD Genesis 4:8-9       1 Kings 19:13 All of us have asked questions and had someone ask us questions.  Our answers to questions depended a lot on "who" was doing the asking.  If God were to speak out of the heavens and ask you a question, would you listen?  God spoke to these four people and asked each one of them a question which He could very well be asking us today. Where Are You, What Have You Done, What Are You Doing IS THE CHRISTIAN HIRED OR PURCHASED? <br> Ever do someone a favor?  Did you want to be thanked for what you did?  What about being paid for something you did, like a job?  How about being an unpaid "servant?"  Sad, but true, there are countless "Christians" who seem to thank that God owes them a big "thank you" for their attending a church service or for doing something within the church program.  If you are a genuine, true Christian then you have been bought, purchased by Jesus and belong entirely to Him. Hired, Purchased, Volunteer, Genuine Christian NOT EVERYBODY CAN WORSHIP John 14:6              Mark 7:6-7 "Everybody is invited to attend our worship services..."  "Be sure to invite someone to come to worship services next Sunday..."  How do you define "worship?"
Did you know that most people who attend a "worship" service do not "worship" as God defines "worship?"  Did you know that not just "anybody" can worship the Lord God?   Genuine True Worship, Exclusive People Only DON'T LIE <br> Face it!  All of us lie!  Do Christians lie?  They sure do!  For instance, have you ever been asked "how are you doing?" and you reply, "I'm doing just fine!" but you feel awful, or things are not going well at home.  "Does this dress make me look slim?"  Sometimes there seems to be no "safe" way to tell the actual truth, so we just "lie."  We have changed the definition of a lie as to what God says is a lie.  So, what does God call a "lie?" Untruth, Lie, Falsehood NO LONGER CONDEMNED BY GOD <br> Everybody has a problem with always doing what is right.  Sometimes we do right, sometimes we do wrong and almost always there is a battle between which to do.  Even the great apostle, Paul, had a problem trying to always do the right thing.  He said that sometimes he didn't do the right thing.  However he found assurance that since he believed in Jesus, God no longer condemned him even though he didn't always do the right thing. Condemned At Birth, Not Condemned By God, Christians and Jesus Christ FOUR MISUNDERSTANDINGS OF GRACE <br> "Doing what comes naturally" is the normal way of life and we control ourselves and others by rules and regulations.  It is only natural that we want to have laws for this or that.  However with the Christian it is different.  Christians are to live by GRACE and not by law and that creates a problem for the Christian.  Much about Grace is misunderstood. Living by the Law, Living by Grace, Misunderstandings of Grace FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Not everybody can have the Holy Spirit of God and those who are, may not be completely FILLED with His presence.  So, what's the difference?  Having the Holy Spirit within and being "filled?"  Ever see a big, strong, muscular man, able to lift hundreds of pounds, sick with the flu and unable to lift a broom?
The difference is that he has the capability but something is interfering and renders him unable.  That's like a Christian who is indwelt with the Holy Spirit and has the unlimited potential to do anything for God but doesn't because he/she has not allowed the Holy Spirit to FILL him/her. Indwelt or Filled, The Holy Spirit, Believer's Choice MASTER DECEIVER 1 Chronicles 21:1    Ezekiel 28:15 Red, horns, long, pointed tail with a pitchfork, does that sound like a familar figure?  Believe it or not who that figure represents is real.  Satan, the devil is real.  He doesn't like God and he certainly doesn't like anything or anybody God cares about.  He is a master at deceiving people and has most of the world not knowing or caring about God.  How did he get started anyhow? Satan, Deceiver, Enemy of God DOING GOOD IS NOT ALWAYS ENOUGH Luke 17:26-30;14:16-24      Colossians 3:2-3      Hebrews 10:25 Most of us can do more than one thing at a time, but one of them must take precidence, right?  Most of us think we live good, decent, honest lives, right?
Well, in God's way of seeing things, doing good is not always enough for He demands FIRST place in our lives.  When we place people or things before God, even when good is involved, we are allowing something or somebody to take His place.  Thus doing good is not always enough if it takes God's place. Doing Good, God First,  THREE "WILLS" Isaiah 45:18   Psalm 33:6-9    Genesis 1:1 Know anybody that is "hard-headed?"  "They have a mind of their own?"  Everyday choices are made but have you ever given much thought to what/who influences you to make up your mind?  Did you know that in all the world through all the centuries there are THREE powers influencing  choices?  God's Word says there are three "wills" that affect our choices in life. God's Will, Satan's Will, My Will, My Choice GOD'S GREATNESS UNNOTICED <br> Ever take someone for "granted?"  Ever not pay any attention to something that someone did?  Why?  What about you doing something you really worked at and few if anybody even noticed?  You weren't even told "thank you."  How did you feel?  Hurt?  The same thing happened to Jesus and it was His disciples who acted in this manner.  Jesus was hurt!  Who wouldn't be after what He did. God's Greatness, Ignored, Forgotten, By His Own TWO DRIVERS, TWO DESTINATIONS 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 "Are we there yet?"  "I've gotta go to the bathroom!"  "How much longer?" "I'm getting tired."  Ever hear words like these when you and your family were on a trip?  Did you ever stop to think that perhaps God hears similar words from us as He takes us through our lives toward our heavenly home? Think about it!   Destination-Heaven, God is Driving, We are Complaining WHAT DOES GOD WANT WHEN HE SPEAKS TO US? <br> Throughout the Bible there are accounts of God speaking to people.  As we read those accounts we wish that we could have been there and witnessed that wonderful event.  What did God say?  What did God want?  Why did God pick that person?  Well, did you know that God still speaks to people today?  He may have tried to speak to YOU.  What does God want when He speaks to us today? God Speaks, What Does God Want? EVER HEAR GOD SPEAK DIRECTLY TO YOU? <br> It's exciting to see famous people and even more exciting to get to talk to them directly, face to face.  As exciting as this can be, there's a more exciting event that can happen and that is for GOD to speak directly to you/us and God wants to do just that. God Speaks Directly To People ALMOST PERSUADED, BUT NOT QUITE <br> Ever have a hard time making up your mind?  Know anybody who seems to never make up his/her mind, always in a state of "going to?"  The Apostle Paul encountered a man like that once.  He witnessed to King Agrippa about Jesus and being a Christian. Although interested, the King just couldn't bring himself to make up his mind.  He was almost persuaded, but not quite. Persuaded to Believe, Almost, Put it Off BEING A CHRISTIAN TAKES A LOT OF TIME <br> What if every Christian gave to the Lord the time He would like to have?  What if every Christian actually gave the Lord first place in their lives?  It is very true that being a "genuine" Christian takes a lot of a person's time. Christian, Cross, Time, Life WHAT EXACTLY DOES "SALVATION" MEAN? <br> Christians use words words everyday that they give no thought to when using them, but to a non Christian, some of those words are not understood.  For instance when a non Christian is told, "you need to be saved or you need salvation."  They don't have the slightest idea what the Christian is talking about.  So, how do you explain "being saved" or what exactly does "salvation" mean? Salvation, Deliverance From Sin, Gift of Heaven WHY MAKE A PUBLIC PROFESSION OF FAITH IN JESUS? Matthew 12:30    Luke 9:26; 12:8-9    Romans 10:9-11     1 John 4:15 At the close of most worship services there is an "invitation" time.  People are invited to come to the front and make known a decision they have made.  The most important decision that a person can make public is their decision to believe in Jesus.  Why is making a public profession of faith in Jesus so important? Public Profession of Faith A PRAYER THAT CHANGED A LIFE <br> Most people pray the same type of prayer, asking God to bless their family, their friends, the sick and some specific need someone might ask prayer for.  Praying for personal gain would seem to be a bit selfish so we don't go there very often.  If, however, we pray for God to increase things in and about our life for the purpose of bringing Him more honor, that's a different prayer. Prayer Changes Things A THRILLING DISCOVERY <br> You are alone, tired, scared, troubled, homesick, it is a dark and you are trying to get some rest on the hard cold ground and then suddenly you hear a voice and the sky lights up brightly and you see what looks like a stairway.  Are you dreaming?  What's happening?  This actually happened to a man named Jacob and his life was changed after this dramatic night. Changed Life A TIME OF ACCOUNTABILITY <br> Want something to think about?  Want to know a fact that will come true some day in your life?  The most sobering thought that a person can have is the fact that he/she will some day stand before God all by him/herself and give an account of the life he/she has lived, accounting for every decision, every act, every thought. What if you were called today to stand before God?  Accountable Before God WHY IS THE CHURCH HERE? <br> Most people do the same old thing over and over every day, day after day.  They don't seem to have any purpose or goals for their lives.  A lot of Churches do the same thing.  They have no goals, seem to have no purpose, just do the same old things over and over.  Why, exactly, is the Church here anyway?
Jesus left it to do something, right? Church's Purpose, Jesus' Purpose TRUSTED WITH AN ABILITY <br> Ever see somebody able to do something that you couldn't and you wished you could do what they were doing?  Did you know that YOU can do something that nobody else can do?  Strange, but true, but ever Christian has been given a very special gift/ability not exactly like anybody else's to be used to help the Church do what it's here to do.  Do you know what your gift is? God-given Ability, Believers Gifts TRUSTED WITH THINGS <br> Children fight over what is "theirs."  "Mine, mine, mine" is familiar to parents of small children.  Selfish, stingy, and other words come to mind about someone who refuses to share.  Ever stop to think that people do the same thing with things God gives to them?  Even Christians are stingy and selfish.  What do people do with things God has entrusted to them? Receiving and Giving, Stewards, Ours/Gods THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH Matthew 28:19-20 Everybody has his/her own definition of what the Church is and what it is supposed to be doing.  How many Churches are actually doing what God established the Church to do in the first place?   What did God put the Church here for anyhow?  How different is today's "Church" compared to God's "first" Church?     God's Church  GETTING BACK IN FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD <br> What child has not disobeyed his/her parents and gotten into trouble?  Something is lost between the child and parents until things are made right.  A hug and "I'm sorry" from a child to his/her parents will do it but sometimes the child is stubborn and the parents have to take corrective measures to get the child's attention.  The Child of God has the same problem with God, the heavenly Father.  How does the Child of God get back into fellowship with God when that fellowship has been broken? Fellowship Restored LEARNING FROM JESUS' TEMPTATIONS <br> Has the "devil" ever made you do something?  Sometimes we say that he did after we did something we should not have, right?  All of us are tempted countless times every day.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.  Jesus was also tempted, so how did He handle His temptations?  What can we learn from His being tempted? Temptations, Jesus' Example TRUE WORSHIP John 14:6       Mark 7:6-7 "Come join us in worship."  "Worship services start at 11:00."  Just about anything that happens at 11:00 on a Sunday morning in a Baptist Church is called a "worship" service.  However what people call "worship" is not always what God accepts.  Just what is "true" worship?  What does God accept? True Worship, Not Worship WHAT GOD WANTS HIS FAMILY TO DO 2 Corinthians 6:17-18 Churches require certain things for one to be a member.  Baptist Churches require a public profession of faith and baptism by immersion.  However, God has certain things He wants Christians, His Family to do while they are still down here.  Just what does God want of us, His Family? God's Family  THE ONE THOUSAND YEARS AND THEREAFTER <br> What would it be like if Jesus was here, now, and running things?  The Bible describes a period of a thousand years when Jesus will indeed be here and running things before permanently getting rid of Satan and all evil.  What will that be like? Coming Time of Peace IMPORTANT TO US OR TO GOD? Isaiah 66:1-2 God gets a lot of "credit" and "blame" for things that we do or do not do.  Face it, we don't think like God at all and what we think is so important, God may not even give it a thought and what God thinks is important, we don't care about or don't even know it.  So, what is really important, what we think or what God thinks? Important to God GOD IS SO AMAZING <br> What part about God amazes you the most?  Why He did this or that?  How He did this or that?  Who He is?  Whatever the answer, there is a fact, a truth we must face and cannot escape, God loves us!  Everything He has done from Creation to the end of Time, His love for us has been/will be involved.  What can we do in return to God for His love poured out upon us?  Amazing God WHEN THE ARK OF THE COVENANT BECAME JUST A BOX 1 Samuel 5 What is of value and importantance to one person may not have any significance at all to another.  However, when it comes to God and the things of God every person is to give proper respect and response.  Sadly not everybody does and even "Christians" are guilty of sometimes treating God and the things of God as common and ordinary. Proper Response to God BRING OUR COUNTRY BACK TO GOD <br> Take a look around.  You don't have to have any intelligence at all to recognize that our country is in trouble.  Bankrupt business, loss of jobs, national debt out of sight, morals gone, you name it, if it's bad, then it's happening right now in our country.  Well, what do you expect when we leave the almighty God who got this country going in the first place?  THE BIBLE, ALL ABOUT JESUS John 21:24-25 Just about everyone has a Bible.  Not everyone knows what the Bible is about, however.  Every "book" within the bible there is a hint, a clue, a prophecy about God's Son, Jesus.  The Bible is all about Jesus, God's Son. God's Word, All About Jesus TROUBLE IN A GREAT NATION Isaiah 20:23             Proverbs 28:13 Nobody has to point out to us that our nation is in deep trouble.  There is but one solution to our nation's troubles and that is prayer by God's people.
Our nation was established on Biblical principles and our nation has left those principles and has gone away from God.  If God's people would seek His face, turn from their wicked ways, then God will heal their land. Nation in Trouble, God's Healing REST AFTER VICTORY <br> God promised a land to Israel and finally after many years, they got to settle in that long awaited land, however they had to fight for it before they could rest.  The Christian has a promised land but doesn't have to fight for it for Jesus has already fought for it and won.  The Christian can rest in the victory Jesus has won. Victory, Rest  <br>   WHAT GOD REALLY WANTS John 17:20-21; 21:15     Colossians 2:6       Genesis 1 Sometimes people "get saved" all over again, even after being a church member for years and even being a deacon, teacher, or preacher.  Most discovered that they had never really given themselves totally to God as God wanted.  What God wants with people more than anything else is...........a relationship. Relationship, Fellowship THE HOLY SPIRIT AND SALVATION John 16:7-11 There is the written Word of God, there is the preached Word of God, there is the testimony of a friend about Jesus, so when a person is really saved, just what part then does the Holy Spirit have in salvation? Holy Spirit, Salvation AMERICA, WAKE UP! <br> America was once God's missionary to the whole  world but now there are missionaries from other countries coming to America.  What's going on?  America was founded on God and God's Word, don't believe anything different, but America has left God and the precepts it was founded upon.  Things are getting bad and are going to get worse unless America wakes up. America, Backslidden THE DAYS OF NOAH HAVE COME BACK <br> Remember the flood, Noah, the Ark, and all the animals that were saved on the ark from drowning in the waters?  Remember why God sent the flood in the first place?  One doesn't have to be a theologian to see that our country is pretty much in the same condition as the world was when God decided to bring judgment on it and flood it.  God's judgment is coming upon America unless America repents. Judgment, Noah, World Condition, America ALL FOR NOTHING Hebrews 11, 12 "Oh man, I did that all for nothing..."  Time, money, effort, materials wasted for what/who you were doing it for didn't appreciate what you did.  "I'll never do anything for so and so again as long as I live..."  Ever think about how the Christian martyrs might feel about today's Christians?  Did they do what they did "all for nothing?"  Are we carrying on what they started? Useless, Vain, For Nothing, Martyrs WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A CHRISTIAN? <br> From a derogatory name to an honorable name to an empty name.  The name, title, "Christian" has been used to entitle different kinds of people.  From weird followers of a strange man called "Jesus," to strong, dedicated, vocal, faithful, willing to die for their belief, of which multitudes did, to today's use of the name which is not very much like in times past.  So just what does  "Christian" mean today?  Who is a "Christian?"  Christian,  ONE MILE OR TWO? <br> Ever go the "second mile" for somebody?  Ever have somebody go the "second mile" for you?  Know what we are talking about?  It's doing something for someone that you're not told to or you don't have to.  It's a voluntary thing.
Applying this thought to the your Christian life, are you one who goes only one mile or do you go the second mile for the Lord Jesus?  Careful, now. Commanded To, Volunteered To, Second Mile ONE CANNOT BE NEUTRAL <br> "I'm neutral on this one..."  Everyone has at one time or other tried to stay out of a situation by statiing that he/she is not taking sides.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  There is a situation that one cannot be neutral in and that is when faced with living as everybody else does, as the world dictates or living as the Lord Jesus commands.  One cannot have both in this situation.  Every person is living for one or the other. Neutral Between The World and Jesus A WISE WORSHIP EXAMPLE <br> "Worship starts at 11:00." Just what does "worship" really mean?  It's a familiar word but the definition varies.  Some don't even have the slightest idea what the word is supposed to mean.  So, what does the word mean?  What are we supposed to do at a "worship" service?  Three men set an example on how to worship.  Remember the three wise men, the Magi? Wise Worship URGENT EVANGELISM NEEDED <br> Isn't it a shame, an outright crime for a person to withold something which could save a person's life?  Our country and our world is is desperate need of something which could bring healing and some people have what is needed but they are not sharing it with anybody.  Christians have what our country and our world needs and that is Jesus Christ.  Why don't they share? World Need, Evangelism, Christians TO DISREGARD THE SCRIPTURES LEAVES NOTHING <br> Have you ever been told to not do this or to do that by somebody who said that they had "been there" and so they know what's best?  Perhaps YOU have said that to somebody for you didn't want them to experience what you did or you wanted them to enjoy what you did.  Advice is something we take or leave. In our text we are told that if we disregard God's Word, the Scriptures, then there is nothing left to turn to. Disregard of God's Word, No Hope THE CHRISTIAN ATHLETE <br> How much of an athlete are you?  Ever wish you could perform as some of the Olympic champions do?  Whether you know it or not, if you are a Christian, you are a bonifide, genuine, 100% athlete.  You are a runner in a race that God has outlined for just you and it all started when you become a Christian.  The race you are running will end when your physical life ends but until then, every day of your life will be spent in running for God. Athlete, Race WHEN A CHRISTIAN SINS <br> Ever meet anybody who was perfect (other than the Lord Jesus)?  Can you believe that there are "Christians" who really believe that they don't sin?
Then there are those who believe that when a Christian does sin, that Christian becomes unsaved again, is lost, and redamnded to hell.  Now that doesn't sound like eternal salvation does it.  So what really happens when a Christian sins? Sinful Christian THREE WAYS TO LIVE John 14:6      Romans 8:9       1 Corinthinas 2:14; 12:3 According to God's Word, there are three ways people are living.  One is the natural way, the way everybody else lives.  Another way is the Spiritual way where a person believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and tries to pattern his/her lifestyle after Him, thus leading a spiritual life.  The third way is when a Christian fails to continue to mature and grow and be like Jesus all the time and falls back into the world's way.  So, which lifestyle are you leading? LIfestyle, World, Spiritual, Backslidden HARD HEARTED OR COMPASSIONATE? Psalms 142:1-7     Key verse: 4 Ever meet a cruel, cold blooded, uncaring, hard hearted person?  Did it ever occur to you that a Christian can be that way, too?  A Christian has been saved, brought into God's family, indwelt with the Holy Spirit, has a Heavenly home, etc.  But for that Christian to not care about those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior, he/she is also hard hearted, uncaring and cruel. Hard Hearted, Uncaring, Cruel, Compassionate GOD GATHERS HIS FAMILY 1 Peter 2:9; 1:2    Matthew 20:16; 22:14 Not everybody who says so is a part of God's Family.  Jesus said that.  God's Family is special and God, Himself, says who is to be a part and who is not.  If you are a member of God's Family, it is because He, personally, chose you and you responded as He wanted you to.  How does God go about choosing who is to be a member of His Family? Chosen, Family, Set Apart THE CHRISTIAN'S ENEMY Ephesians 6:10-18 Ever hear someone say that he/she doesn't have an enemy in this world?  Well either that person is lying or is not a Christian.  The Christian has an enemy that can only be put down and defeated by God's intervention.  That enemy is God's major enemy - Satan.  Whatever God loves, Satan tries to destroy.  What hope does the Christian have against such a powerful enemy? Enemy, Satan, Protection HOW FAR DID MAN FALL/GO ASTRAY? Romans 10:3 There is no question that mankind has had ups and downs in it's history.  Much discussion has taken place as to how mankind got started and it's status since it got started.  Some say mankind is on it's way up while others say mankind is on it's way down and out.  God's Word states clearly that mankind started out perfect in every way, so looking at us today, just how far have we fallen/ gone astray?   Fallen Mankind THE ANSWER TO LIFE'S QUESTIONS 1 Corinthians 1:18, 20 What am I here for?  Where am I headed?  I'm going around in circles.  Life doesn't seem to have any meaning.  What's at the end of life?  Life is full of questions and every generation asks basically the same questions.  Where are the answers to such questions?  Is there even an answer?  Oh, yes, God has already answered man's questions and the answers lie in the Cross of Jesus. Questions in Life, God's Answer HOW TO GET FAITH <br> Does it matter when we are thirsty, what the water is made up of and all the technical stuff?  Does it matter when we are hungry where the food was grown and how it was prepared?  Why then can't God's grace be accepted without our trying to add to what He has done for us?  There is but one way to get the faith that enables one to have the eternal life that God offers.  Faith, God's Word CHRISTIAN - ATTACK! <br> Most people know very little about battle strategy although people are in a battle every day with Satan and sin.  Sadly the Christian and the Church seem to always be on the defensive and never on the offensive.  For the Christian and the Church to be respected as they should be, they need to be on the offensive and attack! Christians, Attack! HE CAME <br> God has a way of suddenly stepping into our lives and helping us out of some desperate situation.  There was a time when the world was lost in darkness and hopelessness when God stepped in, HE CAME!   He Came, Christmas JUST WHO IS GOD WITH? <br> Whose side was God with during the crusades back in the 1100-1300's?  Each nation involved in fighing in the "Holy Wars" prayed to the same God.  Whose team is God with when both teams bow in prayer before a game and when a score is made the head is bowed and a prayer is said?  Just how does one know who God is with? God For, God Against, SPECIAL ANGELS OF GOD Revelation 1:12-16 Are angels really beautiful long haired blonds with wings?  Or maybe little tiny chubby babbies with wings and a halo?  God's Word doesn't mention any angels like those, but it does speak of messengers, warriors bringing death and destruction.  There is another "angel" mentioned by Jesus in the book of Revelation and we have all seen this kind - a pastor, a preacher. Angel, Preacher, Pastor, Messenger EXAMPLES AT THE CROSS Matthew 27:41-44 The cross has been a symbol for centuries within the Christian faith and it has stood for many thoughts, ideas, beliefs.  There are many examples to be found at the cross but perhaps three stand out above the rest:  how far man is from God, how loving and caring Jesus is, and how anybody, no matter how evil and sinful can be saved. Thief on the Cross, Grace SOMETHING TO STAND ON Matthew 16:13-18 No doubt we live in an age of uncertainty inspite of all the "inventions, discoveries, and advancements."  It seems that what was once good, is now bad and what was once bad is now good.  Where, what can a person put his/her trust into these days?  Isn't there anything that will remain the same?  Isn't there anything one can stand on that will be solid, no matter what? Solid, Stationary, Permanent, Rock YOUR ASSIGNED CROSS <br> "Oh my, what a cross I've got, my mother in law moved in with us..."  For some reason we think that any difficulty in life is a "cross" we are supposed to bear because we are Christians.  Got news for you!  It is God who assigns the Christian his/her "cross" and it's not some mean old mother in law.  God's cross is given to those who dedicate their lives to serving Him. Cross, Assigned, God's Work PARABLE OF THE FOUR KINDS OF SOIL <br> The parable Jesus told about a farmer sowing seeds and the different places the seed landed and the results is a very clear comparison to what happens whenever one witnesses for the Lord or preaches a sermon.  Only one of the four places the seed landed produced anything. Sowing Seed, Different Soil LIVING WITHOUT SIN 2 Corinthians 9:15 Like to receive a gift?  What do we have to do to receive a gift?  Doesn't "gift" mean something free, something from someone who cares?  An expression of concern from someone?  God has lots of gifts He wants to give.  Salvation is number one and number two is living without sin for those who have received number one.   Without Sin, Gifts PREPARING FOR THE REVIVAL WE NEED 2 Chronicles 7:14 The greatest need of our churches today is not more members nor more elaborate buildings, nor even more money.  What our churches need today is REVIVAL!  Churches are complacent, comfortable and in neutral.  A waking up, a getting back to God's business is desperately needed.  How does revival come?  What does revival mean to a church? Revival Needed, Revival Preparation GOD HAD A PLAN BEFORE CHRISTMAS <br> To know that mankind is totally sinful, one has but to look at the news.  There is never an hour that goes by that somebody doesn't kill or steal or commit some sort of crime against another human being.  The whole human race is a mess and the only hope is found in God's plan of redeeming mankind.  Christmas is the revealing of God's plan to save mankind but God's plan started long before Christmas happened. Christmas, God's Plan of Redemption Revealed THAT CHRISTMAS AND THIS CHRISTMAS Matthew 2:16 Thousands of dollars will be spent on presents this Christmas and hundreds of people will die in traffic accidents over this Christmas holiday on their way to or from visiting family or friends.  Ever wonder how different our Christmas is today from the very first Christmas in A.D. 1? Christmas, The First One and Today WHY SUCH A BIRTH? <br> Ever wonder why God went through so much trouble to bring His Son into our world?  Why a birth?  Why so particular to have a "virgin" give birth?  Why didn't Jesus just "show up" as angels have done in the past?  Why have to grow up from a baby into adulthood?   Christmas Birth NEITHER CHRISTMAS OR THE CROSS CHANGED GOD Hebrews 13:8 Everything we know changes.  Some people can never make up their minds.  We do not understand anything or anybody that does not change sooner or later.  We are told by God that He doesn't change and that our ways are not His ways.  We don't understand that God has always loved us and that nothing can cause Him to love us more or less.  Before Christmas God loved us, at Christmas God loved us, at the Cross God loved us, no more, no less.   God's Love, Always the Same WHO IS JESUS? <br> Jesus has been called a lot of things through the centuries and even His own kinsmen rejected His being the expected Messiah.  Jesus has been called a great prophet, a martyr, a lover of mankind and all sorts of other titles.  Jesus once asked His disciples who they thought He was.  So the question comes to us, just who is Jesus? Who is Jesus? GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS <br> There was a man named John the Baptist who went around preaching "prepare the way, get ready, the Messiah is coming."  This time of the year we are preparing for Christmas by putting up decorations, the tree, buying and wrapping presents, sending cards but has any thought been given as to what kind of preparation for Christmas God would really be pleased with?   Christmas, Preparation  THE ANGELIC MESSAGE <br> There have been lots of songs, sermons, etc., written about Christmas but long before the Christmas story is the story of the creation of this world, universe and the human race.  The Bible says that God promised the fist couple that there would come a time when someone would come that would put the evil one in his place and would restore the separated human race back to God.  Christmas was the selected time of God for that promised one to come.  Angels spread the word. Christmas, The Angelic Message THE HUMANITY OF JESUS Hebrews 2:9-17    Galatians 4:4 To many, Jesus was only a human being like everybody else and to others, Jesus is only God.  However the Bible reveals that Jesus was/is both, totally human just like us, but also totally God.  We don't understand how Jesus could be both, but the Bible is very clear. Jesus is both.  Just how "human" was/is Jesus? Both God and Human, Totally CHRISTMAS, GOD'S GIFT TO MAN 2 Corinthians 9:15      Romans 6:23         Isn't Christmas the most wonderful time of the year?  All the Christmas presents.  There are three things that nobody ever thinks about when they get a Christmas present and they are:  "Who gave this to me?"  "How much is this gift worth?"  Then there is the reaction, the response of the one receiving the gift which can be very varied.  We do the same thing with God, think about it. Christmas, Gift From God COME, O COME, IMMANUEL John 2:18-22        Matthew 24:30 The writer of this great hymn captured the mood of Israel as the nation waited for the promised Messiah.  Silence from God for 400 years.  Had God forgotten his promise to send someone to help them?  Little did Israel know that the promised one from God was about to appear, but not in the form of a king or a great warrior.  The promised one was coming as a tiny baby. Christmas, "Come O Promised One" WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR MANKIND <br> There's an awful lot that people don't know and a couple of those unknown facts are that they are born enslaved and into a world of darkness.  Nobody knows this until God's Word sheds light on their situation.  God has provided the only way out of such a situation and it is through His Son, Jesus Christ.  God can remove one out of darkness into light and out of slavery into the freedom of being a member of God's family.   Darkness Removed, Freedom Given THE TRUE SIGN OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH <br> The true sign of the Christian faith is not a burning bush or two stone tablets of a halo above an angel's head or even a golden crown.  The true sign of the Christian faith is a rugged and bloody cross.  The Christian faith's life and purpose is that of redemption, deliverance of souls from hell to heaven, from Satan's grasp into God's family.  It is the blood that was shed on a certain cross by a certain person that is the true symbol and sign of the Christian faith. Blood, Cross, Christian Faith Sign PETER'S SERMON ON THE RESURRECTION <br> Peter turned out to be a very strong preacher and devoted person but had a stumbling and questionable beginning.  After Jesus' resurrection, Peter became a totally different person and over a thousand people were saved during one of his  first sermons.  Peter preached about the resurrection of Jesus and pulled together the life of Jesus and the purpose of Jesus' coming, dying and being resurrected. Resurrection, Peter's Sermon GILGAL, A PLACE OF RENUNCIATION AND RESTORATION <br> For years Israel had wandered in the wilderness waiting for God to take them to the promised land.  Finally they crossed the flooded Jordan river under miraculous circumstances and found themselves in the edge of the promised land.  Before proceeding further, God had Israel clean themselves up, circumcise the men and renounce all other beliefs, gods except Him.  They then were restored as God's
people. Restoration after Renunciation, Gilgal  THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN <br> It was impossible for the walls of Jericho to be brought down by any effort of an army.  The walls were brought down when Israel simply walked around the walls for about a week, then on the last day they all shouted and blew trumpets and make a noise and the walls came down.  God stepped in and told the people what to do and they did it.  Thus it is in the life of the Christian.  When we encounter "Jerichos" in our life, we need to do as Israel did, let God handle it for us. Jericho Walls, God's Way THE CAUSE AND CURE FOR SETBACKS <br> Ever pat yourself on your own back?  Ever hook your thumbs in your suspenders and brag on what you just did?  Ever have someone pat you on the back and brag on you?  Felt good didn't it.  Israel did that and got defeated real bad.  They felt so good about Jericho that they didn't think about going to God about the little place called Ai.  What happened?  What did they do wrong?  What corrections did they need to make? Setbacks, Causes and Cures STRATEGY OF THE ENEMY <br> As long as we live in these bodies down here on this earth, we will be constantly struggling with Satan.  He is a master at deception and strategy and can lead us into defeat before we know it.  Israel found out how deceptive an enemy can be when the Gibeonites deceived them into making a truce/pact with them.  We need to be alert for the strategy of Satan, our greatest enemy. Enemy Strategy, Deception ENTERING LIFE'S HIGHWAY <br> High School graduation is perhaps the most important time in the life of our youth for they are about to enter into the rush and hurry of life on their own.
They can be swept under if they don't have support from reliable sources.  They are unaware of the awesomeness of living apart from their families and having to depend upon their own resources to survive.  Hopefully this "address" will give the graduates something to think about and be a bit of encouragement. Graduating, Entering Life's Highway OBSTACLES AND BARRIERS ALONG THE WAY <br> Israel had a problem.  The Jordan river was flooding.  God stopped the flooding and Israel walked across to the other side on a dry river bed.  Christians also have obstacles and barriers along the way in trying to live as God wants, so how does God help out? Obstacles, Barriers, God's Help THE PLACE TO WAIT <br> Finally Israel was in the promised land but were told to wait.  God wanted Israel to realize that they were finally like God wanted them to be and where God had promised them they would one day be and to not forget all that had
happened.  "Gilgal" became holy ground to Israel.  The Christian also has his/her "Gilgal."  It is the Cross of Jesus Christ. Wait, Gilgal, Cross GODLY GOALS CAN BE DIFFICULT <br> Israel had been waiting a long time for God to take them to the promised land and they were finding that there were a lot of difficulties in getting to that promised land and occupying it.  Thus it is so with the Christian.  There is also a land of promise and along the way to it, there are a lot of difficulties.  The book of Joshua can be a hand book for the Christian in what to do and what not to do in trying to reach a Godly goal. Goals, Difficulties, Compromise GET IT RIGHT AND TRY AGAIN <br> Ever been "knocked down?"  Maybe not actually physically, but something happened that stunned you.  You took an unsuspected loss of some kind.  That happened to Israel once and it happens to Christians all the time.  How does a person trying to do what God wants get back up and try it again after being defeated?  What will make it work right the next time? Defeat, Recovery, God's Way TAKING WHAT GOD GIVES Joshua 13:1-6 Why in the world wouldn't a person want what God wanted him/her to have?  Would you believe that two and a half tribes of the 12 tribes of Israel didn't want to go over the river into the land of promise after all the waiting and all the struggles to get there?  Hold on!  We Christians do the same thing too.  Not every Christian wants what God wants them to have. God's Gifts, Rejecting, Appreciating KEEP YOUR EYES ON GOD <br> Every once in a while someone stands out from among the rest of us in their relationship with God.  They exceed us in faithfulness, loyalty, devotion and blessings.  What is their "secret?"  How are they able to be such outstanding Christians?  Caleb of the Old Testament was such a man.  He stood out from among the other 11 tribes and was blessed greatly. Reward, Blessing, Faithfulness, Loyalty DANGERS TO WATCH FOR Joshua 20:1-6; 22:9-34 Some think that once he/she is a Christian all is well and things will be peaceful.  Quite the contrary!  Israel finally got into their promised land but things were not quiet and peaceful.  They were in constant conflict with their enemies and among themselves.  So it is with the Christian.  There are many things that can cause Christians to not live as they should. Dangers, Enemies, Family Conflicts DON'T PUT GOD ASIDE <br> When the rush and hurry is over we tend to relax, allow things to just go their own way and "catch our breath" we say.  Israel did this after finally getting into their promised land.  In doing so, they put God aside, not giving Him His rightful place.  The Christian is no different for there are times when things happen and before one realizes it, God has been put aside. Leaving God, Forgetting God WE CAN'T SERVE GOD AS HE WANTS ON OUR OWN <br> How many times have we started out to do something great for the Lord only to quit, get defeated, or do a poor job or worse?  Now if we do something we really know how to do from past experience, we usually do it well.  Doing something God wants us to do has to be done His way and with His power.  Israel never did learn that truth, neither have most of us Christians. Serving God, His Way, Our Way AMERICA'S DELIMA <br> Remember "Happy Days?"  Well those days are gone, never to happen again considering America's condition of today.  What is wrong?  Is it the current president?  Is it the current government?  The president and government of today are but reflections of the entire nation.  America has gone away from God.  Can America change? Delima, Trouble, America WHAT IS A PROMISE? <br> Everyone has made a promise and has had a promise made to them.  Sometimes those promises are not kept, they are broken.  What happens when a promise is not kept or is broken?  Well, how binding are promises anyhow?  What's the difference between a promise God makes and one that one of us makes? Promise, Pledge, Vow WHAT IS IT WORTH? Joshua 2:11-24 Sometimes we are told to "wait."  Some people don't like to wait.  However, sometimes the wait is worth it.  Israel was told by God to wait before entering the land they had been promised.  If God was in charge, then why was there a need to wait?  God had something that needed to be finished before Israel moved on into their promised land. Worth the Wait LIVING TO THE FULLEST <br> The promised land had been distributed to the 12 tribes according to God's plan but one of the tribes was dissatisfied with what they had been given.  Some Christians are like that, they are not satisfied with what God has chosen for them in life and therefore they miss a lot more they could have had from God. Dissatisfied, Unhappy, God's Choices WHO WERE THE SADDUCEES? <br> Of all the people that gave Jesus the most heartache and troble, it was the Sadducees and Pharisees, but mostly the Sadducees.  Just who were they anyhow?  What gave them the right to aggrivate Jesus as they did?  What ever became of them? Sadducees, Big Problem to Jesus WHY SO UNPOPULAR? <br> Christians have never been very popular.  As a matter of fact Christians have been hated, hunted, hounded and hurt from the very beginning of Christianity.  Why does the world dislike Christians so much?  Jesus taught "to love one another" and this certainly applies to Christians because nobody else loves them so if Christians don't love one another, nobody else will.  Unpopular Christianity, World Hate TWO KINDS OF FORGIVENESS Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:13; 1 John 1:9 "Excuse me, pardon me, I'm sorry..." are phrases we use in asking someone to
forgive us.  Sometimes we find it hard to forgive because we've been really hurt and then sometimes others won't forgive us either.  God has His way of forgiving us and to be forgiven by God, we have to do things exactly as God has ordered. Forgiveness, Human and Divine GOD'S CHILDREN ARE SAFE AND SECURE John 16:7-14 Isn't there anything that will last?  Isn't there anything we can put our trust in and not be disappointed?  We carry insurance on everything we own just in case it fails.  Nothing seems safe or secure anymore.  There is, however, something that is safe and secure for all eternity and that is God's salvation.  Believer's will always be saved because God is in charge. Salvation, Safe and Secure HOW TO REALLY BE VICTORIOUS IN LIFE <br> Ever have to bite your tongue to keep from saying something you should not say in the first place?  Ever lose your "cool" and just blow up in anger?  Ever just detest someone?  What kind of "cross" do you carry as a Christian?  There is a way out of all this and victory in all the troublesome areas of your life can be had.  If Jesus is really in charge of one's life, victory comes. Victorious Life, Jesus In Control FAITH IS LIKE RUNNING A RACE <br> Ever run in a race?  A real race on a track with competitors?  What did you wear? An overcoat, boots, gloves, carry a suitcase?  Sounds silly, right?  Runners in races take off everything they possibly can to lighten their weight so they can run faster.  Compare living the Christian life as running in a race of faith.  There are many things that can slow the Christian down in his/her race of faith. Race of Faith, Hindrances GOD'S TRANQUILLIZER <br> Pills, pills, pills, we take pills to go to sleep, pills to wake us up.  Pills to make us eat, pills to keep us from eating.  Pills to calm us down, pills to stir us up.  We have tranquillizers for just about everything.  Most people don't know that God also has a tranquillizer, something that can if used, bring peace, strength, rest, assurance, comfort and everything a person needs.  What is it that God has that not many know about that can be so helpful? Peace, Strength, Assurance, Love SOMETHING WORSE THAN BEING PHYSICALLY SICK <br> If you were in physical danger or your health seriously threatened, what kind of promise would you make God?  We forget that there is something far worse than physical dangers or health problems and that is our spiritual condition before God.  So, how is your relationship with the Lord Jesus? Sick, Danger, Eternal Destination SONG OF THE VINEYARD <br> Farmers plant, fertilize, water, weed, plow, watch over their crops with much care and effort.  In due time the farmer harvests his crops.  Sometimes the harvest is hugh, sometimes, average, sometimes poor, sometimes nothing.  Suppose the farmer is God and the crop is America.  What kind of crop is God getting from our nation of America? America, God's Crop CONDITIONS FOR INFILLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Becoming a Christian is one thing but living as God wants is something else.  However God has provided all that is necessary for the Christian to live exactly as God wants him/her to live.  The Holy Spirit is given to the believer to enable him/her to live such a life, however the beleiver MUST do what the Holy Spirit says. Infilling, Holy Spirit, God's Will QUIT STRUGGLING <br> "I'll do it my way, thanks anyhow.."  We like to do things our way and make the mistake of trying to do the same thing with the things of God.  We try to live as God wants doing things our way and always make a mess of things.  Sin is something we just can't overcome on our own.  If we would only quit struggling and let Jesus take over, things would be so much better. Struggling With Sin, Abundant Life, God's Way HOW TO BE USEFUL TO GOD Ephesians 5:18 For many the Holy Spirit is a stranger, not very well know, yet familiar enough to sing about and hear sermons about but most believers don't know very much about, therefore their lives are not as fruitful for God as God intends for it is by the Holy Spirit that the believer is used best by God.  God intends for His Children to be completely indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Useful, Indwelt, Holy Spirit PARABLE OF THE LIFE-SAVING STATION <br> Christians are given a commission by the Lord to GO out into the world and reach and teach the lost.  Sadly most Christians and their Churches are not following Jesus' orders and have become self-centered, self-interested.  Read this parable about a life-saving station and see if it describes your Church. Life-saving, Social Club GOD'S TWO MOUNTAINS <br> We have a way of wishing we could turn the clock back to another time in our life.  Hopefully no Christian would wish to turn the clock back to the time of Mt. Sinai when Israel encountered God and received God's Commandments, for God has another mountain for the Christian, called Mt. Zion.  At one mountain people were forbidden to approach, at the other, people are welcolmed. Forbidden, Welcomed, Temporary, Eternal GRACE IS EXPENSIVE <br> Ever give much thought to the words of "Amazing Grace?"  The tune is very popular and is even played by bagpipes but sadly the words are left out.  Many people love the tune, but don't have any idea about the words.  Through the years a wrong concept of God's grace has developed.  Contrary to the belief and teachings of some, grace is very expensive. Grace, Costly, Expensive WHERE WE ALL GO WRONG <br> Know anybody who is perfect?  Know anybody who knows everything?  Know anybody who never judges others?  Know anybody who actually knows what's going to happen tomorrow?  Know anybody who always does what God says?  All of us are alike in this area.  There are some things that God has set for all of us to do but sadly, we all go wrong in doing what God wants us to do. Believe, Live Holy Lives, God's Will THE GREATEST HONOR <br> Ever think that your parents didn't love you because they wouldn't let you do what you wanted to?  Have your own children ever told you the same thing about you because you didn't let them have their own way?  Ever think the same thing about God when  troubles came and He didn't answer your prayers as you thought He should?  Did your parents love you?  Do you love your children?  Well, God loves you more than you think. Love of God, Great Honor I WILL IF I WANT TO <br> Children have a way of saying they will when they won't or don't.  Sometimes they say they will only to get the parent or teacher to leave them alone.  Sometimes they actually start out doing what they are told, but get side tracked and never finish what they started out doing.  Christians are the same way with God.  Christians KNOW what God has told them to do but most never get around to doing what God wants.  Why not? Obedience, Disobedience HOW TO HURT JESUS <br> Which hurts the most, being hurt by a friend or a stranger?  A friend, of course.  Have you ever considered that you may have been hurting Jesus by the way you have been treating Him?  Jesus complimented the Church of Ephesus but then He states that they have really hurt Him for their love for Him had deminished and He was no longer first in their lives.  He had been replaced. Hurting Jesus, Love Deminished A CARING CHURCH <br> Know anybody who is a "snob?"  Somebody who cares only about him/herself?  They're not very pleasant company are they.  Sadly there are churches who act like snobs.  They don't care about anybody but themselves, they don't welcome visitors, they don't want anymore new members.  Then there are those churches that have become more entertainment centers than places of worship.  What kind of church is ours?  What kind of church does God want ours to be? Church That Cares FIRST THINGS FIRST <br> There are always instructions, the proper way to do things and then there are always those who don't follow instructions and are determined to do things their own way.  However to be in fellowship with God, there are things that must first happen and those things are in God's assigned order. God's Order, Fellowship with God CHRISTIAN IDOLATRY Colossians 3:1-17 "Those people worship idols, don't they know that's wrong?"  There is a form of idolatry that Christians are guilty of which is just as wrong and that is an inward form called "covetousness" or just plain "selfishness."  The plain fact is that anything that takes God's place of being first in a person's life is a form of idolatry. Inward Idolatry, Covetousness, Selfishness LOST AND FOUND <br> Most stores have a "lost and found" department.  People are always losing and finding things and some have even gotten lost themselves or a family member got separated from the rest.  Even Jesus' parents lost Him one time.  If Jesus' parents could lose their Son, then we can lose Him, too, the same way they did, by becoming interested in something/someone else for a while. Jesus, Lost and Found BE THE BEST FATHER YOU CAN Joshua 24:14-18; Deuteronomy 6:4-12; Luke 15:11-32 Remember the old T.V. series of "Father Knows Best," the "Nelson Family," or the "Bill Cosby Show?"  Those dads always had the right answer, were always in charge of their family, and things always turned out just fine.  Well, that's not how it really was or is, right?  It's hard to be a father and even harder  to be the kind of father God wants one to be.     Fathers, What God Wants of Fathers  THE TEST OF OUR LOVE <br> Being sure that one is eternally saved causes some to shake their heads in disbelief.  "There's no such thing as "once saved, always saved" is believed by many.  There is a way to be absolutely sure of one's salvation and it is a "simple" test.  What kind of love do you have for Jesus? Accepted and Sure, A Simple Test HOW TO REALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE <br> Most Christians are satisfied with their current spiritual condition which is usually not what God has in mind for them.  They attend church services, give, say grace at meals and don't curse.  So they are content, unaware that God has so much more for them.  There are some Christians, however, who are dissatisfied
and feel that there is more to the Christian life than what they are experiencing.  Good news!  There is more and here is how to experience a new life. Spiritual Change REASONS FOR GIVING TO THE LORD <br> "I gave my two dollars so I don't want to hear any sermon on tithing.  I give what I can..."  In most churches, 20% of the active members tithe and give 80% of the total church budget.  Is that right?  Is that fair?  What is wrong?  Are the 80% who don't tithe so poor that they just don't even have a "widow's mite" to give?  Why should a Christian tithe?  Can every Christian tithe? Tithe, Giving REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10 What happens when a person knows what God wants, starts out doing what God has said but hesitates, begins to regret doing what he/she is doing, pauses, even stops?  An example of the end result of such action/behavior is found in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Lot and his family were warned to run for their lives and they started running but Lot's wife hesitated, paused, stopped and looked back.  She paid for her actions with her life. Individual Accountability To God OBEDIENCE TO JESUS IS COSTLY Matthew 9:9; 10:37-39; 19:16-22     Luke 9:57; 14:33 Most Christians as well as Churches have never really considered what it costs to obey Jesus totally.  Most pick and choose what they will do and not do for Him.
To be obedient to Jesus can cost you your business, friends, family, wealth, for Jesus must be absolutely FIRST in every aspect of a person's life.  To be obedient to Jesus, to God,to the Holy Spirit, it costs!
 Costly Obedience JESUS' LIFE SUMMED UP IN A PRAYER John 13:3-5 There's been many books written about the life of Jesus but in the upper room with His disciples, Jesus summed up His entire earthly life in three tremendous statements.  How would you sum up your life with all that it has meant, what you felt were the most important parts of it?  Would that all of us could say what Jesus said in that prayer in the upper room with His disciples. Jesus' Prayer, Life Summed Up SOME PRINCIPLES OF PRAYER <br> Everybody prays at one time or other, in one form or other, for one cause or other.  Prayer is a type of "habit" and a prayer is often uttered without even thinking.  Sometimes the same prayer is repeated over and over.  Just what is prayer?  Why do people pray?  What is the proper way to pray?  Jesus' disciples wondered about prayer so they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  Perhaps we need to see what Jesus said about prayer. Prayer, How to Pray PAYBACK FOR NEGLECT OF GOD <br> Why does everyone seem to want to come to America?  Is it because of the freedoms everyone has here?  Is it because of it's wealth?  Safety?  America has long been the world leader in just about everything and it's greatness can be traced back to it's foundation which was upon God and God's Word.  However, today is different.  America has been neglecting God and is now as sinful and wicked as any other nation on earth.  God has been trying to get America's attention. Neglecting God, Warning and Judgment THOUGHTS ON PLEASING THE LORD <br> What are we here for?  How did it all get started?  According to the Bible, God started it all.  He made mankind for the purpose of bringing honor, praise and pleasure to Him.  Not many people, even Christians, give very much thought on living entirely for the purpose of pleasing the Lord God.  Everybody has their own goals, agendas, purposes in life.  If God is God, then we owe Him our existence, therefore let us love Him with our total beings. Pleasing The Lord, Duty GOD SHOWED HIMSELF IN JESUS Isaiah 9:6 Why all the religions in the world?  Obviously somebody is trying to find God and are doing what they think, believe, have heard that it takes to find God and His favor.  Man's ways won't work.  God has already provided the only way that people can find Him and be restored to Him.  Through His Son, Jesus, God showed Himself to humanity, even living here on the earth He created.  Whatever one wants to know about God, go to Jesus for they are ONE. God and Jesus, One. BRINGING MANKIND TO GOD John 12:23-33; Hebrews 9:28 Christmas is celebrated emphasizing the coming of God's Son, Jesus into the world.  However, revealing Himself through His Son, Jesus, wasn't all God had in mind.  He came to man, now He had to bring man to Himself.  He had to bring man out of sin and the captivity of Satan.  Jesus came not only to reveal God, the Father, but to become the means by which God would be able to restore mankind to rightful fellowship with Himself.  How was this to be done? Revealing God, Restoring Mankind LIVING PROOF IT HAS BEEN COMPLETED <br> Some people will believe anything but some people have to have "proof."  There are those who after seeing the "proof" still want to make "adjustments" and change some things to fit their own "ideas and thoughts."  Sadly there are those who think they can improve upon what Jesus has done for mankind's salvation.  However there is "living proof" that nothing needs to be added or changed to what has already been done. Living Proof, It is Finished BACK WHERE HE STARTED FROM Hebrews 9:24 Easter is the time of the year when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated.  Plays, cantatas, special programs, special sermons, and even dressy clothing is worn to services.  Jesus rose from the grave, then ascended back to heaven.  However, He is still busy doing things for people like us.  Yes, He's back where He started from, but He's also interceding for the believers who get into trouble with sin and become separated from God. Jesus is the Great High Priest and Advocate for God's Family.   Ascention, Back to Heaven THINKING LIKE GOD <br> Why is it that those who are not Christians seem to be better off, have more and enjoy life more?  So often a Christian feels like just throwing up his/her hands and saying "what's the use?"  Trying to live as God wants is so hard to do and so hard to understand.  So, how does one learn how to think like God anyhow?  His ways are so different from the natural way of doing things. God's Thoughts, Christian's Lifestyle GOD DOES WHAT HE WANTS <br> Of the thousands of "gods" recognized through the centuries by mankind, which is the greatest?  There is but one real, true God, so which one is it?  The God of Israel, the God of the Bible, the God of Christianity.  Almighty God for there is none but Him.  Sadly Christians of today don't recognize the God of the Bible as did the people of the Bible days.  It seems that Christians are now "more in charge" than God.  Has God lost something? All Powerful, Soverign, God AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO LIVE AS A CHRISTIAN Philippians 1:12-21 Everybody has or has had a role model, someone he/she has admired and copied after.  Ever have a Christian role model?  Of all the people mentioned in the Bible, there is one who seems to reflect the best way to live the Christian life and that person is Paul.  No matter what situation he was in, he always looked on the bright side, always tried to represent Jesus.  What can we learn from him that could help us live a better Christian life? Christian Life Example SEEING GOD THROUGH THE HAZE <br> "Where is God?  I thought He loved me and cared about me."  "Why did this have to happen to me?"  Ever have something happen to you that caused you to doubt whether God really knew what was going on or that He really was interested in you at all? Sometimes things in life cause our sight of God to become cloudy and His presence becomes obscured.  The disciples went through such thoughts about Jesus. Doubts About God's Care GOD'S NEW LIFE FOR HIS CHILDREN John 10:10 When we do things with confidence and joy, we always enjoy them more, even if they might be a bit difficult.  Most Christians don't share their faith.  That's a fact!  Why not?  They really don't have the assurance and the joy that comes from being absolutely sure about their relationship with Jesus.  Talk is one thing but actions prove what one says.  God has a wonderful way of life for His children and it is one of assurance and joy. God's Children's Lifestyle TRUTH THAT IS HARD TO ACCEPT <br> Why are people hesitant to accept something that is being given totally free?  It seems to be our nature to be doubtful and unsure and usually refuse something that is being offered to us without some sort of cost.  We want to give something back in payment.  Ever think about how God is treated with hesitancy, doubt and unsureness over what He offers freely, like Salvation, Heaven, Forgiveness of Sins?  People think that they have to "earn" or pay for what God offers freely. Nothing Free, Everything Costs MISSIONS, GOD'S PLAN John 1:14, 18 Ever been on a mission trip?  Ever give to missions?  Ever hear a missionary speak?  Ever think about missions?  Missions is essential in God's family.  Missions is God's plan for His children to carry His Word to those who have never heard it.  If YOU are a Christian, then in God's eyes, YOU are one of His missionaries.  So, just what is a missionary?  What does a missionary do? Missions, Missionary SOME INTERESTING NUMERICAL FACTS ABOUT THE "EXODUS" <br> Lots of people, lots of animals, a long way to go and nobody knows the way.  How in the world are they going to get there?  What are they going to eat or drink?
Where will they stay at night?  What if someone gets sick?  The "Exodus" of God's people is amazing and only God could do what was done for all those people.  Did you ever try to figure out how much water and food they needed for just one day?
Here's some interesting figures a man compiles.  You will be amazed. Exodus, God Supplied WAITING ON FEELINGS 1 Corinthians 3:1       Hebrews 5:11-14 "I don't feel like I should do that."  "Nothing has told me to do it yet..."  Most people act and react by what they "feel."  Sadly they have that same attitude with serving the Lord.  "I don't feel that I should teach or serve..."
God's work is not based on "feelings."  God's work is based on obedience and love for others.  "Feelings" are not to guide the life of a Christian, as a matter of fact, "feelings" should not guide the life of any adult. Feelings, God's Work A LESSON ON PRAYER <br> What is the best way to address God, the Father?  The disciples had often seen Jesus go off somewhere to pray and finally one of them asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  They had prayed all their lives, but something about Jesus' prayers were different.  He got results.  So what did Jesus tell them?  What Jesus told them that day was a lesson we call today, "The Lord's Prayer."   Prayer, Proper, Pleasing, Right FROM FAITH TO SELF <br> America is not anything like it once was in morals, honor, respect but has become a perplexed, confused, bewildered, sinful people.  What has happened?  America has left God and has been following SELF.  God is not sought, His advice is not wanted, nor His presence.  Christians have not been living the life prescribed by God.  Simply put, America has turned from faith in God to faith in itself. Faith, Self, Abandoned God SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD Psalm 73:18 Every human being is damned, doomed, headed for hell and sooner or later will end up there for all eternity unless he/she turns to God's Son, Jesus Christ.  Jonathan Edwards preached a sermon entitled "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" back in 1741 and it has been "re-preached" countless times since.  This is a brief summary of that wonderful sermon.  Damned, Doomed, Angry God GOD PROMISED A DELIVERER <br> Christians talk about the "Messiah," the "promised one," the "deliverer," the "Christ," the "Lord Jesus Christ," but most don't begin to understand the "Jesus of the Jews."  Words are used without any real understanding why the word was used or where the word came from.  What was so important about "Messiah?"  Was Jesus really the "Messiah?" Messiah, Promised One, Deliverer THE CHURCH - GOD'S DOINGS, NOT MAN'S Ephesians 2:10-22 There are a lot of "churches" today and usually there is something different in their "beliefs" that cause the reason for there to be so many.  Man's "church" IS NOT God's Church.  There is a very great difference.  God's Church is based solely upon Jesus Christ and is made up only of those who have professed belief in Jesus Christ, therefore a "believer."  Not just anybody can be a member of God's Church. Church, God's, Man's DELIVERANCE FROM GOD'S JUDGMENT Hebrews 11:7 Remember the great flood in Noah's day?  Remember why it happened?  Remember who survived the flood?  Remember how?  There is only ONE way of doing what God wants and that is doing it GOD'S WAY.  Our world is as it was in the days of Noah and God's judgment is coming again.  God has prepared a way for people to escape His coming judgment and it is through His Son, Jesus Christ.  It is GOD'S WAY OR NO WAY! Deliverance, Judgment PRAYER CHANGES THINGS <br> Why pray?  What is prayer?  To whom does one pray?  What does one say in a prayer?
How much should one believe in prayer?  Is there an alternative to prayer?  Does God really hear prayers?  How long does it take for a prayer to be answered?  Will a prayer be answered like one asks for it to be?  Jesus said that through prayer a person could actually move a mountain.  Prayer, Why Pray? SPIRITUAL BRAVERY <br> Acts of bravery in our land are rewarded with medals, citations, public recognitions and such.  Soldiers receive medals for their acts of bravery and heroism.  What do Christians receive?  Do Christians ever do anything heroic?  Do they ever deserve recognition of some sort for their acts of bravery for the Lord?
When did a Christian ever stand up for God and His truths in such a manner that it was a brave, heroic, act of valor?  Our country needs such Christians, NOW. Brave, Courageous, Hero HOW TO KNOW GOD <br> Who do you know the best?  Who would you really like to get to know?  Where does God fit in with who you know?  For Christians, God should be the number one Person they would want to know all they can about, but sadly, that's not always the case.  Just how does one get to know God any how?  Getting to know God isn't like getting to know just anybody else. Knowing God CONSIDER THE LOVE OF GOD <br> All of us give and receive gifts, it is the normal, expected thing for us.  People all around the world give and receive gifts.  However, who would have ever expected God to be someone who would be interested in giving to people like us?
What God has given to mankind is far beyond anybody's comprehension and why He has done so nobody can answer except God and it is because God loves us.  God has given His Only Son so that we might have eternal life.  Love, Gift CONCERNED FOR SOULS <br> What do those churches who baptize a lot of people each year have that the other churches don't who baptize few, if any?  Is it their preacher?  Is it their music program?  Is it their youth minister?  Is it their family life center?  What is their secret?  Could it be that those churches who baptize a lot of people each year actually care that there are lost people around and then do something about it?  Could it be that they are actually deeply concerned? Concern, Travail, Lost THE CHURCH'S ONLY PRIORITY John 4:35 Today's churches are very little different from shopping malls.  There is a shop for just about every taste, want or need.  So it is with the churches.  There is a church that offers this and one that offers that, and then again there is the one over there that offers just what one has always wanted.  Sadly Churches of today have forgotten that they have but ONE priority, they are here for but only ONE purpose and that is to bring the lost to Jesus Christ and there is but only one way to do that and that is through the Gospel. Priority, Church, Lost REVIVAL IS NEEDED Ezekiel 37:9 Change is seen in our seasons, in our bodies as we age, and is often needed.  Our Churches need change today.  Christians need change.  Both need revival, both need a visit from God.  The lost need to know God, therefore Revival is
needed in our communities and in our world today. Revival IT IS GOD WHO DOES THE SAVING <br> Most Christians don't witness even though they are commanded to do so by Jesus.
What would happen to our nation and world if every Christian actually did witness?  Perhaps if Christians really understood and realized that THEY don't do the saving but it is God and God alone, then maybe they might witness as they should be doing. Witnessing GROWING IN JESUS 1 Peter 2:2 Every see an undernourished person?  Not too pleasant of a sight is it.  Sadly there are spiritually undernourished Christians also and it ought not be.  There is no acceptable reason for any Christian to be in such a state.  God intends for His Children to be spiritually healthy and productive.  What facts do Christians need to know in order to grow, mature spiritually? Growing, Maturing, Spiritual INSANITY OF THE UNBELIEVER <br> "I'll just do the best I can, try to live by the 'golden rule' and I'll be just fine, God will understand."  "There's no such place as Hell."  Got news for somebody, sayings like these are not true.  God is very clear that there is a Hell and there is but ONE way to escape it and that is HIS way.  To not believe God is just insane. unbeliever, insanity THOUGHTS ABOUT THE THOUSAND YEARS AND AFTERWARD <br> Are these the last days spoken of in the Bible?  With all that is happening they surely could be.  What exactly does the Bible say about Jesus coming back and what is going to happen when He does come back?  Ever give any serious thought to this great event? Return, Thousand Years WITNESSING CONFUSION <br> It is sad that most Christians have never "witnessed" in their entire Christian lives yet it is a command by Jesus that every believer is to go out and tell the Gospel story.  Sadly, there is much witnessing confusion within most of the Churches of today.  Just what is "witnessing confusion?" Confusion, Witnessing WHY DOES GOD ALLOW SUFFERING? <br> "If God is such a loving God, like you say, then why does He allow all this suffering?"  Even Christians often wonder about the suffering they go through and see that which others go through and ask within their own hearts, "why God, why?"  So, the universally asked question of God is, "Why God, do You allow suffering if You are so loving?" Suffering,  LOST "BELIEVERS" <br> In the days of Jesus, there were a lot of "religious" people who were so only in appearance and sound.  They were not sincere believers in God's Word.  The same situation exists today for there are those who say they "believe" in the Bible, yet don't live like they do nor seem to have trusted Jesus.  They could be called "lost 'believers." Fake, Lost WHAT THE HEART OF GOD IS REALLY LIKE <br> "The Army is looking for a FEW good men..."  A commercial often seen which indicates that not everyone who applies will be accepted.  God is seeking everyone and none will be turned away.  Jesus spoke often of God's interest in everyone and gave three stories to illustrate God's real concern for people. Heart, Parables WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT Genesis 3:1-15 How did things get started?  What's going on?  Who's really in charge?  Where did we come from?  The answers depend upon whether you listen to people or the Bible.  If you want to know the truth, the real facts about such questions, then go to God's Word, after all He was here before things around here got started and He has all the answers. Fall, Creation,  WHAT IS IT TO "CONFESS" JESUS? <br> It's time to "fess" up!  "Confess and it will go easier on you.."  "Who did it?"  "Confess" is a familiar word but just what does it mean to "confess" Jesus?  Just what are Christians supposed to say about Jesus?  What are Christians to do when they "confess" Jesus? Confess Jesus UNUSUAL GOOD EXAMPLES <br> "Children are to be seen and not heard!"  It's hard to realize that children can be anything but trouble and noise, however to Jesus they were very important.  He mentioned that people who want to go to heaven need to have the mind-set of a child.  In God's eyes, children can be very unusual good examples of how every Christian should act.  How can a child be a good example? Example, Christian Behavior THE "CROSS" OF THE CHRISTIAN Luke 16:27 Everyone is familiar with a "cross."  They are seen around and in Churches, some people wear them around their necks, or pinned to their lapels or blouses.  When Jesus talked about His followers taking up their "crosses" what exactly was He talking about?  What is the "cross" of the Christian? Cross LIVING AS A CHRISTIAN Matthew 13:53-58 Many Church members, many Christians, but not very many Church members and Christians are living as a Christian should and that is with Jesus in control of his/her life.  It is one thing to be born into the Family of God but it is an entirely different thing to live as a child of God should live.  What is wrong? Christian Living THERE WILL BE A WORLD LEADER 1 John 2:18 There have been many men who have aspired to rule the world and many have tried to conquer the world but all have failed.  There will be a world leader according to the Bible and he will be called the "Anti-Christ."  When will this happen?  Only God knows but every generation is warned by God to watch for and be ready for it is going to happen. World Leader, Anti-Christ THE TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM SHALL BE REBUILT Daniel 9:27; 12:11; Revelation 11:1-2 God started out in a tent as His meeting place with His chosen people, then moved up to a very beautiful Temple.  Today there is no beautiful temple in Israel but one day there shall be.  Prophecies in the Bible tell of things taking place prior to God's Temple being rebuilt on the original site in Jerusalem.  Is that time near? Temple of God, Rebuilt THE FINAL BATTLE - WHERE? Zechariah 12:2-3; 14:2- There have been wars and rumors of wars ever since there has been people.  However the Bible speaks of a coming battle that will be the climax of all battles and it will end all battles.  It will be the final battle.  When, where, and by whom will this final battle be fought?   Final Battle, Armageddon JESUS IS EVERYTHING Romans 14:9   Acts 2:36 "....make Jesus Lord of your life..."  Sounds good but in actuality, one cannot "make" Jesus anything!  HE ALREADY IS! What matters is whether a person acknowledges the truth and fact that Jesus is EVERYTHING and yields him/herself to who Jesus is. Lord, Everything TWO LIVES OF A CHRISTIAN <br> Sadly, some pastors get the "big head" often from being complimented on a sermon preached.  They should be giving God all the credit, honor and glory, instead of taking it themselves.  They are reacting just like "carnal" Christians.  The Christian has a choice of which kind of life to live:  a spirit filled, controlled life or a life like the rest of the world, carnal.
The carnal life is self centered and NOT Holy Spirit controlled.  Lifestyle, Spirit-led, Carnal THE OLD ROMAN EMPIRE WILL BE REVIVED <br> Strange dreams we have sometimes, but nobody has every had the kind of dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had.  Through that dream God revealed the events leading up to the last days just before Jesus comes back.  There will be a one world government and a one world leader.  What are the signs around us today? Roman Empire Revived THE BEST WAY TO SERVE THE LORD <br> Everybody hears, sees, feels differently.  The artist, the musician, authors all interpret things differently.  No two people are exactly alike.  However when it comes to doing things for God, God wants them done His way and the way He wants His children, Christians to serve Him is with "gladness." Serving the Lord CAN A BELIEVER IN JESUS LOSE HIS/HER SALVATION? <br> "Saved today, lost tomorrow..."  A lot of religious disagreement surrounds the salvation of the Christian believer in Jesus.  Some think that after a person is saved, he/she can do something that can cause that person to become "unsaved."  Then there are others who believe and teach that once a person is saved, he/she is saved forever, in spite of sinning again.  So, what does the Bible say? Salvation, Permanent or Not GOD'S WORD HAPPENS <br> Ever have someone make you a promise and not keep it? Ever make someone a promise and was not able to keep it?  Things happen and promises are not always kept.  Not so with God!  Whenever God has said that something would or would not happen, exactly what God said happened or did not happen. God's Word really happens every time. Word of God DOES IT MATTER IF A CHRISTIAN SINS? <br> Does it matter if a Christian sins or not?  If a Christian has permanent, eternal salvation which the Bible teaches, then what does it matter if a Christian sins?  Haven't all his/her sins been already paid for?  So what's the big deal about sin in a Christian's life? Sin, Christian's Sin PAST TIME TO WAKE UP <br> Can't display religious symbols on "government" property, can't pray "in the name of Jesus" in military or government prayers, can't pray or read the Bible in public schools, what in the world is going on?  America doesn't need God anymore and had better wake up to what has happened and what is going on today.  It's past time to wake up!  America and God IT'S NOT GOD'S FAULT <br> Where in the world is God anyhow?  Why isn't He helping our country?  Why isn't He doing more in my life?  I thought God was supposed to love and take care of His Children.  Questions and comments such as these reflect the absence of God and indicates that it is all His fault that things are not going as they should.  However, it's not God's fault that He's not been seen. Fault, God's Absence IS JESUS IN OUR MIDST? Joel 2:27 When was the last time you were in a worship service and came away knowing for certain that you had been in the Lord's presence?  He was there!  Things were done all for His honor and glory!  A long time for some in all probability.  Churches of today don't really need the Lord for they are getting along just fine without Him.  However what they are doing is not what He'd be doing. Presence of Jesus GIVE THANKS IN EVERYTHING Philippians 4:5-7 Being blind or deaf causes one to miss an awful lot going on around.  When one is not seeing or hearing what God is doing, then that person seems to think that God is not there.  However, if a person focus on God and looks and listens for God, there will be plenty of reason to be giving God thanks for everything in his/her life. Give Thanks JESUS CRIED Luke 19:41; Hebrews 5:7 What's the diffence between shed a tear, weep, and cry?  For most to cry means to really let the tears flow along with verbal sounds, sobbing and such.  Think of Jesus CRYING, not weeping or shedding tears and see if there's not a difference in your thoughts about what Jesus did.  Think, Jesus actually CRIED over Jerusalem, over the people who rejected Him.  Why did Jesus CRY? Cry, Weep, Tears of Jesus SOME FACTS ABOUT GOD'S GRACE <br> In the military and some colleges, rewards and punishments are determined by the "merit" system.  Do what you are supposed to and merits are earned.  Demerits come when you don't do what you are supposed to do or you do what you are not supposed to and punishement comes.  These are added to your permanent record as well.  For some reason people think God's Grace operates like this. Grace, Given or Earned UNWANTED THINGS IN THE CHRISTIAN'S LIFE <br> Christians started out like any other person and have the same natural urges and reactions but also they have an new added nature which usually is contrary to their natural, born-with nature.  Some of the "natural" things and ways are not good for the Christian way of life.  These "unwanted" things need to be put away, removed, stopped. Unwanted Things REMINDERS OF GOD'S PAST WORKS <br> There are statues, bronze plaques, medals, memorials, all sort of things to remind people of something important that happened.  Throughout the Bible things have been erected or left to remind others of what God did there.  Did you ever stop to think that YOU also have things to mark what God has done in your life?  There are reminders of God's past works in your lifetime.
Just take a look. Reminders, Memorials,  A GOOD MAN GONE BAD <br> How many start out with all the advantages of life and end up a "nobody," a "nothing?"  The Bible teaches about a man who had it all but "blew it."  He was above all his peers in every respect.  He was selected by God to do something for his country and he "blew it."  It all went to his head and he left God who had brought him into it to begin with. He made a mess. Starting Out Good EVEN PREACHERS BECOME UNSURE SOMETIMES <br> Ever been a "doubting Thomas?"  Know one?  Have you ever had doubts?  Ever been unsure about something or someone?  Did you know that even God's preachers become unsure at times?  A preacher/prophet who introduced Jesus and even baptized Jesus became unsure and had questions about whether Jesus was really the promised One."  Why? Unsure, Doubts JESUS ASKS, "DO YOU LOVE ME?" <br> "How do I love thee, let me count the ways..."  "If you love me, prove it!"
Words are cheap we have all learned, so just how does one prove his/her love?
Jesus asked one of His disciples a direct question, not once, but three times in a row, " you love me?  What if Jesus asked you that question?  How would you answer it? Love, Proof DON'T JUDGE OR CRITICIZE <br> "I wouldn't be caught dead in an outfit like that."  "Who does that idiot think he is anyhow?"  "Why would anybody want all those tatoos?"  Everybody judges and criticizes everybody else at one time or other, that's just the way people are.  Right?  Well, Jesus says it's wrong to judge and criticize each other and that those who do will be judged in the same way by God someday. Judge, Criticize THE HOLY SPIRIT TRANSFORMS <br> The military forces have recruiting advertisements that tell of changing a boy into a man, of transforming a whimp into a sharp, well trained, skilled soldier of the armed forces.  Well, before those slogans came out the Bible speaks of a transformation that takes place which turns cowards, braggards, dreamers into brave, fearless, soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ. Transformation, Change THREE ESSENTIALS CHRISTIANS NEED <br> "I don't need nothing from nobody, I can take care of myself.."  Well, try living without air, food and water.  How long can a person do that?  They are essential to human life, no matter what a person thinks.  There are three essential things that Christians need in order to become what God wants and to live a life that reflects the Lord Jesus.    Essentials, Needs IT MATTERS WHAT ONE BELIEVES <br> What if there were no laws and everybody did what they wanted?  What would be wrong if everybody did or did not do what they sincerely thought was the right or wrong thing to do?  Chaos?  Right?  Ever think that concerning Biblical, spiritual and Church matters that is exactly what is happening?  People ignore God's laws, Commands, Teachings and do their own thing, although they are very sincere, believing they are "right." Belief, Sincerity WHY JESUS REALLY CAME <br> Who knows the mind and ways of God?  When God sent His Son, Jesus, into this world, everybody had their own ideas of what and why He came but they were all wrong.  Jesus tried to explain to a man one night the what's and why's of His being there and only after Jesus died on the cross did the man finally understand.  Why did Jesus really come in the first place? God's Son Came, Why JUST HOW BAD IS MANKIND? <br> If God had used our kind of judgment, there would never have been a flood or any serious punishments upon people.  We judge each other and the world with biased, opinionated, egotistical and limited manners.  God, on the other hand, made all, keeps all, knows all, even the thoughts of every single person and therefore judges quite differently and has declared that mankind is totally evil. Evil, Wicked THE CHURCH IS DECLINING <br> Steeples, stained glass, padded pews, churches, places of worship by Christians who love God and gather every Lord's Day to spend time together in prayer, worship and fellowship.  The Church!  However what is seen and heard today in too many "churches" is not what was started nor is God's intent.
The Church of today is far from what is should be.  It is declining. Declining Church PREREQUISITS TO FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD Johy 4:7-30 Nobody knows at the beginning of a day what the day will bring forth.  Sometimes the day is like any other day but sometimes the day is remarkable and life changing.  A Samaritan woman started her day out as she always did but she encountered Jesus and her day and life after that was never the same. Fellowship, Changes, Prerequisits STARTING OUT RIGHT BUT ENDING UP WRONG <br> Ever wonder how all those in prison started out in life?  Did they have bad parents?  Did they not go to school?  Sadly, most people do start out right but somewhere along the way in their lives, something happened and they ended up in trouble, they ended up wrong.  Well, God's people do the same thing.  All of God's people start out right, but they, too, often end up wrong. Right Start, End Wrong SEEING THINGS THROUGH <br> Are you a quitter? Ever start something and never get it finished?  Everyone has something he/she started but never finished it.  In one of his letters the Apostle Paul mentions that a man who started out in a great way helping and ministering for the Lord had quit, deserted and gone back home.  We quickly shame that man, but at the same time, are we not guilty of the same thing? Quitting or Seeing it Through GOD'S CALL <br> There are many ways to get someone's attention.  Sometimes just a gentle whisper, but sometimes a shout or yell has to be made to get that person's attention.  God has to do the same thing when He wants our attention and God does want our attention for He has something for every single believer to do.
Have you ever experienced God's call? God's Call PERMANENT SPIRITUAL BABIES <br> Ever see a child/baby in a grown up body?  The person matured physically but mentally, emotionally, he/she never grew up.  What a sad thing for a person to never "grow up."  Even more sad is the fact that Christians do the same thing.  Born into the family of God by their belief in Jesus Christ, some never study God's Word and therefore never mature, never grow up and are permanent spiritual babies. Permanent Babies ETERNITY WILL BE SPENT SOMEWHERE <br> Nobody lives least here on earth, but everybody lives as if they were going to.  Who plans for "life after death?"  Nobody wants to think of things like that.  However the truth is, eternity will be spent somewhere by every human being.  There are two places where people will spend eternity according to God's Word and people are given the opportunity to decide where while they are still living.  After death, there is no choice.  WHAT SET OF VALUES DO YOU LIVE BY? Ephesians 2:1-7; 4:17-24; 5:1-17; 1 Peter 5:8-10; Acts 20:24, 21 Everybody imitates somebody, even preachers imitate other preachers.  Why?  People admire something they see or hear in somebody and copy it, thinking they will be admired also by somebody.  We start imitating as babies and never stop, thus establishing a set of values we live by.  Jesus has a set of values He wants Christians to live by only. Values THE SIN OF NOT PRAYING 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Luke 18:1 There are grown sons and daughters who never talk with their parents, never write, never stop in for a visit, never show any sign of concern.  "What sorry children" we think.  Sadly God has children like those.  God has sons and daughters (Christians) who never talk (pray unless there's an emergency and they can't handle the situation by themselves.  That's wrong!  It's a sin! Prayerlessness DEGREES OF PUNISHMENT IN HELL <br> There are lost of beliefs about life after death.  Some believe there's nothing after death, some believe we are reborn to live another human life, some believe we come back as an insect, animal, etc, depending on how we lived our current life.  The Bible teaches that there are two places people go after death, heaven and hell and in heaven one is rewarded and in hell, one is punished, but not all receive the same punishment, there are degrees. Punishment, Hell YOU THROW FIRST <br> We are like the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus' day, we are always passing judgment on others, never thinking that we are as bad off as the ones we are judging or criticizing.  Jesus taught the Scribes and Pharisees a lesson one day that only one who is perfect, sinless, spotless, has the right to judge anybody.  That being the case, none of us should be judging anybody, right? Judging, Criticizing WHY IS GOD SILENT? <br> Who has heard God's voice that you know personally?  Oh, some say "God spoke to me and ...." But who has actually heard God speak aloud?  Looking at the condition of the world today, it appears that God isn't speaking to anybody.  How different today is from the days when God spoke aloud to people.  So, why is God silent today? Silence of God YOUR OWN PRIVATE MISSION FIELD <br> Why is it so easy to talk about one's children, grandchildren, love of sports, recipes, vacation trips, about anything a person has an interest in but so hard to talk about Jesus?  The Great Commission Jesus gave is not JUST to be done in foreign lands.  It starts at home!  Every Christian has his/her very own private
mission field. Missions WHAT A PASTOR MAY EXPECT FROM HIS CHURCH <br> A new pastor, a new Church family, have to get to know each other and usually there are adjustments on for both.  Looking at it from the Church family's side, just what would a new pastor expect from his new congregation?  What should the Church Family be ready to do, change, start, stop in order for them to work with their new pastor? Church Family Expectations WHO JESUS CHRIST IS <br> "Jesus is just another one of God's preachers," "Jesus is NOT God, just another angel" are just some of the things taught and believed by many today as well as in the days of the early Church.  Paul wrote the Colossians a letter clearifying just who Jesus was/is.  Jesus, Buddah, Mohammed are all alike believe many and have done so for centuries.  So, just who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Is God TRUE WORSHIP <br> What some call a "worship" service is not a worship service but more of a "praise" service.  They are very different.  One is a time spent in a reverent, prayerful attitude of unworthiness and thankfulness for God's grace, mercy and forgiveness.  The other is a time spent in outward expressions of joy, appreciation by singing, praising, and testifying of God's goodness.  Jesus explained to a woman at a well exactly what true worship was/is. Worship CHANGE CHRISTIANITY AND IT WILL DIE <br> Some things, when changed, die and are forgotten.  Our's is a fast changing society and it's hard to keep up with all the changes. There are even efforts being made to change the image of the Church by pastors and Church members.  The government is trying to remove any Church image or influence from public sight.  All this is in vain for if Christianity is changed, it will die but thankfully, God is in charge and Christianity is His business.  God will keep it going. Christianity, Changes MAKING THE THINGS OF GOD DIFFICULT <br> People have a way of changing things to fit their own beliefs and wants.  There are many Christian "denominations" today which reflect that truth.  When the Church was started by the Holy Spirit and the followers of Jesus, there was one belief, one way, but through the centuries man has added to God's simple way of salvation and things of God's Church.  Each denomination believes that it is right and all others are wrong.  What does the thief on the cross who was saved tell us? Salvation, God's Way WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH? John 3:16 There are so many Church buildings around.  Are they all alike?  Just what are they there for?  Where did they come from?  Why was it put there in the first place?  What do they do in there?  Maybe Christians ought to ask themselves those same questions.  Just what is the purpose of their Church?  Is it fulfilling it's reason for being there?  In God's plans, the Church has but ONE purpose. Missions, Purpose of the Church IGNORING GOD'S WARNING SIGNS <br> Israel stayed in trouble with God it seems.  There were times they were obedient and God blessed and there were times when they went away from God and God sent prophets and warning signs.  If Israel ignored God's warnings, God sent punishment.  America is acting just like Israel and America is God's chosen nation to the Gentiles.  God has and continues to send America warnings, if America doesn't heed the warnings, then God will send punishment. Warning, Punishement,  WORSHIP WHICH GOD ACCEPTS <br> Some people stand and clap, some walk up and down the aisles speaking in strange sounds, some sit quietly, some have bowed heads, some pray aloud, some sing, some have messages, some have bands, orchestras, a singing group, a very large choir.  Some have theater seats some have cushioned pews, some have wooden chairs, some have benches, some have air conditioning, some don't.  All this is called styles of worship.  Just what kind of worship does God really want and accept? Worship WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS Jeremiah 14-17 "I prayed and prayed and God didn't hear one thing I asked for..."  Every believer has "prayed" for something and it seemed that God never heard his/her prayer.  Why?  Doesn't God answer the prayers of His Children?  Not always.  There are reasons God doesn't answer prayers sometimes.  Jeremiah prayed and prayed for Israel and God told him to quit praying, nothing was going to help.
So, when prayer fails, what next?  What then? Prayer, Unanswered IT JUST DOESN'T SEEM FAIR <br> "It's just not fair" is often said by a Christian.  Christians try to live like God wants and try to avoid getting tangled up in worldly things as much as they can but when people who are obviously NOT Christians and even mock Christians and God seem to have plenty of money, plenty of everything, it just doesn't seem fair.  "Why should they have all that and still live like the devil?"  "I try to live a decent, God-fearing life but struggle to get what I have."  Asaph felt the same way and went to God with his questions.  God gave answers. Unfair, Wicked Prosper DESTINED TO BE LIKE JESUS CHRIST <br> People are always trying to act like somebody else and it's usually somebody that they admire.  Actors in movies and theaters play the part of being somebody else but it is known by everybody that nobody can actually become the person being imitated.  God has declared that Christians, His Children, will one day become just like His Son, Jesus, in every way and they won't be "acting."  How can that be?  Think, "Destined to be just like Jesus.." Jesus' Image, Likeness THE PRECIOUS BOND OF MARRIAGE <br> Why do some marriages last and others don't?  Is there some secret that causes marriages to be happy ones and last a lifetime?  There are all kind of marriage customs around the world with different attitudes toward the role of the husband and the wife.  God spoke through Paul, giving guidelines for Christians to follow to have the kind of marriage that honors the husband, the wife, the family and most of all, the Lord Jesus. Marriage,  CHANGES HAVE TO BE MADE <br> Why is it that there are lots and lots of Church members/Christians, but only a handfull seem to be doing anything for the Lord?  It seems that upon becoming a Christian that was it!  Nothing beyond the being born again stage, just baptism and church membership.  Is it because the inactive Christians do not know what God wants them to do or is it that they DO know but are unwilling to make the necessary changes in order to do what God wants them to do? Changes, Obedience ATTRIBUTES OF GOD <br> God is God!  There is none beside Him!  No matter what mankind conjures up and calls a "god," it is but an empty, useless, imitation of the real thing - almighty God.  If a person would only stop and think about the attributes of God, then there would be no thought of there ever being any other genuine, real, divine, powerful being that could be called "god." Joshua said, " for me and my house we will serve the Lord - God..."  Why did he say that? God's Attributes WHERE IS GOD NOT? 1 Kings 8:27; Psalm 139:8-10; Revelation 3:20 If God is God and God is supposed to be everywhere, then why haven't I seen Him?
It is reported in the Bible that a man actually "wrestled" with God, can you believe that?  This man named Jacob, when his experience was over, remarked,
"...surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not..."  So it is, the Lord God is indeed everywhere, all the time, but people just don't know it.  What would the world be like if Christians could actually "see" God? God's Presence RENEWING  YOUR WORSHIP <br> "The preacher's done it again, he's gone past noon..."  If our worship services last more than an hour we get uncomfortable,look at our watches, and begin to squirm in our comfortable pew seats.  Can you imagine ANYBODY being crazy enough to STAND for hours while some long winded preacher read THREE whole Books of the Bible?  Yet it happened in Nehemiah's day and the people who stood for all that time were changed, renewed, restored, filled with the Joy of the Lord.  Would you do what they did to receive what they did? Worship Renewal OVERCOMING OBSTACLES <br> Whenever God wants something done, He wants it done His way and anybody who determines to do what God wants God's way will encounter a lot of opposition and some of it from very unexpected sources.  Many give up and quit but some hang on and finish what they started for God.  Nehemiah is an example of someone trying to do something God wanted done the way God wanted it done and he faced a lot of difficulties, but in the end he got it done.  How's your record? Obstacles,  SIGNS OF GENUINE REVIVAL <br> Christians need to study History.  History within the pages of God's Word, for therein is revealed God's dealings with His chosen people, how He dealt with their sinfulness and disobedience.  Also is revealed what it takes for a person and even a nation to be restored to the favor of God.  Churches have "revivals" but most are just meetings.  What are signs that a genuine revival has occurred?
What happens to people who are a part of a Genuine Revival? Revival, Genuine FINISHING WHAT WAS STARTED <br> Everybody starts projects but not everybody finishes what they start.  Sadly that truth is found in doing God's work also.  Anytime anything is started for the Lord there will be lots of distractions and from some of the oddest places at that.  To start and finish doing God's work, it must be done God's way and to do things God's way, one has to stay in communication with God.  Nehemiah was given an assignment by God and he finished what he and God started.   Finish, Complete SERVING GOD REQUIRES CHANGES <br> Ask any Christian, "are you willing to serve God?" and the answer will always be positive, "yes, sure, oh yes."  However many Christians are not serving God because they refused to make changes that would have been necessary to do what God wanted them to do.  How many are willing to leave families, even their country to do what God wanted them to do?  Nehemiah and his getting the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt as well as the city rebuilt required a lot of changes. Serving God, Changes TROUBLES DON'T HAVE TO PULL US DOWN <br> Everybody has troubles at one time or other and sometimes those troubles seem to be endless and beyond survival, however Christians have a source of help that is always there and always has a way through the trouble, no matter how tough.  That source is God.  Christian, your troubles don't have to pull you down, God wants to help, let Him. Troubles THE FALL OF MAN <br> "We came from a speck of protoplasm from outer space and people are getting better every generation and one day everyone will be just perfect..."  This is what some believe and even are teaching.  God's Word reveals exactly how things got started and how mankind got in the condition it is in.  The 3rd Chapter of Genesis is very informative as to what happened and how the "FALL OF MAN" happened.  Yes, mankind today is not how it started out but is much worse. Fall, Mankind GOD'S WORD NEEDS NO EXPLAINING various scripture verses There are those who think that they are "experts" in explaining the scriptures and have elevated themselves to "modern day prophets."  That is sad because God has already provided a permanent source to help the believer understand His Word when needed and that source is the indwelling presence within each believer of the Holy Spirit.  This message has no personal/human comments it is simply and only God's Word.  It needs no explaining by another person/pastor. Word of God YOUR BIBLICAL TWIN <br> Ever see somebody who looked like somebody you once knew?  Ever have somebody come up to you and tell you that you have a twin but lives somewhere else?  Did you ever think that you are a twin of a Bible person?  Aha!  Think about that for a moment.  Jonah ran from God, Peter talked too much, Mark and Demas deserted, Judas betrayed, and so on.  Jesus tells of a rich, young, foolish man who had the wrong idea about life.  He was all into having, getting and being somebody.  Perhaps this young man might be YOUR Biblical twin? Bible Twin THE CHURCH JESUS BUILT <br> "Turn left at the church..."  "Where do you go to church?"  The word "church" is familiar with most people and each church building has a name.  Are they all the same?  Is one more "right" than the other?  According to God's Word, there is but ONE Church and it is founded upon Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, "...I will build MY Church.  How is Jesus' Church different from some of our present churches?
 Church FORGIVEN, BUT THE SCARS REMAIN <br> Everybody has a scar caused by, accidents, fights, and those scars are reminders of what happened.  The Christian can get spiritual scars from leaving God's way and venturing back into sin.  Grace brings forgiveness whenever a sinful Christian repents sincerely and is restored to God's fellowship, but the sin committed leaves a scar, a reminder to the Christian what he/she did in disobedience to the Lord.  Forgiven, yes, but sin leaves a scar. Forgiveness, Scars SATAN'S METHODS, STILL THE SAME <br> Most people who know about the episode of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, eating the fruit from the forbidden tree, think that they could have done better.  They criticize Eve, fuss at her, make fun of her, ridicule her, for doing what she did and/or did not do.  However everybody is still a sinner just like Eve became.  Satan's methods are still the same.  He gets us to listen to him, then to think about what he got our attention with, then we begin to think that it might be alright, then we do it!  Just like Eve.  Satan,  THE MAN GOD USED TO RESTORE PAUL'S SIGHT <br> Usually we think of the great people of the Bible as being gifted, famous, important before God used them but it is quite the contrary.  Who remembers the man who did something miraculous for Paul before Paul got started in his ministry?
It was a scary thing God asked this man to do but he did it.  Nobody had heard of him before and he is not mentioned anymore after the miraculous thing he did for Paul.  Do you remember a quiet man named Ananias? Ananias,  FREE FROM THE PENALTY OF SIN <br> What's the big deal about sin?  Everybody sins, even so called "Christians."
What's so special about being a Christian any how?  Christians are free from the penalty of their sin.  The penalty for their sins has already been paid for.  Those who are not Christians, however, will have to pay for their sins for they have not turned to the One who has already paid for their sins.  Jesus has already paid for everyone's sins, but not everyone knows or cares. Free, Penalty of Sin THE ETERNAL PURPOSE OF GOD <br> God doesn't always reveal everything to us.  Sometimes He keeps things from us and waits till the right time.  God had an eternal purpose for mankind from the
very beginning. Purpose, Eternal THREE PHASES OF SALVATION <br> Bingo!  Salvation happens!  It's done!  Actually, there's three phases involved in one becoming saved, a Christian. Salvation, Saved, Phases MARKS OF A CHRISTIAN Various texts We can identify each other fairly easy, even in the dark, but how do we tell if a person is a Christian or not? Christian, Identification SATAN AND HIS HELPERS Various other texts Who wears a red suit, has horns, a pointed tail, has a pitchfork and lives in a firey place?  Satan has disguised himself very well in our time, but he is very real and extremely dangerous. Satan, Demons LIFESTYLE OF A CHRISTIAN <br> Of all the people in the world who should be living lives of confidence, assurance, peace and example, it should be Christians.  The lifestyle of a Christian should be very different from the rest of the world's people. Lifestyle, Christian, Different LIFE ON THIS PLANET <br> If life here on this earth seems boring, try the Christian life with Christ in charge.  Things will change dramatically. Life, Changed LIVING UNDER GRACE <br> It is GRACE, not the laws of Moses that brings salvation, eternal life to people and only to those who believe in God's Son, Jesus Christ. Grace, Law SPECIAL GUEST INTRODUCTION <br> Special introduction of Jesus.  Can be used on a special event/occasion. Introduction JUDGMENT AT THE HOUSE OF GOD <br> Ever find the "perfect" Church?  As a matter of fact, there's an awful lot wrong with most Churches of today and God is going to bring judgment if they don't get back where they are supposed to be. Judgment, Church IS THE SPIRIT'S FILLING THAT BIG OF A DEAL? <br> Christians are expected by God to live different lives and if left to themselves, they would fail, however, God has provided a big help for them and has indwelt every Christian with His Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, Filling DEACONS, PARTNERS IN MINISTRY TO PEOPLE IN NEED <br> Everyone at one time or other needs a "friend" to help them out.  Sometimes it is a financial thing, sometimes it is an emotional thing and sometimes it is just a shoulder to cry on.  Within the Church are men who have been set aside by the Church to help the pastor minister to their people.  Deacons are their title. DEACONS, PARTNERS, CHURCH SPIRITUALLY DRIFTING ALONG <br> Living a Christian life without trying to be like Christ wants one to be is like drifting along down a river.  Nothing exerted, no plans, just going with the flow. Drifting, Spriritually  DEACONS, PARTNERS IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH 1 Timothy 3 Everybody needs a guide, an example, a "mentor," even in a Church family.  The pastor is usually so busy he just can't minister to every individual need, therefore God brought in help for the pastor and they are called Deacons. Deacons, Aids, Partners, DIVINE METAMORPHOSIS <br> For butterflies to be what they are, they had to undergo a fascinating change called "metamorphosis."  They started out as an egg, then a worm, then wrapped in silk-like fiber, changed again inside and finally hatched as a beautiful butterfly.  The Christian also has undergone a beautiful change and actually has not one, but two natures. Divine Change WHY ARE WE HERE? <br> How should we be living?  Everybody is different.  Are we all supposed to be alike?  So, why are we here in the first place? Life, Purpose DO WE HAVE TO SUFFER FOR WHAT ADAM DID? <br> Can we blame Adam and Eve for the reason all of us sin?  Why do innocent babies grow up to become just like everybody else, sinners? Sin, Inherited HOW DO I LIVE WITH ALL THIS GUILT AND REGRET? <br> Feelings of guilt, regret, sorrow, worthlessness, all of us have felt them at one time or other.  How do we handle these horrible feelings? Guilt, Regret, Feelings DOES GOD REALLY WANT ME HAPPY? <br> Just what is being "happy?"  Where can it be found?  How long does it last?  Does God want me to be happy? Happiness, Causes DOING SOMETHING FOR THE LORD <br> Family members are expected to "pitch in" and help out with things needed doing around the house.  God expects His children to be helpful around the Church and assigns duties to each of His Children.  What is your assignment? Duties, Assignment THOUGHTS ABOUT PREDESTINATION Ephesians 3:11 Most of us have calendars with dates circled, scribbling on certain days, indicating plans for that particular day or week.  Our plans don't always work out for us. However, God also has made plans but His always work just exactly as He planned and He already knows who, what, when and where before things happen. Predestination, Things already worked out. DON'T BE IGNORANT OF SATAN'S METHODS <br> Everyone of us has had encounters with Satan and he has won about every one of them.  We need to be aware of his methods and be watchful for his attempts to cause us to sin against God. Satan, Methods of Evil DO ALL THINGS REALLY WORK FOR OUR GOOD? <br> How in the world can something tragic, horrible, terrible, painful, ever work out for anybody's good?  According to God it can, it does.  God says that ALL things put together work out for our good.  How does that happen?  THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TODAY John 16:7-11 The Bible was given to us by God and tells us about God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit.  We know that God, the Father sent Jesus, His Son to earth for a while, now that Jesus is back with the Heavenly Father, just what does the Holy Spirit do down here among us? Holy Spirit's Work LAMENT FOR FALLEN WARRIORS <br> David's attitude toward Saul was one which would be good for us all to imitate.  David didn't hold grudges and forgave. Lament, Forgive FATHER'S DAY <br> How different is the family of today in relation to what God expects the family to be, especially the Christian family? Family GOD, GIVE US CHRISTIAN HOMES John 5;23; Matthew 4:4; Ephesians 6:6 The condition of a nation's homes is usually a sign of how stable/moral a nation is.  Think about that and the condition of our own nation, then take a look at the average home. Homes Ordinary People Used By God <br> Series includes:

A Tongue Like A Whip A Heart Full Of Love, <small>Amos 1</small>
The Rebel Prophet, <small>Jeremiah 1</small>
The Preacher Who Cried "repent!", <small>Joel</small>
The Man Who Talked With Angels, <small>Zechariah 1</small>
The Greatest Man Of The Old Testament, <small>Deuteronomy 34</small>
Shagmar Used What He Had, <small>Judges 3</small>
His Head In The Clouds And His Feet On The Ground, <small>Isaiah 6</small>
A Country Preacher And A City Girl, <small>Hosea 1</small>
A Popular Hero, <small>Judges 16</small>
The Teaching Prophet, <small>Malachai</small>
The Prophet Who Stands Like A Mountain Peak, <small>1 Kings 17</small>
The Patriotic Prophet, <small>Nahum 1</small>
The Man Who Did The Impossible, <small>1 Samuel 1</small>
The Deserter, Demas, <small>2 Timothy 4</small>
Mary, A Model Mother, <small>Luke 1</small>
He Wrote The Shortest Book In The O.T., <small>Obadiah</small>
Cain And Abel, One Wrong, One Right, <small>Genesis 4</small>
A Champion Of The Poor, <small>Micah 1</small>
The Self- Made Fool, Saul, <small>1 Samuel 26</small>
The Prophet Who Challenged God, <small>Habakkuk 1</small>
The Man Who Tried To Correct God, <small>Jonah</small>
The Man God Called, "the Son Of Man", <small>Ezekiel 2</small>
The Aristocratic Prophet, <small>Zephaniah 1</small>
He Saw His Duty And Did It, <small>Haggai 1</small>
Gideon, The Fighting Farmer, <small>Judges 6</small>
A Too-easy Day, Eli, <small>1 Samuel 3</small>
A Beautiful Work By Mary, <small>Mark 14</small>  FAMILY BUSINESS <br> It's not unusual at all to see a business which includes more than one family member's name.  Such a business usually includes the entire family in it's business matters.  What might be the family business of God's family? Family A LIFE CHANGING COMMAND <br> Some commands are obeyed, some are not.  Some commands are beneficial, some are not.  What might be a life changing command? Change, Life GOD, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER <br> Every father is different and everyone has a father.  Some may have never known their father, some may not want to remember their father, but some may love and cherish their father.  God is the Christian's Heavenly Father. Father JESUS HAD A PLAN, DO WE? Galatians 4:4; Acts 1:7 Things that work out for the best almost always have a well laid and executed plan.  Jesus did not just drop in for a visit but His appearance had been planned for centuries.  What kind of plan do we, His Family, have to be of help? Plans, Methods DIVINE HEALING <br> "Send me some money and I'll send you a cloth I prayed over and you will be healed..."  Sound "fishy"  sure it is.  However there is such a thing as "divine healing" but it is all done by the power of God and not by some self appointed "healer." Healing, Divine HAULED INTO COURT 1 John 1:8-2:2 Every minute of every hour, some Christian has charges brought up against him/her!
Satan is constantly accusing God's Children of every thing he can find. Accused, Court GRUMBLING ABOUT GENEROUSITY <br> Strange that when we are on the receiving end of generosity we never complain, but whenever somebody else is, we complain.  Why is that? Grumble, Complain, Generousity HOW DO YOU PICTURE GOD? <br> What does God look like?  If you believe in God, how do you explain to somebody else what God is like? Image, Likeness of God GOD'S PHARMACY <br> A single prescription is often made up of several ingredients, some which are harmless but some may be dangerous by themselves.  If mixed properly, the combination will bring healing.  So it is with God and our lives.  God takes various things in our lives and brings about the best results. Wonderful Works of God DEATH OF A SAINT IS PRECIOUS TO GOD <br> Death comes for us sooner or later and it is always difficult for us to let each other go, however if that loved one, that friend who died is a Christian, then it is a time of rejoicing for he/she is now in the Lord's presence and that is something the Lord has been looking forward to. Death, Saint THE MADMAN OF GADARA <br> Satan has a power over people that only Jesus can conquer. Satan, Evil THE WARFARE OF THE BELIEVER <br> The believer's life is a constant battlefield. War, Battlefield THE UNIVERSAL PRESENCE OF GOD 1 Kings 8:27; Genesis 28:16 Where can a person go and God is not there? Presence of God THE BLESSEDNESS OF POSESSING NOTHING Genesis 22:1-19; Matthew 16:24-25 Things are necessary to us and have pushed God outside of our heart. Posessions vrs Nothing THE PRAYER FOR UNITY <br> It's easy to forget that we are really "one" as the "family of God" and we are to care for each other. United, Oneness VETERAN'S DAY <br> Take time to reflect on the sacrifices of all those who have put on the uniform to serve in the United States Military.  Let us honor our veterans. Veteran, United States Military JESUS IS LORD <br> America has never bowed nor bent the knee to nor fallen face down before any man or woman.  We, as a nation, don't know how to bow the knee and call anybody LORD. Bow, Bend, Lord THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME <br> The purpose of the Lord's Supper is to keep the "Person" and "work" of the Lord Jesus constantly before our hearts and minds. Lord's Supper THE MEANING OF THE LORD'S SUPPER <br> The Lord's Supper is the only service that Jesus gave explicit instructions on how to carry out. Lord's Supper THE ULTIMATE SUPPER <br> A good time to check up on ourselves concerning our relationship with the Lord is to participate in the most significant memorial service we could ever involve ourselves in and that would be The Lord's Supper. Lord's Supper WHO IS WORTHY? <br> Not everybody is worthy to partake of the Lord's Supper.  Who is worthy and who is not worthy? Lord's Supper JUST WHO IS OUR ACCUSER? 1 Peter 5:8; Ephesians 6:11-12 There is someone constantly accusing the Christian before God.  Just who is it that is always finding something wrong with the Christian? Accuser, Wrongdoing JESUS FEEDING THE 5,000 John 6:1-13 How do Christians handle the seemingly "impossible" when asked to do so by the Lord? Impossible, Faith, Obedience IT'S NOT WHAT HAS BEEN DONE, BUT WHAT LIES AHEAD <br> The past has some wonderful memories but cannot be relived, therefore as long as we live, we must remain active in doing what the Lord wants for today. Past, Today, Important PASSOVER WEEK EVENTS Exodus 6:6-7; various other scriptures Events of the Passover Week are not often know by the Christian.  Here are brief details of that most special week. Easter, Passover PASSION WEEK <br> The last week of Jesus' live on earth began on Palm Sunday.  This is a general outline of that week. Easter, Passion Week THE WRONG PLACE TO LOOK <br> "Why are you looking for Him who is alive, among the dead?"  Sadly there are many who still have Jesus in the tomb. Easter, Resurrection IS JESUS GOD? <br> There are a lot of "religions" who question Jesus as being God.  Is Jesus really God? Jesus, God MY REAL FAMILY <br> Christians have two families.  The one they were born physically into and then the one they were born spiritually into. Family EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE Various Texts Christ's Resurrection and events of that first day for an Easter Sunrise Service. Easter, Sunrise Service THINGS GOD WANTS US TO KNOW <br> Sorrow and grief are never easy and the Bible is full of examples of people suffering sorrow, distress and grief.  There are things God can teach us in such times. Life, God's Love HOME OF THE BELIEVER <br> God has a place prepared for His Children, a place of indescribable beauty. Home, Heaven, Believer THANKSGIVING <br> Reasons to be thankful, not just at Thanksgiving season, but all the year long. Thanksgiving BIG FAITH WITHOUT A BIG FISH <br> Sometimes God has to use extreme measures to build our faith.  Jonah is such an example. Faith, Building Faith THE MEANING OF BAPTISM <br> Why be baptized?  What is the importance of baptism?  What does baptism do? Baptism, Submerge, Water THE CHURCH  - GOD'S DOINGS, NOT MAN'S 1 Peter 2:5-10 "What a beautiful Church" has often been said about a building.  The true "Church" is not a building but people. Church, Building, People THE BATTLE WITHIN - OUR TWO NATURES <br> Paul wrote about wrestling with doing things he shouldn't and not doing things he should.  All Christians have battles within themselves - why? Warfare, Battles IT IS FINISHED <br> Jesus uttered the words "it is finished" from the Cross.  What was finished? Words of Jesus from the Cross IT IS ME Hebrews 9:28 After His resurrection, Jesus was not recognized by two of His followers.  Jesus will come back again. Return of Jesus MORAL INSANITY Eccl. 9:3; Luke 15:11-17 God says there are two kinds of people: lost and saved.  To be lost and know it is to be morally insane. Insane, Madness SATAN ATTACKS BELIEVERS <br> Christians are under almost constant attack from an invisible enemy - Satan. Attack, Satan, Believers MEASURING GOD'S LOVE BY OUR OWN <br> One of the greatest mistakes Christians make is trying to measure God's love by their own standards. God's Love WALKING IN CHRIST <br> The Christian's life will reveal just how close he/she is the Lord Jesus. Living like Christ WHY GOD OFTEN DELAYS IN ANSWERING PRAYER <br> Often God does not answer one's prayer right away.  Why is that? Prayer, Delay GOD IS FREE <br> God cannot be hindered, restricted or controlled by anything or any being.  God can do literally anything He wants to. Free, Unrestricted CONTENTMENT <br> Is there really such a thing as "contentment?"  Is heaven the only place where it can be found? Contentment, Discontent CHRIST WALKING ON THE SEA Matthew 14:22-32 Sometimes it seems as if the Lord is not with us and is not aware of our circumstances, however He is always nearby and knows our situation. Presence of Christ GOD'S CHRISTMAS TREE Other Scriptures What is under the Christmas tree?  Gifts of course.  God has a "Christmas Tree" and with it are countless gifts.

(This is not entirely original with me) Christmas, Tree, Gifts GOD HAS A PURPOSE AND PLAN Other Scriptures From the very beginning, God has had a plan for people and when all is as He wants it, He will finish what He started. Purpose, Plan SIX PRINCIPLES FOR GOD'S PEOPLE TO LIVE BY <br> Families have their particular ways of life that they go by but so does God.  God has certain principles that He wants His Family to live by. God's Principles of Life WHY WE NEED TO PRAY <br> Talking with God is as much a part of the Christian's life as breathing is for the physical life.  Christians need to pray. Prayer, Christians OUTLINE OF MICAH <br> God's people were being judged by God but there was promise of restoration but repentance was absolutely necessary for restoration to happen. Judgment, Restoration, Repentance PRIVILEGES OF BEING A CHRISTIAN <br> Most Christians take their "saved" life for granted and give little thought of what their actual privileges are. Privileges, Christian HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH? <br> The human body is not worth very much chemically, less than ten dollars, even in inflation times.  However with God's interest in people as it is, there must be some great value in a person somewhere. Value, Purpose, Worth PRAYING TOGETHER <br> Prayer is the most awesome, mighty force in the world and through prayer a Christian can move mountains, heal the sick, halt the work of Satan, calm the seas.  There is no limit to what prayer can do. Prayer, Unity, Oneness GATHERED AROUND HIS TABLE <br> Surrounded by His disciples on the night of the Passover supper, Jesus remarked that "one of you will betray me..."  "Lord is it I?"  Lord's Supper, Betrayal THE NATURE OF PRAYER <br> True prayer is the key to God's power and glory.  Most Christians don't use their "key" often enough. Prayer, Key LOOKING IN THREE DIRECTIONS <br> An angel once asked a woman who had run away, where had she come from and where was she going.  Senior adults spend a lot of time talking about the past and how things have changed at the present, but who ever talks about what lies ahead? Looking About WHEN JESUS COMES <br> People have a lot to be worried and anxious about lately, but where is the Christian's faith and trust in God?  Is the Lord really one's Shepherd? Presence of Jesus, Shepherd, Worries ISAIAH STUDY GUIDES <br> A 3 series study guide/outline of the Book of Isaiah Isaiah THE HEART OF EASTER <br> There is but one true, real meaning of Easter and Jesus is that true, real meaning. Easter THE BELOVED PHYSICAN - LUKE <br> It is difficult to make a statement mingled with happiness and sorrow at the same time and Paul describes such a time in his life. Beloved, Friend A FISHING STORY <br> For some reason several fishermen just walked off from their boats and began to follow Jesus.  Why did they do that? Follower of Jesus IF I HAD BUT ONE YEAR TO LIVE <br> What would occupy your mind and time if you knew you had only one year left to live? Time, Values REMOVING THE VEIL Revelation 4:11 Once there was a veil that separated the holy place where God visited from the presence of God's people, but now that veil has been removed.  Why is it that God still isn't seen by most people? Veil, Separation THE TRUE LORD'S PRAYER <br> "Now I lay me down to sleep..." is not the Lord's Prayer.  The true Lord's Prayer is the one Jesus prayed aloud with His disciples. Lord's Prayer, Prayer THE GOD OF THE BIBLE <br> God uses the written Word, the Bible, to reveal Himself to mankind.  Remarkably we have some of God's traits but in far lesser amounts and we handle them in a lesser manner than God. God, Attributes, Revelation PROUD OR HUMBLE? James 4:6-7; Isaiah 57:15 Sad but true, one of the greatest obstacles of the Church today is "pride," and the greatest need of the Church today is "humility."  Think about it! Pride, Humility FREEDOM AT ONCE, AND FOREVER <br> There is a date that America celebrates as it's break from control of another nation and declared itself a free nation.  Every human being is born into slavery but Jesus Christ came to liberate every human being from such slavery, forever. Slavery, Freedom, Forever OUR ROYAL BROTHER <br> Are you of royalty?  If you are a Christian, you are of Royalty.  Jesus Christ makes you an heir to Royalty. Royalty, Brother, Heir RESPONSIBILITY OF HEARING THE GOSPEL <br> Often we hear, but we don't "hear."  We hear the words but don't give them any attention.  When the gospel is spoken and it is heard, there is a responsibility that goes with having heard it. Gospel, Hearing, Response The Model Prayer Series <br> The Lord's Prayer is an excellent example of how Christians should pray. Lord's Prayer HONOR THY PARENTS <br> One's parents are to be honored as long as one lives.   Parents, Honor THE LORD'S SUPPER, SIMPLE BUT SUBLIME <br> The Lord's Supper was never intended by the Lord to be complicated or showy.  It was/is to be a time of remembering. Lord's Supper THE KINGDOM OF GOD REVEALED <br> Not everybody who says so are members of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom IS THERE A LITERAL HELL? <br> Is Hell make believe or is it real?  What does the Bible say? Hell, Lake of Fire THE WHEAT AND TARES <br> How can one tell the difference between Christians and non-Christians by looking at people?  Jesus tells a story about how. Difference, Christians-NonChristians IF YOU DON'T FISH, YOU FIGHT <br> Ever been so tired you couldn't go another step and just quit?  Jesus got that way often, but He never quit.  He had compassion, He felt what others felt. Assignment, Compassion, Fish or Fight IS BEING "SOMEBODY" IMPORTANT? <br> Everybody wants to be somebody.  Even Adam and Eve thought they needed to eat of the forbidden tree in order to become somebody more important than they already were.  In God's eyes, who is important? Important, Somebody WHEN GOD MAKES PLANS <br> Not all of our plans work out, however when God makes plans, every single aspect is completely done as originally planned by God Plans, Accomplished, Completed WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH? Ephesians 2:1-10 With so many "churches" around and all look and sound differently, just what are they all here for?  What is their purpose? Church, Purpose, Reason WHEN FAITH IS VISIBLE <br> What's the difference between Biblical faith and the faith we use to visit doctors, or eat at a restaurant or ride on public transportation? Faith, Biblical, Typical WHY GOD, WHY? <br> If God is always right about everything, then why are so many things not right? Why?, All knowing, all powerful God WHY SO MANY ARE LOST <br> Why do most people take God and Jesus lightly, if at all?  Most pay no attention, many make fun.  Why do they do that? Make Light of God WHAT IS FAITH? <br> What's the difference between faith in Jesus and faith in a witch doctor? Faith, Real, False WHAT KIND OF GIFTS DO YOU GIVE? <br> Have a hard time selecting a gift?  Jesus gives us some hints as to gifts that we have never thought about but can give quickly and without cost. Gift,  WHY THE LAW? <br> Where did "law" come from anyhow?  Why do we need laws? Law, Origin VICTORIOUS LIFE IS A GIFT <br> A gift is something you don't have to pay for, it is totally free.  There is a way of life that is victorious and it is totally free. Life, Victorious, Free WHO WILL GO TO HELL? 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Ephesians 5:5 There is a real Hell and there are some already in it and according to the Bible there are countless more who will eventually go there.  Who are they? Hell, Occupants WHY PEOPLE GO AWAY FROM GOD <br> When God speaks, things happen, right?  However some people, even God's own Children (Christians) ignore what God says, or puts off doing what God says.  Why do people do that? God's Call, Response WEALTH THROUGH GOD'S EYES 1 Corinthians 10:26; Luke 11:11-13; Matthew 6:24-33 "What's mine is mine and nobody else's!"  Right?  For some reason even Christians forget that all things belong to God.  God sees wealth differently than we do. Wealth, God's Viewpoint WHY DON'T WE PRAY AS WE SHOULD? <br> If Christians can have anything they ask for within God's will, then why don't Christians pray more? Prayer WHEN GOD SPEAKS, WHAT THEN? <br> What did you do when you were asked to do something you thought was impossible for you to do?  When God speaks to us, it is always something we think is impossible for us to do, so what do we do? IMPOSSIBLE TO DO, GOD SPEAKING LIFE'S MAIN BUSINESS <br> People think that their main business in life is their job.  That's not so if you are a Christian.  The main business in the life of a Christian is the will of God. Business, Main, Life WHEN TRUTH LOSES ITS POWER <br> Is Jesus Christ really Lord?  What is He Lord of?  Who is He Lord of? Lord, Jesus Christ WHY MANKIND ANYHOW? Genesis 3:1-15 Why are we here?  How did we get here?  What is happening to us?  Where is God? Mankind, Purpose WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR HAND? <br> God turned a piece of wood into a snake.  God directed a rock from a sling to kill a giant.  God multiplied a boy's lunch to feed a multitude.  What do you have that God can use? Hand, Useful to God WHY ARE YOU AFRAID? <br> What do we do when a terrifying storm sweeps into our lives?  If we are Christians, we have Jesus, so why be afraid? Fear, Jesus' Presence WHAT DOES THE CROSS MEAN? 1 Corinthians 1:18; 2:2 Wood crosses, gold crosses, silver crosses, tattooed crosses, big crosses, little crosses, on churches, in yards, on flags, on some weird looking people.  Just what does the Cross really mean? Cross, Meaning WHEN IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE <br> "And they lived happily ever after..."  Is everyone's life like that or do a lot of things that happen just not make any sense at all?  Face it, an awful lot of life that happens, just doesn't make any sense. Perplexed, Despair, Senseless WHAT BECAME OF THE TWELVE DISCIPLES? <br> All of the twelve disciples of Jesus died tragic deaths except for John who died of old age.  How did they die?  Somebody  looked through history and came up with this information. Disciples, Death MAN IS STRANGE INDEED <br> Mankind is weird.  Capable of the highest acts of kindness and in a split second capable of the most disgusting cruel acts.  Man fights and wars just or rule.
Is this how God created man to be? Mankind, Strange, Paradox HORIZONTAL GRACE <br> Vertical grace is from God downward to us, which is totally undeserved by us.  Horizontal grace is from us to each other but we add qualifications to our "grace." Grace, God's, Ours IS GOD, THE FATHER, A LIAR? <br> "Is God, the Father a liar?"  How could you say such a thing someone might reply.  Yet from the way people act and react about believing in Jesus, it might seem that most people think that God and the Bible lie. Lie, God, Bible WHAT GOD HAS DONE Psalm 24:1 Most people are unaware of some peculiarities around them that go with their world.  God has created a wonderful place for us. World, Earth, Wonders FIVE MINUTES IN HELL <br> How different would Christians see things if they spent five minutes in hell? Hell, Christians IS GOD'S WILL OUR WILL? 1 Corinthians 10:31; Psalm 127:1-2 Everybody has his/her own way of doing things.  Where does God's way of doing things come in? God's Way IT COSTS TO FOLLOW CHRIST <br> Jesus had a lot of followers and He explained to them the cost of being serious about following Him, being one of His disciples. Cost, Follower, Jesus The Second Coming Series Various  When Jesus comes back the second time, it will be like nothing this world has ever experienced before.  This series will open one's eyes to many of the things that shall happen. Second Coming of Jesus IS GOD PROUD OF YOU? <br> Saved by faith, but how about living by faith?  Some do and some don't.  God is proud of those who do, so could God be proud of you because of your faith? Proud, Faith, Life INSTRUMENTS OF GOD 1 Corinthians 11:7-9; Psalm 8 Instruments are used for all sort of things by people.  God uses people as instruments.  Are you being used by God as an instrument? Instrument, Use, Purpose IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK <br> God has a purpose for everything He has done and is doing and it might be considered like a book of three chapters.  We are living in Chapter Two, the middle of the book. God's Book IS JESUS CHRIST YOUR LORD? <br> Singing about Jesus being "Lord" is one thing, but for Jesus to really be Lord of one's life is an entirely different thing.  Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life? Lordship of Jesus LED BY WHICH SPIRIT? <br> Led by the Holy Spirit one becomes a Christian.  Led by the Holy Spirit one lives a Christian life.  Led by the worldly spirit, one lives like the rest of the world.  How doe we know which spirit is trying to lead? Spirit Leadership THE SOWER AND THE SEED <br> When sowing seed, the seed doesn't always go where it can grow the best.  Jesus told a story about sowing seed and comparing the kinds of ground it fell on with kinds of people and the similar results. Hearing God's Word THE SERVICE AND STEWARDSHIP OF THE CHURCH Romans 12:1 In the Old Testament God had Priests, Tabernacle, orders of service.  Today God has Priests, Church buildings and service.  There are some differences and some similarities. Church, Service THE GOAL OF CHRISTIAN LIVING <br> The goal of Israel was to get into their promised land.  The Christian also has a promised land and it should be the goal of every Christian to reach it. Goal of the Christian QUALIFICATIONS OF A LEADER <br> To serve God and God's people as a leader, what are the qualifications?
 Qualifications, Leader THE WAY TO BLESSINGS <br> Israel had a flooded river between them and their promised land.  As a Christian is there a flood "river" between you and God's plans for your life? Obstacle, Blessings GOD THE FATHER'S PART IN SALVATION <br> Salvation is totally the doings of the Heavenly Trinity.  Each has a part in securing for us eternal salvation.  God, the Father promises eternal life to all who believe in Jesus Christ. Salvation, God, The Father JESUS' PART IN SALVATION <br> The center of our salvation seems to be found in what Jesus Christ has done.  What was Jesus' part in obtaining eternal salvation for mankind? Salvation, Jesus Christ THE HOLY SPIRIT'S PART IN SALVATION <br> It has been said that the Holy Spirit is God's "down payment" in all that believers in Jesus Christ are to receive.  Just what part does the Holy Spirit have in our salvation? Salvation, Holy Spirit CONDITIONAL SALVATION <br> "Once saved, always saved." Is this true or can a person do something to put his/her salvation in danger, even lose it? Salvation, Conditional, Eternal WITNESS FOR THE LORD <br> History is invaluable and especially is the history of the Church.  The Book of Acts tells how the first witnesses got the Church started. Witness, Church THIS SAME JESUS <br> Three most wonderful verses in the New Testament, revealing and reminding the Christian about Jesus leaving and His coming return. Jesus, Ascention, Return FAITHFUL BUT NOT PERFECT <br> Faithful to the Lord, but still imperfect.  Even the best of people are still only people who have weaknesses. Faith, Imperfect WHAT HAPPENED? <br> No doubt the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost caused a lot of excitement and many of the people wondered and asked, "What happened?" Holy Spirit, Pentecost PETER'S GREAT SERMON <br> A sermon that caused hundreds, even thousands to be saved.  What a sermon preached by Peter. Sermon, Souls saved JESUS IS BOTH "LORD" AND "CHRIST" <br> Bow now to Jesus in belief or bow before His throne as an unbeliever.  Everyone will sooner or later bow. Jesus, Lord, Christ THE LORD DOES THE ADDING TO HIS CHURCH <br> Salvation is totally the Lord's work, however the Lord does use obedient people to help bring others to Jesus. Church, Salvation, Lord I'LL SHARE WITH YOU <br> God used two disciples to heal a crippled man by sharing what they knew about the Lord Jesus. Sharing, Used by God HOW TO PREACH THE GOSPEL <br> Preachers can learn from other preachers.  Peter's sermon is a good one to study. Gospel, Preach JESUS,  THE "PRINCE OF LIFE" <br> From a coward to a bold preacher, Peter changed and preached a powerful message about Jesus being the "Prince of Life." Jesus, Prince, Sermon THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES <br> There is a "name" that got people in trouble in Biblical days and that same "name" can get people in trouble today as well.  The name is "Jesus." Name, Jesus WHAT DOES MY LIFE SAY ABOUT JESUS CHRIST? <br> There are "real" Christians and there are "pretend" Christians.  One's life reveals whether one is a "real" or a "pretend" Christian. Life, Christian WHEN THE CHURCH PRAYS <br> When a Christian has troubles, the best place to go is to his/her Church family for them to pray for/with him/her. Church, Family, Prayer WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A CHURCH MEMBER FALLS? <br> Churches are not perfect for they have imperfect people as members.  Every Church sooner or later has some problems. Church, Member, Problem THE PERSECUTION OF GOD'S CHURCH <br> Religious people seem to persecute God's Church more than anybody else.  Why is that? Church, Persecutioin A PRINCE AND A SAVIOR <br> Christians are to represent their savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is also the heavenly Prince. Jesus, Savior, Prince, King COUNTED WORTHY TO SUFFER <br> If a Christian, is it worth it when one has to suffer because he/she is a Christian? Christian, Suffer, Worthy THE FIRST SEVEN DEACONS 1 Timothy 3:8-12 Churches have deacons.  What were they originally supposed to do in the early Church? Deacon, Church STEPHEN - A FAITHFUL SERVANT <br> How faithful are you to the Lord?  Faithful enough to be killed for Him?  Stephen was. Faithful, Servant, Death A SERMON THAT COST A PREACHER HIS LIFE <br> Watch what you say for it may cost you.  What kind of a sermon would cause it's preacher to be put to death? Sermon, Witness, Results THE POWER OF PRAYER <br> Why was the early Church so much more victorious and powerful than today's Church?
Could it be that the early Church prayed more? Prayer, Power YOU HAVE A GOD-GIVEN ABILITY Matthew 25:24 If you are a Christian, you have an ability that you did not have before becoming a Christian.  Do you know what it is? Gift, Ability TEACH ME TO PRAY <br> Ever pay close attention to the words of the hymns you sing?  What about "Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to pray?" Pray, Hymn SAVIOR, LIKE A SHEPHERD, LEAD US <br> Often in worship services we actually sing prayers and petitions.  "Savior, like a shepherd, lead us..." is one of those such hymns.  What were we saying? Petition, Prayer, Hymn PARABLE OF THE BARREN FIG TREE Isaiah 5:1-7 Fruit trees are supposed to produce fruit and if they don't?  Christians are supposed to be productive for the Lord, and if they aren't? Productive, Barren THE PRODIGAL SON'S FATHER <br> Ever get homesick?  Were the folks at home missing you, too?  Sometimes we get into trouble when we're away from home.  Does our family still want us to come home?   Father, Wayward Son HELLO, I'M GOD Acts 9:1-6 Moses and Paul had dramatic encounters meeting God.  One met God on a mountain side and the other met Jesus on a road.  Notice that it was God who took the initiative. God, Initiative, Revelation THE ENERGY OF PRAYER <br> It's no secret, Prayer can cause some mighty things to occur.  How does that happen? Prayer, Works TO BE A CHILD Various Texts Everybody was once a child and some seem to still be children in a grown-up body.
God wants children to have fun and Jesus had a lot to say about children. Children, Parents, Training THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD <br> Everybody needs somebody sometime although they might not want to admit it.  For Christians their "somebody" is Jesus Christ and His leadership is likened to that of a "shepherd." Shepherd, Jesus Christ THE REAL JESUS <br> Everyone "disguises" him/herself in one way or other at sometime or other, trying to hide the "real" me.  Did Jesus ever do that?  What was the "real" Jesus like? Jesus, Real THE LOVE OF GOD <br> "Jesus loves me, this I know..."  God's love has to be different from ours, so how is it different? Love, God A CERTAIN LAW IS INVOLVED IN FOLLOWING JESUS <br> Jesus said that he came to "fulfill" the laws, yet there is a certain law involved for the believer to follow Jesus properly. Jesus, Law, Believer TEN CENT RELIGION <br> Rather have a thousand dollar give or a ten cent gift?  Rather have a religion that demands a lot or one that demands little, if anything?  Which is the best?  Don't you get what you pay for?  SINCERITY IS NOT ENOUGH <br> Everybody likes people to be honest, diligent, sincere, trustworthy and these traits are good to have.  However they are not good enough to get one into Heaven.  Being sincere and such is just not what it takes. The Right Way THE LOVING KINDNESS OF GOD <br> The more we know about people, the less we trust them, however the more we learn and know about God, the more confident and trusting we are of Him.  God's love and kindness is just not like that of people. Love, Kindness, God's THE DOCTRINE OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD <br> To be effective in sharing things, one must know something about that being shared, thus it is with Christians witnessing.  The more one knows about Jesus Christ, the more able that person is to witness. Jesus Christ, Doctrine THE DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19 Crosses are seen everywhere but not everybody knows how a cross relates to the death of Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ, Death CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SPIRITUAL BATTLE <br> Being caught in the middle of a fight means it's not your fault, but for some reason you're there.  God and Satan have spiritual battles all around the world all the time and sooner or later if you are a Christian, you will be caught in the middle of one of their battles.  Job was. Battle, Spiritual THINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED Revelation 3:14-22 Reading Biblical history and comparing it to today's times, not a whole lot has changed.  How people acted toward God then and how people act toward God now is the same.   Unchanged, People, Ways WORKS AND THE LAW WON'T DO IT <br> "Why can't God just accept me like I am?"  "Why do I need to be "justified?"
What does that mean anyhow? Justified, Works, Righteous GOD AND MAN - THE VISIBLE STRUGGLE <br> Everybody has to deal with decisions and whether to do the right thing or not is often in the middle of the decision.  Do we want to obey God or do what we want?
There is a struggle God, Man, Struggle THE HOLY SPIRIT HELPED "THEN" AND STILL DOES Varied Texts Reading the Bible reveals very clearly that God's prophets had some help from the Holy Spirit when they got into tough situations.  Nothing has changed for the Holy Spirit still helps God's people today. Holy Spirit THE SPIRIT AND OUR EMOTIONS <br> Fact, Faith, Feelings, which is the most important to listen to and depend upon? Fact, Faith, Feelings, Emotions FEARS CAN BE OVERCOME <br> "Phobia" is "fear."  There are all kinds of fears that we have and everyone has his/her particular kind of fear.  Fear can be a major problem but God wants us to be free from such fears. Fear, Faith, Overcome THE UNRECOGNIZED CHRIST <br> Ever see someone that looked familiar but you just couldn't remember the name or any details?  Sadly, many people do Jesus that way.  They have heard His name, but don't remember anything else about Him. Jesus, Unrecognized ANSWER FOR WORRY <br> Everybody worries.  However Jesus taught His disciples and that applies to us as well, NOT TO WORRY and gave the answer/cure for worry. Worry, Overcome, Answer  THE OCCULTS <br> How long is your lifeline in the palm of your hand?  What does the horoscope say about today?  Why do people do such strange things as these?  Satan is very good at getting people to go every else except God. Occult, Future, Planets FACTS ABOUT TEMPTATION <br> Everybody is tempted at one time or other and everybody yields to one or the other temptations.  Is there a way to resist all these temptations? Temptation, Where, Resistance SATAN CAN BE RESISTED <br> What if Christians had the natural instinct of survival over Satan's attacks as animals in nature have survival in their environment? Satan, Resistance SATAN AND GOD IN CONFLICT Various Texts God and Satan don't get along is to say the least.  There is no doubt who will eventually (in God's time) be the winner, but until then, there is constant conflict between the two. God, Satan, Conflict SATAN CAN BE TRAPPED James 4:7 Ever have a burglar break into your house?  Do you have burglar alarms and such?
Well, Christians have such things for their protection against Satan.  Satan can be detected and trapped. Satan, Detected, Trapped THE REALNESS OF GOD <br> It seems from reading the Bible that God must be very different today than He was in the Bible days for He was so real and active then, but today He doesn't seem as real and active.   God, Real, Active THE SEVEN FOLD UNITY OF THE CHURCH <br> There is disunity in everything people have a part of sooner or later.  However God's Church, when God is in charge has total unity. Church, Unity THE RICHES OF JESUS CHRIST <br> If every Christian shared the apostle Paul's attitude toward Jesus, Churches would be different, the world would be different. Jesus, Riches, Benefits THE ONENESS OF THE FAMILY OF GOD <br> Everyone experiences sorrow upon the death of a family member, however there is one Family that that never happens to.  God's Family never experiences anybody dying or leaving. Family, God, Church THE PURPOSE OF GOD'S HOUSE <br> People use God's House for purposes other than for what God intends.  Jesus got mad over what He saw going on in the Temple.  Is the same thing happening today in our places of "worship?" God's House, Worship, Purpose THE EARTHLY HOME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> The Holy Spirit came and went in the Old Testament days.  If the Holy Spirit is here to stay during the Church age, where does He stay? Holy Spirit, Indwell, Home JESUS AND HIS CHURCH IN OTHER TERMS Various Texts Sometimes using other terms or illustrations can help show the original intention of a statement or fact.  The Bible has some different viewpoints, terminologies that can help clarify our picture of Jesus and His Church. Church, Jesus Christ THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Just what is involved in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?  There's a lot of different opinions about this. Holy Spirit, Baptism THE NEARNESS OF GOD <br> God being near can be good and it can be bad, it all depends on what a person is doing and needs.  If one is in need, then God's presence can help, but if a person wants to do something sinful, something secret, then God's presence is not needed. God, Presence THE PANOPLY OF GOD <br> Life can be tough and a person needs all the protection he/she can get at times.  God provides a shield of Faith for His Children. Faith, Protection THE JUDAS KISS <br> Spies, covert agents, traitors, all pretend to be somebody they are not.  Jesus had one among His disciples and that traitor betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Traitor, Hypocrite THE CHURCH'S REWARD <br> Everybody likes to be rewarded.  The Christian is going to receive something from the Lord based on how he/she lived his/her life after being saved. Reward, Church, Believer CHRISTIANS HAVE TWO NATURES <br> Split personalities, multipersonalities, people who act a certain way one time and like an entirely different person the next time.  Christians have more than one "person," nature inside of them.  One they were born with and another that was given to them when they believed in Jesus Christ. Christian, Nature, Dual ISAAC <br> His dad was 100 and his mother was 91 when he was born.  What kind of man would he grow up to be?   Isaac, Promised JESUS, ON PRAYER <br> Just what is the proper way to pray?  Standing, sitting, kneeling, one one's face, whispering, silently, loudly, in private, in public?  What does one ask God for? Prayer, Jesus PROUD OR HUMBLE? <br> What does God think about those who think they are somebody important?  What about the person who thinks he/she is unimportant?   Pride, Humility LUCIFER <br> Perhaps the most overlooked, unobserved, unnoticed, most powerful of all the heavenly created beings is Lucifer or better known today as Satan.  God's number one Enemy. Lucifer, Satan, Enemy SEEKING AND SAVING THE LOST <br> If Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, why don't the lost accept Him and be saved? Jesus, Seeking, Saving TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY <br> When God tells someone to do something, why do some people hesitate and some even refuse?  Bad things can and do happen if God is not taken seriously. God, Obey, Serious SOME THINGS TO REMEMBER <br> It's impossible to live our entire life in a single day, so it is spread out over a "lifetime" and only God knows when that will come to an end.  Meanwhile as Christians there are some things to remember that will help us live our daily lives to the fullest. Lifetime, Remember, Christian WHY ISN'T IT LIKE IT USED TO BE? <br> Civilization has progressed at an astonishing speed, travel to the moon, all the modern conveniences, etc.  Today's Church has also changed and it doesn't seem to be anything like the first Century Church and that's bad.   Church, Changed HOW MUCH IS LEFT? <br> Nobody likes to hear their pastor preach on tithing.  Why not? Tithe, Ownership, Giving KEEPING YOUR "HEART" RIGHT <br> Most are careful about keeping their heart healthy by eating right, exercising, etc. but few take very good care of their "spiritual heart."  As there are things to do for keeping one's physical heart healthy, so are there things to do to keep one's "spiritual heart" healthy also. Heart, Spiritual, Healthy THOUGHTS  ABOUT SERVING GOD <br> Ever want to do something for God but didn't know where to start?  Well, what if God was already busy around you and you just didn't know it? Serving God OUR UNCLAIMED WEALTH <br> There are some blessings/spiritual wealth that Christians have to just get up and go get.  God doesn't always "pour" blessings down on us. Blessings, Spiritual Wealth HOW TO KNOW WHEN A PERSON IS A GODLY PERSON <br> How can you tell if a person is a "Godly" person or not? Godly, Behavior THE ISLAMIC INVASION (GOG AND MAGOG) <br> With so much happening around Israel and the surrounding nations, plus the increase of the Islamic faith, it seems to draw one's thoughts to God's Word about the last days and events leading up to those days. Last Days, Prophecy SOME THINGS ABOUT THE DEATH OF CHRIST <br> Nobody can fully grasp all that happened when Jesus Christ died on the Cross.
It always helps to review and go back over the events as it will renew our faith and awe of God and the Lord Jesus. Jesus, Death, Cross GOD CALLED OR CHURCH HIRED LEADERS? <br> God's work must be done God's way by God's chosen.  It's just that simple.  Any other way just won't get God's results.  Churches need to take a look at how they get their leaders. God Called Leaders SINS AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT Various Texts Both the believer and the unbeliever can get in trouble with the Holy Spirit and there are serious consequences for either. Holy Spirit, Sin Against LEADERSHIP GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Being the kind of leader God wants in His Church requires special abilities and the Holy Spirit equips God's Church leaders with gifts to lead. Holy Spirit, Gifts, Leadership SOME GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> One of the many things a Christan cannot do is to equip him/herself to do what God has for him/her to do.  It takes the Holy Spirit's special gift to do that. Holy Spirit, Gifts THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVES GIFTS TO BELIEVERS Various Texts As children fuss and whine over Christmas gifts, sadly Christians do the same thing over the Spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit gives out to believers. Holy Spirit, Gifts, Different THE GIFT OF TONGUES 1 Corinthians 12:27-31; 14:1-40 Speaking in "tongues" has created a gap between many Churches of today.  God never intended for His gifts to cause division in His Church.  Some believers think they are extra special when they can "use tongues," however not all "tongues" spoken today are authentic, Holy Spirit given. Holy Spirit, Gift, Tongues BEING LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Lots of Church members, lots of "religious" folks.  Who is authentic?  The scriptures reveal that those who are led by the Holy Spirit are the real ones. Holy Spirit, Leadership, Authentic OUR SECURITY, THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Salvation is totally the Lords' doings, nothing is left up to us except to put our trust into the Lord Jesus.  So, how do we stay saved?  Is that by what we can do for ourselves? Holy Spirit, Security OUR NEED OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Whosoever believes in Jesus is saved, however if anybody does not have the Holy Spirit, he/she is not saved.  The Holy Spirit is essential to one's salvation. Holy Spirit, Essential, Needed WEDDING VOW RENEWAL SERVICE <br> Sometimes it might be good when stressing God's views to remind one's congregation of God's views on marriage.  Having a wedding vow renewal service is one way of doing just that. Wedding, Renewal A COMMISSIONING SERVICE <br> Sometimes God calls a couple to be missionaries for Him.  That couple's Church family will want to recognize them and show their approval and give blessings.
A commissioning service is a wonderful way of doing that. Missionary, Commissioned HOW IMPORTANT IS THE CHURCH? <br> Realizing just to whom the Church really belongs might make a difference in one's attitude toward it.  How important is the Church to God?  How important is the Church to you? Church, Importance CAN I BE LOST AGAIN? <br> Lots of discussion, disagreements, arguments today over whether a believer in Jesus Christ can lose his/her salvation.  So, can I be lost again? Salvation, Secure, Insecure FIRST PETER OUTLINE <br> First Peter can be preached/taught in over 25 sermons/lessons.  It is an amazing little Book. First Peter, Outline CHOOSING LIFE'S WAY OF WORSHP James 7:4-7 Just what kind of worship should one avoid, look for, be involved in?  There are a lot of ways to worship to choose from today. Worship, Which Way JESUS CHRIST THE CREATOR <br> Where did everything come from?  How does everything keep working?  Did it just happen or was there some "super power" in some "creation" act do all this? Creation, Jesus Christ CHRIST AND THE HOME <br> The first institution on earth was a home and it was established by God.  That was a long time ago, so how should our homes be today? Home, Jesus Christ FAKE GOLD <br> Lots of stuff today is artificial but sure looks like the real thing although it doesn't cost near as much nor does it last as long.  If not careful, Christians can begin to substitute artificial things for spiritual things and begin to lose their Christian way of life. Christian Life, Real, Substitute BOLD BELIEVERS <br> Jesus had followers who were secret followers.  They were ashamed, afraid, and unsure.  People have not changed for there are the same kind of people who are "followers" of Jesus. Believers, Bold, Secret BRINGING CHRIST INTO YOUR CRISIS <br> A firey furnace is a terrible thing to be thrown into but if God steps in with you, it's going to be alright.  It has happened before.  Christ, Crisis, Help THE UNNATURAL THING TO DO <br> "Doing what comes naturally" does not include saying "Thank you."  It is something that has to be learned.  How often do you say "Thanks" and really mean it?  Thankful, Unnatural  CAN ONE TEST GOD? <br> Does God really answer prayer?  Is there some way to check it out and see for real?  Would it be right to try to test God? God, Prayer, Test THE FAMILY OF GOD Romans 8:14, 16-17; John 1:12; 3:1-8; 14-16 Everybody is connected to a family in some way.  How about God's Family?  God does have a very unique Family. Family, God's CHARISMATICS - SPIRITUALS Other Texts Charismatics scare me to death!  I don't go in for all that jabbering and putting hands on and stuff.  Actually it's very scriptural, it's just people that mess it all up. Gifts, Holy Spirit, Usage THE CHARACTER AND UNIVERSALITY OF SIN <br> "There's nothing to sin, it's just a thing of your mind."  People have their own concept of "sin" but what God has to say is entirely different and what God thinks is final. Sin, Definition, God COME WITH US <br> Every Church should make the offer to "come with us" and then be able to offer those who do the things of God, not their own style but what pleases God. Church, United, Offer BACK TO BETHEL Genesis 28:10-22 Everybody likes to go back to some place in their past.  Sometimes they are forced to like Jacob in the Text.  Sometimes we need to go back for things are better after we've gone back. Renewal, Going Back THE CROSS HAS LOST ITS MEANING <br> There's a big difference in the Cross that Jesus died on and its meaning and what is worn around the neck or stuck in the ear lobe or tattooed on someone's body.
Sadly most people don't have any idea of the importance of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Cross, Jesus Christ, Meaning BASICS OF SALVATION <br> Beginners need the basics but every once in a while the "experienced" need a refresher course and go back to the basics for a bit.  The same thing applies to Christians. Salvation, Basics, Refresh BEHOLD, THE MAN John 1:1, 14 Ever since Jesus walked this earth people have asked, "Who is this man, anyhow?"
Who is Jesus? Jesus, Who is He? AN EXAMPLE OF GRACE 1 Corinthians 15:9-11 Grace, the unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor of God and every once in a while of somebody who is a very "gracious" person, such as king David. Grace, God's, Others KNOW THAT YOU ARE ETERNALLY SECURE <br> For some reason some believers in Jesus Christ are concerned about just how secure they really are.  God says believers are eternally secure, so why listen to people? Salvation, Eternal, Secure OUR FINAL HOME, NEW JERUSALEM Revelation 22:16-19 How does one describe that which is indescribable? The disciple John tried to describe what Jesus showed Him about Heaven and what awaits the believer in Jesus Christ.  Believers have a new home and it's called "New Jerusalem." Heavenly Home, Believers EVERLASTING LIFE Various Texts There are lots of books, lots of advice, lots of resources for people to obtain information, but there is but one true, unchanging, resource for spiritual facts and truths and that is God's Word.  What does God's Word say about a believer in Jesus Christ having everlasting life? Everlasting Life, Bible CHRIST THE LORD Isaiah 9:6-7 If Christians today could understand and use the word "Lord" as it was understood and used in Biblical days how different would their understanding of the "Lord" Jesus Christ be. Lord, Jesus Christ GOD'S BOOK - THE BIBLE Proverbs 29:18 The Bible is clearly the work of somebody other than a human being.  People can't think like whoever authored the Bible.  Of course not.  The Bible is God's Work, it is God's Book to mankind. Bible, God's Word THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING TO DO Various Texts Of all the things that we do and can do for one another, there is one that just simply betters all the rest for it gets God's attention.  That most wonderful and beautiful thing is to "forgive." Forgive HOW TO GET GOD'S ATTENTION Various Texts With God being so great, busy and all that, how in the world can somebody like us get His attention? Prayer, Attention of God A SINGLE WORD THAT CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY OR SAD <br> Happy and sad at the same time?  Sounds impossible, yet there is a single word that can bring either happiness or sadness to us and all of us use that word every day.  MEMORY Remember SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY 1 Timothy 5:17 No matter how beautiful, large or "holy" looking a Church might seem to be, it is nothing without God's authority and not all Churches seem to have that anymore. Spiritual, Authority THE FINAL HEAD COUNT Revelation 20:11-15 A census is a method of counting how many people are in a particular area or place.  The Bible speaks of a final census or head-count occurring and every person will stand before God.  Some will go to heaven and some will go to hell. Judgment, Final, Census BLASTING OR BLESSING <br> The early Church is a good example for today's Churches to follow, however the early Church had a problem similar to what today's Churches also have.  Sin among the members. Church, Sin BURNT OFFERINGS BRING GOD'S SONG AND JOY <br> Life can be bitter/sweet at times.  Sometimes life is wonderful and sometimes life is tough.  There is a way that one can make it through the tough times and still be blessed. Sacrifices, Giving, Difficulties THE CHRISTIAN'S FIRST RESURRECTION <br> The Bible teaches that there will come a time when this world will be replaced and that everyone who has lived will be resurrected from the dead to stand before God in judgment.  Ever think about the fact that the Christian has undergone one resurrection already? Resurrection, Christian ARE YOU IN YOUR RIGHT MIND? Mark 5:1-20 There are a lot of different kinds of "storms" in life and perhaps one of the most frequent is that of the mind.  Everybody tosses and turns sometimes at night unable to sleep for the mind is racing.  Have you ever seen somebody act like they have "lost their mind?"  Christians sometimes act like they have! Christian's Right Mind IS IT REALLY, REALLY TRUE? <br> There's a lot of things that are hard to believe, but the question Job asked is the hardest one to believe of all, if it is true.  "If a man die, shall he live again?" Easter, Resurrection THE TRUTH OF EASTER <br> Easter is all about bunny rabbits and colored eggs to many, but there is another reason for Easter, the real, true meaning and it has nothing to do with rabbits or colored eggs. Easter, Truth FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OF PROPHECY DONE IN ONE DAY Various Texts For centuries God's prophets wrote and spoke of certain events to come to pass in the future.  Little did they know that God was going to fulfill all their prophecies about a certain event in just one day. Easter, Prophecies Fulfilled THE SADDEST STORY WITH THE HAPPIEST ENDING Mark 15:1-39 Sad stories seldom have a happy ending, however there is a very sad story that has a very happy ending and that is the story of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Easter, Cross, Sad, Happy THE EASTER BUNNY AND EASTER EGGS <br> Why a rabbit and colored eggs on Easter?   Easter, Rabbit, Eggs A MOTHER'S PERSISTENT PRAYER REWARDED <br> Being persistent in prayer has it's rewards.  A childless woman named Hannah who became a mother is a wonderful example in both persistence in prayer and in being a mother who keeps her word. Mother, Persistence, Prayer A MODEL FOR TODAY'S MOTHERS <br> Mothers of today need all the help they can get and Mary, the mother of Jesus, is an excellent model. Mother, Model, Example, Mary HONOR OUR MOTHERS <br> More is owed to Mothers than to any other person.  Let us give honor to our Mothers. Mothers, Honor THE MOTHER OF JESUS <br> Mary is not equal to Jesus or to God, the Father, but Mary is a very important person as God selected her over all other women to be the mother of the Messiah. Mother, Mary, Chosen THE MOTHERHOOD OF GOD <br> Where did mothers get their special "things" that nobody else have?  They got them from God.  Ever think of God as being a type of "Mother?" Mother, God, Similar WHOEVER HEARD OF A SELFISH MOM <br> Ever hear of a mother being selfish with her family?  Mothers' are just different from the rest of the family members. Mother, Unselfish THREE  KINDS OF MOTHERS <br> There are actually only three (3) kinds of mothers.  Every mother is one of these three kinds. Mother, Kind WHEN HARD TIMES COME <br> Why me?  Why do things always have to happen to me?  Sooner or later difficult times come to everyone.  God intends for His Children to benefit from those hard times. Hard Times, Benefit GOD'S HOUSE Other Exodus texts Why are there so many different kinds of Church buildings?  How did church buildings get started?  What are they supposed to be for? God's House, Tabernacle, Worship GIFTS FOR THE GREAT COMMISSION Matthew 28:19-20 Everybody knows the great commission, but did anybody ever think that God has special gifts for those involved in doing the great commission? Gifts, Great Commission GOD'S FIRST MAN <br> Everybody is different in one respect or the other.  How did all the differences happen?  Did God cause us to all be different?  Just how was the first man made? Adam, Human Race, Different GOD'S HUNTING SEASON <br> There are hunting seasons for hunters and just prior to the opening of hunting season, hunters make all preparations.  What if Christians were as avid about hunting, finding and winning the lost to Jesus as hunters are about wild game?  Hunting, Lost, Christian GOD'S GRACE KEEPS 1 Peter 5:12 In spite of what some people "hope" and teach about salvation, God's salvation is permanent for God's grace keeps the believer saved.  If left up to people, there would be no salvation in the first place, much less permanency. Grace, Permanent THOUGHTS ABOUT GOD'S LOVE <br> There's just no way to understand the kind of love that God has.  People are always judging God's actions or non action by their own definition of love.  God's love is different from ours. Love, God's THE MERCY OF GOD <br> Ever give "mercy" to someone?  Ever receive "mercy" from someone?  God is an expert on giving mercy.  His mercy is different from ours, His has no "strings" attached. Mercy, God's TAKE FOUR GIANT STEPS <br> Everybody needs help at one time or other.  Sometimes physically, sometimes medically, sometimes intellectually, but most of all, everyone needs help spiritually.  Here are four steps that will help one be closer to God. Christian, Spiritual Life THE MAN WHO IS GOD <br> How tall is Jesus?  What does He really look like?  The Bible doesn't describe Jesus' physical appearance, but has plenty to say about the person of Jesus.
The Bible declares that Jesus is God. Jesus, God THINGS TO ABANDON <br> Does every Christian act the same?  Some say they are Christians but certainly don't act like they are.  There are things Christians are not to do anymore. Christian, Behavior SALVATION FROM THE PENALTY OF SIN <br> God is perfect and anything that is not perfect, God calls "sin."  Nobody is "perfect," therefore all are "sinful" and cannot be in God's presence, however God has a remedy for that and it is called "salvation." Salvation, Sin THE HEAVENLY FATHER REVEALED Various Texts Jesus came for two reasons: to Redeem us from sin and to Reveal the Heavenly Father.  Look at Jesus and you see the Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father Revealed SLAVERY WITHIN A FREE LAND John 14:6 Just because one lives in a "free" land does not mean he/she is really free.  Satan and Sin has enslaved everyone and only Jesus Christ can free anyone from Satan and Sin. Slavery, Satan, Sin THE MEASURE OF GOD'S LOVE Ephesians 3:17-19 How much like man's love is God's love?  Can God's love really be measured? Love, God, Measured THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH <br> Churches of today have lost sight of the reason for their being here in the first place.  The purpose of the Church is to GO into the world with the Gospel message. Church, Mission THE NEED FOR MEANINGFUL WORSHIP <br> Going to church services is worship, right?  For some yes, for others, no.  There is a great need for Christians to experience meaningful, true worship and sadly, most don't. Worship, True, Meaningful GOD AS "FATHER" <br> God has chosen a way to reveal Himself to mankind in a way that every person can understand and that is as a Heavenly "FATHER."  Every human being has had an earthly father, therefore he/she can also relate to a "heavenly Father." Father, God HOW ARE YOU KNOWN? <br> Ever think that other people have opinions about YOU?  Strangers, friends, family, fellow church members and most important of all, God, all have an opinion about you.   Opinion, Known, Reputation SAFE AND SECURE <br> Sheep are helpless and need someone to watch over them at all times.  God looks upon believers in His Son, Jesus Christ, as sheep.  Therefore believers are safe and secure for they are looked after by the Lord Jesus, Himself. Security, Sheep, Safe HOW TO RUIN A SPIRITUAL LIFE <br> Being right with God is a wonderful thing and it is what God wants for each person, however, being right with God can change and Israel is a good example how one can "drift" away from living the spiritual life that God wants. Spiritual Life, Ruined SPIRITUALLY BLIND <br> There are people who don't believe there is a God and therefore are spiritually blind.  They don't have an explanation for this or that, but they refuse to believe that there is a God who is responsible for it all. Blind, Spiritually, Atheists  GOD'S MERCIES <br> We are not the only ones who get down, depressed in our faith and response to God.  The Psalmist often wrote of his thoughts and feelings and in this passage he writes of being down and how he found his way out. Mercies, Benefits of God THE ANGELS <br> Angels are not precious, cute little children with wings, nor are they beautiful women with blonde hair and a long white flowing robe.  Angels were created by God for specific purposes but sadly not all of them did what they were created for. Angels THE AGE OF GRACE <br> Of all the "ages" of mankind (stone age, iron age, bronze age, etc.) the age of today is called by the Bible the "age of Grace."  God is not pouring down His wrath upon sinful man as in times past, instead He is offering an opportunity for mankind to come to Him through His GRACE. Grace, Salvation THORNS <br> Ever have a problem that just wouldn't go away?  Paul had one and he called it a "thorn."  Sometimes God deliberately gives people a "thorn."  Has He given you your "thorn?"  Why? Thorns, Problems MADE TO KNOW GOD <br> One can know about religion, about God, about Christianity, about Jesus Christ, but the truth is not actually know until one knows God personally and God put within every human being a desire to know Him personally.  Every human being can know God, personally. Knowing God HOW DOES JESUS SAVE? <br> There seems to be a question as to WHO, HOW, WHY AND FOR HOW LONG a person can be saved.  Many people have their own ideas and their ideas are contrary to what the Bible says.  So, just how does Jesus save? Salvation, Jesus HOW TO OVERCOME SIN <br> Sin is something everyone is involved in but who is strong enough to overcome it?
Christians of all people should be able to do so, but they often fail and fall back into old sinful ways.  Can sin ever be overcome in a person's life? Sin, Overcome, Jesus PEACE, THE WORLD'S OR CHRISTS? <br> Just what is "peace?" People try to find "peace" through things and ways of the world.  Jesus offers a "peace" that passes all understanding and that is everlasting. Peace, World, Jesus FIND YOURSELF IN GOD'S MIRROR 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 What do you see when you look in a mirror?  Is it what other see when they look at you?  How do you think you look in God's eyes?  God has a mirror that we can see how we look in His eyes. Mirror, Image GOD'S PURPOSE FOR THE WORLD <br> "Why are we here?  How did things come to be?  What does the future hold?  Is there "anybody" really in charge?"  Questions that can be answered in one divine, holy word - GOD!  God is behind it all.  God has a purpose for the world and people. Purpose, God, World, People MISSIONS AND YOU <br> Missionaries are those who go to foreign places and witness.  However God expects every Christian to be a missionary.  A missionary is a person who tells somebody else about the Lord Jesus Christ.  What Christian is exempt from witnessing?  Every Christian is, therefore, a missionary. Missions, Christians ACCEPTANCE BEFORE GOD <br> By nature everyone is born separated, alienated from God, however, that is not how God wants things.  Therefore He has made a way for people to become His "adopted" Children and that is through Jesus Christ and what He has done. Adopted, Accepted PILGRIM PEOPLE <br> What if all the churches suddenly disappeared, how much difference would it make in our world?  What if churches suddenly started doing what they were supposed to be doing?  What changes would occur?  Church, Purpose, Christian IS OBEDIENCE TO MAN BETTER THAN DISOBEDIECNE TO GOD? <br> Sometimes in order to not hurt anybody's feelings, God is disobeyed.  Doing what somebody wants you to do or not do rather than what God says seems to be the normal pattern.  So, is it better to do what others want while at the same time it means disobeying God? Obedience or Disobedience WHAT IS BEING LOST? <br> What does it mean to be "lost?"  Who is "lost?"  What's wrong with being "lost?"
How does one become "un-lost?" Lost, Saved, Hell, Heaven PERILS OF THE VICTORIOUS LIFE <br> Christians dream of living the "victorious life" that Jesus promises, they sing about it, read about it and many experience it, however there are "perils," some things to watch for while living such a wonderful life.  THE NATURE OF SALVATION <br> A jailer once asked Paul what he must do to be saved and that conversation has become the most basic and simple way of witnessing.  In very few words the most simple to ask question was clearly answered.  "What must I do to be saved?"
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved....." Salvation, Work of God WHAT HAPPENED ON THE CROSS? <br> The Easter is very familiar with most people, especially Christians.  Does everyone know that Jesus actually died two deaths while on the Cross and that strange things happened nearby upon His physical death? Death, Cross, Jesus HE WHO ENLIGHTENS THE UNSAVED <br> Nobody can decide to be saved whenever he/she wants to.  The Holy Spirit has to bring each person to the point of decision.  There is no salvation until the Holy Spirit has been at work in the life of that unsaved person. Holy Spirit, Enlightens, Salvation BELIEVERS ARE TO HAVE A SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE <br> Few Christians are living as they should be, for God commands every believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Indwelt by the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation is not the same as being FILLED. Holy Spirit, Filled, Command A LOOK AT THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> The Bible speaks a lot about the Holy Spirit.  Just who is the Holy Spirit, what does the Holy Spirit do?  What connection does the Christian have with the Holy Spirit?  GRIEVING THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> Ever get your feelings hurt?  Ever been in grief over a tragedy?  We forget that the Holy Spirit who lives within each believer can also be hurt and we can cause Him grief by our actions.   Holy Spirit, Grief MARKS OF AN EFFECTIVE CHURCH <br> What makes a Church an effective Church - high attendance, beautiful buildings, lots of programs, big choir, lots of programs?  God has a different standard for His Church than most Churches seem to have. Church, Effective US (BELIEVERS) AND THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> People lift their hands, fall on their knees or faces, bow and prostrate themselves, even dance and shout "Amen!" saying the Holy Spirit led them to do so.
What is the relationship between a believer and the Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit, Believer PARTNERS WITH GOD <br> What changes would you have to make if Jesus knocked on your door and wanted to come in for a visit?  Christians are in reality, "partners with God" for they are supposed to be doing what God wants and what Jesus got started and left for His Church to continue on doing.  What kind of a "partner" are you? Stewardship, God, Partner CROSSING THE LINE Matthew 12:31-32; Luke 19:42 Everybody has heard of a "deadline" and understands the meaning.  Everybody has heard of the "point of no return" and understands the meaning.  God has a "deadline" and God has a "point of no return."  There is a time when God will withdraw His Holy Spirit from trying to bring a person to salvation and leave that person to his/her doom. Holy Spirit, Deadline, Doomed OBEDIENCE DEMANDS CHANGE <br> Want God to give you something "big" to do?  Just how obedient have you been to God lately?  Jesus made it very clear that to be one of His disciples, there are changes that have to be made.  Most Christians don't want to make the changes necessary to do what God wants them to do. Obedience, Change SECOND-HAND FAITH <br> There is only one kind of faith that will bring salvation and it must be exercised, experienced, personally, individually with Jesus Christ.  Anything other than a "personal" experience with Jesus that is called "faith" is nothing more than a "second-hand" faith and is not a saving faith. Faith, Genuine, Saving WHY SO MANY TRIALS AND DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE? <br> "I thought becoming a Christian, things would be easier but things are so much more difficult. Why do so many hard, difficult and bad things seem to happen to me?" Faith, Testing, Trials GOD'S PLAN OF THE AGES Acts 1:8 Of all the "long range plans" ever heard of, God has the first and the best.  God's plan of the ages is called in simple terms, "MISSIONS." Missions, Christians, God's Plan MAKING LIGHT OF GOD'S INVITATIOIN <br> What one person puts priority on and thinks is important, others may not.  Each person has his/her own viewpoint and plans, well, so does God and when God invites a person to become a part of His divine plan, who in his/her right mind would turn Him down?  Yet it happens every day. Invitation, God, Salvation PLEASING GOD <br> The book of Hebrews reveals very clearly what it takes to please God.  A lot of Christians already know what it takes to please God, but they haven't gotten around to doing it all yet. Pleasing God THE CLEANED UP LIFE <br> Everybody messes up now and then and even men like King David, a man of God, had problems.  After messing up (sinning) how does one get his/her life straightened, cleaned up so he/she can get on with living and witnessing for the Lord Jesus? Cleansing, Forgiveness WHAT IS THOUGHT OF DAD IS THOUGHT OF GOD <br> Children not only grow up looking like one or the other parent, but they also have many of the same attitudes and outlooks their parents had, especially their DAD.  Sadly, many see God as being like their Dad. Father, Dad, God THREE THINGS ABSENT IN GRACE Romans 5:12-21; Ephesians 2:8-9 It seems that God always needs some help in what He does, some think.  God intended for His Grace to be enough to save a person through his/her belief in Jesus Christ for all eternity, but some have added "...yes, but...." or " need to also...." Take a look at God's grace and it will be seen that He has done a "pretty good job" without any help from people.
 Grace, Complete ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER Ephesians 4:32; 2 Corinthians 1:4; Galatians 6:2-3 Ever feel encouraged because somebody patted you on the back or sent you a note of appreciation or just smiled at you?  Everybody needs to be encouraged whether they seem to deserve it or not.  Christians should be examples in encouraging one another. Encourage, Christians ALL TO JESUS I SURRENDER <br> We sing "All to Jesus I Surrender" and have no idea what we are really saying for not every Christian has done that.  Surrender this or that, which is not all that important, but ALL?  Not likely.  What does "surrender" really mean and what does "all" really mean? Surrender, Jesus A PARABLE OF CONTRASTS <br> Jesus gave a very good lesson on forgiveness and it will cause every Christian to take a good look at his/her own attitude about forgiving.  How often the Lord's Prayer is repeated but without honesty, "...forgive us our trespasses AS WE 
FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US...."   Forgiveness, Contrast PROOF THAT ONE IS A CHRISTIAN <br> A person can say "I'm a Christian" but that doesn't prove that he/she is.  There is one way, however, that is clear proof that one is a Christian and that is to be able to "LOVE" as Jesus loves. Christian, Proof, Love THE GOSPEL IS FOR EVERYONE <br> Some think they are privileged in that God loves them more and that they have an advantage over others.  The fact is that God loves everybody equally and His good news, the Gospel, is for everyone and everyone comes into God's Family the same way. Gospel, Everyone THE CROSS AND GRACE Various Texts No human mind can possibly grasp the mind and ways of God, yet some try to correct, amend, change, help God in various ways.  God has declared that "whosoever believes in His Son Jesus Christ..." shall have eternal life.  However some think that "belief" is not enough so this and that is added.  The Cross and Grace is God's plan for the salvation of anyone who will take it. Salvation, Cross, Grace CONSTANT LOVE <br> Face it! Without thinking we incorporate God's "love" with our understanding of "love" but in reality really don't begin to comprehend God's love at all.  One of the greatest differences between what we call "love" and God's love is that God's love is CONSTANT - ours is not. Love, Constant, God's A LEAKY WELL OR A FLOWING RIVER <br> Which had you rather have:  a leaky well that dries up in the summer from which you get your water or a bubbly, flowing river that never runs dry at your doorstep?  God compares depending on the things of the world (leaky well) and trusting in Him (flowing river) as our choices for living our lives.   Choices, Leaky Well, Flowing River WORDS CAN BE CHEAP <br> Is everything people say to be believed?  What "proves" what a person says is true?  Jesus said that if a person says that he/she loves Him, then do what He says.  As simple as that!  Proof in words is found in action. Christian, Real, Pretend, Proof RETURN THOU BACKSLIDER <br> When a believer, a Christian, fails to live and do as the Lord wants, he/she is not unsaved again, but is what God calls a "backslider."    Backslider, Christian THE GOLDEN RULE <br> God has given a very clear, easy to understand way for everyone to get along with each other and it is called "the Golden Rule."  What if everyone actually started living by just this one rule God gave? Golden Rule, People SATAN'S SECRET DISGUISE <br> Satan is active in everyone's life but is unnoticed because he has a secret way of affecting people.  Who is number one is everybody's life?  SELF!
 Satan, Self, Secret TRUE REPENTANCE <br> God's Word is life changing, whether it be written or spoken.  If God's Word is taken seriously, then action is necessary. God's Word, Action, Repentance TRAVAILING FOR SOULS Proverbs 11:30; Psalm 126:5-6; Isaiah 66:8 As women travail in giving birth to children, so God expects Christians to travail over the lost.  That is the Church's main business. Travail, Lost, Church THE SWEETEST HOME ON EARTH <br> Foundations are just that - foundations.  They are the basic, the bottom, the fundamental support.  What kind of a foundation is best for a home?  No doubt a home that has Christian parents, a home where the Bible is read and prayers are said. Home, Foundation, Christian THE SECRET TO ANSWERED PRAYER <br> Everybody prays at one time or other to "somebody" or "something."  Christians pray, of course to Almighty God, the Heavenly Father.  However, most prayers go unanswered.  Why?  There is a "secret" to getting one's prayers answered from God. Prayer, Answered HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM AND FILLING <br> People have a way of getting from God's Word what they want it to say. However God's Word says what IT says, not what somebody wants it to say.  What does the Bible actually say about the Holy Spirit and Baptism and Filling? Holy Spirit, Baptism, Filling BEGINNING AGAIN <br> Ever mess up and wish you had a second chance to do it all over again?  Sometimes one does have a second chance, but with God a second chance is always possible. Second Chance, Redo, Begin over MIRACLES <br> Ever want to see a "miracle?"  If you are a Christian, then you have been part of the greatest miracle that could ever happen.   Miracle, Wonder WHO WILL BE IN HELL? Revelation 21:8 When moving into a new neighborhood, lots of things are looked at, and hoped for.  However, it seems that nobody thinks past the grave.  Everyone is going to have neighbors wherever he/she spends eternity.  There is Heaven, and then there
is Hell.  What kind of neighbors will a person have in Hell? Hell, Neighbors THE WRONG PLACE TO LOOK <br> What if, while visiting the grave of a loved one, someone walked up to you and told you that that person was not dead, but alive and had been seen in town?
Some people are still looking for Jesus at the place where He was buried but He's not there.  Jesus is alive and well.  Where have you been looking for Him? Jesus, Alive, Present LEADERS OF NATIONS <br> What does it take to get God's approval for a nation, such as America?  God has certain characteristics He requires of the leader of a nation such as ours. Leader, Requirements of God STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT GOD'S MONEY <br> Jesus had a way of getting straight to the point and He did so about tithing.
The attitude today of tithing is pretty much the same as in the days of Jesus.  Just what did Jesus have to say about money? Tithe, Stewardship THE CHRISTIAN'S BUSINESS <br> There a lot of Church members, but very few baptisms.  Just what is the Christian supposed to be doing concerning the lost? Witnessing, Church, Christian's Business NOT RIGHT NOW <br> All of us have a habit of putting things off and sometimes there's no harm done but sometimes there is.  In the things of God, saying "not right now" is not good, for the time of the Lord is "right now." Delay, Tomorrow, Harm THAT BLESSED  HOPE <br> People go out every day to face whatever awaits them.  What if they didn't have HOPE?  There is a HOPE that Christians have that nobody else has.  It is a promised HOPE. Hope, Return, Christ WANT TO OVERCOME WORRY AND ANXIETY? <br> Everybody worries and gets anxious at some time or other.  Most often it is quite noticeable to others.  God has a way to overcome all this. Worry, Anxious, Cure AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH <br> America is heading for the same destruction that came in the days of Noah.  Any nation that leaves God out is going to be judged by God and America is doing just that.  There is a way back, if America will wake up and take it. Judgment, America, Days of Noah THERE IS A TIME FOR ALL THINGS John 14:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4:13 Reflections are made at funerals and the thought that there are things to be decided in life before death can be brought out. Death, Funeral, Time HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH Hebrews 11:6 Want to strengthen your faith or are you satisfied with what you have?  There are some things you can do to strengthen your faith. Faith, Strengthen PROBLEMS, EXCUSES, THE SOLUTION <br> God had something He wanted Moses to do and Moses had a lot of excuses as to why he wasn't the man for the job.  Just about every believer has felt like Moses at one time or other.  However, God has a solution for any excuse we might make. Obedience, Excuses WHEN TROUBLES COME John 16:33 Everybody has problems, situations, difficulties, troubles, etc.  How do you handle yours?  For Christians there is a sure way of getting through their troubles and being better because of their troubles. Troubles, Difficulties, Situations HOLY TRAINING <br> Ever wonder why me?  Why all the troubles?  Why all the difficulties?  Why all the hardships?  Perhaps it is the Lord helping equip you to better "run the race" of the Christian life.   Chastisement, Difficulties, Training THE HEAVENLY DEFENSE ATTORNEY Revelation 12:10 As there are earthly courtrooms and legal proceedings, there is also a heavenly court and proceedings.  Satan is the prosecutor and Jesus is the defense attorney with almighty God as judge.  Jesus represents the believer before God. Jesus, Attorney, Believer, Defense HEARING AND THEN DOING <br> People have a habit of hearing what needs to be done but never get around to doing it themselves.  Sadly that habit is applied to God's Word as well.  Hearing and then doing are far apart for many Christians. Obey, Hear, Action THE LAMB OF GOD Exodus 11:1ff What in the world does a "lamb" have to do with being on right terms with God and why would somebody be called a "lamb" like Jesus being called "The Lamb of God?"
Just what does a "lamb" have to do with eternal life? Lamb, Jesus, Forgiveness WITH GOD, TO HEAR MEANS TO OBEY James 1:22-24 Most people never do what they are told to do but somehow "get by with it."  However, with God, it doesn't work that way.  God means what He says and there is no excuse, there is absolutely nothing that will pardon a person for not doing what God says.  To hear God's Word means to obey what God has said. God's Word, Obedience HOW GOD WANTS US TO GIVE <br> Everybody has received a gift at one time or other and we placed a value on that gift depending on a lot of things.  God has given us gifts and expects us as His Children to give also but His ways are different from ours in a lot of ways. Giving, Gifts, God's Way GOD HAS SOMETHING FOR YOU TO DO <br> God has something for every Christian to do that only that particular Christian can do.  However, what God wants done, must be done God's way.  Are YOU doing what God wants you to do for Him? God's Will, God's Work, Christian Duty HOW DOES A PERSON GET SAVING FAITH? <br> Many people have a hard time understanding that salvation is NOT gained by works or by anything people can contribute but is entirely the work of God.  So, how then, does a person obtain, get the faith that gives eternal life? Salvation, Faith, Gospel CHRISTIAN, BE GLAD AND HAPPY <br> Why is it that the most happiest appearing people in the world ARE NOT Christians?  Strange as it may seem, it is usually the Christian who seems the saddest, most pitiful appearing and sounding person in the world. Why aren't they the happiest of all for they have so much to be happy about? Glad, Happy, Christians JESUS DIED THREE TIMES Other Texts Easter pictures Jesus dying on a cross, but in reality, Jesus actually died three different times, with two of those times preparing Him for the third and final death. Easter, Jesus, Death JESUS TURNS NOBODY AWAY <br> Thank goodness that Jesus is not like the rest of us.  There are certain kinds of people we'd rather not be around and then we do not always keep our word and often we change our minds.  However, Jesus loves everybody, turns nobody away, and is true to His word.   Salvation, Jesus, Everybody WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? <br> There's a lot of talk and varying beliefs about the Holy Spirit.  Just who is the Holy Spirit and what does the Holy Spirit do?  What does the Holy Spirit have to with people? Holy Spirit, Works ALL TALK <br> Ever tell someone that you didn't want to do such and such?  Ever tell someone that you would be glad do this or that  but never got around to it?  Jesus has something to say about both situations.  Christians do this all the time. Work, Excuses, Service BE LIKE LUKE Acts 1:1-2 Whose responsibility is it to tell others about Jesus?  Want a good example?
Ever read the Gospel of Luke or the Book of Acts?  Remember who wrote those two
books?  Ever see to whom they were written?  Well, every Christian needs to be like the author of these two books - Luke. Witness, Example, Every Christian WHEN "THINGS" TAKE OVER <br> Christians think that they have no idols.  Well, they do and God doesn't like them any more than He did when He gave the commandment to "have no idols."
What are "idols" in the Christian's life? Idolatry, Things, Worship DEACONS, HELPMATES TO THE PASTOR 1 Timothy 3:8-13 A pastor cannot in any way minister to every need of every member of His Church family, therefore God ordained that he have some help and those who help the pastor are called Deacons. Deacon, Helpers, Pastor, Church, Ordination CHRISTIANS ARE DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE <br> Christians are different from everyone else yet they are how God wants every human being to be like.  How are Christians different? Christian, Different, Container WHO FEARS THE LORD GOD? Jeremiah 10:6-7 Most people have little, if any fear of God, yet many say that they "love" God.
People have more fear of others than they do of God.  Why is that? Fear, Respect of God JUDGING AND CRITICIZING OTHERS SEEMS NATURAL Luke 6:37-42 "I wouldn't be caught dead in that get-up."  "Did you see all that junk that guy had stuck in his ears and nose?"  Everybody judges and criticizes others and has been judged and criticized by others, but God says "NO!" What's wrong with judging and criticizing others? Judging, Criticizing, God is Judge DECISIONS/CHOICES FORM OUR LIVES <br> "What a wasted life!"  "What a life of service!"  What will people say about your life when you are "gone?"  The decisions and choices we make during our life time greatly form our lifestyle.  What decisions and choices one makes about the Lord Jesus will determine whether one spends eternity in heaven or hell.  There are some very important choices that can be made only by us, alone. Choices, Decisions, Life CLOSING THE DOOR ON JESUS <br> Many don't intentionally shut the door on Jesus, some do, but not everyone.  The disciple shut and bolted the doors unthinkingly.  Nevertheless, Jesus still made His way in where they were.  He can always do that.  Ever shut the door on Jesus? Jesus, Shut Doors LOSING, THEN FINDING JESUS <br> Ever get separated from your children in a store or mall?  When a boy, Jesus got separated from His parents and a lesson is learned in that story, that even today people can still get separated from Jesus. Jesus, Separated, Lose, Find HALLELUJAH!  PRAISE THE LORD! <br> Strange that we get so active, vocal and expressive about things we really like but are so quiet and "reverent" about the things of the Lord.  What if Christians started getting as active, excited, vocal and expressive about the things of the Lord as they do other things?  What would unbelievers think? Praising the Lord, Christians PILLARS OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE 1 John 3:23 Thanksgiving is not the only time people need to be thankful.  Christians should be thankful every moment of every day and they have more reason to be thankful than anybody else for their lives are built on two things that nobody else has. Christian's Strength Source,  Thankful THE NEED TO GO BACK <br> Nobody seems to be able to live continuously as God wants.  Israel had that problem and God called often for them to "go back to the old paths."  Christians have the same problem and slowly, even unknowingly, drift away from living as God wants.  Many Christians need to also go back to living as they once did for the Lord. Holy Living, Return, Christian Lifestyle THE CHURCH HAS CHANGED Jeremiah 2:13; 2 Timothy 4:1-4 There is no doubt that today's Church is nothing like the early Church.  Emphasis has changed, doctrines have changed, and attitudes have changed.  The Church needs to go back to the early Church's thinking and actions. Church Has Changed, Need To Return ONE OUT OF THREE, WHICH ARE YOU? <br> Everybody categorizes people - by vocation, by wealth, by race, by nationality.
God also has categorized people and everybody falls into one of three categories. Categories, Natural, Spiritual, Carnal GUIDELINES FOR LIVING A HEALTHY CHRISTIAN LIFE <br> Children need rules to go by, explicit, direct rules.  Grown ups don't need rules so much, but can do with suggestions, guidelines and principles now and then.  Paul gives some guidelines to some immature Christians on how to go about living a healthy Christian life. Christian Life, Guidelines HOW THE CHURCH GOT STARTED <br> The Church of today is vastly different from the Church when it got started.  The Book of Acts records the start of the Church.  There are some basics that need to be reviewed and perhaps put back into practice today. Church Beginning, Member Responsibility WHERE THE CHRISTIAN LIVES <br> To most people, including a lot of Christians, Christians are no different from anybody else, however in God's eyes, the Christian is very different.  The Christian actually has three areas he/she lives in.  Not just one like the rest of the unsaved world. Christian living NEED SOME HELP WITH SIN 2 Corinthians 15; 2 Timothy 2:26 Unknown to just about every person, the source of his/her problems in life lie at one source - SIN.  God started everything out fine but Satan stepped in and brought SIN and things have been a big mess ever since.  People can't handle sin by themselves, they need some help. Sin, Satan, Mankind, Help WHO IS WISE AND WHO IS FOOLISH? <br> Who is wise and who is foolish?  We have our own ideas and opinions and so does God.  The world and God differ in what is wise and what is foolish.  Of which opinion are you? Wisdom, Foolishness RELIGION CAN BE DANGEROUS <br> Everybody has a "religion" of some sort, even the people in the darkest parts of the jungle.  "Religion" has brought wars and "religion" gave Jesus the most of His problems.  Ever think that "religion" can be dangerous? Religion, Good, Dangerous SOME DO'S AND DON'TS ABOUT BEING SAVED <br> People are always hearing what they need to do to be saved, but how often do they hear about what they don't need to do to be saved?  Here are some "do's and don't's about being saved. Salvation, Being Saved WANT JESUS TO STAY LONGER? Matthew 14:13; Mark 1:35 What do you do to get somebody you like to stay longer?  Ever been around Jesus very much?  Would you like to be around Him more?  What do you think it would take for Jesus to stay longer? Jesus, Presence, Conditions DECIDING TO DISOBEY Genesis 3:6 Seldom does anybody ever wonder how our world and society got to it's present situation.  People just get up every morning and go about their daily routines.  Just how did today's world and people get like it is?  How did it start out?  How much change has taken place? Disobedience, Decision, God's Will, Satan JESUS' CONVERSATION WITH NICODEMUS <br> Everybody handles things differently.  Some don't care what others think, some want everybody to know and then some don't want anybody to know.  Such was a man who went to see Jesus one night, not wanting anybody to know about the visit.  What Jesus told the man that night stunned him and seemed impossible to happen. Jesus, Nicodemus, Born Again, Holy Spirit GO, GO, GO, GO Matthew 28:19-20; John 6:44 It would seem only natural that when God commands something that everybody who is a part of God would quickly do what God commanded, however there is one thing which God commanded that most Christians don't obey/do - witness. Command, Christians, GO, Witness Series:  SIGNS OF THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS <br> There is no question whether Jesus is coming back or not, the only question is when.  This series of messages gives some insight into what might be looked for in anticipation of the Lord's return.  (A lot has happened since this series was developed, so "adjustments" may need to be made in some areas.)  Second Coming of Jesus CHANGE CAN BE GOOD <br> Nobody likes change, especially the older a person gets.  However change can be good.  The disciples were told by Jesus to fish on the other side of the boat and they filled the boat with fish.  They made a change and did what Jesus said.  Anytime a person does what Jesus says, it always turns out for the best and a change is always needed in some way. Change, Obedience, Jesus IT HAPPENED, IT IS HAPPENING, IT SHALL HAPPEN <br> Most people don't always keep their word for one reason or another, however when God says something, it happens.  The Bible is God's Word and everything in the Bible has either happened, is happening today or will happen in the future. God's Word SERIES OF FUNERAL MESSAGES/THOUGHTS <br> Pastors, adapt these to the situation as you see fit.  These are some that I have been able to help grieving families with.  GOD AS FATHER AND FRIEND <br> God is God and must be treated as such!  However Jesus changed things and since His ascention back into Heaven, God has become more than "God" to His Children.  He has become their FRIEND as well.  A NEW WAY TO LIVE <br> Christians are supposed to be living a different kind of life from non Christians but they don't seem to be.  Why do Christians keep on sinning and doing things they know they shouldn't be doing?  Why are so many Christians unhappy with themselves? Christians, Sin, New Life HOW CAN WE SIN AGAINST GOD? <br> Sadly Christians often treat God in the same manner that spoiled children (even grown children) treat their parents who have given so much to and for them - 
misbehaving, ignoring, doing the opposite, bringing disgrace, etc.  How in the world can Christians continue to sin against such a loving God?  God, Sin, Christian JUST WHO IS THE CHRISTIAN'S ACCUSER? 1 Peter 5:8; Ephesians 6:11-12 Christians are constantly being watched and whenever they do the least thing wrong, this "person" tells God on them.  Who is this accuser?  It is Satan!
 Satan, Accuser, Christians SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF A TRUE CHRISTIAN <br> Sadly, many think they are a Christian because they are a Church member, or that they sing in the choir, or that they attend services regularly, or that they come from a long line of "church-goers" or that they have been baptized, and so on.  Those things don't make a true, real Christian. Christian, Real, Genuine, True, Characteristics GOD WORKS ONLY THROUGH HIS CHURCH <br> Our country is in a mess.  Our world is in a mess.  What is the answer?  Who can help?  God is the answer!  However, God works only through certain people today.  Who?  HIS CHURCH! Church, Prayer, Work of Jesus TWO TRUTHS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW <br> There are two things that the world doesn't know or want to accept.  Every human being is born already separated from God and God's Son, Jesus, is the only way to be joined to God.   Truths, Separated, Condemned, Restored, Forgiven, Saved NO PLACE TO HIDE OUR SINS <br> "Oops, hope nobody saw that..."  From the very first two people on earth, people have done wrong (sinned) and made excuses and tried to cover their wrong doings up.  Maybe nobody else knows about our wrongs, sins, but God does and nobody can hide anything from Him. Sins, Wrongs, Hidden, God Knows BENEFITS OF BEING OBEDIENT Romans 1:5 Do children obey their parents always immediately at every order/command?  Adults, do you obey God's directives, commands, immediately, always, every time He tells you to do this or that?  There are countless benefits from being obedient to God's Word. Obedient, God's Word, Benefits THE LIGHT A CHRISTIAN IS TO GIVE <br> If a person is a Christian, then that person's life will be very different from that of a person who is not a Christian.  A Christian is to be a "light" to others.  Just what kind of "light" does a Christian give? Light, Christian, Witness, Life ALL GOD, ALL MAN <br> Lots of great people have lived, but none can begin to compare to Jesus.  Jesus was/is totally God and at the same time, He was/is totally man. In Jesus and Jesus alone one can find eternal salvation and forgiveness of his/her sins.  Jesus, God, Man, Salvation WALKING WITH GOD <br> The Bible speaks of "walking with God? and mentions some who have.  What is involved in "walking" with God?   God, Fellowship, Closeness, Walking  WORK OUT WHAT HAS BEEN WORKED IN <br> Christians are different from non Christians for Christians are to be identical in their lifestyles.  Every Christian has the same role model and same indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  They are to learn how to live like Jesus. Christians, Model, Jesus, Work  UNSATISFIED CHILDREN <br> Ever see anybody completely satisfied and wanted nothing else?  Christians are and should be the most unsatisfied people on earth for what awaits them in eternity is beyond their wildest dreams.  Nothing on earth can compare with what God has for His Children when they "get home." Christians, Unsatisfied, Heaven,  HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHRISTIAN LIFE <br> Are you satisfied with your Christian life?  Would you like to be living a better one?  Here are some ways that could just make your Christian life more Christ-like. Chrstian Life, Changes,  GOD'S KINGDOM IS NOTHING LIKE THIS WORLD <br> Living on this earth is a natural thing and people learn to "adjust" to the ups and downs, the ins and outs that this world gives.  However what awaits the Christian, the Kingdom of God, is nothing like this world in any way whatsoever. Christian, God's Kingdom, Different THERE IS A POINT OF NO RETURN Genesis 6:3; Luke 19:41-42 Airplanes have a point in their flight plan that upon reaching, they don't have enough fuel to return to their take off place, they have to continue on to somewhere.  Ever give thought to the truth/fact that there can be a point when God no longer deals with some people?  They say "no" and reject Him till He just goes away and never returns. God's Love, Patience, Limited CHRISTIANS DON'T ALWAYS ACT LIKE CHRISTIANS Hebrews 5:11-14 Know anybody other than Jesus who is perfect?  By no means are Christians perfect, yet they are expected to be as much like Jesus as they can, however sometimes Christians don't act like Christians.  Why? Christians, Behavior, Christ-like A THANKSGIVING MESSAGE (TITHING) <br> There are many things people do without thinking, they do "naturally."  However giving "thanks" is not one of them.  The ten lepers that Jesus healed reveals the normal reaction of most people to something good that happened to them with the
exception of the one cured leper who came back to thank Jesus.  Showing thanks is just not a natural thing most people do. Thanksgiving, Tithing, Natural, Unnatural TRY TO MAKE PEACE AND GET IN TROUBLE <br> If you want to be like Jesus, then you're going to get into trouble.  WWJD?  What would Jesus do?  If you try to bring harmony, make peace, do what is right, then you are going to have problems, however, Jesus says that you will also be "blessed" and that indicates that you fit right in God's Kingdom. Peace, Harmony, Unity, Troubles CHOICES TO MAKE Deuteronomy 30:19; Joshua 24:15; 1 Kings 18:21; Jeremiah 21:8; Luke 14:25-27 Life is filled with choices and everyday everybody makes them.  Some turn out good, some turn out bad.  Jesus teaches that everybody faces the choice of being right with God or not, of obtaining Salvation or not and the choice made determines where eternity will be spent, in heaven or in hell. Choices, Easy, Hard, Broad, Narrow, Heaven or Hell ESSENTIALS OF A SUCCESSFUL CHRISTIAN LIFE Philippians 4:13; John 16:24;15:7; Psalm 37:4 If you want to be a successful Christian, then there are some things that you have to do.  Not all that many Christians can really be called "successful" so what does it take to become a successful Christian? Christian, Successful, Essentials REMEMBERING, A CAUSE FOR THANKSGIVING <br> There is a simple thing a person can do to bring about an attitude of thanksgiving and that is to just simply REMEMBER.  Look back at the many things to be thankful for. Thanksgiving, Remembering A SECRET TO BEING THANKFUL Psalm 92:1 Want to know how to be really, really thankful, no matter what?  Paul, the apostle discovered the secret to being thankful even in the most horrible circumstances.  What was it? Thanksgiving, Thankful, Paul THANKSGIVING REASONS Ephesians 5:20; 2 Corinthians 9:15 Not everyone has the same things to be thankful for as everyone's life is different.  There is one kind of person who has more to be thankful for than those who are not like him/her and that is the CHRISTIAN. Thanksgiving, Reasons, Christian THE OPPOSITE OF THANKFUL <br> Ever do something for someone and they never seemed to appreciate it?  They never even acknowledged what you did?  They never even nodded their head in "thanks?"  How did you feel?  We do the same thing from time to time.  We fail to say "thanks."  That is called being "ungrateful." Thanksgiving, Ungrateful GOD'S MOTIVE IN GRACE <br> God was great in creation, but what He has done for mankind is even greater.  Why does God love us so? Grace, Motive, Love, God OUR CHOICE - THANKFUL OR NOT THANKFUL <br> Choices, choices, choices. We don't always make the right choice and choosing to NOT be thankful is one of the wrong, bad choices.  Why would we choose to not be thankful anyhow? Thanksgiving, Choice, Benefits, Ungrateful PAUL PREACHED ABOUT THE DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST <br> One can hear sermons on just about everything and anything in the world but how often is the death of Jesus Christ preached about?  Maybe around Easter time?
The death of Jesus Christ was the central topic of all of Paul's preaching and teaching.  Why? Death of Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul,  WHAT DOES THE DEATH OF JESUS MEAN? <br> The death of Jesus has affected the entire universe and the entire human race.  How has His death affected so much and so many? Death, Jesus Christ, Results AN INCREDIBLE PROMISE <br> People don't always keep their word but how about God?  Jesus made a promise to His disciples and it applies to all believers in Him as well.  Will Jesus keep His word, His promise? Promise, Prayer, Believe AN OFTEN ASKED THREE LETTERED QUESTION <br> There is a question we have asked countless times that has only three letters.  If we knew the answer to every time we asked the little three lettered question, we would be as wise as God.  Even Jesus asked a question using this little three lettered word. Questions, God's Wisdom,  PARENTING GOD'S WAY <br> Ever see a spoiled rotten child?  (Not yours, of course)  God has given instructions on how parents are to raise their children, but do parents want to be told how to raise their own children? Parents, Children, God's Way DUAL CITIZENSHIP <br> By birth one is a citizen of the nation/country where he/she is born and owes allegiance to that nation/country.  When one believes in Jesus Christ, he/she is born into the Kingdom of Heaven and immediately becomes a "citizen" owing allegiance there as well.  Christians have a dual citizenship and dual responsibility. Citizenship, Allegiance, Dual, Christian LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ONLY ME <br> Anybody who does bad and evil things should be punished but most who do are not punished.  It's just not right.  God feels the same way and welcomes into His Kingdom those who agree with Him and especially those who are forced to seek His help in overcoming their weaknesses. Justice, Forgiveness, God's Kingdom GOD CANNOT CHANGE AND IS EVERYWHERE Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17 Tired of change?  Wish things would slow down?  Want something that is reliable, dependable and will always be there no matter what?  Well, that something is here and always has been.  It's God! God, Unchangeable, Omnipresent, Caring GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST <br> Every meet somebody who thought they knew everything?  Well, there really is somebody who knows everything about everything and that is God.  If God knows everything, wouldn't it be a smart thing to listen to Him? Wisdom, God, Christian GOD HAS FEELINGS LIKE OURS 1 Peter 5:7 Where did you get your emotions from?  Your parents.  Where did your parents get their emotions from?  Their parents, and so on back down the line all the way to the first parents, Adam and Eve.  So where did they get their emotions from?  Would you believe - GOD?  Ever think that God has emotions like ours? Emotions, Feelings, God ANGER CAN TURN INTO SIN <br> Everybody gets mad at one time or another.  So, how does getting mad become sin?
Jesus got mad, did He sin?  There is a "line" which we can cross that in the eyes of God, that anger can become sin. Anger, Sin, Reconciliation  CHRISTIANS ARE TO "LIGHT" THINGS UP <br> What is light?  What is light used for?  What does light do?  Where does light come from?  What kind of "light" is a Christian supposed to be?  What is "dark" around the Christian that needs to have light? Christians, Light, Darkness CHRISTIANS ARE TO HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON OTHERS <br> What does food taste like without salt?  Ever eat anything that had been preserved in salt?  "Are you worth your salt?"  Salt has always been very useful and valuable, but it can lose it's usefulness.  Jesus said that His followers were to be "salt."  What kind of "salt" can a Christian be? Christian, Salt, Useful STRONG THOUGHTS <br> Sex is one strong drive and probably everyone has strong thoughts about it often.  God's intentions for sex is to be confined within the marriage of one man and one woman for their lifetime together.  So, is it a sin to have strong sexual thoughts only and not actually participate in it? Adultery, Sexual Thoughts, Sin WHAT IF IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT? <br> One of the hardest things a Christian is NOT to do is to retaliate when he/she has been unjustly treated.  However, Jesus never did and Peter reminds us in one of his writings to act like Jesus did whenever he was mistreated. Christian, Retaliate, Mistreated, Unjustly, Jesus' Example WHEN DESPERATE Mark 4:35-41 Life is going to throw some difficult times to everyone at one time or other.  What does one do?  Who does a person turn to?  Where can help, relief, advice be found?  The disciples of Jesus learned the "hard" way. Desperation, Difficulties, Help CHECK YOUR PRAYING STYLE <br> How would you rate your percentage of answered prayers?  Why do you pray?  When do you pray?  What do you call prayer?  How serious are you when you pray?
Perhaps you need to give your style of praying a good look.  Maybe some changes need to be made. Prayer, Motive, Manner THE ORIGINAL MEANING OF THE LORD'S SUPPER <br> Jesus left only two visible things for His followers to continue doing.  Baptism and the Lord's Supper.  Through time people have changed things about both of these two things.  Just what was the original meaning of the Lord's Supper? Lord's Supper, Meaning LORD'S SUPPER WORSHIP SERVICE #1 <br> A worship service built around the Lord's Supper.  Scripture readings can be read responsively or by various readers. Lord's Supper, Worship Service THE LORD'S SUPPER WORSHIP SERVICE #2 <br> A worship service built around the Lord's Supper.  Scripture readings can be either responsively or by individuals. Lord's Supper, Worship Service THE LORD'S SUPPER WORSHIP SERVICE #4 <br> A worship service built around the Lord's Supper.  Scripture readings can be responsive or by individuals. Lord's Supper, Worship Service THE LORD'S SUPPER WORSHIP SERVICE #3 <br> A worship service built around the Lord's Supper.  Scripture readings can be responsive or by individuals. Lord's Supper, Worship Service THE LORD'S SUPPER WORSHIP SERVICE #5 <br> A worship service built around the Lord's Supper.  Scripture readings can be responsive or by individuals. Lord's Supper, Worship Service THE LORD'S SUPPER IN SILENCE <br> This is a worship service where no speaking is done or heard.  All music is by instruments only.  All prayers are silent, following the printed order of service.  Nothings is said, everything is done according to the order of service in silence. Lord's Supper, Worship Service, Silence CANDLE LIGHT LORD'S SUPPER SERVICE <br> A Lord's Supper service done by candlelight.   Lord's Supper, Candle Light Service THE LORD'S SUPPER, A CHALLENGE <br> To properly partake of the Lord's Supper, one must pause, reflect and make any needed changes before partaking.  Therefore the Lord's Supper presents several challenges to the partaker before he/she actually partakes of the elements. Lord's Supper, Challenges LIFE'S BEST TEACHER <br> There are a lot of ways to learn things, however often many of those things are forgotten.  There is one way that one can learn and never forget.  It is considered to be life's best teacher. Teach, Learn, Remember DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY <br> Who doesn't worry about this or that at one time or other?  Ever been called a "worry-wort?"  How in the world can a person not worry sooner or later?  There are such instructions in the Bible thought that says to "not worry..." Worry, Good, Christians, Love WHAT HAPPENED AT THE CROSS <br> Nobody can ever fully explain nor understand all that happened at the cross of Jesus.  No matter how many times one reads the scripture of the crucifixion of the Lord, there is always something new that is revealed.  See if there is not something new gained in this review. Cross of Jesus, Events WHAT IS NEEDED TO WITNESS HAS ALREADY BEEN GIVEN <br> Something happened on the Day of Pentecost that has had lasting effects reaching through the ages to our own time.  What the believer needs to be the kind of witness he/she should be was given on that Day of Pentecost. Pentecost, Witness, Holy Spirit THE HOLY SPIRIT BRINGS CHANGE Ephesians 5:18 One day the disciples were cowards, hiding behind locked doors, the next they were on the streets preaching.  What happened?  What brought about such a change?
What happened to the disciples, can still happen to believers today. Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Change, Disciples IT'S NEVER AS BAD AS IT SEEMS <br> Everybody has problems at one time or other and those problems cause a person to make changes in order to adjust to their situation and with Christians, sometimes their faith and Christian lifestyle suffer.  That doesn't have to happen for with Christians, things are never as bad as they seem.  Difficulties, Trials, Problems, Christian Life. OUR TIMES ARE IN GOD'S HANDS <br> It is a fact that God does not change and can always be depended upon to always be there for His Children.  However God's Children sometimes forget that God is always there and often begin to fret and worry.  Let's be reminded that God just does not change and will always be there for His Children. Time, Unchanging, God BEING NEAR TO GOD <br> Everybody is near somebody in familiarity, knowledge, etc.  However being near God is another thing.  If God is everywhere at the same time, just how does one go about being near to God?  Is it even possible? God, Nearness, Degrees GIVING TALKS 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 16:1-13 It's been said that "money talks."  Well so does "giving."  Giving one's time, giving gifts, giving attention, care, etc.  If giving has a way of talking, what has your giving been saying about you? Giving, Motive, Guideline ONE BAPTISM 1 Corinthians 12:13 There are a lot of different opinions, ideas, customs, methods, etc. concerning Baptism.  However according to the scriptures there is but ONE baptism.  Who, what is right?  Baptism, Scriptural AS IT WAS THEN, SO IT IS NOW 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Nobody knew when Jesus came the first time, even though it had been foretold for centuries.  It seems to be the same today for Jesus, Himself, promised to return but who is looking for Him?  Who is expecting Him?  It's about the same today as it was then when He came the first time.   Jesus' Coming, Birth, King THE RIGHT ATTITUDE FOR PRAYER <br> Just about everyone prays but does everyone get his/her prayer answered?  Does God hear every prayer?  Are there certain guidelines, certain attitudes, certain 
words to be said?  Just how does one go about getting his/her prayer answered? Prayer, Attitude, Answered GOD CAN HELP <br> When difficult things happen in people's lives, reactions are often severe and even deadly.  There is a source of HELP that is guaranteed to do just that - HELP..and that source is God.  No matter what the situation, God can help. Help, Source, Reliable, God RESULTS OF THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> There are a lot of false doctrines, teachings about the Holy Spirit.  One such false doctrine is that a person needs to be re-baptized by the Holy Spirit perhaps over and over.  That is NOT what the scriptures teach. Holy Spirit, Baptism, Truth THE COMMAND TO BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> There are lots of various interpretations of matters relating to the Holy Spirit and one tends to be a bit controversial is the "filling of the Holy Spirit."  However if one would read the scriptures without trying to make them say what he/she wants them to say, the truth of the scriptures is very clear.  So what is it to "be filled with the Holy Spirit?" Holy Spirit, Command, Be Filled MINISTERING GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Romans 12:6-8 If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, then you are indwelt with the Holy Spirit and you posses a very special gift given only to you for the specific assignment God has given to you.  Do you know what gift the Holy Spirit has given to you? Holy Spirit, Gifts, Service, Ministering THE OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY  SPIRIT Acts 2 God told Joel that one day the Holy Spirit was going to be poured out and sure enough that happened on the Day of Pentecost when the Church was waiting for something to happen - it did!  The Holy Spirit came and has been here ever since. Holy Spirit, Outpouring, Prophecy CONFUSION ABOUT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Acts 1:5; 11:16 "You need to get baptized by the Holy Spirit brother.., you need the second blessing.."  There is much confusion about the who, what, how and when of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps this study will help you understand things a bit more clearly about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit, Baptism, Confusion GOD'S TWO GREAT PROMISES Acts 1:4 God made many promises and carried out every one but there are two promises that God made that stand out.  One was to send a Savior, which was fulfilled with His own Son, Jesus.  The other promise was to send the Holy Spirit which was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit has been here ever since. Holy Spirit, Savior, Promise, God THE HOLY SPIRIT AS "ONE" OF US <br> "God is far, far away and we can reach Him only through our prayers."  I've got news for you my friend!  God is closer than you think, especially if you are a believer in Jesus Christ.  If your are, then GOD IS INSIDE YOU! That's right!
The Holy Spirit (God) lives inside the body of every believer in Jesus Christ - He's "one" of us in a way.  Holy Spirit, Indwelling, Human Body THE GIFTS OF HEALING <br> The Holy Spirit gives many gifts, and one of those is the gift-s of healing.  There are bodily illnesses, mental illnesses, and spiritual illnesses, thus healing is needed for all these areas.  Is it right to go to God and ask for healing?  What about the television "healers?" Holy Spirit Gifts, Healing, False Healers TRY ASKING Matthew 9:27-29 "What's the use of "praying," God never hears me anyhow."  Most everyone has either said that or certainly thought that.  Why doesn't God answer our prayers when we ask something of Him?  Is there some deep, dark secret to getting God to listen and help out? Prayer, Answered, Not Answered CHOOSING YOUR WORK FOR CHRIST Various Scripture For some reason most Christians think that God calls only certain ones to do things for Him.  On the contrary!  Every Christian has a calling by God to do something with his/her life for the Lord.  What have you been doing with your
life for the Lord? Calling, Life's Call, God THE CHURCH ENDANGERED AND INJURED BY WORLDLY ASSOCIATION <br> Israel may have been God's chosen people, but they got into a lot of trouble from time to time and usually it was because they got mixed up with things of the world which drew them away from God.  The Church of today has the same problem
of getting mixed up in worldly things and not being what it should be for the Lord. Church, World, Hurt CAUTION AGAINST FORMALITY AND INDIFFERENCE <br> As religious as some people appear to be, they may not be really that religious and Jesus gave His disciples some strong cautions/warnings against the Saducees and the Pharisees.  The same cautions and warnings apply today to the same kind of "religious pretenders." Caution, Religious Pretenders,  SAVED BY GRACE <br> "Grace is love directed toward the unworthy and taking action to help them..."
"Works" is that by which the one saved by Grace tries to live in respect and obligation to the one who has saved him/her. Grace, Works, Salvation, LIfestyle WHAT THE SCRIPTURES TEACH ABOUT THE BLOOD <br> From the very first book of the Bible to the very last book in the bible, "blood" is mentioned.  Why is that word "blood" so important?  What do the Scriptures have to say about it? Blood, Sacrifice, God, Jesus, Required REDEMPTION BY THE BLOOD <br> A lot is said about the blood of Jesus, so just how important and powerful is the blood of Jesus?  What all can it do?  How does it do what it does?
 Blood, Jesus, Redemption, Powerful RECONCILIATION THROUGH THE BLOOD <br> God is so big and great and we are so insignificant.  How in the world can anybody ever get "right" with Him?  Well, it's been done and it's been done for everybody.  Everybody can be reconciled to God by what Jesus did. Reconciled, Blood, Accepted CLEANSING THROUGH THE BLOOD <br> Have you been "washed in the blood of the Lamb?"  There are a lot of hymns about the blood of Jesus for the blood of Jesus has done and continues to do many things for those who believe.  What does "cleansed" by His blood really mean? Blood, Jesus Christ, Cleansed VICTORY THROUGH THE BLOOD <br> Satan was in charge of this world and the people on it for countless centuries until Jesus came, lived a spotless life, then shedding His blood, died on a cross, but was resurrected therefore defeating Satan.  Jesus shares His victory over Satan with all who would believe in HIM (the Lord Jesus Christ). Satan Defeated, Blood of Jesus, Victory Shared FAITH IN THE BLOOD <br> Faith is involved in a lot of things, but faith in the blood of Jesus Christ makes all the other doctrines come together.  What the blood of Jesus did, it did for all eternity. Blood, Jesus Christ, Faith THE NEXT STEP - BAPTISM <br> Baptism has a lot of ideas surrounding it - the manner, the meaning, the endurance, why, who, where and how.  This is a step by step approach to baptism, the next step after believing in Jesus Christ. Baptism, Belief in Jesus, Meaning HOW TO GET BACK UP <br> Everybody gets "knocked down" now and then in life and it can be hard to get back up, however when sin hits the Christian and knocks him/her down in his/her Christian life, he/she has help to get back up that the non-Christian does not have. Sin, Christian, Down, Help MOSES AND A BUSH Exodus 2:1-3:6 "I'll do it MY way..."  That may work in some situations but it won't work with God.  Moses had to learn the hard way that God has His way of doing things and Moses learned that lesson by a burning bush. Moses, Bush, God's Will, God's Way USE IT OR LOSE IT <br> There are things in life that must be used and cannot be put on a shelf or they will lose their usefulness.  The same principle applies to God's Word.  God makes offers that must be used when offered and if not used at once, then they are lost forever. God's Word, Hear, Obey, Loss HOW'S YOUR HEARING? <br> Everybody has a hearing problem at one time or other to some degree or other.  Jesus told a story about a farmer sowing seeds and the different kinds of soil they fell upon and then likened that to how people "hear" the Word of God.
So, how's your "hearing?" Word of God, Hearing GIFTS FOR THE KING Other texts Christmas is a time of decorating, sending cards, dinners, but best of all it's a time of receiving gifts, right?  What about giving gifts?  The real spirit of Christmas is unselfish GIVING and it started at the birth of Jesus. Christmas, Giving, Originate THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY Luke 2:1-20; Matthew 2:1-12 There are lots of stories about Christmas, Santa Claus, Elves, Reindeer, etc.  However the real Christmas Story started with something God did.  God gave the first Christmas gift. Christmas, First Gift, From God A PROPHECY FULFILLED <br> A "prophecy" of great proportion was filled when Jesus was born.  God waited until everything was exactly as He wanted it and then He brought to pass the prophecy made some 700 years earlier that the Messiah would be born in the little town of Bethlehem. Christmas, Prophecy Fulfilled, Bethlehem, Messiah Born CHRISTMAS Matthew 2:1-2; 9-12 Christmas is an ageless story.  What if there had been no birth?  What if Jesus had not come? Let's go back in time and revisit when Christmas first came. Christmas, Birth of Jesus MAKING THE BEST OF YOUR TIME <br> Christians are to live as much like Jesus as they possibly can and in doing so they must make the best of their time and not be controlled by things not essential to their living like the Lord. Christian Life, Control of Time, LIfe WHAT SHALL THIS UPCOMING NEW YEAR BRING? <br> How has this year been going?  Ready for another new one?  It'll be here before you know it.  Any idea what this new year will bring with it?  How does a person go about getting ready for another new year? New Year, Opportunities, Troubles THE GATEWAY OF A NEW YEAR <br> What does this upcoming new year hold for you?  For certain there will be some good times and sadly there will be some bad times.  For the Christian, however, God has a plan for his/her life already worked out.  The best thing to do in entering this new year is to "put your hand into the hand of God..." New Year, God in Charge THE HEAVENLY ASCENSION <br> Jesus lived an extraordinary life, there is no question.  One of the greatest things He did was perhaps the last thing He did and that was His ascension.
His ascension brought about many changes both here and in heaven. Ascension of Jesus, Changes  WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS THIS John 3:16 Christmas!  A most wonderful time of the year and it is a birthday celebration.
What manner of man is this whose birthday causes so much interest and celebration?
 Christmas, Birthday, Jesus SOMETHING HAPPENED <br> Is Christmas like it used to be?  Has the original meaning changed through the years?  Has Christmas been "cheapened?"  How did Christmas get started? Christmas, Even, Happening A NEW TYPE OF CHRISTMAS SEASON <br> Stores begin their Christmas promotion and sales long before Christmas actually gets here.  Why can't Christians and their Churches do the same thing?  How can this Christmas be different from past Christmases? Christmas, Different, Longer THE DANGER OF SHUTTING JESUS OUT John 1:11-12 Who wants to play the role of the innkeeper in the Christmas play?  He's the one who didn't have room for Jesus, remember?  Sad, but there are a lot of people acting like the innkeeper because they don't have room for Jesus either. Christmas, Innkeeper, No Room For Jesus THE RECEPTION OF CHRIST <br> Jesus has been treated many ways by people.  This is a brief study of how some people received Him.  Everyone will fit into one of these categories. Christmas, Jesus, Reception, Treatment THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL 2 Corinthians 9:15 Gifts have different meanings to each person but in general there are three categories that all gifts fall into:  the giver, the gift, and the response of the receiver.  God has given a gift to humanity, how has God's gift been received? Christmas, God's Gift, Reception CHRIST THE LORD Isaiah 9:6-7 Titles have had great significance in the past but today little thought is given to titles.  However the title "Lord" has great meaning and to properly respond to that title, one needs to learn the significance of the word.  In the Greek it is "Kurios." Christmas, Lord, Kurios, Title THE REASON FOR THE SEASON <br> Christmas can be very confusing when trying to sort out all the things going on.  Just how did Christmas get started in the first place?  What part of the real meaning of Christmas does Santa Claus, Elves and flying reindeer have?  Christmas, Real Reason ONLY ONE TRUE WAY TO WORSHIP <br> There are places of "worship" all over the world but does "true" worship take place in all of the places people go to "worship?"  Jesus said that there was but one way to worship God as He talked with the Samaritan woman at a well.  What about today?  What about all the denominations?  What about all the "religions" around the world?  Just WHO is worshiping the right way? Worship, True Way, Jesus, Spirit, Idolatry CHRISTMAS, THE COMING OF THE EVERLASTING ONE <br> Christmas has Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Angels, but the real focus is upon the birth of God's everlasting Son, Jesus. Christmas, God's Everlasting Son, Jesus THE CHRISTIAN'S RELIGIOUS HISTORY <br> Looking through an old photo album brings back memories and then we notice how things have changed since the pictures were taken.  Christians need every now and then to think of their lives before they became a Christian.  Sometimes life covers up things that need to stay in the open. Christian, Once dead, Now alive NOT ALL FAITH IS THE SAME <br> Everybody has some kind of faith, but not just any kind of faith pleases God.  The world and Satan have their kind of faith which most people tend to identify with but it doesn't have anything to do with all of God's Word.  True faith identifies with the RIGHT ONE. Faith, Worldly and Godly ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE Ephesians 5:22-33 If a couple want a "fairy tale" marriage, then God has just the plan for them.
This outline can be used for a wedding vowel renewal service or for a normal, regular service. Marriage, Roles, God's Plan LOOK UP AND LIVE Numbers 21:5-9 Israel got themselves into a mess with God and God sent a mess of snakes.  They tried their own remedies but nothing worked.  God told them to look up (at a brass serpent on a pole) and they would be healed.  That remedy still works.  Look up and live - eternally. Serpents, Look Up, Live, Faith IS BELIEVING IN GOD ENOUGH? <br> Surely there is something that can be added to what God has done for man's salvation.  Is believing what God says really enough? Did God's Son, Jesus, really do all that was necessary for us to be saved?  Salvation, Believing, Works THE RIGHT ORDER John 14:6; Romans 10:13; Ephesians 2:8-9 Christians often struggle with trying to live a life that God wants but sometimes get things in the wrong order.  Are feelings what one goes by?  Is it faith that one looks at and plans his/her life by?  Where do facts come into the situation?
So, what is the right order?  Is there a right order? Fact, Faith, Feelings, Relationship with God, Which First? RETURN TO THE OLD PATHS <br> What do people do when they are bored?  Don't they make some sort of change?  Do something different?  God has always had trouble with His people getting "bored" with doing things HIS way so they make "changes."  Our generation does the same thing.  People, today, have added "things" to God's ways and changed how God wants things to be. God's Way, Bored, Changes THE YARDSTICK OF LIFE Matthew 9:29 How do you measure up according to God's standards?  When we stand before God we will give an account of our lives here on earth and we will not be judged by the world's standards, but by God's.  What exactly is the "measuring stick" God is going to use? Faith, Biblical, God's Word, Judgment ONE OF THREE KINDS <br> A split personality?  Ever meet somebody like that?  Did you ever think that some Christians are like that?  God says there are lots of them.  Actually in God's eyes people make up three different categories.  Everybody is in one or the other. Natural, Spiritual, Carnal, People CHRISTIANS ARE "GIFTED" <br> Everybody has a talent of some sort, to some degree, but only Christians have a God-given ability which is called a "spiritual gift."  They don't choose what they want but God chooses what special "gift" each believer is given. Spiritual Gifts, Christians GOD'S BLESSINGS NOT YET RECEIVED <br> Why is it that most Christians are content with what they have received from God when God has so much more that He wants to give them?  Do they not know or is it that they don't want to do anything extra to receive more blessings? Blessings, Earned, Unearned HOW TO STUDY GOD'S WORD <br> Most people read God's Word but few ever study God's Word.  There is a big difference.  To study God's Word requires some things that most people don't want to bother with.  There are four things to consider in studying God's Word. God's Word, Studying, Reading, Understanding KNOW  YOUR ENEMY <br> Everybody has a common enemy, but that enemy really works at destroying Christians.  That common enemy is Satan.  How well one knows his/her enemy, determines how successful he/she is in defeating that enemy.  How well do YOU know Satan and his tactics? Satan, God's Word, Enemy ONE'S LIFE IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING Romans 8:29 People imitate others, especially those they admire, in dress, body styles, language, etc.  Life is constantly changing and there are phases everyone goes through.  If you are changing, what is influencing your change?  Is it God? Life, Role Models, Changes JUST AS WE ARE ? <br> It is true that God accepts people just as they are when they come to Him for salvation through Jesus Christ, however it is an entirely different matter AFTER one becomes a child of God for God does not accept just any lifestyle of His Children. Lifestyle, Unsaved, Saved, Worship WHO IS IN CHARGE ? Ephesians 1:21-22; 5:23b; 24a Everybody knows that the pastor and the deacons/elders are in charge of the Church, right?  Well, what part does Jesus have in today's Church, after all, it's HIS Church. Church, Leader, Authority, Jesus EVERYBODY OWES GOD AND ONE ANOTHER <br> Everybody is in debt.  All of us owe.  We owe God and we owe one another.  What do we owe to God?  What do we owe to one another?   Indebted to God, Indebted to others OUR SINS SEEN FROM A HEAVENLY VIEW Isaiah 6:5 Nobody sees, hears or feels the same thing the same way and God does not see sin the same way we do.  If we could go to heaven and see from there our sins, what a different viewpoint we would have. Sin, Different Views IS TODAY'S WORSHIP GENUINE? <br> For years our country has been sending missionaries around the world to other countries with the Gospel.  If Jesus delays His return for very much longer, it could be that missionaries from other countries could be coming to OUR/THIS country with the Gospel.  What is wrong with today's "worship" here? Worship, Genuine, True, False SAVED, JUSTIFIED, AND THEREFORE, NO WORRIES <br> Christians are saved, justified, all things made right between them and God so they don't have anything else to do or be worried about - or do they?  What about how they live their lives and use what God gives them?  Aren't they accountable? Accountability, Christians GOD'S REMEDY FOR SIN Leviticus 4 Everybody sins, that's a fact.  Sometimes a person wants to just throw up his/her hands and quit trying to live a good, Godly life.  God has always had a "remedy" for when His people sinned.  Why does God forgive sin anyhow? Sin, Forgiveness, Sacrifice GOD'S CHURCH IS EVERLASTING 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, 27 Why are there so many different kind and sizes of Churches? Do any of them have anything in common?  Unknown to most people, there is but ONE true Church and it is the same one God started on the Day of Pentecost.  It's still going. Church,  Everlasting BELIEVING IN OR ACCEPTING CHRIST, IS THERE A DIFFERENCE? Acts 16:31; John 1:12; 1 John 4:17 Which is it?  Believe in Jesus, Receive Jesus, or Accept Christ?  Is there any difference?  Don't they all mean the same thing, can't a person be saved by doing any of these? Salvation, Works of Jesus, Accepting, Believing DUTIES OF THE CHURCH Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8 A lot of Christians don't have the slightest idea of what their Church is supposed to be doing.  All they know is that on Sunday there are services and sometimes on Wednesday nights.  They don't know what the purpose of the Church is or very much about it.  There are some basic duties/obligations the Church has. Church, Duties, Obligations, Missions BORN INTO A DIFFERENT WORLD <br> Being born again as a Christian is almost like moving to another planet for everything is different for the new Christian.  This world does not care for Christians and the Christians' new life is not of this world for it is of God's Spiritual realm. Christian, World, Changed, Different HEAVEN  REJOICED WHEN YOU WERE SAVED <br> Whenever anybody is saved, somebody is happy.  Perhaps nobody has given much thought to what happens in Heaven when a person is saved.  More happens up there than down here! Saved, Happy, Rejoicing WE ARE WHAT WE ARE <br> Everybody tries to be who/what they are not in one way or other.  Hair styles, dress, speech, pretenses of all sorts, anything to make people not know the "real me."  In God's eyes, pretense doesn't work for He sees everyone as they really are.  Christians are no exceptions, not even pastors, evangelists, etc.
 Life, Real, True, Pretense, Fruit HOW REAL IS YOUR FAITH? <br> Talk is cheap!  So is the "faith" some people say that they have.  Everybody knows about Jesus, countless say they believe in Him, but how many have real, sincere, true FAITH in Him?  How real is your faith? Faith, Sincerity, Pretense TAKE TIME TO BE HOLY <br> Church hymn titles often describe a Christian's life situation.  How about "Take Time to be Holy" or "Just a Little Talk With Jesus"?  "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," etc.  Paul wrote to some Christians who were more or less still babies but who should have been spiritual adults.  That problem is still very prevalent today.  Why don't some Christians "grow up" spiritually? Christians, Immature, Babes, Spiritually WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT SIN ANYHOW? Romans 3:23; 1 John 1:8, 10 Nobody is perfect, everybody does something wrong sooner or later, even babies.  Crime has its punishment, nobody is punished for what they are thinking.  However God sees things differently.  Breaking one of God's laws is called "sin" and it carries a far more severe penalty than breaking a human law. Sin, Law, Penalty GOD'S WAYS AND THOUGHTS ARE FAR ABOVE OURS <br> No doubt we have our own way of doing things and get upset if our way is not chosen or done.  Face it!  God's ways and thoughts are above and different from ours so there is a problem here.  So whose way is best? God's Way, Thoughts, Human Wisdom, Logic NOBODY IS TURNED AWAY <br> Is there anybody Jesus doesn't love?  Is there anybody who Jesus doesn't want to be saved?  Why is it that most of the world does not believe in Jesus?  Haven't they been invited?  Anybody who comes to Jesus will be accepted "HE" says. Salvation, Accepted, Excluded HE WILL "IF" WE WILL Matthew 18:21-22 Ever ask anybody to "forgive" you?  Did they?  Have you ever been asked by somebody to forgive them?  Did you?  Did you then forget all about it?  Jesus says we are to keep on forgiving people when they "trespass" against us as many as times as they come to ask forgiveness in sincerity.  He does. Forgiveness, Sincerity, Repeatedly EACH GENERATION OWES THE NEXT Psalm 145:4 Children have a tendency to act like their parents and to have physical similarities as well.  People inherit certain traits from their parents and then imitate/learn things as well.  What one generation knows starts from the generation they came from.  Each generation owes the next generation the facts about God and redemption through Jesus. Facts about God, Duty, Generations NO MORE TIME <br> Pastors preach about the "second coming of the Lord Jesus" when Christians will be caught up and there is coming a day when time will be no more, but what about time "being no more" every day for somebody?  Every day countless die and go into eternity. End of Time, Eternity, Second Coming, Death PRINCIPLES THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT Various Scriptures America was founded upon something which America seems to have departed from - God and God's Word.  Each generation drifted away from those founding principles until we have what America is today.  America must return to those founding principles. Founding Principles of America, God, God's Word MINISTER BY JESUS' EXAMPLE <br> The pastor is the minister, right?  Yes, but not the only one in the Church.  Every Christian is a minister and the Church's primary purpose in being here is to MINISTER!  Jesus set the example of ministering.  How did Jesus minister?  To whom did Jesus minister?  Where did Jesus minister? Minister, Jesus' Example, Church's Purpose THE FAMILY IN 1974 <br> Back in 1974, a message was preached about how Satan battles with God, the Lord Jesus and tries to divide the family/home in every way.  Compare this outline/message with today's family situation.  If it was so bad in 1974, how much worse is it today? Family, Satan, God's Institution, Home SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS NEW YEAR <br> Want to relive some of last year over and redo some things you messed up?  Well, we just can't do that can we, but we can LEARN from the past year.  Paul gives some good advice to the Christian about how to live this new year. New Year, Advice from Paul TAKE A GOOD LOOK <br> It wouldn't hurt to take a good look back at this past year and perhaps adjust this new year to what might be learned from this last year.  Let's take a good look and see what changes might be made. New year, past year, changes, review WE ARE SO FORGETFUL TO BE THANKFUL <br> "Yeah, thanks a lot..."  We do say those words at times, IF we remember to, and when we do is it an unconscious reaction?  We have more reasons to be grateful and thankful than we will ever know but how often have/do we ever shared our gratefulness and thankfulness with others? Grateful, Thankful, Forgetful, Sharing with Others WAS GOD SATISFIED WITH CHRIST'S DEATH? Romans 10:9 What if Jesus never did rise from the grave?  What if those who don't believe in Jesus are right?  How do we know that Jesus actually rose from the grave?  Paul gives a very convincing argument proving that Jesus Christ did rise from the grave and that the Christian's faith in that resurrection is solid. Resurrection, Proof, Sin Paid For REBUKED BY AN ASS Numbers 23:8-10 How often have we been "tempted" to go against God's will by an offer from someone of the world?  Even God's leaders are weak and have wrestled with such offers with some yielding and accepting, going against God's will.  Balaam, a prophet of God wrestled with such an offer and God got his attention in a very unique way. Rebuke, God's Will, Worldly Offer THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD <br> No question that the sheep under a good shepherd's care are safe, cared for and feel at ease.  The same can be said for those who are under the watchful eye of the Lord and that comes by believing in God's Son, Jesus Christ.  Therefore the Lord becomes the believer's shepherd. Shepherd, Lord, Sheep, Christians THE MAN WHO WENT AWAY <br> Everybody knows somebody who didn't turn out like they thought they would.  Everybody also has had dreams, hopes, even plans of the future of what they wanted out of life.  Sadly not everybody gets what they want for whatever reason and one of those reasons is that some just don't want to let go of what they have in order to get what they really want. Eternal Life, Requirements, Accept, Reject WHY IS PRAYER SO IMPORTANT? <br> "Prayer" is a word that every Christian is familiar with, although some are not all that experienced with prayer.  Why is prayer so important in a Christian's life?  Just what does prayer accomplish? Prayer, Important, Christian Life POWER EQUALS PRAYER <br> For some prayer is writing a prayer on a slip of paper, wadding it up in a small mud ball and slinging it at an idol and if it sticks, the prayer will be answered but if it falls of, the prayer won't be answered.  Sound silly?  Won't work?  Sadly, many Christian's prayer life is no better than those who sling mud balls with their prayers inside. Prayer, Source of Power, Christian's Source THE LOST AND FOUND <br> Jesus gave three parables about people who lost things and found them again, trying to teach how the heart of God was/is.  God is constantly seeking those who are lost and rejoicing when one is found/saved. Lost, Found, Parables, God's Heart WHEN GOD USED A SNAKE John 3:14-15 God had Moses put a snake made of brass on a pole and everybody who looked up in obedience to God's remedy for their snake bite were healed.  God also has put a real person on a "pole," on a Cross and anybody who looks up at Him in belief and faith will be saved and given eternal life. Serpent/Snake, Pole, Cross, Remedy, Look Up IS IT REALLY YOURS? Genesis 1:26 "Mine, mine, mine..."  Ever give thought to the truth, the fact that what we think is ours, no matter how we came to have it, even our lives, are not really ours?  Impossible?  The fact is that God is the real owner of all things, including our lives.  We are "caretakers" for God in the truest sense. Stewardship, Ownership, Creator-Owner-God LOOK YOURSELF RIGHT IN THE EYES <br> How far do we go to gain somebody's attention?  Why do we imitate others' dress or hair style or even speaking mannerisms?  Why can't we be satisfied with just being our very own selves?  Perhaps we need to take a good look at how God sees us. Falsehood, Truth, Self  REBIRTH  AS EXPLAINED BY JESUS TO NICODEMUS <br> It's always best to go back to the source to find the exact truth about something and concerning being "born again" going back to the first conversation about it was when Jesus explained it to Nicodemus one night.   Rebirth, Nicodemus and Jesus LORD, SPEAK TO ME <br> God has spoken to His Children countless times and they never heard a single word.  God has wanted to speak to His Children but never got the chance.  People want to hear God speak but don't know how to ask or what to listen for.  So, just how does God speak today and to whom? Voice of God, KEYS TO HAPPINESS <br> Want a happier Christian life?  There are some things the Psalmist learned about God and that made his life easier and happier and he shares some of those things with us in Psalm 34.   Happy Christian Life, David, the Psalmist THE FIRST PURPOSE OF PRAYER <br> Ever take lessons on "how to pray and get answers?"  Jesus' disciples did, they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  Most people think they know all they need to pray, although they seldom get their prayers answered.  Is there some dark secret in getting one's prayers answered? Prayer, Purpose, Lord's Prayer THREE SOURCES OF "HOPE" Genesis 3:1-15 Know it or not, there are basically three sources every human being turns to for advice, help and hope.  By nature, automatically, there are two that seem to be the normal things to turn to.  The third one which is God, has to be thought out and deliberately turned to. Hope, Choices, Satan, Man, GOd JESUS HELPED AT A WEDDING <br> Some good advice is learned at the first recorded miracle of Jesus.  A need arose, Jesus' help was sought, Jesus gave instructions, those instructions were followed and many people were very happy at the results.  Take your problems to the Lord, do what God's Word says and the results will be what God wants for you. Family Needs, God's Word, Obedience THE GODLY MAN Genesis 12:1-4; 2:18 Just what does a Godly man look like?  What characteristics does a Godly man have?  How does a man become a Godly man?  How are they different from any other man?  Maybe the word "God" in Godly may have something to do with being a Godly man. Father, Godly Man WHAT IF THE STONE HAD NOT BEEN MOVED? <br> Ever give much thought to what it might be like today if Jesus had not come out of the tomb alive?  Resurrected?  What if that stone had not been rolled away?
What if those who don't believe in the resurrection of Jesus are right?  What does that make Christians? Resurrection, Christians, Faith JUST TOO UNFAVORABLE <br> Sometimes we are asked to do something or go somewhere for someone that is just not at the right time or the right thing we want to do.  There's just too many unfavorable things about the whole thing.  Jesus asked Peter to do something one time which seemed just too unfavorable to Peter. Fisherman, Faith, Unfavorable MARRIAGE: GROWING IN ONENESS <br> Weddings can be so beautiful but sadly over 50% of them end in divorce eventually.  What goes wrong?  Why do some couple stay married for 50 years and even longer?  Some marriages don't even last two years.  God has guidelines for marriage. Marriage, Weddings, Vows, Oneness A TIME FOR BEGINNING AGAIN <br> Everybody wishes they could start over and redo parts of their lives and with the Christian, there is such a time and during the observance of the Lord's Supper, that time is offered. Lord's Supper, Renewal SECURED BY THE BLOOD <br> When standing before God someday, what will God be looking for?  Church membership?  Baptism?  Good life?  God will be looking for the blood of His Son. Blood, Sacrifice, Secure NEGLECT OF THE LORD'S SUPPER <br> "They're only having the Lord's Supper, I don't think that I will go..."  Sadly that's the thoughts of many who profess to be Christians.  To neglect the Lord's Supper is showing ingratitude and rebellion. Lord's Supper, Neglect, Ungrateful MEMORIES OF CHRIST <br> Photo albums, dvd's, c.d.'s, scrap books, picture frames, recordings, things we use to store memories with.  The Bible is a place where one can go and relive countless experiences in one's mind, seeing, hearing, almost being there.  Take a trip into the Bible and visualize Jesus and His life. Lord's Supper, Memories, Jesus Christ NOT EVERYBODY WHO "WORSHIPS" WORSHIPS GOD Philippians 3:3-21 There is a difference in "worship" and true worship, if it is pertaining to God.
Jesus explained to the woman at the well that what she was calling "worship" wasn't really worship. Religion is one thing but Christianity is not just a religion.  Not everybody who says they "worship" God are not actually worshiping God. Worship, True, False, Religion THE GREATEST INSTITUTION OF MANKIND Genesis 2:18 There are many institutions given by God to mankind, such as laws, governments, nations, the Church, etc., but before any/all of these God gave us marriage and that in God's eyes, is the greatest institution of mankind. Marriage, God's Idea MESSENGERS:  ANGELIC AND HUMAN <br> Angels have been used by God as messengers to people and now God uses Christians, believers to be messengers.  Both carry a message from God to people who are in need. Messenger, Angels, Believers LEARNING TO LIVE WITH IT <br> Ever been content with things as they were?  Ever want to make some changes?
Few people are satisfied with the "status quo."  However, there was a preacher, an apostle, a follower of the Lord Jesus who said that he had learned to be content, no matter what.  How'd he do that? Contentment, Dissatifaction, Change, Wants THREE LOVES OF HEAVEN John 3:16; Ephesians 5:25; Galatians 2:20 Every human being "loves" something and someone but our use of the word "love" is quite different than how God uses it.  God's love can be seen in three different
areas - the world, the Church and individuals. Love of God THE GOSPEL IN 25 WORDS <br> Countless sermons, songs, hymns, poems, witnessing tracts have been preached, sung, printed, handed out about the Gospel message.  In actuality the real, true Gospel has only 25 words. Gospel, Message, A SAVED PERSON CANNOT BE LOST AGAIN John 3:3, 6-7, other readings If people had their way, there would be no permanent salvation so therefore many don't believe in it.  However the Bible is very clear that a saved person cannot be lost again. Salvation, Eternal, Everlasting THE CROSS CANNOT ALWAYS BLESS <br> The cross is worn by all kind of people, even tattooed on many.  Does everyone who wears a cross really know what it means?  Originally the cross was meant to bring salvation and blessings, but it can't always do that. Cross, Blessings, Salvation THERE IS DANGER IN DELAY <br> To put things off, to delay, to even neglect seems to be part of human nature, and hopefully nothing serious comes from such action, however concerning the matter of one's soul, delay, neglect, putting off the decision to accept God's great off of salvation can be extremely dangerous. Salvation, Neglect, Delay, Penalty THE DAY OF JUSTIFICATION Psalm 118:22-24 Easter is more than bunny rabbits hiding eggs for children to find.  It is the day that God justified a lot of things and because of that day, people can have eternal life with God in heaven. Easter, God's Day, Justification WORSHIP CAN CHANGE THINGS <br> True worship experiences bring change in those who experience them.  Lives are changed and things happen. However not everyone has had a genuine, true, real, private worship experience with the Lord.  Worship, Change, Genuine THE LOVE OF GOD EXPRESSED <br> "For God so loved the world..."  No doubt God loves everyone for He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for everyone, but, there are some specific people that God expresses His love to in very specific ways. God's Love, Christians, Expressed CONTROLLING SIN, SELF OR NOT <br> There are a lot things that are important to people but the most important thing one needs to know is his/her standing before God and that is entirely up to each individual. Sin, Self, Human Nature, Eternal Life, Damnation DO YOU BELIEVE? <br> Everybody believes something, however not everybody understands the word "believe" as being the same.  Jesus asked the question "Do you believe?"  What is real, genuine belief/faith? Faith, Belief, Genuine THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANITY <br> With so many churches and denominations around today, just which one is right?  They all say that "they" are yet there are so many differences between them.  Just who/what is a "Christian?"  Who/what is "Christianity?" Christian, Christianity, Foundation HAPPY IS THE BELIEVER 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 Of all the people on earth who should be happy, it should be Christians and among the Christians there are some who are even happier.  Why are Christians happier than those who are not Christians? Believers, Happy, Blessings DEATH COMES FOR EVERY PERSON <br> It is no secret that death comes to somebody every second of the day.  Every human being will at some time die.  God so ordered it back in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned against Him.  Since death is a reality and will happen sooner or later, it is wise to be ready to stand before God for that happens next after death. Death, Human Race, Decree/Law/Ordinance PRIDE IS DANGEROUS <br> Everybody likes to be complimented, bragged on, have their backs patted and in turn does the same to others.   Everyone also wrestles with "pride."  Ever think that "pride" leaves God out?  Leaving God out can be bad, even dangerous. Pride, God, Goodness, Punishment HAVE CONFIDENCE IN GOD <br> Everybody asks advice and the best advice is from someone that is respected and knows something about what the advice is about.  To ask advice is to show confidence in that person being asked.  Ever think that God is the best source of advice and help?  Having confidence in God can change one's life. Confidence, Trust, Advice, God CLINGING TO THE LORD Acts 13:43; 14:21-22 Becoming a Christian is wonderful and every Christian should be a witness about the Lord Jesus, but living the Christian life can be very dangerous and most
difficult. Christian Life, Dangers STAYING ON COURSE SPIRITUALLY <br> Pilots plot a course to their destination and try to stay on course to arrive safely in the estimated time.  Christians have a spiritual course they are to live by but often get off course.  How does one stay on his/her spiritual course? Christian LIfe, Spiritual Course GETTING THROUGH ANXIETY <br> Everyone has had reason to be anxious at one time or other and some even have anxiety attacks that require medication or medical attention.  What causes a person to be "anxious?"  Christians have a source of help that others don't have. Anxious, God, Cause, Cure THE CHURCH <br> The Church of today is certainly different from it's original foundation.  There are so many different denominations, beliefs, and names.  The Churches of today need to go back to how and why it was started in the first place. Church, Marriage, Foundation HOW TO BE HAPPY <br> Ever wish you could just run away and hide from the world?  Just about everybody has difficult times and trying to be happy in today's world can be very difficult.  Just how can a person really be happy? Happy, Life, Unhappiness,  THINGS NOT SEEN OR KNOWN  (DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY) <br> Everybody wishes they could see into the future and some actually claim that they can and offer their "services" for a fee.  There is somebody who does know the future and that somebody is God.  Christians need to learn to trust God day to day for He has things already planned out. Tomorrow, Future, Prepared,  LOOKING BACK Genesis 47:9; 31:42; 35:3; 32:10; 33:11; 48:15 Some people don't want to think about the past, some want to keep on living in the past, but much can be learned about the past.  The Bible shows how a man reflected on his past and learned some things that he never saw nor knew and developed a new attitude.  Past, Reflect, Retrospect FREEDOM IS NOT FREE <br> Nobody is "born free" and any such freedom comes slowly and later in life. However spiritual freedom has necessary requirements, such as total commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.  In reality, freedom is not free. Freedom, Spiritually, Committed GOD ANSWERS PRAYER IN DIFFERENT WAYS <br> What's the difference between "praying" and giving God orders?  Taking a good look at prayer and God, it becomes clear that God answers prayers in different ways. Prayer, God's Answers THE ANSWER TO WORRY <br> Everybody worries.  There are all kind of remedies and medications that are said to help, however none of these actually get rid of worry.  However God has the answer to worry, how to stop it, how to get rid of it, how to not be ever bothered with it again. Worry, Anxiety, God's Remedy TAKING THE BLAME FOR SOMEONE ELSE <br> Ever get blamed for something you didn't do?  Ever deliberately take the blame for something somebody else did out of care for that person?  Well, Jesus deliberately took the blame and paid the penalty for sin, not for just one person, but for the entire world. Blame, Penalty, Substitute AN EXAMPLE OF LOVE FOR OTHERS <br> Is it possible to love everyone, unconditionally, without ceasing?  Know anybody who can and does?  Nevertheless, Christians (us) have been instructed to do so and they (we) have an example of how to do that, that example is Jesus. Love, Everyone, Always, Example JESUS' KIND OF CHURCH <br> Most people would never recognize it because they just don't know it but many Churches of today are not the kind of Church Jesus started.  His Church was and is different in a lot of ways.  Just what kind of Church would be Jesus' kind of Church? Church, Jesus,  BELIEVERS IN JESUS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED <br> What the world sees of Christians is very little of what the Christian really has and is.  The Christian is a person who has been adopted into God's family, made an heir to all that God has. Christian, Adopted, Family  GOD'S LOVE FOR HIS SON AND HIS SON'S LOVE FOR OTHERS  (US) <br> Love has a way of melting the coldest, hardest heart and the Gospel message is just that, the message of love.  God loves His Son and His Son, Jesus, loves others with the same kind of love He has from His heavenly Father, almighty God. Love, Father, Son, Others THE BENEFIT OF PRAYER <br> Life has its ups and downs and when down, one needs help and advice and for the Christian, help and advice comes through prayer.  However, God doesn't always hear one's "prayers."  God has prescribed the manner in which He is to be approached and in how prayer is to be made. Prayer, Benefits, Manner TESTIMONY OF JESUS' RESURRECTION <br> What does Jesus' resurrection have to say?  There are many things connected to His resurrection and those things are interpreted by people in various ways.
Jesus' resurrection plainly speaks of certain things. Resurrection, Testimony CHRISTIANS BELONG TO JESUS <br> The richest people on earth are not those with the most money or the most property.  The richest people on earth are Christians, believers in Jesus Christ for they don't belong to the world or Satan anymore, but have been bought by Jesus Christ and are heirs to all He is and has. Christians, Believers, Belong to Jesus CHRISTIAN MEEKNESS <br> Is being "meek" being a "sissy?"  Not according to the Lord Jesus, for He states that one is "blessed" when he/she is meek.  What exactly is "Christian Meekness?"
What benefits come from being "meek?" Meek, Blessed, Christian Behavior WHAT CHRISTIANS KNOW FOR SURE <br> There is only ONE "religion" or "faith" in the history of mankind that knows things for sure and that is the Christian faith.  The Christian/believer has things revealed to him/her that guarantee, support, strengthen his/her trust in what he/she believes.  Christians know for sure that their faith is secure. Christian, Faith, Facts, Secure TEMPTATION COMES TO EVERYONE <br> Everybody is tempted often and sometimes it is hard to fight off that temptation.
Sometimes that temptation is yielded to and almost always the results are not what one might have imagined.  Jesus warns about yielding to temptation and Christians especially have to be careful in not yielding. Temptation, Satan the Tempter, Yielding GOD'S WORD, MORE THAN JUST WORDS <br> Sadly, for many, the Bible, God's Word is nothing more than just another book on history and great stories of wonderful accomplishments by some people.  However the truth is that the Bible, God's Word, is more than just a book of words.  God's Word is more than just words. God, Word of God, WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH JESUS? <br> Everybody does "something" about Jesus Christ.  Some accept Him, some don't want to hear about Him, some openly deny Him, some want to put off making a decision, sadly, some don't know about Him so they can't make a decision.  Once one has heard about Jesus, he/she WILL make some sort of decision about what to do about Jesus. Jesus, Decision, Accept, Reject CAN A SAVED PERSON BE LOST AGAIN? <br> In the "Christian" circle, there has always been much discussion, arguments, debates about the security of those who believe in Jesus Christ.  There are some who say that one can be saved and then be lost again.  There are those who say that once saved, nobody can be lost again.  So, can a saved person be lost again? Saved, Lost, Secure THINKING OF OTHERS FROM THE CROSS <br> Thinking about all that was involved with Jesus and the cross, one of the things that just stuns and amazes most people is the fact that Jesus pleaded with God, His Heavenly Father, on behalf of those who had put Him on the cross.  That's just not normal.  Well, Jesus wasn't/isn't the average person.  He's the example for Christians. Easter, Cross, Forgiveness SAVED WHILE NAILED TO A CROSS <br> Of all those who have had life changing experiences with Jesus, perhaps one of the most touching is when the thief on a cross beside Jesus turned to Him in belief.  Such a clear picture of "anybody" being able to come to Jesus and be welcomed by Him. Easter, Cross, Thief, Belief DESERTED, FORSAKEN, ALL ALONE ON THE CROSS <br> When everyone deserts you and there seems to be nobody who cares, that's bad, and when your body is in distress, pain, sickness, etc., that's bad, but when you become aware that God has left you also and you are totally, entirely alone that's the worst thing that can happen..and that is what happened to Jesus. Easter, Cross, Forsaken, Alone I THIRST <br> Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of words to get across a point very clearly.
While on the cross, Jesus quietly spoke two words which revealed much about Himself.  "I thirst..."   Easter, Cross, Jesus, Thirst HIS WORK IS FINISHED <br> Most of us have started something and never got it done, and sometimes we did get it done, but weren't satisfied with it.  Jesus came into this world to do a specific thing and on the cross He let it be know that He had done what He came to do when He said, " is finished..." Easter, Cross, Work, Finished THE NATURE OF A TRUE PROFESSION OF BELIEF <br> There are those who say that they "believe" and there are those who are true "believers" and there are those who make no pretense that they have no "belief" whatsoever.  How can one tell the difference between a true profession of belief and a false profession of belief?
 Belief, Real, True, False, None HIS LAST WORDS FROM THE CROSS Psalm 31:5; Acts 7:59 Death is something that very few care to talk about and even less want to think about, however it is something that is certain for every human being.  There is an example how one can face death and not be afraid but really be in an attitude of excited happiness.  That example is Jesus and what He had to say in His dying breath.  Easter, Cross, Last Words of Jesus DEAD BUT STILL FULFILLLING PROPHECIES Zechariah 13:1; Exodus 12:46; Numbers 9:12; Psalm 22:16 It would seem that when Jesus died on the Cross that it was over and He even said "It is Finished..."  Yet it wasn't all over, for there was still yet Bible prophecy to be fulfilled while He was still on the cross.  Two more things had to happen before He could be taken down. Easter, Cross, Jesus' Body, Prophecy BENEFITS FROM THE WORD OF GOD <br> There are many who laugh at the Word of God (Bible) and think of it as just a history book of some sort.  There are many who reject it completely as just religious fiction.  There are many, however who believe that it is truly the Word of God.  For those who believe the Word of God, there are many benefits.
  Bible, Word of God, Benefits LESSONS FROM PENTECOST <br> Although Pentecost was a long, long time ago, what happened was something that Jesus intended for it to keep on happening through His Church.  Lessons are to be learned from the events of Pentecost involving witnessing. Pentecost, Witnessing Lessons LOOKING FOR GOD <br> God is all around and His handiwork can be seen by just looking at the world and nature and His works and words can be found in reading the Bible.  People have been told to "seek God," "look for God" for He is waiting to hear from people.  How does a person find God anyhow? God, Finding God, Looking for God JESUS' FIRST WORDS FROM THE CROSS <br> The brightest light on earth to the Christian is the cross of Jesus for there is the birthplace of the Christian's hope.  The first words that Jesus spoke from the cross were not for Himself, but were for the forgiveness of who and what had put Him there, sinful people and ignorance. Easter, Cross, Jesus' Words, Forgiveness PEOPLE ARE HESITANT ABOUT THE THINGS OF GOD <br> People are hesitant to become involved with the things of God.  Sadly many Church members are that way.  Why are people so hesitant to talk about God, get involved in Godly things or Godly matters?  There are some very basic reasons. Godly Things, Hesitancy of Involvement SECURITY IN AN INSECURE WORLD <br> Everybody has fears but some people are terrified by things that don't seem to bother other people.  No doubt the world is very insecure, so how does a person find security in such an insecure world? Security, Insecure World, God's Hands BECOMING A CHRISTIAN MAKES A PERSON NEW <br> Most people would like to make some changes in their lives, relive some times, redo some things, even become a different person.  Becoming a Christian brings a lot of change into a person's life, even making them "new" in a lot of areas. Christian, New Person, Changes BAPTISM <br> To sprinkle, to pour, to immerse?  Which is the proper way to baptize?  Infants, children, adults only, who is permitted to be baptized?  What does baptism mean?
Who is right? Baptism, Immersion JESUS, THE SON OF GOD <br> There are millions who refuse to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the promised one, the Messiah.  The Bible is considered to be the "inspired" word of God but just considering the Bible as any other historical book, there is significant proof within its pages that show that Jesus, is indeed the Son of God. Jesus, Son of God ENSLAVED BY SIN AND CORRUPTION <br> Everybody lives one of two ways, either by the old human nature way, which is a life of sin and separation from God or the Godly way which is being united to God and living a Godly life like that which Jesus lived.  People just don't know that living apart from God is really a life of being a slave. Enslaved, Sin, Choice LIGHT REVEALS THE UNSEEN-HIDDEN <br> Everyone uses light and without it life can be chaotic.  Jesus came to seek and to save and in doing so, He also brought a light into their religious world, revealing things that were not right, not true and this brought about His death.
Today, the Gospel is the light of the world.  It is received the same way Jesus was when He came. Light, Darkness, Unseen, Gospel JESUS WAS ALWAYS AT PEACE, EVEN AMID CONFLICT <br> Everyone experiences stress, feeling helpless, anxious, uneasy, wants to just 
throw up one's hands and walk away because of a difficult situation.  Is there any way to be able to be at peace during such trying times?  Yes, Jesus did and is the supreme example at always being at peace inside. Inside Peace, Conflict, Jesus's Example JESUS HAS POWER TO GIVE ETERNAL LIFE <br> Who is the most powerful person that you know?  Know anybody who has absolute power over all things and over all people?  How about Jesus?  Jesus has absolute, total, all power over things and people.  Jesus even has power to give a person eternal life.   Power, Eternal Life, Special People GRIEF IN THE GARDEN Luke 22:44 What took place in the Garden of Gethsemane reveals something about Jesus that a lot of people never really took a good look at.  Jesus wrestled with a great decision there and really went through a lot of grief, distress and agony.  Why such distress anyhow? Easter, Jesus, Garden of Gethsemane THE END OF ONE MINISTRY AND THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER <br> A lot took place between Bethlehem where Jesus was born and Bethany where Jesus ascended back where He came from, but nothing really stopped when Jesus ascended, He actually began another ministry, the Church. Birth, Ascension, Ministry, Church CHANGING, AMENDING, REVISING ONE'S HOPES <br> Ever have something turn out differently than what was expected?  God had for centuries promised a Messiah to His people, the Jews and when Jesus appeared, He was nothing like what they were expecting, therefore most of them rejected Him.  God's promises are not based upon people's expectations and therefore God's people need to be ready to change, amend, and revise their hopes when looking at God's promises. God's Promises, Fulfilled, Hopes THE RESURRECTION:  FACT OR MYTH? <br> Easter is one of the most holiest times of the year for Christians for it is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  However, there are countless who question such a thing as resurrection from the dead and there are countless others who outright deny such a thing can happen.  So, is the resurrection of Jesus Christ a fact or is it just a myth? Easter, Resurrection - Fact or Myth THE ONE AND ONLY, JOHN THE BAPTIST Luke 7:28 How would John the Baptist fit in today's Churches?  Why did Jesus compliment John the Baptist so highly?  What was so different about John the Baptist? John The Baptist, Unique, Different HOW TO AVOID SINNING <br> It has been said that everybody sins and it just can't be avoided.  There is a way to avoid sin and that way can be summed up in a single word:  GOD!  Think about who God is, what God has done and what you owe God.  Joseph did that when he was being almost forced to do something he knew was a sin. Sin, Avoiding, God NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY <br> Everybody is familiar with having to make appointments to see their doctor, lawyer, accountant, even their pastor or priest, especially in order to see somebody very important.  Ever notice that to see Jesus, no appointment was necessary?  He welcomed everyone and turned nobody away, nobody! Welcome, No Exceptions, Appointments, Jesus PUNISHMENT OR CHASTISEMENT? <br> "Why is God mad at me?  What did I do?"  Christians often think that God is going to punish them for some sin they have committed and when something bad does happen, they think they are being punished.  However, Christians are not punished but chastised and there is a difference. Punishment, Chastisement, God as Judge or Father PROOF OF ONE'S LOVE FOR ANOTHER <br> "Actions speak louder than words..."  So it is said, if so, then how does one prove his/her love for another?  How did Jesus prove His love?  Jesus actually shed tears out of love and concern for others and someone noticed it and remarked, "...Behold, how He loved him..."  So, how does one prove his/her love for another? Love, Proof KEEPING LITTLE CHILDREN FROM JESUS <br> Jesus got very upset with His disciples one day because they were trying to keep little children away from Him.  Children have a way of being pests, bothersome, trouble and pains, yet Jesus really got strong with His disciples for what they had done.  Why?  What's so important about little children being around Jesus when there's so many sickly and such? Children, Jesus, Welcome GOD'S BEST GIFT TO MANKIND <br> How much is a gift worth?  Why give a gift in the first place?  What is the reaction of those who receive a gift?  Of all the gift givers, God has given the greatest gift that anybody could possible receive.  Of the value of a gift, God has given the most valuable gift that could possibly be given, so what is the response of those to whom God offers His gift? Gift From God, His Son, To Mankind WHO IS PURE IN HEART? <br> What is a "pure heart?"  Nobody is perfect, therefore having a pure heart is impossible, right?  Well Jesus said that those who do have a pure heart are blessed and they will see God.  So who has a pure heart? Pure Heart, Blessed SPECIAL TREATMENT FROM JESUS <br> Why do some people get "special" treatment and others don't?  Even Jesus showed and still shows special treatment to certain people.  What kind of people get special treatment from Jesus? Jesus, Special Treatment, Peter WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO HAVE A REVIVAL? <br> For some reason many Churches think that they must have a popular evangelist, some great, popular singer or some special entertainment in order to have a revival.  There is only one thing that brings revival and it's not any of the things most people think they need.  Remember Jonah and the people of Nineveh? Revival, Cause, Jonah BEING A GOOD EXAMPLE TO OTHERS <br> Words can be helpful or hurtful.  Attitudes can be helpful or hurtful.  Which had YOU rather be exposed to, helpful or hurtful?  Christians, of all people, should be good examples to others and there are some things they can do to be helpful and encouraging to others. Encouragement, Good Example, Christians ALRIGHT AND WRONG AT THE SAME TIME <br> How can something be alright and wrong at the same time?  It does happen.  The Christian often has to make decisions whether to do this or that, even though it is alright to do,as it could have negative effects on a weaker Christian.  So should he/she go ahead and do it or take into consideration the effect it might have on that weaker believer? Right, Wrong, Decision Time HOW'S YOUR EYESIGHT? <br> How good is your eyesight?  Many things affect one eyesight, injury, sickness, dust, medication, old age.  Jesus taught that actually there are only two ways of seeing things and one He called "single eye" and the other was "evil eye."  He was speaking of how the mind interprets things.  One way is to see things God's way and the other is to see things selfishly. Seeing, God's Way, Selfishness IT'S NOT ANGELS WHO SPREAD THE GOSPEL <br> God used angels at times as messengers but in this Church age, it is not angels who are messengers, it is Christians.  Jesus instructed the early Christians to go out into the world and spread the Gospel.  Therefore every believer is expected to be a witness, but sadly not every Christian is. Witness, Gospel, Christian DIFFERENT ATTITUDES TOWARD GOD <br> No two people are exactly alike nor are their attitudes exactly alike.  Jesus encountered different attitudes toward Him.  Some were curious, some were devoted followers, some didn't care either way and some hated Him and wanted Him out of the way.  People today are no different in their attitude toward God. Attitude, God, Church, Jesus THE GOSPEL MESSAGE CAN BE TRUSTED <br> With all the different religions and faiths in the world today, how can one be sure that the Christian faith is the only right one?  Can the Gospel Message of the Christians be trusted?   Gospel Message, Trust, True, Salvation WHEN IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE <br> Life throws a lot of hard things at everyone and most often there doesn't seem to be any logical reason why such things happen.  Life just doesn't seem to make any sense sometimes.  If one will focus on WHO is really in charge and not so much on how and why things happen, then things will begin to make more sense. Life, Difficulties, Senseless, In Charge SALVATION IS A FACT <br> Many Christians wrestle with questions about their salvation, they are not sure, they feel saved one day, then feel that they may have lost their salvation the next day.  How can one be sure one way or the other? Salvation, Fact, Secure, Permanent BELIEVERS IN JESUS ARE ETERNALLY SECURE <br> Many Christians know that they have been saved, but sometimes they become worried that they might do something that would cause them to lose their salvation.  What sin would cause that to happen?  Can it happen?  Has it happened before?  Are believers in Jesus really eternally secure? Saved, Permanently, Eternally, Secure GOD PROVIDES AS A FATHER Romans 8:15-16; Galatians 3:26; Matthew 7:7-11 Christians are saved, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, adopted in to God's family as His children and therefore being His children, have almighty God as their Heavenly Father.  As a Father, God provides for His children. Fahter, Provision, Protection, Children GOD HELPS BELIEVERS WITH THEIR SINS Galatians 5:17 Believing in Jesus Christ brings one eternal life, infilling of the Holy Spirit, adoption into the family of God, but does not give one a sinless life.  What does a Christian do when he/she sins?  Is there anyway to avoid sinning? Sin, Confession, Forgiveness THE BELIEVER'S POSITION IN JESUS CHRIST 1 Corinthians 12:12-13; Galatians 3:28 Most Christians don't fully realize what it means to "be in Christ" although they do know that it was through Jesus that they were saved. There's so much more that Jesus has to do with their lives but they just don't realize that they are a part of Jesus' life also. Being in Christ, Christ-centered life THE HOLY SPIRIT IS A REAL PERSON Acts 1:8; 2:2-4 The Holy Spirit is not very well understood by many and some look upon the Holy Spirit as an "it," a non-real thing.  However, God's Word and personal experience show that the Holy Spirit is as real as Jesus is real and is actually just as much a part of God as Jesus is.  The Holy Spirit is in fact a very real
person. Holy Spirit, Real Person LIVING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit upon their belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, but that is not the end for there is a commandment for believers to also be FILLED with the Holy Spirit and there is a difference.  One is automatic, the other is voluntary.  One is for salvation, the other is for life-style and service. Holy Spirit, Indwelling, Filling AN EXAMPLE IN WITNESSING <br> People love to tell others about their children, grandchildren, etc., and will do so to a total stranger, but for some reason, those same people, if Christians,  are hesitant to tell others about the Lord Jesus.  Why don't Christians witness as they can and should? Witnessing, Example CHARACTERISTICS OF TRUE SAINTS <br> There's a lot of people who belong to churches, but not everyone is very active or dedicated.  There are some characteristics of the most dedicated, of what might be called "true" saints or Christians, those who really care about doing what the Lord commanded. Christians, Saints, True, Pretend, False THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK IN THE CHRISTIAN'S LIFE Psalm 119:9-11; Matthew 5:18-19; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:18-21 There is a Book in which Christians can find directions for living, a light to his/her path in life, guidelines on building faith, revealing how things got started and how things will end.  The Bible is that book and it is the most important book of the Christian's life. God's Word, Bible, Christian WHAT THE WORD OF GOD DOES IN THE BELIEVER'S LIFE <br> God has not left it up to us to live the Christian life as we see fit but has given us direct instructions in His Word, His Book, The Bible.  Within the pages of God's Word is everything a believer needs to know in how to live and be as God wants, along with the presence of the Holy Spirit, every Christian can be Christ-like. Word of God, Christian, Believer, Instructions THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TOWARD THE BIBLE <br> It seems strange that there is but one Bible but there are so many different interpretations of it and so many different "faiths" and all of them claim that they are correct in their interpretation of God's Word, the Bible.  So, who is right?  What is the right approach that everybody should be taking with God's Word? Bible, God's Word, Attitude, Viewpoint PRAYER IS THE ACT OF WORSHIPING AND SERVING GOD <br> Everyone prays at one time or other but does God hear every prayer?  Does God answer every prayer?  What is a good definition of prayer?  For the believer in Jesus Christ, Prayer is the act of worshiping and serving God. Ever give some serious thought to your "prayer life?" Prayer, Worship, Service A LESSON IN PRAYER <br> Seldom are offered classes on "how to prayer" or even on "prayer" itself.  It seems that it is taken for granted that Christians know how to pray, when in reality they don't.  As close to Jesus and religious as His disciples were they saw that they needed to be taught how to pray properly.  Jesus gave them a lesson in proper prayer. Prayer, Lesson, Proper Manner CHRISTIANS NEED DEVOTION TIME <br> "Time rushes on" is no secret and everyone experiences the rush of time for the day is already over before it seems to have even started and it is the same for Christians.  However, no matter how rushed the days are, every Christian needs to make time to spend in devotion, reading God's Word,praying, thinking, meditating, listening to God speak, and then a weekly time of devotion with others, sharing
and caring. Devotion Time, Prayer, God's Word, Fellowship HOW TO CONTROL YOUR TIME <br> Everybody runs out of time before their day's work is over usually.  What is the problem?  How can a Christian find time to do all that life demands, and what God wants at the same time?  The Bible has the answer, both the Old and the New Testaments give the Christian ways to manage his/her time God's Way. Time, Steward, Control, God's Way EVERY CHRISTIAN HAS A SPIRITUAL GIFT Romans 12:3-8; Ephesians 2:19-22; 1 Peter 4:10-11; 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6 Churches of today are not quite what they should be or how the church got started for there is a great separation between "clergy and laity."  God has given every believer a spiritual gift to be used within the Church and all gifts are to work
in unison, not in separation as today.  Most Christians don't even know what their
spiritual gift is. Christians, Spiritual Gifts, Usage ALL BELIEVERS ARE TO MAKE DISCIPLES <br> Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries are the ones who are supposed to do the witnessing and church members are to pray for them and support them financially, right?  That seems to be the way it is, but that's not how Jesus intended, for the command to "go, witness, baptize and teach" was given to every believer. 
All believers are to make disciples, not just a select few.  Disciples, Believers, Witness KNOWING IS ONE THING, BUT DOING IS ANOTHER <br> Everybody has done something or not done something that they knew better than to do or not do.  It is one thing to know but another thing to do and it has been said that "doing" is always harder than knowing.  How many Christians actually do everything they know God's Will says? Know, Do, God's Will THOUGHTS ABOUT TODAY'S CHRISTIANITY AND THE MT. SINAI EVENTS Revelation 3:14-20 It would seem strange that a man of God would let his people dictate to him what to do, yet Aaron (High Priest appointed by God) yielded to what the people demanded.  Today the same thing has happened within the Church for much of the worldly ways have been adopted into the Church program and routine.  Pastors have yielded, if not led, to bring worldly things into the Church. Worldly ways, Church PREPARING TO HEAR GOD'S WORD <br> Many people read the Bible, many read it every day, but just what do most people get out of the Bible?  There are steps to take in actually hearing God speak through His Word.   God's Word, Preparation, Hearing TRUE AND FALSE CHRISTIANITY <br> The early Church was infiltrated with those who said they believed in Jesus but also wanted to include some of their Jewish traditions and ceremonies, adding to what Jesus did for Salvation.  There are such Church members in Churches today, professing to be believers, but whose lives are not as they should be. Christians, true, false KEEP A LITTLE CHILD-LIKE ATTITUDE Mark 10:15 Aren't little children so cute?  Who doesn't love to see little children play.  Then they are told to "grow up", "stop acting like a little baby."  Yet Jesus said that everybody in heaven has a little child-like attitude and if anyone wants to go to heaven, that little child-like attitude is necessary.  What is a little child-like attitude? Attitude, Child, Heaven THE NUMBER TWO PRIORITY IN THE BELIEVER'S LIFE Colossians 3:1-17 Obviously the first priority in a person's life is to believe in Jesus Christ and that is being obedient to His call/invitation.  There is a second thing most important which, sadly, many Christians do not do and that is to live one's life pleasing to the Lord.  Living to please the Lord takes effort, determination and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Priority, Believer's Life, Pleasing the Lord LEAVING ONE'S FIRST LOVE (JESUS) <br> Divorce is not uncommon in today's time and it almost always happens when one's love for his/her mate fades away and is replaced by another.  Jesus had something to say about His not being loved more than other things or others and calls it "leaving one's FIRST love..." Love, First, Jesus, Leaving LOSING ONE'S FIRST LOVE <br> Jesus tried to find something good to say about everybody He met but the Church of Ephesus had a problem that after saying some good things about the members, He had to point out something not good.  They had left their first love, - HIM.
Sadly, it is still happening in today's Church families as well. Love, Losing, First WHEN DOES ONE LEAVE HIS/HER FIRST LOVE? <br> Sometimes things happen so quietly and quickly that it is over with before one realizes what is going on.  This happens with Christians and their love for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus warned the Church of Ephesus that they had "left their first love."  Surely they didn't do it deliberately, so just how does one's love for the Lord Jesus Christ leave? Love, Jesus, Leave NOT EVERYBODY UNDERSTANDS THE BIBLE <br> Bibles are seen in a lot of places and countless people have a copy of the Bible.  However, not everybody who has a copy of the Bible understands it.  Even those who read the Bible daily find it "challenging."  Why is the Bible so difficult for some to understand? Bible, God's Word, Understanding It THE SECRET TO VICTORIOUS LIVING <br> There are countless genuine Christians, but not every one is living a life that pleases the Lord Jesus.  Some are active for Him, and many are inactive, just living quiet, uninteresting lives.  Paul is an example of the secret of living a victorious life, a life that is pleasing to the Lord Jesus. Paul, Victorious Life, Secret COMMANDED TO LOVE <br> There are a lot of commandments Christians are to live their lives by but there is one that Jesus gave that seems more difficult than the others and that is His commandment to "love others as one loves him/herself.  Some people just aren't very lovable.  So, how are Christians to love those that just aren't lovable? Commandments, Love God, Love Others BIBLICAL FAITH IS ESSENTIAL <br> There seems to be at least two kinds of faith Christians deal with.  One is faith that is produced by evidence or proof and then there is Biblical Faith which "simply" and deliberately takes God's Word as it trusting God completely and totally for God is true and without fault.  Biblical Faith produces in the Christian a Christ-like life. Faith, Biblical-Human, True Faith EVER BEEN ASHAMED OF JESUS? <br> Ever been ashamed of something you said or did?  Ever been ashamed of a family member or friend?  Did you talk very much about what you were ashamed of?  Ever think that you might have been or even are ashamed of Jesus?  Think about it! Jesus, Ashamed, Proud TOUCHING JESUS THAT BRINGS RESULTS <br> Not everybody who ever touched Jesus benefited from it but there was a woman in desperate need for healing who made her way through a crowd to get as close to Jesus as she could and then she secretly reached around and touched Him and instantly she was healed, however Jesus KNEW He had been touched by someone exercising FAITH.  There is a way to touch Jesus and get results. Jesus, Touch, Healing, Results GOD'S LOVE IS DIFFERENT <br> "Love is love" people say and everyone has his/her own definition of love.  It is difficult for people to understand that God's love is different than what people
identify as "love."  God's love is so different from what people are accustomed
to and therefore many just don't understand how God can love everyone. Love, God's Love, Different WHO SAT WITH JESUS AT THE LORD'S TABLE? <br> The Lord's Supper has changed greatly since that fatal night before Jesus was taken away.  Many unqualified have taken part in what is now called the Lord's Supper. Just who sat with Jesus at the table that night? Lord's Supper, Lord's Table, Qualified TEAMED UP WITH JESUS <br> Probably every believer/Christian has dreamed of someday walking along side Jesus or wishing that he/she had lived in Jesus' day and been one of His disciples.  How about working along side Him?  Jesus issued a command to all believers to become teamed up-yoked with Him.  Just imagine living one's life along side Jesus, doing what He did, going where He went.  It is possible but who really wants to? Yoked, Teamed up with Jesus CLOSE, BUT STILL NOT THERE <br> "Are we there yet?"  Often that question is asked by children when going somewhere with their parents and are always told, "not yet, but we're getting close."  Sadly, many can only guess how close they are to God's kingdom but it is possible to know exactly.  Jesus told a man one time, "Thou are not far from the kingdom of God.."  Close, but still not there.   Kingdom of God, Close, Near, Afar, There TO BE LIKE CHRIST IS ENOUGH <br> It's been said that couples living together for years causes them to begin to act alike and even look alike in some ways.  Now that can be bad or good.  What if a person wanted to be like Jesus Christ?  What kind of life would that be like?  Jesus warns His followers that to be like Him, then there are some things they
need to be prepared for. Christ-likeness, Changes THE RIGHT ATTITUDE FOR TRUE/PROPER WORSHIP <br> Countless Christians go to Church on Sundas and even call it "going to worship."
How many actually "worship?"  There is a right attitude one must have to actually worship and if one does not have this attitude, then one just does not worship the Lord. Worship, Attitude,  IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS <br> "Ignorance is bliss" is an old saying but it's not always the best advice.  Considering one's health, ignorance can be bad, even deadly, and not being aware of faults and sins in one's own life can bring disaster and separation from the Lord God. Cleansing, Unknown, Secret Things ABOUT THE CHURCH <br> Today's Church seems to have many functions and hardly any of them are what the true Church is all about.  The Church was started by Jesus, founded upon Jesus and is to carry on what Jesus started when He was here, made up of believers in Him who have been baptized and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  It is not some social gathering place, a baby sitting place, or a dining hall as many think.   Church, Foundation, Jesus Chirst, Holy Spirit Indwelt THE ACTIVE CHRISTIAN LIFE 2 Peter 3:18 There are countless people who call themselves "Christians" yet with some, their belief of how they became a "Christian" is contrary to what the Bible teaches.  Also among the countless "Christians" many are still babies and have never begun to mature and live the life that Jesus wants.  Every Christian needs to have an "active" Christian life. Christian, Active Life THE HOLY SPIRIT'S WORK IN THE CHURCH <br> There is a lot of confusion among Christians and within the Church as to just "who" the Holy Spirit is and just "what" the Holy Spirit does.  The Holy Spirit is essential for one to be saved and the Holy Spirit is essential for the Church be what Jesus wants it to do. Holy Spirit, Church, Believers WHO IS JESUS? <br> Who exactly is Jesus?  To some He is just like everybody else and to others He is divine.  To Christians, He is both divine and human.  To some He was a good man, a prophet.  To others, He was just a carpenter who thought He was god.  To Christians, Jesus is the Son of God through whom eternal life is given and restoration to God is made. Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Mary TELLING OTHERS ABOUT JESUS <br> If Jesus were here now, people would be flocking around Him, listening to and watching Him.  However Jesus is NOT here but has left what all He was doing to those who are His followers - Christians, the Church.  Upon ascending back to Heaven, Jesus gave the command for all believers to go tell the world about Him and how they can have eternal life.   Witnessing, Christians, Church IT'S NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS AND... Acts 16:31 Not everyone accepts God's Word as it is, they have to add to or take away the true meaning and that has happened to God's plan of mankind being saved.  People have added things to what Jesus did for the salvation of mankind.  The truth is "It's NOT believe in Jesus and....."(all the things people have added.)  It is believe in Jesus and be saved! Salvation, Jesus Alone,  THE LOST, FAR AND NEAR <br> Jesus tells two parables about something being lost.  One was a sheep that wandered far off and the other about a coin being lost in a woman's house.  Both parables reflect people who are lost because they haven't believed in Jesus yet.
God has gone to great lengths to find the lost and bring them Home. Lost, Far, Near, Looking, Finding, Loving NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A CHRISTIAN <br> Jesus had a problem of getting His countrymen to come to Him in belief that He could give to them eternal life.  The same problem exists today.  Not everyone wants to become a Christian.  Why is that? Christian, Damnation, Eternal Life MISTAKES MADE BY UNBELIEVERS <br> There are many Christians but there are multitudes more that are not.  Sadly, mistakes are being made by those who remain unbelievers in the Lord Jesus Christ and those mistakes are deadly.  Wishing one was a Christian or one being willing to be a Christian just is not enough. Jesus Christ, Belief, Salvation, Unbelievers NO SECRET HEALING <br> The woman who worked her way through the crowd to get to Jesus and just touch His garment is a good example of being persistent and determined to get Jesus' help.
Jesus is always ready to help and one who receives help from Jesus always gets more than he/she asks for. Healing, Secret, Openly, Faith GIVING FROM THE INSIDE IS WHAT REALLY COUNTS 1 Corinthians 13:1; Acts 3:6 Just about everybody has been approached by someone needing a "hand-out" money.
Most people have given something to help someone out.  Jesus was always helping people out, and He is the example of giving that Christians need to be following.  Jesus stresses giving from the heart/inside, no matter what is given.
 Giving, Reason, From the Heart/Inside DON'T TALK ABOUT DYING-DEATH <br> People don't like to think or talk about death or dying, however for a Christian to have that attitude doesn't speak very well of his/her profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christians should look forward to that day when he/she goes to be with the Lord Jesus. Death, Dying, Christians, Heaven WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT JESUS? <br> If you lived back in the days of Jesus, do you think you would have been one of His followers?  What do you think of Jesus today?  Is He who He said He is?  Did He really do all that the Bible records that He did?  Can He do today what He said He could do then?   Jesus, Claims, Life, Attitude, Belief in Him WORDS FROM SOMEBODY WHO KNOWS <br> There is lots of advice given, a lot of people think they know a lot, but actually nobody really knows very much and much of what one knows is just not correct.  There is a source, however, that is totally true, knowledgeable and reliable and that source is Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. Jesus Christ, Knowledgeable, Reliable, Master Teacher WHO ARE WE? <br> Who am I?  What is my true nature?  Why am I here?  Where did I really come from?
Where am I going?  What is the meaning of my existence?  Ever since people have been on earth these questions have been asked and nobody has been able to give correct answers until JESUS came along.  Jesus has the answers to all the questions about one's life. Jesus, Answers, Life's Meaning, Understanding Ourselves IT'S WHAT'S ON THE INSIDE THAT MATTERS <br> Everybody is an actor, not showing their real selves, hiding what's on the inside, their real, true feelings at some time or other.  Pretending does not replace honesty and truthfulness and Jesus says that what goes on in one's heart is really what matters. Goodness, Love, Humility, Heart, Pretense GRACE IS GOD Exodus 33:17; Proverbs 3:34; John 1:16-17; Romans 3:24; 5:15; Ephesians 1:6-7; 1 Peter 5:10 There is very little that anybody understands about God although there are all sorts of theories and teachings.  Why does God put up with all that mankind has done or refuses to do?  God is so generous and patient, not willing that any should perish, and His GRACE reaches out to all - why?   Grace of God, Merciful THE BEATITUDES DESCRIBE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST <br> Most people do not walk their talk, but Jesus did.  When He gave the beatitudes that describes how people can be blessed, He was at the same time living what He was teaching.  To live like Jesus, a person needs to take a good look at the beatitudes He gave and lived. Beatitudes, Jesus' Example JESUS WANTS TO MAKE A TRADE, AN EXCHANGE <br> Soone or later everybody wishes he/she could trade places with soembody else.  Stories have been written about such happenings, but there is actually a way that that can hapapen to any/everyone.  Jesus is willing to exchange His life with any who would be willing. Jesus, Exchanged Lfe, Gospel Message GOT A DEVOTIONAL LIFE? <br> Who has time to do everything in a single day that he/she wants to do?  Sadly what is left out the most in the Christian's life is devotional time.  Time spent in studying God's Word and unhurried prayer time.  These two things are perhaps the most important things in a Christian's life.   Devotion, Bible Sudy Time, Prayer Time GOD'S KINGDOM IS DIFFERENT <br> People have no idea of what a real government, kingdom is like for man establishes kingdoms, realms, nations, out of greed, wars and power but God's Kingdom is very different.  Jesus had a lot to say about God's Kingdom in His
teachings.  He even made claims to be the "King" of that kingdom. Kingdom of God, Jesus, King DO IT JESUS' WAY <br> Not many people like to be given advice about something they have been doing all their life for they feel that they know all they need to know.  Some of the disciples of Jesus had been fishermen all their lives but they listened to Jesus one morning and changed their fishing methods and had tremendous results.  They did things Jesus' way.  Doing things Jesus' way always brings positive results. Advice, Jesus' Way, Change GOD USES DIFFERENT METHODS <br> Everybody is different from each other and nobody usually sees the same thing in the same manner, so different ways are used to communicate the same message.  God uses different methods to speak to people.  God used a star to get the attention of some men in a far country to bring them to see the newborn Savior. Methods, Star, Jesus, Different JESUS ALSO  ENDURED TEMPTATION <br> Everybody wrestles with temptations and most yield to those temptations.  When one thinks of Jesus, being so perfect, few realize that Jesus also had temptations but was successful in turning them down.  Jesus never yielded to a single temptation.  Jesus has identified with people in every way and yet never sinned. Temptations, Yielding, Jesus, Example FACTS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST <br> Not everything about Jesus is known but this outline is a general outline about some facts about Jesus that are known.   Characteristics of Jesus are outlined and pastors can take portions of this general outline and make several sermons from it.   Jesus, LIfe, Work, Origination WHY JESUS CAME Galatians 4:4-5; Isaiah 9:6 God's ways and God's thoughts are no where like everybody else's.  He has feelings for people that other people don't have and He does things for others that nobody else thinks of.  God even became a human being in order to do some things that nobody else could do.  Jesus is fully God and He is fully man.  Why did He come here in the first place? Jesus, Man, God, Both, Purpose of Coming REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  1 <br> This is a word by word study of the Revelation of Jesus to John on the Isle of Patmos one Sunday morning in the year of 96 A.D.  This is the first of approximately 35 studies of this Book.  This is the Introduction to the Book. Revelation, Word by Word REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  2 <br> Number 2 of the study of the book of Revelation, word by word.  Jesus is going to speak to a Congregation of only one person - John. Revelation, Word by Word Study REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  3 <br> A word by word study of Revelation, study number 3.  Starting the study of the seven Churches.  The Churches of Ephesus and Smyrna are this study. Revelation, Word by Word REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  4 <br> This is the 4th study of the book of Revelation word by word.  The Church of Pergamos. Revelation, Word by Word REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  5 <br> Study 5 of Revelation word by word.  The Church of Thyatira is studied. Revelation, Word by Word, Thyatira REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  6 <br> More of the word by word study of the book of the Revelation.  This study is about the Church of Sardis. Revelation, Study, Word by Word, Sardis REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  7 <br> Continuing the word by word study in Revelation, this study is about the Church of Philadelphia, the Church of Brotherly Love. Revelation, Word by Word, Philadelphia REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  8 <br> The study of the last of the seven Churchs, Laodicia, in this word by word study of the book of the Revelation. Revelation, Word by Word, Laodicia REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY  9 <br> This word by word study of Revelation focuses on the Church in heaven.  John is caught up into heaven and this study is part of what he saw. Revelation, Word by Word, Church in Heaven REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 12 <br> Continuing the word by word study of the Revelation, this study focus on the part of the Tribulation period when 144,000 Jews believe in Jesus and become evangelists.  REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 11 <br> This study begins to reveal in very clear detail some of the things in vivid, colorful detail what is going to take place when Jesus returns as the seals on the Book which John was shown are broken, one by one.  REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 10 <br> Continuing the word by word study of the Revelation given by Jesus to John on the isle of Patmos, John has been taken up into heaven and he is describing a Sealed Book which he was shown. Revelation, Word by Word, Heaven REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 13 <br> This Revelation word by word study is about the Converts of the Tribulation period.  There will be millions won to Jesus Christ by the 144,000 Jewish preachers. Revelation Study, Word by Word, Tribulation, Converts REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 14 <br> In this study of the book of the Revelation attention is drawn to Trumpets that John saw and what form of judgment each one was introducing. Revelation, word by word study, Trumpets, Judgment REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 15 <br> This study in the Book of the Revelation will be about "when angels walked the earth."  They did before the flood and they will again during the Tribulation time. Revelation, Word by word, Study, Tribulation, Angels REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 16 <br> In this word by word study of the Revelation, there will be two kinds of messengers telling the world about Jesus, Angelic and Human beings and millions of Jews will be saved. Revelation, Word by Word, Angelic Messenger and Human Messenger REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 17 <br> In this word by word study of the Book of the Revelation, the Return of Jesus Christ will be studied.  (The Second Coming of Jesus Christ) Revelation, Word by Word, Second Coming of Jesus Christ REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 18 <br> In this word by word study of the book of the Revelation, the ultimate downfall of Satan will be studied. Satan may be in control of the world right now, but when Jesus comes back, that will all change. Revelation, Study, Downfall of Satan REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 19 <br> There's wars all around our world and always has been, but there is coming a time when there will be a war in heaven and that is what this study is about.  Who is going to be involved?  Who is going to win? Revelation, Study, War in Heaven, Satan REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 20 <br> This word by word study in the book of the Revelation is about the Devil having two witnesses, representatives, as Jesus had two, so Satan is planning on having two also but for himself, not for Jesus in the days of the Tribulation.  REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 21 <br> Every Christian has no doubt hear about the "Mark of the Beast" and in this study that "Mark of the Beast" will be studied.  What is it?  Who will have it?  What does it mean?   Revelation, Word by Word, Mark of the Beast REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 22 <br> In this study, a most unusual preacher appears.  God sends an angel to the world to preach the Gospel message just before Jesus returns, giving everybody one last chance to become believers in Jesus Christ and receive eternal life before it is too late. Revelation, Study, Gospel, Angel Preacher REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 23 <br> In this study Jesus is going to appear in a manner not seen before.  Always Jesus has been depicted as a man of love for everybody,however in this study Jesus is going to be seen with a sickle, an instrument of harvest.  A sickle of Judgment. Revelation, Word by Word, Jesus, Sickle of Judgment REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 24 <br> This chapter of study is of the shortest chapter in the book of the Revelation and it focuses upon preparation for the coming Judgment with seven angels standing by to bring God's judgment on the earth. Revelation, Study, Coming Judgment, Angels REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 25 <br> In this study we are going to see God doing some very unusual things to try to bring the world to believe in Jesus Christ and receive eternal life. God is very gracious and is not willing for anybody to go to hell, but there is a time when
there will be no more chance to be saved. Revelation, Word by Word Study, God's Grace, God's Methods REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 26 <br> In this study of the book of the Revelation we will see the world getting ready to do the great battle at Armageddon.  All the Empires of the world will gather around the little area of Palestine and set the stage for Jesus to come back. Revelation, Word by Word, Armageddon, Tribulation REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 27 <br> "Babylon the Great is Fallen" is a descriptive term that helps to describe the horrible times of the Tribulation in which God's judgment is going to fall upon the earth.  There will be total destruction of cities, nations, millions upon
millions of unbelieving people will die by the hand of God but only after God gives them another chance to believe in Jesus Christ. Revelation, Study, Tribulation, God's Judgment REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 28 <br> In the last days of the Tribulation on earth, there will be a political dictator and a religious dictator and they will join/unite powers with the political power becoming dominant.  The ruling dictator is called a harlot, a prostitute and his place of power called Babylon but will be the Revived Roman Empire.  Thus the title of this study "Mystery of Babylon - Mother of Harlots" Revelation, Word by Word Study, Tribulation, Dictator, Rome REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 29 <br> This short study will show the downfall of religious internationalism.  The dictators will try to establish a single world government and a single religion that worships the Revived Roman Empire's dictator but everything will collapse, the government and the one religion. Revelation, Word by Word, One World Religion, Government REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 30 <br> Everybody has been to a wedding at one time or other, this study is about a wedding very much different from any performed around here.  This wedding is going to be in heaven and it is Jesus wedding His Bride, the Church. Revelation, Study, Heavenly Wedding, Jesus, Church REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 31 Revelation 1 - 19 This study is a review of the previous 19 chapters, as the last chapters deal with the return of Jesus Christ with His Bride, the Church. The new heavens and the new earth will be revealed and the eternal reign of Jesus Christ will be started. Revelation, Study, Judgment, New Heaven, New Earth REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 32 <br> Jesus Christ's return is the climax to the great Tribulation in fulfillment of His promise to return.  Not only is Jesus coming back, but the Church, all who
have believed in Jesus will return with Him.  It will be a great and glorious return with every eye on earth watching. Revelation, Study, Last Days, Return of Jesus with His Church REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 33 <br> This study is will reveal that Satan is going to be chained up and kept away from the human race for 1,000 years with Jesus Christ ruling as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Revelation, Word by Word, Satan, Chained REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 34 <br> This study will look at the time when Jesus Christ will reign for 1,000 years
here on earth and all the changes that will take place and what part believers (Christians) will have in the Lord's 1,000 year reign. Revelation, Study, Millennium, Christians, Jesus' Reign REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 35 <br> People are made up of more than just flesh and bones.  People are made in the image of God.  People are made up of body, soul and spirit.  The body will die but the soul and spirit live on.  In this study the "saints" of God will get to
go to the heaven they have been waiting for and have preached and witnessed about.
The Saints will go marching in. Revelation, Study, Image of God, Heavenly Home REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 36 <br> In this study of the Revelation as things are coming to a great climax, the Great White Throne of Judgment is shown, mentioning certain "books" that will be opened with names of people who are going to heaven and those going to hell. Revelation, Word by Word Study, Great White Throne Judgment, Heaven, Hell REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY 37 <br> Finally all is over and Satan and all his kind are in the lake of fire for all eternity, there is a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem, that God sent down from heaven 1500 square miles in size.  This study describes as best
as possible what heaven will be like.  This is the final study in this Word by Word series of the book of the Revelation. Revelation, Word by Word Study, New Jerusalem, New Heaven, New Earth REVELATION WORD BY WORD STUDY <br> This is a word by word deep study of the Book of the Revelation.  This material can be "preached"/taught as it appears with little addition other than just reading the entire verse aloud in the presentation. Revelation Study JESUS PRAYED <br> There is no doubt that the supreme example, role model Christians are to copy, imitate, be like is Jesus Christ.  One of the things Jesus did that Christians ought to be serious about imitating is His prayer life.  Where He prayed, when He
prayed, what He prayed for and why He prayed are guidelines for us to follow. Jesus, Prayer, Example, Christians Unknowing Witness <br> Most Christians have attended witnessing classes, seminars, etc. and have handed out tracts, pamphlets, etc. and perhaps gone door to door witnessing.  However there is one kind of witnessing Christians do and they are not even aware of -
unknowing witness.  By their actions, attitudes, remarks, conversation, dress, etc. others are witnessed to by Christians, all unknowingly. Witness, Christians, Unknowingly CHANGE OF PLANS <br> Life can be boring, dull, drab and routine and most people would like some sort of change.  Whenever God speaks to a person and that person hears God, his/her life is in for a change.  However, sometimes that "change" is in purpose, not so much direction.  Paul and his encounter with Jesus on a road is an example how God works in a person's life. God's Will, Life, Obedience, Change, Paul WHEN THINGS TAKE OVER <br> "I don't have an idol, I'm not an idol worshiper!"  What is the common definition of an idol?  Isn't it some object to which a person bows to and prays to and treats as some sort of deity?  Everybody has an "idol" but it doesn't have to be a man-made object.  There are everyday things, attitudes, loves, cares, people that take the place of God and anything that takes the place of God is an idol. Idolatry, God, Things Taking Over NEW BIRTH, NEW LIFE <br> Every person who has ever lived has belonged (belongs) to one of two classes of people - either in Jesus Christ (saved) or in the world (lost).  Jesus Christ came to offer eternal life to everyone but only those who accept Him in belief will become a part of the Family of God - be saved.  A new life is given to those who believe in Jesus Christ. New Birth, New Life, Lost, Saved OUR GUARANTEE OF GOD'S BLESSINGS <br> There is only one way to get to know the will of God, only one way to receive God's blessings, only one way to get to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ.
Believers in Jesus Christ daily receive blessings from God and even more await them when they get to their eternal home in heaven.  Jesus Christ is the guarantee of God's blessings. Blessings, Guarantee, Jesus Christ, Christians NO EASY WAY TO VICTORY <br> Christians are not automatically shielded from Satan and therefore must be on their guard for he will work extra hard at preventing one from living the kind of life God wants.  Christians have two natures, the old sin nature which every one has and the new nature which is a spiritual one and there is a constant battle between the two and the Christian must decide/choose which to listen to.  It's not easy to win over Satan. Christian, Satan, Battle, Victory, Defeat ONE GREAT THING GOD REQUIRES <br> Of all that man owes God, there is one thing that is supremely above all else.  It is something which brings God's blessings, both materially and spiritually.  It is something that has to be "worked" at and done a certain way.  The one great thing God requires is - "OBEDIENCE." God, Requirement, Obedience, Commands IN GOD'S EYES <br> People have their own opinions about just about everything, but there's one area that they know absolutely nothing about and that's the things of God.  In God's eyes, every human being needs to be redeemed and redemption comes only in God's way and that is through the blood of Jesus Christ, nothing else.   Redemption, Mankind, God's Eyes, Man's Eyes WHY A VIRGIN BIRTH? <br> If Jesus is God in the flesh, God and human being, then why did God send His Son, Jesus into the world the way He did?  Why was Jesus born into this world through a virgin woman?  Why not just suddenly appear with angels and such as everybody thought He (the Messiah) would come?  Why a virgin birth? God's Son, Virgin Birth, Jesus AMERICA NEEDS TO BE REBORN <br> There is no doubt that America is still a great country but it has lost its foundation qualities.  The founding document known as the Declaration of Independence clearly reveals that God was involved in the founding of this great nation.  In time America has left God and has removed God from most governmental and public institutions.  America is in trouble and needs to be reborn again, back to its original beliefs based upon the things of God.  America, God, Beliefs, Foundation A FOLLOWER'S RESPONSE TO JESUS <br> Supermarkets often have displays that offer samples of a product and shoppers are free to "sample" the goods.  Sometimes shoppers are not interested in buying the goods, just sampling, tasting, eating, drinking, etc. the samples.  Sadly, many treat Jesus the same way.  They are not interested in becoming permanently involved with Him, but just want what they can get for themselves, not giving anything, just getting. Jesus, Follower, Responses THE REAL JESUS <br> Everybody hides something about themselves from others and everybody puts up a front and pretends to be someone they are not.  Sometimes in fun, sometimes in seriousness.  Some people had a problem in recognizing and accepting who Jesus really was/is.  Some knew His family and background and were having trouble
accepting who Jesus was showing Himself to be when He began His ministry.  So who is the "real" Jesus? Jesus, Lord, The Real Jesus CALLED INTO A FAMILY <br> Families can be a wonderful thing to be a part of for within the family circle one learns how to get along with others and to grow up to adulthood.  However within a family there are positive things and there are negative things that happen.  Every believer in Jesus Christ has been "reborn" into a new family, the Family of God.  How does one live within such a Godly Family? Family, Believer, Member of God's Family DIFFERENT KINDS OF FOLLOWERS OF JESUS <br> What kind of animal would you liken yourself to?  How about different kinds of soil?  Followers of Jesus are not the same, they can be very different and Jesus tells a parable about different ways the Gospel is received using four different kinds of soil.  Those who follow Jesus are influenced by the Gospel and then they must in turn influence others about the Gospel message. Gospel, Hearing, Acting, Sharing THE LAST RESORT <br> Most people think that they can "fix" things without anybody else's help or without following the instructions, however usually things don't work out like they thought it would and then help is needed.  In life people try to fix their problems, even serious ones themselves before turning to the Lord Jesus.  In other words, "Jesus is the last resort" instead of the first. Jesus, Life Needs, Do it yourself, Call upon Jesus. FAITH, THEN  ACTION <br> What is "faith?"  What is one supposed to have his/her faith in?  Does everyone have "faith?"  How does one demonstrate his/her faith?  Believers in Jesus Christ have exhibited faith by trusting in Him for salvation and after that Believers
are supposed to live the rest of their lives by faith.  Faith has got to be active for God to be able to work within a person's life. Faith, Believers, Action, Direction A SPIRITUAL CHECK UP <br> Most people don't care for physical exams, or check ups because they don't want to know if there's anything wrong.  As physical check ups are needed now and then, so are "spiritual check ups" needed.  One's physical heart, hearing and seeing should be kept in good shape, so should one's spiritual heart, hearing and seeing. Check Up, Complete Physical, Spiritual Check Up BEING A FOLLOWER OF JESUS IS COSTLY <br> Countless people are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, but there is such a thing as being a "follower" of Jesus and that involves the believer's entire life.
Sadly there are more believers in Jesus than there are followers for it is very costly to be a follower of Jesus. Jesus, Believer, Follower, Costly THREE LOVES OF GOD Ephesians 5:25; Galatians 2:20 No doubt God is a loving God and there are three areas of His love that pretty well cover all that mankind is involved with.  There is His love for the creation, then His love for the Church and there is His love for each individual.
Jesus came to reveal just how far God's love goes. God's Love, People, World, Church LEARNING TO THINK AS GOD THINKS <br> Everyone is born with a human nature which enables them to get along in the world and everyone who believes in Jesus is born again and given a new nature which enables them to get along in the spiritual world.  To get along in the spiritual world, one needs to learn how to think as God thinks, for His way of thinking is not like everyone else's. Thoughts, Human nature, Spiritual nature, God NO STRINGS ATTACHED <br> Paul had a "thorn" in his flesh that aggravated him all the time but he learned that the "thorn" drove him to his knees often and he learned that God's Grace was sufficient for the distress and bother of his "thorn."  God's Grace is free to all who believe in the Lord Jesus and His Grace is indeed sufficient for every need a person has. Grace, Sufficient, Needs CHARACERTISTICS OF A TRUE SERVANT <br> What/who is a servant?  A real, sincere, true servant can be identified in how he/she acts when called a servant.  A true servant always puts others ahead of him/herself.  Jesus is the prime example of what a true servant is like.  Christians are to imitate Jesus, even in being a servant. Servant, Imitate Jesus, Characteristics A FOLLOWER OF JESUS IS TO PRODUCE FRUIT <br> Everyone pretends at one time or other, to be that which they are not.  Jesus encountered a fig tree that should have figs on it, but it didn't.  Jesus went into the Temple which was to be a place of prayer, but found instead a place of commerce.  A true follower of Jesus is what he/she appears to be and is productive in the things of the Lord. Fruit, True Believer, Productive THE GREAT MYSTERY <br> Nobody understands God nor why God ever payed any attention to sinful, wicked mankind.  However God has always been interested in His creation and has communicated through history with mankind.  God even became a human being and that is one great mystery as God did not compromise anything in doing so.
Why so interested in human beings anyhow? God, Jesus, Creator, Mankind A CHRISTIAN LEAVING HIS/HER FIRST LOVE <br> Jesus had words to say to seven Churches in His sermon to John (Revelation) and He had both compliments and criticism.  To the Church of Ephesus, Jesus stated that they had "left their first love.." meaning their love for Him and their purpose had grown cold and their interest was focusing elsewhere.  Christians and Churches today are guilty of the very same thing. Church, Christian, First Love, Jesus, Gospel BLOCKED BY THE HOLY  SPIRIT <br> People don't always get their way and sometimes it is not good and sometimes it is a good thing.  In doing things for the Lord, one needs to be in God's will, doing what and going where the Lord wants.  Sometimes the Lord has to block one from doing or going where he/she wants to go or what he/she wants to do.
God has plans for every life and His plans are the best. Plans, Goals, Dreams, Works, Holy Spirit, Blocked AN EXAMPLE FOR CHRISTIANS <br> Nobody likes to be tested, tried or questioned, however Christians can expect to be tested and tried by God at some time or other.  Abraham was told by God to go sacrifice his beloved son.  How he handled that testing by God is an example for all believers. Abraham, Test, Trial, Believers, God's Own THE BIGGEST SINNER <br> No doubt everyone has seen someone who might be called the "chief of sinners or the biggest sinner" for his/her way of life is so wicked, sinful, contrary to the ways of God that it disgusts.  Paul the apostle felt that way about his own life.  He called himself the "chief of sinners."  However, look at what God was able to do with the "chief of sinners." Sinner, Chief, Biggest, Paul, God's Grace AFTER BELIEVING IN JESUS, THEN WHAT? <br> There are many, many Christians, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ but not all of them seem to know what to do after they believed in Jesus.  After believing in Jesus and being saved, what is next for the believer to do?  Jesus told Peter and the other disciples to "Follow ME!"  Following Jesus is what the life of the believer is to be all about. Believe in Jesus, Saved, Following Jesus THE CHRISTIAN'S FLAG/BANNER <br> The flag/banner of a nation represents all that that nation is and soldiers of that nation fight under their flag, paying great loyalty to it.  The rod/staff of Moses was kept in eyesight of Israel and they looked to it for the source of their victories.  God has given Christians a banner, a flag to look up to and to fight under and that banner/flag is the Lord Jesus Christ - The Royal Banner. Flag, Banner, Rod/Staff, Believers, Israel. THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH <br> Today the "Church" is nothing new for it has been here for hundreds of years, however there was a time when the "Church" did not exist and was called a "mystery" being foretold about by prophets who knew nothing more than something, a change, was coming.  Jesus Christ brought to pass those prophecies and established HIS Church.   Church, Mystery, Secret, Prophecies THE NEED FOR PRAYER <br> The world is in an awful mess - wars, rumors of wars, weather tragedies, crime, drugs, murders, uncountable difficulties.  There seems to be no one who has an answer to any of the world's problems.  Things are only going to get worse UNLESS Christians pray!  God is the ONLY answer to the needs of this world and God does hear the prayers of His children.  Christians need to pray as never before. Prayer, World Crisis, God's Help, Christian's Privilege WHAT IT TAKES TO COME TO THE LORD JESUS <br> Countless people have heard the Gospel message and still remained lost, stayed unbelievers in the Lord Jesus.  What will it take to bring such people to the Lord Jesus in faith?  An example of how that can happen is the account of Jesus meeting a woman at a well in Samaria. Unbeliever, Lost, Jesus, Salvation TWO DIFFERENT LOST SINNERS AND ONE GREAT SAVIOR John 4:4-7 Everybody is different from everybody else but concerning spiritual matters there is no difference in the eyes of God.  Two such people, Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman at the well are examples of how Jesus can bring different kinds of people into God's Kingdom.  People are different, but God is the same and there is but one way into God's Kingdom and that is through belief in Jesus Christ. Difference in People, One Savior, One Salvation THE BETHLEHEM STORY <br> Christmas is a favorite time of the year with lots of excitement, but somehow often the real Bethlehem story is changed.  Only in the Bible is the Bethlehem Story revealed in all its truth.  People need to go back to the Bible and re-read the real story of what happened in Bethlehem. Christmas, Bethlehem, Baby Jesus THE LORD'S SHEEP ARE SECURE <br> How can one be sure that he/she is going to heaven?  How can one be sure that he/she has eternal life?  Some believe that nobody can really know until it is all over.  Some believe that you can have eternal life and then lose it.  However the Bible is very clear that those who belong to the Lord Jesus, called in some places, "His Sheep" are very secure and that the Lord will never lose a single one of His "Sheep."  The Lord's Sheep are secure. Secure, Believers, Lord's Sheep THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS Luke 2:1-19 The happiest time of the year for the United States seems to be Christmas.  All the excitement, trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, songs, exchanging gifts, stories, traveling effects everyone in some way.  However is all this the genuine, real meaning of Christmas?  Where does the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds and the three wise men come in?  Which is the real meaning of Christmas?  What has happened?   Christmas, Meaning, Traditions A NON-BELIEVER AT CHRISTMAS <br> Everybody loves Christmas but there are different reasons for celebrating it so it seems.  Not everybody stresses the biblical Christmas story.  How does Christmas affect a non-believer?  How does he/she handle all the biblical presentations? Christmas, Non-believer THE FIVE GREATEST WORDS <br> "Ye must be born again" are the greatest five words a person can say to another.
These five words are the key words in becoming a child of God, a Christian and
receiving eternal life.  Why, what, how, and when are four words a person might ask.  This is the only way to have eternal life, to be born again.  Salvation, Born Again MERRY CHRISTMAS! <br> Nobody knows exactly for sure why Christmas is celebrated on December 25 but that doesn't seem to matter for Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for most people.  If people believe the Biblical account of Christmas (the baby Jesus being born, shepherds coming, etc.) then those who believe it have far more reason to celebrate than anyone else.  Is Christmas just "Christmas" or is it a
"Merry Christmas?" Christmas, Merry Christmas, Shepherds, Angels, Bethlehem NOT EVERYBODY IS MERRY AT CHRISTMAS Luke 2:1-18 Christmas is considered to be the happiest time of the year, however there are some people to whom Christmas is NOT a happy, merry time.  They don't participate in the gaiety of the season for various reasons.  Seldom does the happy Christmas person think about those who may not be enjoying the Christmas season.  It might do everyone good to stop and think about those who are not caught up in the happy Christmas spirit. Christmas, Merry, Unhappy ANGELS AT CHRISTMASTIDE Luke 1:26-29 Angels are not childish imaginations, they are as real as God is and have appeared throughout man's history, sent by God on various missions to people.  The Christmas story has several mentions of angels.   Christmas, Angels, Messengers JESUS GETS TIRED <br> Everybody gets tired, physically, mentally, emotionally, just worn out but so did
Jesus.  Seldom does anyone ever think that the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ went through all the human, physical experiences everybody else goes through, but He sure did.  Jesus got tired, exhausted, weary and needed to rest, however Jesus is refreshed in a different way than most other people. Jesus, Woman, Well, Tired, Refreshed YOU'VE GOT TO KNOW "WHO" <br> Sadly, so many think that their biblical, religious knowledge is sufficient for all spiritual needs, never knowing the "WHO" that eternal life comes through.  Biblical knowledge does not bring salvation, it takes a personal relationship with WHO gives the gift of eternal life.  The Samaritan woman at a well knew biblical things, but she didn't know the Lord Jesus and when she learned WHO He was, she was saved. WHO, Salvation, Jesus Christ, Gift of God WHERE DOES LIVING WATER COME FROM? <br> What in the world is "living water?  That was what a woman asked Jesus one day as they talked at a well.  Jesus mentioned to her that He could give her some water that was living.  What was He talking about?  Where could He get that kind of water?  What would it do to a person?  Jesus has all the answers. Jesus, Living Water, God's Grace FOLLOW THE LORD JESUS CHRIST <br> It is one thing to "say" one will do this or that, but it is an entirely different thing to actually DO what one said he/she would do.  Peter was quick to speak, to say this or that, but when it came down to actually doing it, he wasn't always so quick.  To be a follower of Jesus Christ is to actually do just that - follow, be like the Lord in every way. There are many Christians, but how many of them are active "followers" of the Lord? Follower, Jesus, Command, Life's Business WHERE IS HE? <br> When Jesus was here, people were always asking "Where is He?"  They were interested in Him for different reasons, some bad, some good, some just curious.
How often is that question asked today?  Is He just a person who lived for 30 some odd years and died on a cross and is gone?  Or is He someone who really died and rose from the grave and is living today?  If so, just where is He right now? Jesus, Where? DOES YOUR LIFE'S SUPPORT LEAK? <br> Most people build and live their lives on things that are temporary, passing, undependable and even falsehoods, therefore they have to constantly make adjustments to get along in life.  God offers through Jesus Christ a way of life that is permanent, everlasting and filled with constant assistance.  What God offers is called "living water."  What the world offers leaks. Water, Living, Leaky, Grace, World EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXPOSED <br> No one will ever have eternal life, be saved, be converted until he/she sees who God is and what he/she really is in God's sight.  One must admit to his/her sins and then turn to God's Son for help.  Jesus and the Samaritan woman at a well reveals all this and how it is done. Salvation, Sin, Confession, Jesus THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE FAITH/RELIGION <br> Which religion/faith is right?  There are so many and each one says that it is the best one.  Even among "Christian" Denominations there are differences and each one thinks that it is the most correct and right.  How does one know which is really the right one?  Are they all right?  The woman at the Samaritan well encountered Jesus and was set straight as to which faith/religion was the right one. Faith, Religion, Samaritan Well, Jesus, Only One JESUS IS THE GREAT "I AM" <br> There is a universal theme throughout the entire Bible and that is that before a person can have a permanent (saving) relationship with God, God must first make Himself known to that person.  Jesus and the woman at the well reveals the pattern God has always used in bringing people to Himself. Jesus, I Am, Salvation,  PROOF OF BEING SAVED <br> Sadly, not everybody who "professes" belief in the Lord Jesus Christ are truly saved it seems.  The example of the woman at the well who met Jesus and believed is an example of how a true believer reacts to being saved.   Salvation, Proof, Actions BEING A SOUL WINNER <br> Jesus is the example for caring about others, especially their souls and went out of His way to find the lost soul like He did with the Samaritan woman at a well.  He made friends with her and brought the conversation around to what she was interested in and then on to what He was there for, to give her everlasting water.
She then hurried off to bring others back to meet Jesus for themselves.  Every believer in Jesus is to do the same thing as this woman.  Go tell others. Witness, Win Souls, Believers, Lost BEING CHILD-LIKE <br> Everyone loves little children, they are so innocent, so inquisitive, so dependent and so unafraid of others.  Sadly as they grow older, they become different and lose those little child-like qualities.  Jesus said that everybody should have a child-like attitude concerning the Kingdom of Heaven. Attitude, Child-like, Believers, Kingdom of Heaven JESUS CAME FROM GOD ON PURPOSE 1 Timothy 3:16; John 1:14; Philippians 2:5-11 God became a human being called "Jesus" and came to earth deliberately, on purpose.  Why did Jesus come?  What did He hope to accomplish?  Did He do what He came to do?  Is there anything left undone?  How are people involved in the purpose of Jesus coming? Jesus, Advent, Incarnation, Purpose, Mankind, Redemption, Restoration NOT NUMBER ONE ANYMORE <br> There is no question as to who should be number one in the Christian's life, it should be the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sadly, however, that isn't true in every Christian's life.  For some, Jesus has lost that first place.  What would cause a Christian to allow Jesus to be replaced as number one in his/her life? Jesus, First Place, Number One, Replaced ORDINARY CHRISTIANS <br> Not every Christian has been given the same thing to do for the Lord, but it is true that some have been given much to do, some less.  Jesus told a story about a man who gave each of three servants something to take care of while he was gone.  Two of the three did well, but the third, to whom the least was given, did nothing.  Christians are like these men and sadly, too many are like the last servant who did nothing with what he had been given.  He said he was afraid. Christian, Usefulness, Productive, Unproductive, Ordinary IDENTIFYING MARKS OF A TRUE BELIEVER <br> It is very clear that not everybody who says that they are a "Christian" is truly a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  How does one know whether a person is a true believer or not?  There are certain identifying marks of a true believer.
Jesus said that not everybody who called Him "Lord" was a true follower of Him.
So, how does know for sure that he/she is a true believer? Beliver in Jesus, True, Signs, Non-believer BEING THANKFUL IN ALL SITUATIONS <br> Sadly, "Thanksgiving" season is about the only time people, including Christians, express an attitude of thankfulness.  Of all the people on earth who should ever be thankful, it should be the Christian, yet even they are not always thankful.
Christians need to remember what all has been done for them by God, the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that they can be called "Christians." Thankful, Christians, Situations,  HAVE AN ATTITUDE LIKE DANIEL <br> Daniel was a young man taken away from his country, family and made a prisoner, a slave in a foreign country.  When he was told to do things contrary to his faith, Daniel refused to yield to the many temptations before him.  His attitude is an example for Christians today as every person is also tempted.  Attitude, Temptations, Daniel, Example DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEART <br> Ever "hardened" your heart?  Ever turn down something that was offered to you because you had to make a decision, because it would change your life-style?  People harden their hearts against God and just refuse for all sort of reasons to do what God knows is best for them.  To harden one's heart against God is to miss out on many things, most importantly eternal life in heaven. Heart, Harden, God's Voice, God's Will LESSONS FROM LAZARUS <br> Christians are familiar with the story of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, especially Lazarus, for he had died and Jesus made him alive again, even after his body had started decaying.  There are several things to notice in this event that can be of great help in learning more about the Lord Jesus Christ. Lazarus, Death, Resurrection, Jesus DON'T MOCK GOD <br> It would seem that Christians would be honest and truthful with the Lord and others  at all times, however that just isn't true.  Much of a Christian's life is mockery.  So many say one thing but do another, pretend to worship but their minds are far away.  They say words that they call prayers, yet their hearts are not there and it's just words they are saying.   Not being sincere, true and honest is mocking God.     Mockery, Christians, Falseness IT'S FINALLY OVER <br> Why in the world did Jesus go through all that He did, especially all the agony and suffering on a cross?  What drove Him to do all that He did?  For those who believe in Him and what He did, what does it all do for them?   Crucifixion, Redemption, Law, Love, Sinners STEPS TO ANSWERED PRAYER James 4:3 Sometimes one's prayers are not answered and God is blamed.  There are certain conditions that exist for one to have his/her prayers answered.  Then sometimes it is God's will for one to not have what he/she prays for, Paul prayed to have a "thorn" removed from his body, but God told him to "live with it."  What can a person do to have more of his/her prayers answered? Prayer Answered, Conditions, Steps WHAT IF EASTER IS JUST A STORY AND NOT REALLY TRUE? <br> Ever think about those who don't believe the Easter story?  Do YOU believe that Jesus was raised from the dead?  What if the Easter Story of Jesus' resurrection is just a myth, all made up, nothing really happened?  What if the Church was started on a myth, not facts?   Resurrection, Easter, Jesus, Church, Christianity GOD'S LOVE FOR HIS CHILDREN John 17:23-24; 1 John 4:7-21 Many question the love of God.  Many just don't believe that God is really all that loving because of this or that happening in the world.  However if one would consider what all God has done to bring about a means of having eternal life and a permanent dwelling place in Heaven and being called a "Child" of God, it would
amaze a person at how much God really does love and care. Love, God's Son, God's Children, Salvation SIGN OF A TRUE BELIEVER IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Matthew 7:22-23 There are many people who say that they are a Christian and there are many things which might indicate that a person is a Christian, however Jesus had a traitor among His disciples and Paul had several leave helping him in church work and then a husband and wife lied to God and their Church.  So just what is the sign of a genuine, real, true believer in the Lord Jesus? Jesus, Christian, Sign of True Faith, Perserverance,  FIVE THINGS NECESSARY FOR CONVERSION OF THE LOST <br> What does it take for a person to be saved?  Is it repeating a prayer?  Shaking a pastor's hand?  Filling out a card?  Being baptized?  What must happen before a person can be saved?  There are five things that are necessary for a person to be saved. Salvation, Saved, Converted, Lord Jesus Christ, Sin GOD'S WONDERFUL LOVE <br> Who does God love more?  Why does God even care about people who don't care about Him?  Why did Jesus do what He did for people who don't care or even know about Him?  How is God's love different?   God's Love, Jesus' Sacrifice, Salvation SAVED, BUT STILL ACCOUNTABLE <br> Many Christians have forgotten or they never were told that they are still accountable to God even after being saved.  They have been justified, yes, saved, yes, names written in the Lamb's Book of Life, yes, indwelt with the Holy Spirit, yes, bound for heaven, yes, Children of God, yes, but they are still accountable to God for their lives and every Christian will one day stand before the Lord Jesus and give an account of his/her life. Accountable, Saved, Justified, Christian, On Probation ALMOST THERE <br> Many people have "almost" become Christians, but for various reasons never have.  The more a person knows about the Lord Jesus Christ, the more accountable he/she is and the closer to the Kingdom of God that person is.  Some people are far from the Kingdom of God and some are close, "Almost There." Kingdom of God, Sinners, Salvation, Jesus Christ WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN IN WORSHIP <br> Has anything extraordinary ever happened to YOU in a worship service?  Have you ever personally encountered God?  Most worship services are far from being a true "worship" service.  A true worship service is where God is met, sin is admitted and confessed, forgiveness comes and service to God is offered.  When's the last time that ever happened to you? Worship, God, Sin, Forgiveness, Service PRINCIPLES THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT <br> No doubt America has been the country that people from all over the world have wanted to come to and benefit from all that America has had to offer.  What has drawn people to this country?  America was founded upon principles found in the Bible.  Is America leaving those Godly principles today?  What then is the future for America? America, Biblical Principles, Greatness GRACIOUS, GENEROUS AND HYPOCRITICAL HEARTS <br> Weeds grow among the crop and garden and goats are mixed in with the lambs and hypocrites sit along side true believers in worship services of a Church.  An example of a true believer and his actions and a couple of hypocrites and their action is given for Christians to take note of.  Remember Ananias and Sapphira
and Barnabas?   Hypocrite, True faith, Church Members THE GREAT LAND OF AMERICA Mark 12:17; Luke 20:25 America was founded by people wanting to find a place where they could worship God
as they wanted and the basics upon which America is built is upon the Word of God and freedom from government intervention.  People from all over the world want to come to America because of the freedoms offered.  If America ever leaves its founding basics, principles, the Word of God and freedoms, then it is a doomed nation. America, Freedom, God THE STORY OF JESUS <br> "Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word...."  Hymns are sung about Jesus, sermons are preached about Jesus, Christmas and Easter are all about Jesus.  How many people know the REAL story of Jesus?  Here it is. Jesus, Life, Death, Resurrection FOUR REQUESTS BY JESUS <br> Jesus was always thinking of others and even when on the cross He thought about all those who had already believed in Him and about those who in the future would believe in Him.  Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have God's own Son praying and interceding for them. Requests, Prayer, Believers WHERE IS JESUS? <br> From the time He was born to the time He ascended back to Heaven, people were always asking "Where is He?"  If a person really wants to find Jesus, He can be found for there are places where He is, even today.  Do YOU know where Jesus is? Jesus, Location, Where, Presence WHAT IF THERE WAS NOBODY BUT YOU TO WITNESS <br> Every Christian has an opportunity to witness but few ever do.  What if YOU were the only Christian around, would you witness for the Lord Jesus Christ?  How would you go about it?  At home?  At work?  In college?  In your neighborhood?   Witness, Christian Duty PRAYING IN THE NAME OF "JESUS" <br> "In the name of Jesus."  "For Christ's sake."  Christians usually add those phrases to the end of their prayers.  Why add the name of Jesus to a prayer anyhow?  Doesn't God hear a prayer with Jesus having to be added to it?   Name of Jesus, Prayers, Answered Prayers THE LORD'S DIFFERENT NAMES <br> Parents name their children in different ways and for different reasons.  "Nicknames" are also assigned to people as they go through life.  The Lord of the Bible has many different names and each name describes a certain character,
attribute, act of the almighty God. Here are ten specific names given to almighty God. 

 Names, God, Description GOD BECAME MAN 1 Timothy 3:16; Galatians 4:4-5; Philippians 2:5-11 Nobody understands why God became a human being, yet He did.  God's Son became a human being, a Man and at the same time retained His divinity.  He is both man and God.  Why would God do something like what He did?  Why did Jesus come here? God, Jesus, Incarnation, Virgin Birth, Crucifixion, Resurrection, King JESUS IS UNIQUE <br> Christianity is unique of all the religions of the world because Christianity comes from its founder, the Lord Jesus Christ and no other person has ever lived who is or has been qualified or even capable of meeting the needs of fallen mankind as the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus is unique.  there is no other who has ever or ever will be like Him. Jesus, Christianity, Unique THE SIGNIFICANCE OF JESUS' RESURRECTION Luke 24:1-8; Matthew 28:5-6 Easter has become Bunny Rabbit and eggs time as well as looking for a change from winter to spring.  It is a time when everyone attends one of the two annual church services most attend, that and Christmas.  People just don't grasp the importance of the resurrection of Jesus in a personal way.  They just don't realize that it was for THEM that it all happened. Easter, Resurrection, Significance, Jesus NO MORE SACRIFICE <br> Christians don't always act like Christians and sometimes they can be as sinful and disobedient as those who are not Christians.  Do these sinful Christians lose their salvation?  What does God do with them?  (Brief, add-to outline) Christain, Sinful, Disobedient, Judgment, Punishment, Lost Again UNITED WITH CHRIST Various texts What does being saved do for the Christian?  What takes place when one becomes a Christian?  Who is involved with a person becoming a Christian?
(Brief, add-to outline) Christian, Salvation, Faith, Trinity NO OTHER GODS <br> The Ten Commandments are broken up into two major sections - the first four pertain to religious duties and the last six deal with responsibilities.  These commandments apply to all those who declare that almighty God is their God.
(Brief, add-to outline) God, Commandments, Believers MADE LIKE US <br> God's Son took on human form, lived among people and made the way for mankind to be restored to God and to resume the title and authority given by God to Adam.
Jesus shows mankind just how much God knows and cares about every person.
(Brief, add-to outline) Jesus, Identifying With Mankind, Restoration MADE  WHOLE <br> Jesus adjusts His methods and means to each individual and each situation for no two people or situations are alike.  Jesus made a man well, whole and the man became a new person, able to do things he never had done before.  Jesus is in the business of changing people, making them whole.  (Brief, add to outline) Jesus, Healing, Restoration, Love, Grace PARENT - CHILDREN DEDICATION 1 Samuel 1:1-28; Deuteronomy 6:4-7 Parents should dedicate themselves to the Lord as well as their children and raise them according to God's Word.  A public dedication of parents and their children (child) is a way to begin raising one's child/children God's way.
(Brief, add-to outline) Dedication, Children, Parents ONLY TWO KINDS <br> Of all the people in the world or ever has been, there are actually only two kinds.  There are those who are condemned and those who are not.  What one does about Jesus Christ determines whether one is condemned or not.
(Brief, add-to outline) Condemned, Saved, People,  MEETING  JESUS <br> John the Baptist pointed Jesus out from among all the rest when Jesus started His ministry.  Today Jesus can still be pointed out and met.  How does a person meet Jesus today?
(Brief, add-to outline) Jesus, Introduciton, Need NEGLECT  BRINGS  DISASTER <br> It is no secret that neglect will eventually bring some sort of disaster and even death in some cases.  Why do people neglect the most important thing in their life, where eternity will be spent?
(Brief, add-to outline) Neglect, Disaster, Salvation, Heaven, Hell PUBLIC  PRAYER <br> People have gone to God in prayer as long as there have been people and have been told to pray in secret and their prayers would be answered openly, but what about public prayer?  Is there a difference?  Why pray in public?
(Brief, add-to outline) Prayer, Private, Public, Results NO DEBT, NO PAYMENT <br> Many think that only the four gospels matter as they tell  how one can be saved, but why did Paul write so much?  What about his letter to the Romans?  Justification by faith and the book of Hebrews are essential to understanding more clearly what Jesus has done.
(Brief, add-to outline) Debt, Payment, Sacrifice, Jesus, Permanent Salvation ONCE WAS ENOUGH <br> During the Old Testament times animals were offered as a sacrifice for one's sins but had to be repeated as often as a person sinned.  The New Testament reveals that God's own Son, Jesus Christ, became a permanent substitute sacrifice for man's sins erasing the need for any more sacrifices.  Once was enough!
(Brief, add-to outline) Sacrifice, Sins, Permanent, Jesus GOD HAS PROVIDED THE LAMB John 1:29; 3:16 A man was ordered by God to sacrifice his son and the man obeyed but God stopped him just before he carried out the final act of sacrifice and gave a substitute in place of the father's son.  There was another sacrifice ordered by God but this time He didn't stop it for His own Son was the substitute sacrifice.
(Brief, add-on outline)   Sacrifice, Substitute, Son, Lamb CHRISTIANS ARE TO DO THE WORK OF ANGELS <br> Angels are mentioned all through the Bible and they are messengers for God.  Christians are to do some of the same things angels did and still do.  Christians are to be messengers for the Lord just as angels are.
(Brief add-on outline) Angels, Christians, Same Work FORGIVENESS <br> Everyone has had their feelings hurt and everybody has trouble forgiving and sometimes the hurt is so bad that forgiveness is just out of the question.  Jesus has something to say about forgiveness.
(Brief, add-on outline) Forgiveness, Offenses TEACHINGS OF GRACE <br> Grace is something that is not too noticeable in most place, among most people, however God has shown His grace to mankind and He expects those who have received His grace to live their lives showing grace to others. Grace, Christians, Undeserved Favor A PROMISE IS A PROMISE various texts Promises are made by everyone and promises are broken by everyone EXCEPT God.
God keeps His word, His promises, and a person can totally depend, rely upon what God says for it will happen.  Man's eternal destination is "promised" by God, some will go to heaven and some will go to hell.
(Brief outline, add-on) Promise, God's Word THREE GREAT THINGS 3:14-15 Paul thought a lot of Timothy and spoke of Timothy's upbringing.  His mother and grandmother had a lot of influence in Timothy's life and it was a good influence.  They both loved God and brought Timothy up in a Godly home.  A Godly home is vital to children growing up to be God loving men and women.
(Brief outline, add-on) Mother, Home, Christian, Childhood FAMILY FAITH IS CATCHING <br> Moses' parents put him as a baby into a basket and then put the basket into a river believing God would take care of their baby.  They put feet to their faith.  Moses later on acted in faith, the same kind of faith his parents had.
(Brief, add-on outline) Family, Faith, Action GOOD NEWS <br> Most people give little thought of what happens after they die and have no idea what eternity will be like.  The Bible is very clear as to what Jesus came to do and why.  People need to know that they can have eternal life in heaven and how to have it.   Salvation, Good News, Jesus, Eternal Life GOD MADE YOU FOR A REASON <br> You are not here by chance but because God wanted you here and God has a special reason for wanting you here.  God wants to love you and for you to love Him back.
All this is possible because of what Jesus Christ has done.  God has a family and that family gets God's special attention. Relationship, Created, Love, God, Man A GROWING CHRISTIAN LIFE <br> So many Christians are still immature babes, even though they have been "Christians" for many years.  Paul is a wonderful example of what each Christian can become.  He was not a physically large or strong man but he was a spiritual giant.  How can weak, immature Christians become more mature and spiritually strong? Christian, Mature, Growth, Immature, Paul LOOK!  THE LAMB OF GOD <br> Lambs were offered as sacrifices for sin for centuries until Jesus appeared and He offered Himself as "the Lamb of God" for the sins of all humanity.  No longer does one have to offer a lamb as a sacrifice for his/her sins because what Jesus did is permanent and covers all sin for all who believe in Him. Easter,Lamb, Sacrifice, Sins, Jesus Christ CHRIST, THE LAMB OF GOD! <br> To genuine Christians, Jesus is more than just a man, prophet or some religious
leader.  He is divine and the source of eternal life for those who believe in Him.  Jesus is identified by believers as the "Lamb of God" who died in their place and made it possible for them to be accepted by God. Easter, Lamb, Sacrifice, Jesus Christ BENEFITTING FROM GOD'S WORD <br> The Bible is divinely inspired and therefore supernatural.  The Bible is directly from God to man and to understand the supernatural Book of God, it takes supernatural understanding and that comes only through the Holy Spirit and a person's submission to what is revealed to him/her by the Holy Spirit.  One can truly benefit from God's Word. Word of God, Scriptures, Benefits, Holy Spirit HOW TO PROFIT IN PRAYER AS TAUGHT BY GOD'S WORD Matthew 6:5-13 What most people call "prayer" is not genuine, God-heard prayer.  It is just words that are uttered without meeting any of the conditions God has laid out
in order that one's requests would be heard and answered.  The Bible clearly
reveals how one is to pray, who is to pray and what is to be prayed for.  To have answered prayer, one must pray as God requires. Prayer, Benefits, Answered Prayers, God's Word THE BIBLE REVEALS GOD'S PROMISES Psalm 139:17; 2 Peter 1:4 The Bible reveals countless promises God has made for His people and the conditions by which those promises are kept.  Most people don't benefit from God's promises because they either are not interested or they fail to meet God's requirements for receiving His promises.   Promises of God, Word of God, Benefits THE ENEMY OF THE CHURCH <br> Jesus spoke about "tares" and "wheat" and said that they both looked alike and only at harvest time could they be told apart.  Jesus said that the "tares" belong to Satan and imitate Christians which are God's "wheat" and in God's time they will be separated.  Satan is the enemy of the Church as he has planted his own within the Church. Church, Enemy, Satan, Imitators, Christians THE BIBLE TEACHES OBEDIENCE 1 Samuel 15:22 There are many ideas among Christians as to how to go about honoring the Lord, but according to God's Word, there is but one way and that is OBEDIENCE.  The bible has a lot to say about being obedient to the Lord God. Obedient, God's Word, Insincere, Christian SHEPHERD OF THE SHEEP 1 Peter 2:25 Sheep are know for their inability to take care of themselves and constantly need someone to look over them.  Jesus called His followers "sheep" and therefore Christians make up the "flock" of Jesus' sheep.  Jesus is the "Good Shepherd" whose only thoughts are for His flock. Sheep, Shepherd, Believers, Good Shepherd, Jesus THE SCRIPTURES AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST <br> A person will not become displeased with him/herself UNTIL he/she begins to think about God.  God's Word, the Scriptures can open one's eyes to what kind of person he/she really is in God's eyes and also learn that it is only through the Lord Jesus that he/she can ever be accepted by God.  The more one studies the Scriptures, the more one can know about the Lord Jesus Christ. Scriptures, Jesus, Benefit, Profit, Holy Spirit JESUS' IMPRESSION ON HIS ENEMIES <br> Everyone has friends and enemies.  So did Jesus, however Jesus impressed His enemies positively in many ways.  How can one impress his/her enemies in a positive way? Jesus, Friends, Enemies, Impression JESUS WAS MISUNDERSTOOD <br> Ever been misunderstood?  Ever misunderstand somebody?  Jesus was misunderstood by many in many ways and still is even today.  How do misunderstanding happen?  What are the effects of misunderstanding? Jesus, Misunderstood,  JEHOVAH-JESUS (Lord, Savior) Matthew 1:21 God identifies Himself by three names, encouraging people to trust Him, lean on Him and comfort themselves in knowing Him, and all this is done only through the name of JEHOVAH-JESUS.  God's Son came to earth for the sole purpose of making eternal life available to all who would believe in Him. God, Names, Jehovah, Jesus, The Holy One GROWING A SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY CHURCH <br> As a pastor is, so is the church family of which he is pastor.  It is the pastor's responsibility to help his church family be spiritually healthy.  Every member should be encouraged to take a good look at his/her spiritual level and then be guided into becoming more spiritual. Church, Spiritual, Healthy, Pastor THE BIBLE TEACHES ABOUT LOVE <br> The Bible has much to say about love, God's kind of love and then the natural, human kind of love.  To be like Jesus, one must also exhibit His kind of love.
Jesus' kind of love is different from the human nature kind of love. Love, Godly, Jesus, Natural, Bible FAITH COMES BEFORE WORDS <br> People are always talking about things they have never personally experienced, but to talk about being a Christian, about the Lord Jesus Christ requires that one must have had that personal experience and there is an "order" to be followed in talking about Jesus Christ.   Salvation, Faith, Witnessing, Experience, Ordinances JESUS HELPED IN A STRANGE WAY <br> Jesus did many unexplainable things and one of them was walking out into a stormy sea to His disciples in their boat.  Jesus often appears to His family in unexpected ways.  Taking one's eyes off Jesus will create difficulties, therefore one must keep his/her eyes upon Jesus in the midst of all circumstances. Jesus, Appearance, Walked on Water ONLY FOR HIS DISCIPLES <br> Jesus spoke to multitudes at a time, but occasionally He would call His disciples aside to some private place and there talk to them.  Jesus informed His disciples about a special place that He was going to prepare for them in heaven. Disciples, Heaven, Mansions, Prepared by Jesus GOD IS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME Jeremiah 23:23; Acts 17:27-28; Psalm 16:8; 139:7-10 How can God be everywhere all the time?  If one could grasp the fact that it is God that is everywhere and everything is inside God, then perhaps some faint understanding might begin to happen.  God and mankind are separated because God is divine and mankind is evil and sinful.  How can God and mankind be reunited? God, Omnipresent, Holy, Sinful, Mankind GOD IS SOVEREIGN Job, Jeremiah, Daniel, Nahum Among Christians, God is the highest, the most supreme, sovereign.  However among other religions of the world, God is just another god among the countless gods of man's imagination.  For many who do believe in God, they have their own ideas about Him and limit Him to their own limitations.  God is the highest and there is none equal to Him. God, Supreme, Sovereign, Free Will of Mankind GOD IS SELF-EXISTENT <br> If one could go back to the beginning of all things, there would be God for God made all things, material, spiritual, visible and invisible.  God has always been and everything has come from Him.  God doesn't need anything or anybody for God is self-existent. God, Creation, Beginning, Self-Existent STUDY NUMBER ONE FOR NEW CHRISTIANS (Plan of Salvation) <br> First in a series of studies for new Christians but the studies can be used for refreshing all church members in the basics of being a Christian.  This study is about the plan of salvation. Salvation, Being Saved STUDY NUMBER TWO FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - Eternal Security <br> This study can be used for either new Christians or for all Church members.  Salvation is permanent and cannot be lost or taken away.  If salvation were not eternal and permanent, then nobody could know if they were saved or not. Salvation, Eternal Security, Christians STUDY NUMBER THREE FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - CHURCH ORDINANCE OF BAPTISM <br> This study can be for new Christians and for all Church members as well.  There are two ordinances that Churches observe, Baptism and the Lord's Supper.  This study is about Baptism. Baptism, Church Ordinance, Salvation STUDY NUMBER FOUR FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - THE LORD'S SUPPER <br> This study is for new Christians and for all Church members as well.  There are two ordinances Churches observe, one is baptism and the other is the Lord's Supper.  This study is about the Lord's Supper Lord's Supper, Church, Ordinance, Believers STUDY NUMBER FIVE FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - INSPIRATION AND AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE <br> This study is for new Christians, however it is good for the whole Church family to study it as well.  The sole basis of Christianity is the Bible and how it came to be and the authority it has in the Christian's life should be known by every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  STUDY NUMBER SIX FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE <br> This study is for new Christians, however all Christians can benefit from this study.  Putting a Bible under one's pillow at night and sleeping on it does not make one more knowledgeable the next morning.  The Bible must be studied. Bible, Scriptures, Christians, Study STUDY NUMBER SEVEN FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - PRAYER <br> This study is for new Christians but every Christian should know all he/she can know about prayer.  Much of what is called "prayer" is actually not prayer.  True prayer brings one into the very presence of God. Prayer, Christians, Needful, Required, Answered STUDY NUMBER EIGHT FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - THE DIETY OF CHRIST <br> This study is for new Christians, however it is beneficial to all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The diety of Jesus Christ is a stumbling block for many other beliefs (religions) but the Bible very clearly shows that the human Jesus is also the divine God. Jesus, God, Divine, Christianity STUDY NUMBER NINE FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS <br> This study is for new Christians, however every Christian needs to be reminded of the truths of Jesus' resurrection as it is fundamental to the Christian faith. Jesus, Resurrection, Christianity STUDY NUMBER TEN - THE VIRGIN BIRTH OF CHRIST <br> This study is for new Christians, but every Christian needs to review his/her beliefs about the birth of Jesus Christ.  The virgin birth of Jesus is one of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.  Jesus could not be savior if He was not born of a virgin. Jesus, Virgin Birth, Christian Foundation STUDY NUMBER ELEVEN FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - THE HOLY SPIRIT,  PART ONE <br> This study is for new Christians, however every Christian is indwelt with the Holy Spirit and he/she needs to know all about the presence of God who lives within his/her own life that he/she possible can.  The study is in two parts, this is part one. Holy Spirit, Christians, God's Presence STUDY NUMBER TWELVE FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - THE HOLY SPIRIT, PART TWO <br> This study is for new Christians, however every Christian needs to know as much about the Holy Spirit as he/she can.  This is part two of the study of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, Purpose, Believer STUDY NUMBER THIRTEEN FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - SPIRITUAL GIFTS <br> This study is for new Christians, however every Christian has been indwelt with the Holy Spirit and endowed with at least one Spiritual gift.  Every Christian should seek to find that gift and put it to use as the Lord Jesus intended. Holy Spirit, Gifts, Christians STUDY NUMBER FOURTEEN FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - STEWARDSHIP <br> This study is aimed at new Christians, however it is relevant for every Christian for God has instructed every believer in Jesus Christ to give.  How much should one give?  How much does God expect?  The Bible has much to say about Stewardship. Stewardship, Giving, Christian  STUDY NUMBER FIFTEEN FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - HOW TO SHARE ONE'S FAITH <br> This study is for new Christians, but no doubt every Christian needs to know how to witness.  Sharing one's faith is something every Christian should be eager to want to do and is actively sharing his/her faith in the Lord Jesus. Faith, Witnessing, Sharing, Christian Obligation THE WAY TO CONQUER TEMPTATIONS AND TRIALS <br> With so many trials and temptations in life, how in the world can a person overcome all that happens?  Is there a way?  For Christians, there is a way to conquer all the temptations and trials that life brings. Christian, Difficulties, Victorious THE NECESSARY ATTITUDE IN TIMES OF TRIAL AND TEMPTATION <br> Life is not easy and usually is filled with all sorts of trials and temptations.  It would be good for a person to know how to over come all the trials and temptations and Christians are told just how to do that. Life's Problems, Temptations, Trials, Christians STUDY NUMBER SEVENTEEN FOR NEW CHRISTIANS - PRESENTING THE GOSPEL <br> This study is for new Christians, however every Christian needs to know how to present the Gospel whenever he/she has the opportunity.  This study shows two ways to present the Gospel message. Gospel, Presentation, Christian WHERE DO TEMPTATIONS COME FROM? <br> Everybody faces temptation several times every day.  Sometimes it is easy to resist, but sometimes one is overcome with temptation and yields and most often yielding brings sin.  Where do temptations come from anyhow? Christian, Temptation, Source GETTING READY TO WITHSTAND TEMPTATIONS AND TRIALS <br> Overcoming temptations and trials doesn't "just happen.."  A person has to be ready when they come and Christians of all people should be ready, however not every Christian is ready.  Only by following God's plans will a person ever be successful when temptations and trials come his/her way. Christian, God's Way, Temptations, Trials, SHOWING PARTIALITY AND FAVORITISM <br> Not everybody usually has the same trials and temptations, however there is one that everybody has to deal with and that is discrimination. Everybody shows favoritism and discrimination at one time or other.  Christians should be the last people on earth to do this, yet it is as common among them as it is anybody else. Christians, Discrimination, Partiality, Favoritism PROFESSING TO HAVE FAITH, BUT WORKS ARE ABSENT <br> Many Church members profess Jesus Christ as their Savior, but sadly, do not live for Him.  They don't live pure and righteous lives and they don't try to reach the lost.  Are they really saved? Christians, Profession of Faith, No Works, Saved or Not TEACHERS WITHIN THE CHURCH MUST BE CAREFUL WHAT THEY SAY <br> Everyone has their trials and temptations but there is a special group who fall prey to a temptation more than anyone else and that is someone who within the Church is a teacher.  It is so easy to misuse the tongue when in a type of position that teachers have. Church, Teachers, Speaking, Misuse of the Tongue MISUNDERSTANDING AND TWISTING THE TRUTH <br> Everybody misunderstands things and often twists the truth a bit.  However when one is a teacher in God's Church this ought not happen but it does.  There is a great temptation for a teacher to "adjust" what he/she is teaching to fit what he/she might want God's Word to say instead of what it actually says. Teacher, Truth, God's Word, Temptation CAUSES OF TEMPTATION AND WRONG DOING <br> Everyone messes up and does wrong things because of temptation.  What causes all the mess people find themselves in anyhow?  Before trying to overcome all the temptations and trials that come, one needs to understand what causes them in the first place. Troubles, Temptations, Wrong Doing,  HOW TO OVERCOME TEMPTATION <br> Temptation is always around and eventually brings sin into one's life.  Is there not a way to overcome all this temptation and not get into sin? Temptation, Resist, Devil, Overcome JUDGING  OTHERS <br> God hates all sin, but there are some and one in particular that He is extremely strict on and that is "judging" others.  However, every person has passed judgment on someone else at one time or other and there are some people who are constantly judging others.  Who really has the right to judge another? Judge, Condemn, Criticize, Christians BOASTING ABOUT ONE'S SELF-SUFFICIENCY <br> Bragging, boasting about one's own abilities is not a good thing in the eyes of God, although every one does to some degree, it is utter foolishness when compared to the greatness of almighty God.  Actually, anyone who brags on themselves are totally unworthy of any recognition at all. Bragging, Boasting, Self-sufficient, BE PATIENT <br> Trials and temptations can just about destroy a person and they certainly disrupt one's life.  How can one make it through such terrible times?  The first step in gaining victory is to "hang on, be patient." Trials, Temptations, Difficulties, Patience PROPER RESPONSE <br> How do you respond to trials and temptations?  Do you yield quickly, do you struggle?  Sooner or later a person gives in and yields.  What is the proper response when almost overcome by trials and temptations? Trials, Temptations, Oaths, Swearing, Response HOARDING <br> Not everyone is wealthy, rich, but God does choose to bless now and then with wealth.  Those who are wealthy and rich are supposed to share what they have with those who are in need according to God.  To hoard, to store up what one has and not share it with those who need help is wrong. Wealth, Riches, Share, Hoard, Store Up BRAGGING, BOASTING <br> Everyone likes to brag, on him/herself, on his/her family members, and does so to receive a bit of recognition from those around him/her.  However in God's eyes bragging and boasting is showing signs of not needing God.  God is greater than any human being and so what does anyone really have to brag about? Braq, Boast, Pride,  TAKE A GOOD LOOK <br> This world is in a mess.  There is crime, murders, wars, disease, earthquakes, storms, floods, hate, violence, and just about everything bad that can happen is happening today.  What can a person do, where can a person turn to for relief and help?  The Psalmist said that he was going to lift UP his eyes...
Maybe that's what needs to be done today...lift up one's eyes to God. Evil, Help, God, Jesus, Look Up THE SECRET OF TRUE LOVE <br> Everyone "loves" something or someone and uses that word every day.  However the "love" that people use is far from the "love" that God has shown and that Christians should be sharing with others.  An example of God's kind of love is seen by what Jesus did on a cross for mankind. Love, Human Love, God's Love KEEP AN OPEN MIND <br> "My mind is made up!"  Everyone does that at one time or other but when it comes to the Scriptures, one has to have an "open" mind.  One cannot have preconceived ideas about the Scripture and expect to understand it or to live the life Jesus expects the Christian to live.  Simply "hearing" the word of God is not enough. Open Mind, Closed Mind, Preconcieved Ideas, Holy Spirit, Word of God WHAT IS THE CHURCH? <br> There are many ideas of what the "Church" is.  To many it is a building, to others it is a place of entertainment, to some it is an activity center and so on.  The Church is the "mystery" spoken of in the Old Testament, it is the focus of God's attention which incorporates all races of people, not just the Jews. Church, Jews, Secret, All Mankind, Alive A VERY UNUSUAL HOUSE <br> For many, death is the end of everything, all existence, and all is over.  But for Christians, death is but the beginning of a totally new existence in a totally new place and all by the hands and mercy of God.  Each believer will have his/her very own special place to live in, designed and built by God. Death, Eternal life, Heaven, Mansions CONDITIONS FOR BEING SAVED <br> Perhaps one of the most clear explanations on what it takes to be saved is when Paul and Silas were in jail and upon being freed by an angel, the jailer asked what he had to do to be saved.  There has never been a more clear and simple explanation than this one. Savlation, Saved, Conditions ALMOST, BUT NOT <br> Paul's witness to king Agrippa is an example of how to witness and the sad results whenever one understands what he/she is being told about Jesus, but still refuses to surrender to Jesus and be saved.  Countless have been "almost" persuaded but never surrendered. Saved, Salvation, Persuaded, Almost, Agrippa, Paul GOD IS A STRANGER IN THIS LAND <br> There is no doubt that in many parts of this world, God is a stranger but to think that God is a stranger in this land is strange, for this country was founded upon the word of God and has always led in mission work.  However it does seem that today, God is becoming a stranger, if not already a stranger in this land. God, Stranger, Christian, Unknown SPIRITUAL GIFTS <br> Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit to be used in the Lord's work.  Sadly, many Christians don't have any idea what their gift is and many had rather be only spectators than active participants in God's service.  One needs to know what his/her spiritual gift/s is/are and get active in the Lord's service Spiritual Gifts, Christians, Active in service TRUST GOD AND FOLLOW MARY'S EXAMPLE Isaiah 46:1-13 What can God be trusted with?  Is there any limit?  Jesus trusted God in everything and God never let Jesus down for God is always in charge.  Christians often struggle with how to please the Lord and how to live for Him.  There is a marvelous example for Christians to follow and that example is "Mary." God, Trust, Mary, Example, Jesus GRACE MAKES ONE GRACIOUS <br> All who have experienced the love of God in some way love others.  God's grace in a person's life causes that person to be gracious to others.  No believer is perfect but does his/her best to follow Jesus' example. Grace, Gracious, Believer, Lifestyle THE BELIEVER'S LIFE IS LIKE A VOYAGE Psalm 107:23-31 The believer's life can be compared to the story of Jesus and His disciples in a boat that got caught in a storm.  Believers often act like the disciples did when storms of life happen, forgetting that Jesus is there and can do something about the storms of life. Storms, Voyage, Life, Jesus A MESSAGE OF COMFORT AND A MESSAGE OF WARNING <br> There are only two classes of people in the world.  There are the righteous and there are the unrighteous.  There have always been Cain's and Abels, Esaus and Jacobs, good and bad.  Those who believe in Jesus Christ are made righteous in God's sight but those who do not believe remain unrighteous and lost. Righteous, Unrighteous, Believer, Jesus Christ READY OR NOT, HE'S COMING <br> There's no question as to whether Jesus is coming back or not, the only question is WHEN...When Jesus does come back, there will be no time to "get ready."  Therefore everyone needs to be ready NOW. Return of Jesus, Ready, Separation JESUS BECAME WEARY <br> Everybody gets tired, weary sooner or later.  Jesus did, too.  Jesus made a special trip just to find a woman at a well and His purpose was for her to be saved.  Jesus still grows weary over people and their sins. Jesus, Weary, Sins, Salvation THE FIVE GREATEST WORDS EVER SPOKEN <br> Of all the words ever spoken by man, the five words Jesus spoke to Nicodemus are the most important.  "...Ye must be born again..."  Everyone is born of sinful, fleshly parents but to understand spiritual things and enter heaven, one MUST be born again - spiritually. Born, Flesh, Spirit, Parents, Christ, Holy Spirit WHO/WHAT IS YOUR FIRST LOVE? <br> Everybody has something or somebody they love more than anything or anybody else.  For the Christian is should be the Lord Jesus Christ.  Often that love for the Lord Jesus weakens and worldly things begin to creep in and suddenly the Lord Jesus is not first anymore. First Love, Jesus Christ, Christian, Worldly Things TEN WONDERS OF GOD'S GRACE <br> The Church is the result of God's grace and without God's grace there would still be laws, rituals, sacrifices, and insecurity.  However with God's grace, Jesus Christ has brought a new manner of being restored to God, permanently.
God's grace to people is filled with wonder and awe. Grace, Sinners, Restoration, Salvation, Jesus Christ SEVEN FACTS ABOUT GOD'S SALVATION <br> Salvation is entirely God's plan and works.  Salvation comes by God's GRACE and no church creed, catechism, confession of faith or thoughts of theologians can add to or take away God's salvation by GRACE.  Go to the Bible and see what God's Word says about God's salvation. Salvation, Grace, God's Works TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR FAITH <br> Everyone has some kind of faith in something or somebody, but not just any kind of faith is saving faith.  God has described exactly what "saving faith" is in His Holy Word.  Every person who thinks he/she has saving faith needs to take a good look at what he/she is calling saving faith. Saving Faith, Salvation, Jesus Christ, God's Way VISITS FROM GOD <br> It is just about unthinkable that the great, almighty God would ever visit people here on earth, yet He has in times past and continues to do so even today.  God doesn't just drop in, but He comes for a purpose when He does come for a visit. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Visit,  GREAT SINNERS NEED A GREAT SAVIOR <br> Every person is a sinner in God's eyes but with people, some sins don't seem to be as bad as other sins, but with God, all sin is great.  Therefore sinners need someone great to help them out of their sins and that great savior is the Lord Jesus Christ.  A great Savior for great sinners. Sin, Savior, Believers, Jesus Christ THE GREAT MYSTERY OF THE TRINITY <br> There are a lot of mysteries and unknowns in the world and the greatest of all of these is found in the Bible and that is the mystery of the Godly Trinity.  Nobody understands nor can explain how One God can be seen in three different, separate persons.  The Trinity is the greatest mystery of all but the Bible clearly teaches it. Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit WHAT HAPPENED DURING PENTECOST? Leviticus 23 4-21 A great event happened on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon a room full of believers in Jesus Christ.  What happened that day still influences
those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.  What did happen during Pentecost? Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Gifts, Preaching GOD IS ALL-SUFFICIENT <br> God, as revealed in the Bible, has many names reflecting many characteristics of God and one which stands out from all the rest is "EL-SHADDAI" which means God Almighty, God who pours out, God who is All Sufficient.  God needs nothing from anyone.  God is able to totally provide for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. God, All Sufficient, Almighty, Provider, Believer AN EXAM[PLE OF GIVING <br> There are always people with their "hand out" wanting help.  How is a Christian to know what, when, how and to whom to give?  The early Church in Antioch is an example of how a Christian should give.  God will reward the believer who gives IF it is done in the right attitude and reason. Giving, Christian, Church, Tithe, Reason THE FIRST "LORD'S SUPPER" <br> The Lord's Supper means different things to countless people. Some think there is a "magical" thing to it, some think that the elements become the actual flesh and blood of Jesus.  Some forbid certain ones from partaking.  Churches need to go back to the first Lord's Supper which Jesus, Himself, instituted and see just how it was done and who was there. Lord's Supper, Communion, Ordinance, Christians A MOST ASTONISHING FACT ABOUT CHRISTIANITY <br> There is a most interesting thing about Christianity and it is the fact that God is constantly looking for the lost and eagerly seeking to bring them into His Family.  God's love for people is revealed in two stories Jesus told, one was about a lost sheep and one was about a lost coin.  Jesus is often portrayed as a shepherd carrying a little lamb in His arms.  That little lamb is a person. Lamb, Coin, Lost, Shepherd, Found HOW TO GET CLOSER TO GOD John 6:37 Every believer ought to be as close to the Lord as possible, but sadly, that is not the case, just the opposite.  Many things cause one to drift away from being close to the Lord so how does one get back to being close to God? God, Lord Jesus, Far Away, Closer, Repentance THE CHRISTIAN'S GREAT SALVATION Philippians 2:12 "Salvation" is a word used to describe the condition of a person who has believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and has been "secured" for all eternity.  He/she has experienced "salvation."  "Salvation" is all God's doing, His idea, His work, His assurance and guarantee.  It is everlasting and eternal. Salvation, Christian, God's Work, Grace HOW IS YOUR HEART IN THE SIGHT OF GOD? <br> Every Christian needs to give serious thought as to how his/her heart is in God's sight.  People can be fooled, but God cannot.  God sees through all falseness and pretense.  One's eternal destination depends upon having his/her heart right in the sight of God.   Heart Condition, God's Viewpoint, Pretense, Gospel GOD CAN USE EVERYBODY <br> Most people think that the stoning of Stephen was a horrible and terrible thing which it was, but God worked a great thing because of Stephen's stoning.  A man standing there watching later became one of the greatest men of God, Saul who later was called Paul, showing that God can use everybody and anybody. Stephen, Stoning, Saul, Paul, Witness THE GOSPEL MUST BE APPLIED PERSONALLY <br> To be saved, one must first hear the true Gospel message and that is what God uses believers for.  Not every person is going to some church service somewhere and hear the gospel, countless need to be told face to face, personally the true Gospel story.  Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch is such a happening. Gospel, Witness, Personally, Salvation WHO IS JESUS TODAY? <br> People had their opinion of Jesus when He was on earth and doing His ministry and surprisingly, the world of today has about the same attitude about Jesus as back in Jesus' day.  Just what do people of today think of Jesus? Jesus, Who, Attitude, Opinion, Christ, Prophet THE TEMPTATIONS OF THE LORD JESUS Matthew 4:3-11 Everybody is tempted and often there is yielding to that temptation.  Satan is behind all temptations and even Jesus went through some of Satan's temptations, right after Jesus was baptized.  How Jesus resisted Satan's temptations is an example for Christians to follow today. Temptations, Satan, Resist, Jesus, Example, Christians SOME THINGS GOD CANNOT DO <br> God is God and can do whatever He desires and there is no god like Him.  He is the God of the Bible, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God the believer knows, loves and worships.  With all this greatness, there are still some things God just cannot do. God, Great, Almighty, Powerful, Cannot Do  LEFT ALL ALONE <br> Of all the words that Jesus spoke, perhaps the saddest and most painful were those he cried out while hanging on the cross - "My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?..."  Why did God leave forsake Jesus?  What was different on the cross from the rest of Jesus' life?  Just why did God forsake Jesus and leave Him all alone hanging on the cross? Forssaken, Cross, Alone, Sin THE CURE FOR WORRY <br> Everybody worries and some more than others.  However, according to God's Word, the Christian, those who believe in Jesus Christ have no need to worry.  God has the cure for worry and that is to humble one's self before Him and trust Him to take care of any and all situations.  Sound easy?   Worry, Trust, Grace, God, Jesus Christ TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF <br> Countless people have died, going into eternity thinking all was well and that they would go to heaven.   However many did not go to heaven but to hell.  How can one be sure that he/she is going to heaven when he/she dies? Faith, Heaven, Hell, Eternity, Salvation,  A CURE FOR FEAR <br> Everybody is afraid of something or someone and usually tries to hide their fear.  There's good news for the Christian for there is a cure for their fears and they can be happy and not be afraid of anything anymore. Fear, Believers, Christians, Cure, Jesus, God HE'S COMING BACK, ARE YOU READY? <br> Some just never think about the future, they're so absorbed in one day at a time.  There are those who always worry about the future, what might or might not happen.  Jesus said to not be anxious about tomorrow, but He never said to ignore it either.  Jesus is coming back, are YOU ready? Return, Jesus, Prepared, Second Coming, Christians, Non-Believers JESUS AND NICODEMUS <br> Everybody sees  things differently and spiritual matters is no exception.  A man went to Jesus one night to learn more and the result was that the man heard something he had never heard before.  Jesus told Nicodemus that "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.." Nicodemus thought such a thing was impossible. Nicodemus, Jesus, Born, Spiritual, Natural CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? <br> God wants to communicate with every one but sadly, not everyone wants to or finds time to or forgets to talk with God.  Even worse perhaps is that Christians, God's own Children often do not spend very much time talking with God.  If God were to call someone on the phone how would the conversation go? God, Communication, Prayer, Frequency,  TO GROW SPIRITUALLY IS A CHOICE <br> Being saved, baptized and becoming a member of a church is NOT all there is in being a Christian.  God expects the believer to grow spiritually.  Sadly, however, there are countless Christians who have not grown beyond infancy in the spiritual Christian life.  Spiritual growth is actually commanded by God. Growth, Spiritual, Choice, Christian CHRISTIANS, MEMBERS OF THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD <br> People who live under the "same roof" are said to be of the same "household."  God has a House, a Household, a Family.  Not everybody is a member of God's household.  Who is and how does one become a member of God's Family and Household?  There are countless benefits to those who are in God's Family. Household, Family, Church, Christians WHAT IS PRAYER? <br> Everyone has "prayed" at one time or other but does everyone know what prayer is?  Why pray?  Pray to whom?  Ask for what? Even some Christians seem to have problems in getting prayers answered.  So what is the purpose of prayer?  Prayer, Name of Jesus, To God, Requests BEING A DISCIPLE OF JESUS <br> Jesus had "disciples" who were with Him all the time.  Are there disciples today?  If so, who is a disciple, what do they do?  How does one become a disciple? Disciple, Jesus, Believer, Christian, CHRISTIANS HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES AS WELL AS BEING BLESSED <br> Sooner or later everyone has something great happen to them such as graduating, getting married, having children, etc., but the greatest thing that can happen to any person is becoming a Christian.  There are countless blessings that come to Christians, however they also have some responsibilities. Christian, Blessings, Responsibilities ADOPTED INTO GOD'S FAMILY <br> Everybody is familiar with adopting a child but seldom is given the thought that God also adopts.  God has a family and He adopts people into His family.  Why would God do that?  How does God do that?  Who gets to be adopted into God's family? Adoption, God's Family, Believers, Jesus Christ, Grace, Love GOD IS SUPREME <br> There is but one God and that is the Lord God Almighty, however from the beginning of time, people have invented their own gods and have made idols, etc. dedicated to them.  Anytime the gospel message about the one true God is taken into such areas, there is always a great danger, however Almighty God works things out to His advantage for He is supreme over all things. God, Almighty, Supreme, Idols, Gospel FIVE FACTS ABOUT BEING SAVED <br> There is so much involved in being saved that no one can ever begin to understand but there are some things that need to be realized about being saved and these five things can help one see a bit more clearly what all is involved in being saved. Salvation, Grace, Jesus Christ, God's Grace WHEN A CHURCH PRAYS <br> Churches of today have vastly changed from how the Church first began.  It would be good for Churches of today to go back to the basics found in the early Church and gathering for prayer would be one of the first basics to return to. Church, Prayer, God Honored, God's Blessings, Holy Spirit THE FIRST DEACONS <br> Every Church has "deacons" and the duties of deacons vary from church to church.  Deacons got started in the Church of Jerusalem because of a grumbling of unfairness within the Church.  Deacons were to take care of the non-spiritual matters, giving the pastors more freedom to tend to the spiritual matters. Deacons, Church, Non-Spiritual matters, Pastor, Spiritual matters CHRISTIANS ARE TO DO GOOD WORKS <br> Most people show degrees of helpfulness, kindness, thoughtfulness and love to others, but of all people who do, it should be Christians.  Christians are to do good works not for salvation purposes, but because of their salvation and the example Jesus, Himself, set. Christian, Good Works, Jesus, Example HE BECAME SIN FOR OTHERS <br> People often do unusual, strange but beneficial things for others and are greatly appreciated.  However, something has been done for every human being that is far beyond any one's understanding and that is what Jesus did at the cross.  Those who believe in Jesus Christ can have their sins  totally erased and become children of God with all the benefits. Sins, Penalty, Jesus, Cross, Forgiveness, Justice SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE TO DO <br> Sadly, there are countless people who think that everything is alright between them and God for they are going to church now and then, saying a prayer once in a while and trying to live a good, honest life.  They just don't know that it is impossible for them to be acceptable to God on their own.  Only through God's Son, Jesus Christ can one ever become acceptable to God. Jesus, God's Son, Acceptable, Blood, Sacrifice PEOPLE AREN'T REALLY ALL THAT BAD <br> Everyone seems to have something good about them in some form or other and think that that is all it takes to please God and be made right in His sight.  Many don't think that they need "somebody" to take their side and be a "go-between" them and God.  Sadly everybody is a sinner and nobody can live any style of life that will make them acceptable to God. Acceptable, Bad, Sinner, Jesus, Confession, Believe NOBODY CAN BECOME SINLESS OR RIGHTEOUS ON HIS/HER OWN <br> Sin is all over the world and there are some who declare that they have not sinned that they have become so righteous that God approves of them and they don't need anybody to speak up for them or especially "die" for them.  Such people know nothing of what sin really is and what it takes for them to be accepted by God. Sin, Righteous, Accepted, Advocate, Substitute, Jesus BELIEVERS LIVE BY THEIR FAITH, NOT WORKS <br> The early church had problems with false teachers because so many accepted what they heard or saw and never thought through what they were being taught.  Today the same problem exists for there are false teachers teaching, preaching that works are essential to being saved, to being indwelt by the Holy Spirit and to be accepted by God.  Not so, believers live by their faith, not their works. Faith, Works, Believer, False Teaching WHAT TO DO WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH <br> Sooner or later everyone will have temptations, trials and difficulties come into their lives.  How does one handle such things?  Is there a secret to coming "out on top?"  What does a Christian do when things get tough? Christian, Difficulties, Temptations, Hard Times, Victorious RESISTING TEMPTATION IS DIFFICULT TO DO <br> Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and everybody sins.  Temptations sound great and are hard to resist at times and temptations always lead one into sin.
How does one handle the countless temptations that come every day?  God has a way for believers to handle their temptations. Temptations, Sin, Overcome, Yield, God's Way, Difficult IS YOUR CHURCH FELLOWSHIP STRONG OR WEAK? <br> Every church is different in appearance, membership size, music style, dress attire and in other ways.  However, every Church should be similar in its 
fellowship.  Every church member either contributes to the strength of the church or to its weakness. Church, Fellowship, Strong, Weak, Membership, Jesus Christ, Example THERE'S ONLY ONE GOSPEL <br> The early church had problems with some of its members beginning to add to and take away from the true Gospel and were called false teachers/preachers.  Many confused members followed after the false teachings and churches today have the same problem.  There are false teachers/preachers today who have changed the true Gospel into what they want it to say or not say. False Teachers/Preachers, One True Gospel,  GOD SHOWS HIS ANGER AT TIMES <br> If God is a God of love, then why does He get angry at times?  Why does God allow chaotic happenings to people such as the world-wide flood in Noah's time?  What sets God's anger off?   God, Wrath, Anger, People, Attitude, Disbelief, Rejection GIFTS TO BE USED FOR THE LORD <br> The Holy Spirit indwells each believer and also gives each believer at least one special spiritual gift to be used to build up the Lord's Church, God's Kingdom.  What are the gifts?  How are they to be used?  Who gets what gift?
 Spiritual Gifts, Holy Spirit, Believers, Kingdom of God, The Church WHY ISN'T GOD MORE ACTIVE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES? <br> God is very loving and has provided a way for people to have eternal life in Heaven with Him, however, God isn't seen nor heard from very often.  Why isn't God more active in people's lives than He is?  Could it be that God is not pleased with people's behavior as they seem to love sin more than Him? God, Love, Sin, Freedom, Choose, Jesus, Unclean,  WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE CONDEMNED BY GOD? <br> Even though Jesus was crucified and took the sins of the world upon Himself, there are still people who remain condemned.  Countless people will not go to heaven and will spend eternity in Hell.  Just who are still condemned by God?
Why are they still condemned? Condemned, Unbelievers, Believers, Jesus Christ, Heaven, Hell, Eternity IF CHRIST BE WITH US <br> Jesus was always with His disciples and even hours before the cross, He chose to stay with them, never leaving them, although they left Him.  It is the same today with believers, for Jesus is always with each and every believer, never leaving them alone.  So If Christ be present, what is there to fear? Jesus, Believers, Present, Fears MAN STARTED AT THE TOP <br> There is a teaching today that mankind began at the bottom and is slowly working his way up to the "top."  But according to the Bible, in chapter 3 of Genesis, man began at the top and fell to the bottom.  So who is to be believed, some theory makers or God? Adam, Eve, God, Fall, Serpent, Satan, Beginning WHAT GOD DID WHEN ADAM AND EVE FELL <br> The first couple (Adam and Eve) had everything any heart could desire with only ONE restriction.  Only ONE thing they were forbidden to do.  When they did that ONE thing they were forbidden to do, God could have obliterated them, wiped them away, imprisoned them in some dark place, but He didn't.  God showed mercy as He continues to do so today. Adam, Eve, Disobedience, Punishment, Mercy NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSES FOR SIN <br> Everybody sins according to God's Word and everybody seems to have excuses for their sins.  Those who are not Christians have excuses which tend to blame God and Christians who sin tend to blame others and certain situations for their sins.  Actually there are no acceptable excuses for sin according to God.  Sin, Excuses, Blame, Christians,  AND THEY WERE GLAD <br> It is possible for a person to be happy, to be glad, to be joyful all the time, even when hardships, sorrow and difficulties come.  There is a source of continuous, constant joy and it is available to every person.  How does one get this source of constant joy?  It is found ONLY in Jesus.  The disciples learned this when Jesus appeared to them one evening where they were hiding. Joy, Gladness, Happiness, Jesus, Christian, Belief SAD WORDS FROM JESUS <br> Jesus came to bring life to people but most people just never come.  With an aching heart Jesus said, "Ye will not come to Me, that ye might have life..."
People just will not come to Jesus. Salvation, Jesus, Refuse, Lost ENCOURAGEMENT FOR SENIOR BELIEVERS <br> Life is filled with all sorts of trials, difficulties and troubles and senior adults have experienced about all that life can hand out.  Senior believers need to be reminded and encouraged now and then that they can still be used by the Lord and that He hasn't forgotten them. Senior Adult, Believer, Experience, Witness, Encouragement NATIONS AND GOD Psalm 9:17; Proverbs 14:34; Acts 10:35 God accepts the nation that accepts Him and will reject the nation that rejects Him.  America was founded by people who believed in God and God has blessed the nation, however America seems to be going away from God.  What will God do? America, Nations, God, Bless, Punish STAGES OF SAVING FAITH <br> To get help from Jesus requires "faith."  Not just any kind of faith, but a very particular kind of faith.  A man heard about Jesus and he went to Jesus to get help for his son.  The kind of faith that the man had enabled his son to be healed by Jesus. Faith, Jesus, Answered request THE LIFE GOD GIVES <br> A pastor pours his heart out to his congregation in this message over the fact that so many of them are still living their lives as non-Christians and not enjoying the life that God wants them to have.  God has a life He wants His people to live but sadly so many don't even know about it. Christian, God-filled life DO NOT BE ASHAMED Romans 9:33; 10:ll; 2 Timothy 1:8; 1 Peter 4:16 This message was preached by a pastor to his congregation as they had just moved into a new church building and encouraged them to never be ashamed of what God does or how He chooses to do it. Ashamed, God's Work, Christian Family ABOUT THE CHURCH Ephesians 4:7-16 There are many concepts, ideas of what the Church is and what it is supposed to be doing.  There is a three-fold purpose of the Church and those three purposes are pointed out by a pastor in his last message to the church he is leaving. Church, Purpose A LESSON IN PREACHING <br> Those called to preach God's Word need all the help they can get and the first and best source of help is found in God's Word.  Studying the styles and messages of the Biblical preachers can be very rewarding such as Peter's sermon right after a crippled man was healed at the temple. Preacher, Sermons, Lesson in Preaching, Peter, Miracles DOES YOUR LIFE REFLECT JESUS? <br> There was no question that Peter and John had been around Jesus for what they were doing and saying reflected that to everyone around them.  Just how does YOUR own life reflect Jesus?  Is it obvious that you are a Christian?  How much do you deliberately work at being like Jesus? Jesus, Imitate, Reflect, Christian, Role Model THE THREE GREATEST WORDS <br> The Bible is full of wonderful words but there are three that stand out from all the rest.  Nine letters form the most wonderful words that anyone can ever read or hear.  "God is Love."  What does the Bible say about God's Love?  How does God show His love? God, Love, Great Words, Believe, Jesus Christ THE BACKSLIDER <br> Every believer in Jesus has the potential to drop away, to become lax in spiritual matters and return to worldly ways.  When a moral and spiritual lapse happens, it is called "backsliding."  The believer is no doubt secure in his/her salvation, however he/she can drift away and become less concerned than he/she once was in spiritual matters.  How does this happen? Backslide, Christian, Worldly, Repent, Restore FOR HOW LONG IS A PERSON SAVED? 1 Peter 1:3-5 There are many different opinions (beliefs) about the security of the believer.  Just how long can a person remain saved?  Is there any way to know for certain that salvation is really permanent, everlasting?  God's Word very clearly declares how long a person can be saved. Salvation, Saved, Permanent, Everlasting WHAT "BEING SAVED" IS ALL ABOUT John 3:16-18; Acts 16:25-31; Romans 1:16-17 There is much discussion, even confusion about "being saved" and sadly many Christians are confused about what is involved with their being saved.  There are many views but the ONLY correct, unbiased source is God's Word.  So, what does God's Word have to say about salvation, a person being saved? Salvation, Saved, Jesus, Believe, Trust, Grace UNDERSTANDING FAITH <br> All through the Bible there is talk about "faith" and many examples are given of "great faith."  The right kind of faith brings favor with God.  Just what exactly is "faith" and how does one get  the right kind of"faith?" Faith, Belief, Rewards, Acceptance DOING IT GOD'S WAY <br> Nobody likes to be told what to do or how to do it, but concerning the things of God is has to be God's way or no way.  No fellowship with God can be accomplished by people doing things their own way.  Jesus is God's ONLY way to be accepted by God. God, Fellowship, Salvation, Jesus, Sacrifice, Payment WHY MAKE A PROFESSION OF FAITH PUBLIC? <br> Sadly some people who say that they believe in Jesus don't want to make a public profession of faith in Him.  What's the difference in believing in Jesus and publicly professing it and not publicly professing faith in Jesus? Faith, Lord Jesus Christ, Profession, Public RESUME OF JESUS CHRIST <br> A resume is a summary of a person's life, including capabilities, experience, training, education and such.  If Jesus had a resume, what would it be like?  This presentation is perhaps how a resume of Jesus Christ might appear.  Pastors, this "resume" would make an excellent sermon. Jesus Christ, Resume, Life, Experience, Capabilities NOT FAR FROM THE KINGDOM OF GOD <br> Every person is either a part of the Kingdom of God or he/she isn't.  Some are very far away but some are fairly close.  When is a person far away?  When is a person near/close?  What does it take to get into the Kingdom of God?  What happens to those who never enter into the Kingdom of God?     Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ, Christian, Belief, Decision, Satgan THE HOLY SPRITI WILL NOT ALWAYS STRIVE WITH A PERSON <br> The Holy Spirit is Jesus' "replacement" and His work is to bring people to an awareness of their need of Jesus.  If, however a person continually refuses to believe in Jesus and continually resists the work of the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit will turn away and leave that person to his/her eternal doom. Holy Spirit, Salvation, Jesus Christ, Refusal, Rejection, Struggle, Doom PRAYER ACCEPTED BY GOD <br> Why do some people add "in the name of Jesus" or "in Christ's name" to their prayers?  Doesn't God hear all prayers, no matter whose name is attached?  Jesus made it very clear that things asked of God in His name will be heard and granted.  Prayers accepted by God have Jesus Christ's name in them. Prayer, Name of Jesus Christ, Accepted Prayer WHAT IT MEANS TO "LOOK TO JESUS" <br> Everyone is engaged in "running" in a race - the race of life but Christians have an advantage that others do not have.  Christians have a "coach," someone who has already run His race and can help each Christian get through all the obstacles and difficulties and that person is Jesus Christ.  Christians need to keep "looking to Jesus" as they run their race in life. Race, Jesus, Christians HOW TO DIE TO SIN <br> Everybody sins and the penalty for sin is eternal separation from God and an eternity spent in Hell.  However, Jesus has made a way to be free from the death penalty of sin and that is to "die to sin."  How does a person "die to sin?" Sin, Death, Damnation, Hell, Freedom EVERYONE IS TO HELP <br> Contrary to what many Christians think, every Christian can help his/her Church and God has seen to it that every Christian is given a special ability to help strengthen and build up the Church.  The Holy Spirit gives each believer in Jesus a unique ability, gift to be used within the Lord' Church. Gift, Holy Spirit, Christian, Church WHAT IT TAKES TO BE SAVED <br> There is only ONE way to be saved and a very clear presentation of that way is shown in God's Word.  A jailer asked Paul and Silas what he must do to be saved.  What he was told is very clear and understandable.  Pastors, use this study to help further prepare your Church Family for witnessing. Salvation, Saved, Witnessing, Example, Paul, Jailer A HARD THING TO DO <br> There are many things that are hard to do in life but perhaps the hardest thing to do is what God commands:  "Love thy neighbor as thyself."  Yet it is the second greatest commandment, therefore God puts a lot of importance to loving others.   Love, Neighbor, Others, Commandment, Difficult, Hard THE FAST GROWING RELIGION OF ISLAM <br> Of all the religions of the world today, Islam is the fastest growing religion, even more so than Christianity.  This is study one (1) of a series describing how Islam started and it's beliefs.
 Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an, Religion, Muslim THE HOLY BOOK OF ISLAM <br> The book of Qur'an, the holy book of Islam came from a single man who could not read or write and therefore he recited his "revelations" to his  companions who then wrote down what he said.  Muslims believe that their holy book, the Qur'an came from God to Muhammad. Islam, Muslim, Qur'an, Holy Book THE DOCTRINES  OF ISLAM <br> With Islam becoming the fastest growing religion of today, it would be good for Christians to know as much about Islam as they can.  The Islamic Holy Book is the Qur'an and within it's pages can be found the doctrines of the Islamic faith.  This study covers some of those doctrines. Muslim, Islam, Qur'an, Doctrines IS ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE? <br> At first glance, Islam doesn't seem to be so different from other religions, even Christianity (one God, Abraham, Moses, Jesus as prophets, prayer, submission to God, holy living, charity, etc.) However, a study of Islam and its "Holy Book" - the Qur'an and history of violence within the Islamic faith, the question is raised, is Islam really a religion of peace? Islam, Muslim, Qur'an, Religion, Peace,  ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY COMPARED <br> Is there anything Christianity and Islam have in common?  What differences are there between the two?  For Christians to understand Muslims and to be able to better witness to them, it is good to know something about the Islamic faith and this study is intended to show some similarities and differences between the two. Islam, Christianity, Muslim, God, Jesus HOW CHRISTIANS CAN RESPOND TO ISLAM <br> For a Christian to successfully witness to a Muslim, he/she must know as much about the Islamic faith as he/she can.  Just how does a person go about witnessing to a Muslim?  Is it possible to win a Muslim over to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?  This study is about how Christians can prepare to respond to Islam, the Muslim faith. Muslim, Islam, Christian, Bible, Qur'an WHY GOD CHOSE NOAH <br> God's perfect world had become contaminated with evil, sin, wickedness, immorality which included every human being except one - Noah.  What was it about Noah that caused God to save him and his family from destruction?  Just what exactly set Noah and his family apart from the rest of the human race? Noah, Flood, Godliness, Corruption, Wickedness, Immorality ANSWERING GOD'S CALL CAN BE STRESSFUL <br> Whenever God calls someone into full time service there will be a lot of changes that have to be made and sometimes that can be a very stressful experience.  Abraham is an example of what one sometimes has to give up to answer God's call.  Not everyone, however, says "yes" to God's call. Abraham, God's Call, Pastors, Stressful, Obedience ALL ABOUT ANGELS <br> Angels have been mentioned for centuries and have been instrumental in being messengers between God and people.  They helped give the 10 Commandments and they appeared to Abraham, Daniel and others.  Are angels still active today?  This study focuses upon information about angels. Angels, Messengers, God, Spiritual Beings EXAMPLES OF SELFISH FAITH AND UNSELFISH FAITH <br> Sadly not every Christian acts as he/she should and often selfishness stands out.  The Bible gives a very vivid example of such behavior as an uncle and his nephew make decisions that will affect their future lives while both are believers in God.  One acts out of unselfishness and the other of selfishness.
What are the results in the end? Abraham, Lot, Selfish, Unselfish, Choices THE "ANGEL OF THE LORD" <br> The "Angel of the Lord" is mentioned many times throughout the Old Testament and mentioned a few times in the New Testament.  Just who is this "Angel of the Lord?"  Some think it was a very special, high ranking angelic official personally assigned to carry out special things for God, then there is the thought this this "Angel" is really the Lord Jesus.  So who is the "Angel of the Lord?" Angel of the Lord, Jesus, Angels, Messenger THE CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM  "ANGELS" <br> Angels are mentioned frequently in the Bible, but especially in the Old Testament and among them are named two, the Cherubim and the Seraphim.  They seem to be a higher order of spiritual beings than others.  This study is focused on these two "spiritual beings." Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Visions, Winged Creatures ANGELS HAVE AND CONTINUE TO MINISTER TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST <br> All through the Bible angels have made appearances bringing messages to people and even aiding Israel in some of their battles.  In the New Testament angels are seen ministering to Jesus and this study will focus on just what angels did for the Lord Jesus and what they have yet to do for Him. Angels, Ministery, Lord Jesus ANGELS MINISTERING TO CHRISTIANS <br> Angels are messengers from God and have ministered to people throughout the Old Testament and to the Lord Jesus Christ when He was here, and then to the early Church as it got started.  This study is about the question, "Do angels minister to Christians today?" Angels, Jesus, Early Church, Christians, Ministery GOD CALLED MOSES INTO SERVICE <br> God is selective when He calls someone to serve Him and He does so personally, not by some angelic messenger.  What kind of person does God call?  Moses is a good example of what kind of person God is looking for and what God can do through a person totally surrendered to God's call. Moses, God's Call, Service, Pastors,  CAN ALL BELIEVERS BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT? Acts 9:17 Upon one's belief in Jesus, he/she is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, however the scriptures reveal that there can be more.  One can be actually FILLED with the Holy Spirit.  Just how is a believer "filled" with the Holy Spirit?  Can every believer be filled? Holy Spirit, Filled, Indwelt, Believer WHERE TO FIND PEACE AND CONSOLATION <br> Ever have somebody "cry on your shoulder" looking for somebody to sympathize with him/her because of the problems he/she is having?  Have YOU ever gone to somebody all broken up and poured your heart out asking advice or just somebody to listen?  There is one place of peace and comfort for Christians that is always there and that place is God. God, Jesus Christ, Peace, Consolation, Problems, Difficulties WHICH CHURCH WOULD JESUS ATTEND TODAY IF HE WERE HERE? 1 Corinthians 3:3-4; 14:33 If Jesus were here today, which Church do you think He would attend?  Which denomination would He be a part of?  With so many different religious options, many people have just backed away from joining/belonging to any Church.  Is it really possible to be a Christian and not be a part of some denomination? Christian, Church, Denomination, Jesus, Apostles, Gospel A CHRISTIAN IS A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN REBORN <br> It is always exciting to see someone become a Christian but sadly, not everyone understands the importance of being a Christian.  Some Christians don't grow spiritually as they should.  Jesus said that a person had to be "reborn" in order to enter heaven.  What really is the importance of becoming a Christian? Christian, Born Again, New Creation A CHRISTIAN BELONGS TO THE LORD <br> A Christian is a person who has been reborn through his/her belief in Jesus Christ and therefore belongs to the Lord.  Belonging to the Lord has many benefits as well as obligations. Christian, Reborn, Obligation, Benefit, Child of God A CHRISTIAN LIVES BY FAITH Galatians 2:20; 2 Corinthians 5:7 "Faith" is absolutely necessary for a person to be saved but it is also necessary for the Christian to live as God intends.  "Faith" should be the main theme, principle, goal in the life of every Christian.  However, "faith" can be misunderstood and even neglected by the Christian. Christian, Faith, Life A CHRISTIAN IS CONSECRATED TO GOD 1 Corinthians 6:11 A Christian is a person who has been "reborn," who belongs to God and who lives each day by faith and trust in the Lord.  A Christian is also a person who is set apart for a special purpose for God and therefore is a "sanctified" person.  Sanctification is a progressive thing, starting at salvation and continuing through the Christian's life. Christian, Sanctification, Holy Spirit, God's Word A CHRISTIAN IS GUARDED BY THE POWER OF GOD John 10:27-29 Being a Christian is not an easy thing to do for there is an enemy of God who tries to destroy and ruin everything that God cares about, therefore being a child of God, a Christian has an arch enemy - Satan or the Devil.  However, the Christian doesn't have to depend upon his/her own skills, power but has the almighty power of God to guard/protect him/her. Christian, God, Guarded, Power, Satan,  A CHRISTIAN IS SAVED TO SERVE Hebrews 12:28; Romans 12:1 With so much having been already done for the Christian by God, it seems only reasonable that the Christian would want to do something back for God and that thing he/she can do is to become a servant to/for God.  There are some things the Christian must do and not do to become involved in being a servant to/for the Lord God.  A CHRISTIAN NEEDS OTHER CHRISTIANS <br> A Christian is very different from a non-Christian and needs to be with other Christians as there is much in common.  Each Christian has something to contribute to other Christians and the God-instructed place for that to happen is in a local church.  A glowing ember if removed from the fire will soon fade, cool off and die, while all the other embers close to each other remain hot. Christian, Church, Family, Fellow Citizens WHAT IS FAITH? <br> Christians are to overcome the world, but that is not always easy, for Christians also fall into sin and other things that hinder their relationship with the Lord.  There is a way though that every Christian can live as God wants and that is through FAITH.  So, what exactly is Faith? Faith, Christian, Victorious Life, Overcome, Sin, World FAITH ENABLES CHRISTIANS TO OVERCOME SIN <br> Christians are like everyone else concerning sin in that they constantly battle with it, however Christians have something which enables them to overcome sin and move on with their lives as they struggle to live as God wants.  That "something" is called "FAITH!"  Faith in what? Faith in whom?  Only faith in Jesus can help the Christian overcome his/her sin problem.  Christian, Sin, Faith, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Overcome, Victorious THE IMPORTANCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> There is the Father, the Son, and then there is the "Holy Spirit."  What does the Holy Spirit do?  What relationship does the Christian have with the Holy Spirit?  Why does the term "Holy Spirit" or "Spirit of God" appear so often in the Bible?  Just what is the importance of the Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit, Prominence, Importance, Christian, Jesus, Bible THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS A PERSONALITY Acts 10:19-20; 13:1-4 No doubt the Holy Spirit is one of the most important subjects mentioned in the Bible but there is some confusion as to whether the Holy Spirit is some sort of influence or force of God or is the Holy Spirit a real person?  Does the Holy Spirit have a real personality, if so, how is it revealed? Holy Spirit, Personality, Force, Power, Characteristics THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT <br> There is God, the Father, Jesus, the Son of God and then there is the Holy Spirit.  Just what does the Holy Spirit do?  How is the Holy Spirit involved with people, especially with Christians?  What all has the Holy Spirit done in times past? Holy Spirit, Trinity, Salvation, Spiritual Gifts WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS? <br> Jesus left a command to His followers just before He ascended to heaven, called "The Great Commission."  Within that Commission are the words "make disciples..."  Just who/what is a disciple?  Is it more than just being a believer in Jesus?  What is involved in being a disciple of Jesus? Disciple, Jesus, Great Commissioin, Rewards, Costs THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN A PERSON'S LIFE <br> There are a lot of great and wonderful things that happen in a person's life but the greatest event - thing that can happen to a person is that of being saved.  Becoming a Christian, for Christians have far more in their present lives as well as their future lives in eternity than non-Christians. Christian, Heavenly Father, Jesus, Blessings, Responsibilities GOING TO CHURCH Hebrews 10:25 One of the greatest blessings a Christian can enjoy is attending worship services regularly and getting together with other Christians to share, exhort and encourage one another.  Worship services are composed of several different parts and each part can be a great blessing in different ways. Church, Christian, Worship Service, Brothers, Sisters, Jesus, Singing, Praying, Preaching PRAYER IS A GREAT PRIVILEGE <br> One of the greatest privileges a Christian has is direct contact with God through prayer.  Sadly, some Christians tend to be very slack in their prayers and their prayer life suffers.  Through prayer forgiveness, peace, strength and encouragement comes to the praying Christian.  There are some basic principles that Christians ought to know about prayer. Prayer, Privilege, Answers, Blessings, Unanswered Prayers, God's Word FINDING GOD'S WILL James 4:15 God has plans for every Christian but does every Christian know what God's plans (will) is for his/her life?  The Holy Spirit has equipped every believer with a special gift to be used in God's service.  Many do not have any idea what God's will is for their life, so how can a Christian find and do the will of God? God's Will, Christian, Holy Spirit, God's Word, Spiritual Gifts DON'T BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL <br> What Christian could ever be ashamed of the Gospel?  From the silence of so many Christians about witnessing, it might seem that some are ashamed of the message the Gospel.  Paul wasn't ashamed and is the prime example of how every Christian ought to treat the Gospel.  Gospel, Christian, Message of Salvation, Ashamed, Witness GOD HAS A VIOLENT SIDE CALLED "WRATH" <br> Everybody has a good side and a bad side and so does God.  The Bible has much to say about the "anger" side of God and it's called "wrath."  Why would such a loving God ever display "wrath?"  What does it take to get God angry enough to show wrath? God, Wrath, Anger, Sinfulness THE GOOD SIDE OF GOD <br> Not often do people think about the goodness of God and sadly, many Christians never think about just how good God has been to them.  Christians need to take a good, long look at the countless blessings God has poured out on them and what they might have been missing by not paying more attention.  God is indeed Good! God, Goodness, Christian, Patient, Blessings IS IT ALRIGHT FOR A CHRISTIAN TO KEEP ON SINNING? <br> Everybody is a sinner according to God's Word, but when a person believes in Jesus and is forgiven, is it alright for him/her to keep on living a life of sin?  Sadly, some, even Christians, don't give any thought to living in sin and go on with their lives of sin.  Is it alright for a Christian to do that?  To continue on living a life in sin? Sin, Christian, Slave, Forgiveness, Jesus, Baptism, Dead, Alive,  ETERNAL LIFE IS NOT EARNED, IT IS A GIFT OF GOD <br> As there are a lot of different views about Jesus, God, Salvation, Baptism, Heaven, Hell and so on, there are also many views about how eternal life comes about.  Is it earned, if so, how?  The Bible makes it very clear, however, that eternal life is not earned, it is a gift of God. Gift, Eternal Life, God, Believers,  WHAT ABOUT FASTING? <br> "Fasting" has been done among all nations, through the ages in times of mourning, afflictions and other needs.  It is deliberately abstaining from food.  It was done in the Old Testament, in the New Testament and Jesus taught about fasting.  The early Church fasted, so should Churches/Christians, today fast? Fasting, Prayer, Abstain, Food, Church WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO "BEAR FRUIT?" <br> Jesus makes it clear that anyone attached to Him is to be productive and He likened it to a grape vine and its branches.  Jesus produced "fruit" and therefore those who are attached to Him through belief in Him are also to be productive.  Just what kind of "fruit" is a Christian supposed to bear? Fruit, Produce, Bear, Christian, Vine, Branch, Jesus, A CHRISTIAN IS TO GROW IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST <br> Many, many Christians think that since they have been saved, baptized, and joined a Church, attending now and then that that's all they have to do.  Becoming a Christian is not all that God has in mind for a person, God wants every Christian/believer to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  What? How? Does one grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ, Christian, Knowledge, Grow, Christ-like CHRISTIANS ARE NOT TO BE LIKE THE WORLD <br> Everybody has copied, imitated someone else in one way or another.  Children grow up imitating things about their parents, teenagers imitate their "idols" and adults, trying to stay in "style" imitate others.  Christians are to shun, avoid, stay away from imitating the ways of the world, to not "conform" to the world.  How does a Christian do that? Christian, World Ways, Conform, Transform, Imitate A CHRISTIAN IN PRAYER <br> Prayer is something that most Christians don't spend enough time doing.  Prayer is communicating with God in the name of Jesus, so how, when, what, with whom is a Christian to pray?  Is reciting a prayer from memory satisfactory?  What does a Christian need to know and practice to have a rewarding prayer life? Prayer, Christian, Benefits SIN IS HARD TO OVERCOME James 1:12-15 Everybody sins, even Christians.  Sin is a powerful thing and every time a person does sin, sin has won.  No doubt sin is very hard to overcome, however the Christian has access to the solution of overcoming sin in his/her life.  The secret lies in God's Word, the Holy Spirit and the determination of the Christian to stop sinning. Sin, Satan, Yielding, Christian, Overcome, God's Word, Holy Spirit HANDELING HARD TIMES <br> Sooner or later everyone is going to have some hard times to go through but it seems that Christians have more trials, tribulations and such.  The Church of Thessalonica has set an example for every Christian to follow when hard times come. Hard Times, Difficulties, Trials, Tribulations, Christian, Faith, Love, Patience FOLLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT OR THE DESIRES OF THE FLESH? <br> Christians have a wonderful freedom in Jesus but they still have to make choices every day.  Will they follow the lead of the Holy Spirit or will they follow their old human nature, the flesh?  They are not forced to follow either one, however the flesh still has a very strong appeal even to the strong Christian. Sin, Flesh, Holy Spirit, Christian, Law, Choices IT'S ONE THING TO KNOW, BUT IT'S ANOTHER TO DO <br> To live by one's human nature is just natural, however it is in contrary to how God wants a person to live, especially the Christian.  Christians have been given a new nature and there's a constant battle as to which way he/she is going to live.  It's one thing to know how God wants a person to live, but it's an entirely different thing to be able to do it. Christian, Human Nature, Sin, Holy Spirit, Battle, Victory, Loss LOVE IS A FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT 1 Corinthians 13:13; Galatians 5:22-23 Everybody has loved something or someone at one time or another, but for the Christian, thee is a special kid of love which he/she needs to have.  What kind?  Where does it come from?  How does it work?  Who is to be involved? Love, Fruit, Spirit, Christian, Agape, Holy Spirit JOY IS A FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT <br> Everybody is joyful, happy at one time or other but of all the people who have reason to be joyful, it is the Christian.  The Christian has more opportunities to be joyful than anybody else.  What is so different about the Christian's joy and the "joy" that others experience?  Where does the Christian's joy come from? Joy, Fruit of the Spirit, Grace, Christian PEACE IS FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT 1 Thessalonians 5:23 Everybody wants a "little peace" now and then, however the Christian has access to a special "peace" which is different from any other.  It is said that the peace that a Christian can have "surpasses all understanding."  What kind of peace would that be?  Where does it come from?  How does the Christian get it? Peace, Fruit of the Spirit, Christian, Jesus LONGSUFFERING IS FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT <br> Ever lose your temper?  Know anybody else who has?  Strangely enough, there are actually some who are very patient, longsuffering.  Every Christian is supposed to be patient, longsuffering with others.  How can this happen?  Why should a Christian of all people, be patient?  Is it because God has been so patient and has set the example? Longsuffering, Patient, Christian, Fruit of the Spirit, God, Jesus, Example KINDNESS IS FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT <br> Sadly, most people don't seem to always be very kind to others, although there are exceptions and some people exhibit kindness and sweetness.  Christians are to exhibit kindness and sweetness to others every day of their lives.  What does it mean for a Christian to be kind?  Has God ever been kind to you? Kind, Gentle, Sweet, Fruit of the Spirit, Christian, Characteristic GOODNESS IS FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT <br> Using the term "goodness" is used by just about everybody at one time or other and with some it is very frequently.  Just what is meant by "goodness?"  What is it the opposite of?  Christians are said to have "goodness" as fruit of the Spirit.  What does it mean for a Christian to show "goodness?" Goodness, Fruit of the Spirit, Christian, Examples, Characteristic, Holy Spirit FAITHFULNESS, FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Proverbs 20:6; Psalm 12:1-2; Revelation 2:10 What is being "faithful?"  Is it consistent, trustworthy, reliable?  Of all the people on earth who should be faithful, it should be the Christian for he/she has God, the Father and Jesus Christ as examples they should be following.  Every Christian should be faithful to God, Jesus, his/her family, and to him/herself. Faithfulness, Fruit of the Spirit, Christian, Jesus, God, Church GENTLENESS IS FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT <br> Gentle people are so different from everybody else and sadly there doesn't seem to be very many around.  Christians are to be "gentle" and "meek" people as they are to be like Christ.  Gentleness is something the Holy Spirit helps the Christian to have. Gentleness, Meekness. Christian, Jesus, Fruit of the Spirit SELF-CONTROL IS FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT <br> Without self-control, it is almost impossible to overcome the old human nature that loves to sin.  The Christian is to pattern his/her life after Jesus and He exercised self-control at all times.  Just how and where does a Christian learn how and get the strength to exercise self-control? Self-Control, Christian, Jesus, Fruit of the Spirit, Holy Spirit, God's Word CHRISTIANS ARE TO DO GOOD WORKS <br> Christians are expected to be examples of doing "good works" so why do Christians do good works?  Is it to be rewarded?  Is it to try to work one's way into heaven?  Is it a part of his/her new nature?  Where does a Christian learn how to do good works? Christian, Good Works, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Faith THE CHRISTIAN AND THE CHURCH Acts 2:47 For most people, the "church" is the building on the corner with a steeple on top and where people go on Sundays, where some get married and where some have funerals.  Christians are actually members of TWO Churches - the body of Christ is one Church and the local church where they meet is the other church.  What is the Church really all about? Church, Body of Christ, Local, Christian, Jesus Christ, Membership CHRISTIANS NEED TO GROW 1 Peter 2:2; 2 Peter 3:18; 2 Thessalonians 1:3 Sadly, some children never grow either physically or mentally into adulthood and remain as a little child all their lives.  This is true with some Christians as well.  Some Christians seem to never grow out of their infancy as a new-born Christian.  Jesus expects Christians to grow continually.  How can a Christian continue to grow as Jesus wants? Christian, Growth, Infancy, Babes, Mature, Jesus,  CHRISTIANS ARE TO BE TRANSFORMED <br> Becoming a Christian is not all there is to being everything God wants of a person.  That is just the starting point, for God wants every Christian to be totally made over - transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  Sadly not every Christian has had that happen to him/her.  Why not? Christian, Transformation, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Renewal, Reborn CHRISTIANS ARE TO HAVE A RENEWED MIND <br> Many things happens to a person who believes in Jesus Christ that entirely changes that person.  He/she becomes a child of God, is saved forever, is indwelt with the Holy Spirit and is to be transformed into a new person and is to put on a renewed mind.  How does one renew his/her mind?  Why does it need to be renewed?  What does it mean to renew one's mind? Christian, Renewed Mind, Example of Jesus, Scriptures, Lowliness of Mind CHRISTIANS NEED TO WAKE UP <br> There is not doubt that today's world is in a mess and the Church and Christians are not making much impact for the good.  It seems that today's Christians are not active in trying to make a difference.  Some might go as far to say that todays' Christians are lazy and uncaring.  Christians!  Wake Up!  Get busy for the Lord, live out your profession of faith. Christians, World Situation, Lazy, First Love, Church, Inactive, Indifferent, Cold, Wake Up SINNING AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT Various text within the outline The Holy Spirit is active in God's plan of redemption of mankind from the very beginning and to the very end by convicting, revealing, regenerating, saving, indwelling, empowering, enlightening, sealing and equipping those who have come to be Christians.  However it is very possible for the Christian to sin against the Holy Spirit in several ways. Christian, Holy Spirit, Sin Against, Resist, Quench, Grieve, Insult, Blaspheme CAN GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA? <br> No doubt America was started by God and has been blessed by God but things have changed dramatically and America is nothing like it was founded to be and is going farther and farther away from God.  Can God continue to bless America?  The answer seems to be very obvious. America, Blessed by God, Changing, Wicked, Sinful, Judgment Coming THE ONLY PERMANENT, ABSOLUTE STANDARD TO LIVE BY <br> With the world in such a messed up condition, it's not easy to know anymore what is right and what is wrong for there are so many different standards.  Which one is right?  Is there a single standard by which everyone can live by? World Condition, Wicked, Evil, Standard of Living, God, Authority LIVING IN DANGEROUS TIMES Matthew 5:13-16 There have been times of peace and times of danger in the history of the world and today, especially in America, it seems that this is a dangerous, perilous time.  To leave God puts one in jeopardy and danger and that is exactly what America has done.  Consider what in times past "dangerous, perilous" times were like and look at today. Danger, Peril, Grievous, World Condition, America, God, Sin JESUS IS EITHER A CORNERSTONE OR A STUMBLINGSTONE <br> It was foretold that Jesus would be the cause of many falling and many rising for Jesus was to have different effects on different people.  For some Jesus is their cornerstone but for others, He is a stumbling stone.  What's the difference between the two? Jesus, Christian, Non-Christian, Cornerstone, Stumbling Stone, Temple, Church, Doom CHRISTIANS ARE TO BE ACTIVE IN THEIR CHURCH <br> Becoming a Christian is but one step in becoming all that God has in mind and becoming a member of a local Church is crucial to one fulfilling all that God has in mind.  Sadly, some Christians are more or less "solo" Christians, never joined a Church or are more like permanent "visitors."  Christians need to be involved actively in their Church. Church, Christians, Membership, Involved, Active HAVING A CHRISTIAN HOME IN A NON-CHRISTIAN WORLD Various texts in the Outline It's difficult to live a Christian life in today's non-Christian world, but trying to have a Christian home is next to impossible.  What does it take to have a Christian home in such a world as today's? Home, Christian, Non-Christian, World LEARNING FROM JESUS HOW TO WITNESS <br> Most Christians are willing to share the Gospel, but feel awkward and then some don't know the first thing about how to witness and therefore don't even try.  There are all sorts of pamphlets and booklets on how to witness, but the best source of learning "how to witness" is the Master, Himself, Jesus Christ as He witnessed to the Samaritan woman Christian, Witness, Example, Jesus, Samaritan Woman, INTRODUCTION TO FIRST JOHN <br> Jesus came to give abundant life to all who would believe in Him and John describes that abundant life in a deeper detail in his letter entitled "First John."  Christians need to be knowledgeable as to the kind of life he/she should be living.  This is a first in a series on First John. First John, Christian, Abundant Life, Book Series FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD - Study #2, First John <br> What is the basis for fellowship with God that produces a fullness of joy?  In John's first letter, he details what is necessary for the Christian to have a fellowship with God.  This is a second study in John's first letter. Christian, Fellowship with God, Darkness,  FELLOWSHIP WITH JESUS - Study #3, First John <br> It is one thing to say one "knows" the Lord Jesus, but it is an entirely different thing to "show" that one knows Jesus.  How can one know that he/she is in true fellowship with Jesus?  This third study in First John will be of great help in knowing for sure just how one's fellowship with Jesus really is. Fellowship, Jesus, Christian, Talk, Walk AN "OLD, YET NEW" COMMANDMENT, Study #4, First John <br> One of the main things that shows that a Christian is walking as Jesus wants is his/her love for others.  Jesus pointed out that "loving God" and "loving others" are the two most important commandments of them all.  In this study that commandment is reviewed and what happens when one doesn't love others. Commandment, Love, Christians,  THREE STAGES IN THE CHRISTIAN'S LIFE, Study #5 in First John <br> There are several stages in growth in the life of every person, from birth to adulthood and there are several stages of growth in the life of a Christian as well.  John discusses three such stages in the life of a Christian in his first letter.  This study reviews those three stages that John writes about. Christian, Growth, Birth to Adulthood LOVE NOT THE WORLD, Study #6 in First John <br> Nobody has room enough in his/her heart to love God and the world at the same time in the same degree and God is a jealous God and is not willing to share a person's heart/interests with anything or anyone else.  In his first letter, John clearly points out that fact.  Christians are not to love the world.
Study 6 in First John World, God, Christian, Love BEWARD OF ANTICHRISTS, Study #7, First John <br> There has been much speculation about who the "anti-Christ" would be and just when he will appear.  John in his first letter warned the early Christians to beware of antichrists.  Just who was an antichrist then and who might one be today?  Christians are to beware of them at all times.
Study 7 of First John AntiChrist, Christian, Beware, False Believers HAVING CONFIDENCE AT CHRIST'S COMING, Study #8, First John <br> There's coming a day of judgment according to God's Word and every person who has ever lived will stand before almighty God.  How can a person have any confidence at all to stand before such a mighty God?  Christians can and should for they have Jesus Christ as their mediator.  John wrote in his first letter about having confidence when judgment day comes.  Study #8 in First John Judgment Day, Almighty God, Christian, Confidence THE CHILDREN OF GOD, Study #9, First John <br> Christians are "born" of God and therefore His children.  If a child of God, then every Christian should think about what it means to be called a "child of God."  What does that mean to a Christian's life?  In his first letter, John reminds the early Christians of their relationship with God.
Study 9, First John Christian, Reborn, Children of God, Family of God, Behavior SIN AND THE CHILD OF GOD, Study 10, First John <br> Being a Child of God has certain restrictions and the greatest one of all is that of sin.  God is pure, holy, spotless, and of course sinless.  God expects His Children to be sin-free and that is a constant battle for the Christian.  In John's first letter, he discusses the Child of God and the problem of sin.
Study 10 of First John. Christian, Child of God, Sin,  THE NECESSITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE, Study #11, First John <br> Christians started out just like everybody else but somewhere along the way they believed in Jesus and became different from non-Christians.  One of the main differences is that Christians have a love for one another called "brotherly love."  For Christians, it is absolutely necessary to love other Christians.  Study 11, First John Christian, Different, Brotherly Love, Necessity, Jesus THE DEFINITION AND VALUE OF BROTHERLY LOVE, Study 12, First John <br> Of all the people on earth who should love others, it is the Christian for loving others is proof that one has been saved and that one is indeed a true child of God.  Saying and doing are two different matters and not always the same.  What does it mean to "love the brethren?"
Study 12 in First John Love, Christian, Others, Child of God TEST THE SPIRITS, Study #13, First John <br> Not everything one sees or hears is the truth and the Christian needs to be aware that Satan will try to deceive him/her to stray away from the truth of Jesus Christ.  Therefore it is essential that what one sees or hears that appears to be alright needs to be checked out using the Bible as one's guide.
Study #13, First John Christian, Satan, Evil Spirits, False Prophets, Test the Spirits THE PURPOSE OF BROTHERLY LOVE, Study #14, First John <br> It's only natural for people to love one another but for the Christian, there is something different.  Christians are commanded to love one another and there are reasons for the command and there are benefits as well.  Just what is the purpose of brotherly love among Christians?
Study #14, First John Love, Brotherly Love, Command, Jesus' Example THREE TESTS OF AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY, Study #15, First John <br> Sadly, every Church seems to have a long list of "inactive" members.  So "inactive" that sometimes nobody knows who they are or where they have gone.  How does a person know whether a person who "says" he/she is a Christian is a genuine real Christian?  John gives three tests in his First Letter.
Study #15 Christian, Authentic, Genuine, Real, Pretend, False, Imitator WITNESSES FOR JESUS CHRIST, Study #16, First John <br> The fact that Jesus Christ came in the flesh should be a well-accepted fact but Satan has deceived many and has some thinking that it wasn't the real Jesus who came.  Therefore John, in his first letter (epistle) writes about there being several witnesses that prove the authenticity of Jesus coming, living, dying and resurrected in the flesh.     Study 16, First John Jesus Christ, Genuine, Real, Flesh, Witnesses, Water/Blood LIFE IN THE SON, Study #17, First John <br> Being saved is a wonderful thing and is impossible to grasp how it all has happened and why but one thing is certain, God is behind the salvation of people.  The Christian's present possession of eternal life as well as his/her future possession lies in the hands of Almighty God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
Study #17, First John Jesus Christ, God, Salvation, Present, Future, Christian, Hope PRAYING WITH CONFIDENCE AND COMPASSION, Study #18, First John <br> Christians pray every day but how many pray with confidence that his/her prayers will be answered?  Is the prayer something memorized and repeated from memory?  Why do Christians pray?  What does it take to get God to hear one's prayer?  How does one pray and get the results asked for?
Study #18, First John Prayer, Christian, Confidence, Compassion, Results, Answered CERTAINTIES OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, Study #19, First John <br> Nobody has much of a "guarantee" or "certainty" on anything except someday death will come.  However, the Christian has some things that are certain and guaranteed about him/her and his/her relationship with God and Jesus.  John writes about some of those certainties in his first letter.
Study #19, First John Christian, Life, Certainties, Guarantees, God, Jesus Christ, Eternal Life I AM THE WAY <br> There has always been a lot of confusion about things in life and religion is one of those areas that people are mixed up about.  There is but ONE answer to any and all religious confusion and that answer is JESUS.  Jesus even said one day:"I am the way..."  For any and all problems in life, Jesus is the answer. Jesus, Confusion, Christian, Salvation, Abundant Life, Sins, Forgiveness, Restoration to God THERE IS A WAY TO A BETTER LIFE <br> Every person has dreams of what he/she might be someday or have someday and think that if he/she could only have his/her dream, then everything would be alright.  Sadly, no matter what kind of life a person wants or has, it will change.  There is a way to having a better life and Jesus is that solution. Jesus, Better Life, Happiness, Treasure, Heaven THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN <br> There are lots of different views about eternity.  Some don't believe that there is anything after death and then others believe that they will come back in some different form.  The Bible is very clear that there is eternity and that Jesus is the ONLY way to get to the desired place called "Heaven." Eternity, Heaven, Hell, Jesus, Judgment THE ONLY WAY TO GET SINS FORGIVEN <br> Not everybody is aware that they are a sinner in God's eyes and sadly many people don't have any idea what "sin" is.  Sin separates one from God and will be punished and the ONLY way for a person to get his/her sins taken care of is through Jesus Christ. Sins, Forgiveness, Jesus Christ, Sacrifice, Propitiation THE WAY TO GOD IS THROUGH JESUS <br> Most people have a close friend whom they share things with and feel comfortable being with.  How does one go about having a close relationship with God?  Is it even possible to be as close to God as one is to his/her best friend?  There is but one way and that is through Jesus Christ.   God, Jesus, Fellowship, Mediator, High Priest,  JESUS STRAIGHTENS OUT RELIGIOUS CONFUSION <br> There are many different kinds of churches and denominations today.  Which one is right?  There is so much confusion among all the religions and churches.  Religious confusion does not come from God, so where can a person go to find out which belief/church/denomination is correct?  Jesus is the answer for He started the Church in the first place. Church, Jesus, Denomination, Beliefs, Confusion, Religion JESUS HAS ALWAYS BEEN AROUND <br> Everybody is looking for the best things in life and have tried just about everything except the ONE and ONLY source of true happiness and blessings and that is Jesus Christ.  Jesus hasn't been around just since the Christmas story, He has always been around.  How does a person go about finding this Jesus who is the source of all happiness? Jesus, Old Testament, New Testament, Prophets, Apostles, Creation AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER? <br> Everybody has responsibilities to some degree, but how much, how far is a person to go for someone else?  Who decides which person one helps?  What responsibility does a Christian have for other Christians?  The Bible is full of examples, starting with the first two brothers mentioned in the Bible.  Cain asked God the question, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Brother, Family, Responsibility, Help, Keeper, Cain EASIER SAID THAN DONE <br> Lots of things are easier said than done and facing trials and difficulties in life are just not an easy thing to do.  However, the Christian has resources that nobody else has which can enable him/her to turn all his/her trials and difficulties into sources of joy.  How in the world can that be? Trials, Difficulties, Christian, Joy, Patience, Knowledge, Wisdom, God, Jesus Christ NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST <br> It is very clear from what Jesus said that not everyone can be a disciple of His.  A Christian, yes, indwelt with the Holy Spirit, yes, going to heaven, yes, but a genuine, true disciple of Jesus?  There is a condition Jesus laid out and that is that one must forsake all to be a disciple of His.  What is involved in forsaking all? Jesus Christ, Disciple, Believer, Christian, Forsake All WHO GOD GETS ANGRY WITH <br> God loves every human being however there are some who make God angry and sooner or later experience His wrath.  What does one have to do to make God angry with him/her?  Who does God get angry with?  What makes God angry with a person? God, Wrath, Anger, People, Reject, Ignore, Idols GOD SHOWS HIS ANGER/WRATH <br> No doubt people make up their own minds and do what they want to do, all because that's the way God made mankind.  With the freedom to choose, there comes also the consequences.  God will show His anger-wrath to those who choose to reject and ignore Him.   God, People, Choice, Anger, Wrath, Judgment HOW TO PREACH WITHOUT CONVERTING ANYBODY <br> This article by Charles G. Finney needs to be read and applied by every pastor/preacher for sadly too many have been doing exactly as he describes in the article.  Too many of today's pastors/preachers don't want to hurt anybody's feelings and want to remain popular with their congregations, therefore their preaching is weak and "gospel-less." Convert, Offend, Please, Sinner BREAD FROM HEAVEN <br> Bread is good for the physical body but there is also a "bread" which is essential to one having eternal life.  Manna was sent by God to Israel to preserve their physical lives while in the wilderness and Jesus is "bread" which will give eternal spiritual life to those who "ingest" Him into their lives. Bread, Manna, Life, Body, Soul, Jesus PUTTING FEET TO GOD'S WORD James 1:22 Parents always have problems with getting their children to do what they are told and every person seems to carry that childhood trait into their adult lives.  God's people had that problem and so do Christians today.  They don't do what God's Word says, they hear/read it but don't do it. God's Word, Obedience, Christian, Action DISLIKED PREACHERS <br> Nobody likes to be unpopular or disliked, especially those in leadership positions, such as pastor/preacher.  However to preach the truth as God intends, not everybody is going to like it.  The Old Testament shows several preachers/prophets who were disliked and why. Pastor, Preacher, Prophet, God's Messgage, Dislike NOTHING INTO SOMETHING <br> What is the first thing in your life that you can remember?  What happened before that?  If the universe could actually speak what would it say about how it got started?  It does have something to say if one would just look around and think about how/when it all started.  Did it take long?  Was it some sort of explosion?  God's Word explains it very clearly - God started it! Creation, God, Nothing, Man's Theories, SILENT PULPITS <br> Every pastor in the United States of America needs to read and apply this article.  Sadly many pulpits have been silent about matters that have been affecting this country and its Churches.  It's time for pastors to speak out. Pulpits, God's Word, Nation, Silence, Welfare DOING GOD'S WILL <br> Wanting to do God's will and being willing to do God's will are two entirely different things.  Practically everyone says they want to do God's will, but very few actually live their lives doing God's will.  What is the difference?  What makes it so difficult to actually do God's will? God, Obedience, God's Will, Desire, Authority CHRISTIANS ARE OF ROYALTY Revelation 1:6; 5:10 Few people can brag that they have ancestors of royalty and that they are descendants of a king or queen, however every Christian in the sight of God has already been declared to be a KING by God, Himself.  Think about it Christian, YOU ARE OF ROYALTY and one day will have all that belongs to a king. Royal, King, Christian, Jesus, Heritage GOD IS THE CHRISTIAN'S REFUGE <br> The journey of Israel from captivity in Egypt through the wilderness for 40 years is one of the most well known episodes in the Bible and there are many similarities that Christians face each day that can teach that as God was the refuge for Israel during those 40 years, so God is the refuge for the Christian and his/her journey to the promised land awaiting him/her.  Refuge, Israel, Christian, God's Provision, Protection CHRISTIANS ARE AKIN TO JACOB <br> No doubt Jacob's life was most unusual, however he exhibited certain positive traits that Christians also have.  Jacob had access to the presence of God, so do Christians.  Jacob had a difficult life but so do countless Christians.  Jacob's ultimate reward awaited him in heaven and so does that of the Christian. Jacob, Christian, God, Blessings, Provision, Trials THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS, "One Sided Asking vrs One Sided Giving" <br> Often there are those who constantly are asking favors and never offer to pay back or return a favor.  After a while it hurts to be treated that way.  Sadly Christians do the same thing to the Lord Jesus Christ - always asking for something, but never doing anything back for/to the Lord. Asking, Giving, One-Sided, Jesus THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS - "A Most Comforting Thought" Jeremiah 31:20; Luke 13:34; 1 Corinthians 13:12 There is no doubt that a mother who has breast fed her newborn infant has much love and concern for that baby.  However there is a love and concern even greater than a mother's love and that is God's love for His children.  Most Christians are unaware of just how much the Lord loves them.  It is a most comforting thought to know that God loves US. Mother, Love, Care, God's Children THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS - "Need A Spiritual Hearing Aid?" <br> It's not uncommon to see people wearing hearing aids for they have difficulty in hearing everyday sounds.  Sadly the same problem is found with countless Christians in being able to hear Spiritual things from the Lord.  Those with difficulty in hearing God's Word need some sort of Spiritual Hearing Aids. Hearing, God's Word, Spiritual Hearing THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS - "Sometimes More Than Words Is Needed" Romans 8:28-29; 38-39 When a person gets into a dangerous situation, sometimes words of instruction or encouragement are just not enough.  Somebody needs to step in and give personal help.  Christians often find themselves in situations where they begin to question whether God cares or perhaps He is punishing them for something.  God loves each and every one of His children and can step in and help. God, Christian, Situations, Help, Advice FINALLY, IT IS OVER <br> Jesus said seven things from the cross and the last saying was one of contentment.  It was over, it was done and He was ready to go back where He had come from - back to His Heavenly Father.  Jesus knew where He was going when His body died, so does the Christian and to the same place and to the same Heavenly Father that Jesus went to. Jesus, Cross, Finished, Over, Saying JESUS UTTERED A WORD OF NEED <br> If anyone is looking for someone to sympathize with him/her concerning mistreatment, abuse, misunderstanding and human misbehavior, there is ONE person who has experienced all that anybody can throw or do to hurt and harm and that person is Jesus Christ.  Jesus has experienced the depth of human depravity and can readily identify with YOU. Easter, Jesus, Cross, Mistreatment, Human Need, Identify With WEDDING VOW RENEWAL SERVICE Ephesians 5:22-33; 1 Corinthians 13 There are many wedding ceremonies of all sorts but not near as many wedding vow renewal services.  This wedding vow renewal service can be used anywhere with or without typical wedding formality. Wedding, Vows, Renewal A PREMARITAL SESSION <br> There are many wedding ceremonies but usually few premarital counseling guides.  This is a premarital session that can be used to counsel young couples before their getting married. Counsel, Wedding, Pre-marital WHEN IT WAS DONE, IT WAS DONE! <br> There are always those who think they need to add something to the cross however what Jesus said from the cross contradicts all who think there needs something else besides what Jesus did at the cross.  Jesus uttered the words:  "It is Finished"...and what Jesus finished, it stands completely finished and nothing can ever be added to what Jesus has done. Cross, Work of Jesus, Finished, Completed, Easter THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS, "No Condemnation, A Comforting Thought" <br> There are a lot of "theories" about salvation, how long does it last, who is qualified, what does one have to do to lose it, etc.  God's Word gives the believer assurance that there is NO condemnation to those who have believed in His Son, Jesus Christ. Salvation, Assurance, Comforting, Condemnation THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS - "No Need To Worry" <br> Some people worry so much that they are called "worry-warts."  Everybody sooner or later has difficult times and worry seems to be the only thing some can do in such times.  Thankfully Christians don't have to worry, no matter what comes their way, for God is in charge of the events and circumstances in the Christian's life, therefore there is no need for the Christian to worry. Worry, Anxiety, Troubles, Difficulties, God, Christian THOUGHTS FOR SERMONS - "Sufferers, Compensation Is Coming" <br> It takes an experienced person to be able to speak about that which he/she has experienced and it takes one who has suffered to speak with authority about suffering.  Paul, the Apostle, wrote much about suffering and in spite of all he had gone through, he was very positive in his faith that "..the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us..." Suffering, Pain, Distress, Coming Glory, Compensation ACCEPT AND USE THE DIFFERENCES <br> It is quite obvious that there are many differences between a man and a woman and rightly so as that's how God created both man and woman.  The differences between the two are beneficial to each other and when both learn to accept and use their differences, life can be so harmonious for both.   Man, Woman, Differences, Beneficial SOME THINGS THE CHURCH NEEDS TODAY <br> There can be no doubt that the Church in America is in great trouble.  There is no comparison to the spiritual level of today's church compared to years ago when Sunday was special, prayer was necessary, the Bible was the guide, sermons were firey.  Sadly today the Church is "people-oriented," not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.  The Church of today in America needs help. Church, Holy Spirit, God's Word, Christians

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A Caring Church, Revelation 3:1-17
A Certain Law Is Involved In Following Jesus, Mark 8:35
A Child's First Classroom, Deuteronomy 6:1-9
A Christian Belongs To The Lord, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
A Christian In Prayer, Luke 11:1-4, 9-10
A Christian Is A Person Who Has Been Reborn, John 3:3
A Christian Is Consecrated To God, 1 Corinthians 1:2
A Christian Is Guarded By The Power Of God, 1 Peter 1:1-5
A Christian Is Saved To Serve, Hebrews 9:14
A Christian Is To Grow In The Knowledge Of Jesus Christ, 2 Peter 1:2-11
A Christian Leaving His/her First Love, Revelation 2:4
A Christian Lives By Faith, Romans 1:16-17
A Christian Needs Other Christians, Hebrews 10:23-25
A Commissioning Service, Acts 13:1-3
A Couple Of Things About "love", 1 John 3:11-18
A Cure For Fear, Zephaniah 3:14-17
A Deadly Enemy Within The Church, Deuteronomy 1:5-8
A Definition Of A Christian, Acts 11:26
A Difficult Decision To Make, Hebrews 11:24-26
A Fishing Story, Matthew 4:17-23
A Follower Of Jesus Is To Produce Fruit, Mark 11:1-26
A Follower's Response To Jesus, Mark 1:1-45
A Good Man Gone Bad, 1 Samuel 26:21
A Growing Christian Life, Ephesians 3:13-19
A Hard Thing To Do, Matthew 22:39
A Leaky Well Or A Flowing River, Jeremiah 2:12-13
A Lesson In Prayer, Luke 11:1-13
A Lesson In Preaching, Acts 3:11-26
A Lesson On Prayer, Luke 11:2-4
A Life Changing Command, Acts 3:19
A Look At The Holy Spirit, John 1:29-34
A Message Of Comfort And A Message Of Warning, Isaiah 3:10-11
A Message Without Words, Romans 6:1-14
A Model For Today's Mothers, Luke 1:26-56
A Most Astonishing Fact About Christianity, Luke 15:4-10
A Most Often Committed Sin, James 4:11
A Mother's Persistent Prayer Rewarded, 1 Samuel 1:1-11ff
A Mother's Reward, Exodus 2:7-9
A New Type Of Christmas Season, John 3:16
A New Way To Live, Romans 6:1-10
A Non-believer At Christmas, Luke 2:1-19
A Parable Of Contrasts, Matthew 18:21-35
A Prayer That Changed A Life, 1 Chronicles 4:9-11
A Praying And Concerned Father, Job 1:5
A Premarital Session,
A Prince And A Savior, Acts 5:29-32
A Promise Is A Promise, various texts
A Prophecy Fulfilled, Micah 5:2
A Saved Person Cannot Be Lost Again, John 1:12-13
A Second Chance, Genesis 35:1
A Secret To Being Thankful, Philippians 4:11-13
A Sermon That Cost A Preacher His Life, Acts 7:1-60
A Silent Sermon, Romans 6:1-14
A Single Word That Can Make You Happy Or Sad, Luke 16:25
A Spiritual Check Up, Mark 7:1-8:26
A Steward Of Service, 2 Corinthians 5:14, 15
A Strong Shepherd But Weak Sheep, Isaiah 40:1-11
A Thanksgiving Message (tithing), Luke 17:11-19
A Thing Called "grief", 2 Samuel 12:15-23
A Thrilling Discovery, Genesis 28:10-21
A Time For Beginning Again, Luke 22:14-20
A Time Of Accountability, Luke 12:13-21
A Very Unusual House, 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
A Voice From The Dead, Luke 16:19-31
A Walk With God, Leviticus 26:11-12
A Wise Worship Example, Matthew 2:1-12
About The Church, Ephesians 5:25-27
About The Church, Ephesians 3:1-11
Accept And Use The Differences, Genesis 2:19-25
Acceptance Before God, Ephesians 1:3-8
Address To Graduating High School Seniors, Deuteronomy 7:18
Adopted Into God's Family, 1 John 3:1-3
Advice To A Graduate, 1 Timothy 4:12
Afraid To Witness?, Acts 9:10-24
After Believing In Jesus, Then What?, John 21:18-22
All About Angels,
All Believers Are To Make Disciples, Matthew 28:19-20
All For Nothing, Hebrews 12:1-3
All God, All Man, Ephesians 2:19-20
All Talk, Matthew 21:28-32
All To Jesus I Surrender, Romans 6:13-16
Allah Or Jehovah?, Isaiah 45:5
Almighty God Is Also A Loving Father, John 3:16
Almost Doesn't Do It, Acts 26:13-28
Almost Persuaded, But Not Quite, Acts 26:24-32
Almost There, Mark 12:28-34
Almost, But Not, Acts 26:24-32
Alright And Wrong At The Same Time, 1 Corinthians 8:1-13
Am I My Brother's Keeper?, Genesis 4:9
America Is Changing, 2 Chronicles 7:14
America Needs To Be Reborn, Jeremiah 29:13
America Verses The Rich, Young Ruler, Mark 10:17-22
America's Delima, 2 Timothy 3:1-5
America, Wake Up!, Ezekiel 3:17-19
An "old, Yet New" Commandment, Study #4, First John, 1 John 2:7-11
An Example For Christians, Genesis 22:1-13
An Example In Witnessing, John 1:35-42
An Example Of Grace, 2 Samuel 9:1-13
An Example Of How To Live As A Christian, Philippians 4:8
An Example Of Love For Others, Ephesians 5:2
An Example Of Obedience, Genesis 6:22
An Exam[ple Of Giving, Acts 11:28-30
An Extra Special Family Meeting, 1 Corinthians 11:23-29
An Incredible Promise, John 14:13-14
An Often Asked Three Lettered Question, Judges 6:13
An Ordinary Rod, Genesis 3:14-18
And God Became Flesh And Blood, John 1:1, 14
And They Were Glad, John 20:20
Angels At Christmastide, Matthew 1:20
Angels Have And Continue To Minister To The Lord Jesus Christ,
Angels Ministering To Christians,
Anger Can Turn Into Sin, Matthew 5:21-26
Answer For Worry, Matthew 6:25-34
Answering God's Call Can Be Stressful, Genesis 12:1-4
Are Our Sins Really Forgiven?, Romans 6:23
Are There Two Ways To Be Saved?, Ephesians 2:8-9
Are We Losing Christmas?, Matthew 1:18-23
Are We Really Free?, John 8:32-36
Are You A Godly Father?, Proverbs 4:1-14
Are You In Your Right Mind?, Luke 8:35
As In The Days Of Noah, Romans 1:21-32
As It Was Then, So It Is Now, Isaiah 7:14
Assurance Of Salvation, Acts 16:27-32
Assurances From Satan, Matthew 22:2-14
Attributes Of God, Hebrews 10:30-31

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Back To Bethel, Genesis 35:1
Back Where He Started From, Acts 1:10-11
Baptism, Romans 6:1-4
Basics Of Salvation, Romans 10:9-15
Be Confident About The Bible, Revelation 22:18-19
Be Happy, Jesus Has Come, John 1:26-45
Be Like Luke, Luke 1:1-2
Be Patient, James 5:7-11
Be Proud, Matthew 8:34-38
Be The Best Father You Can, Joshua 24:14-18; Deuteronomy 6:4-1
Becoming A Christian Makes A Person New, 2 Corinthians 5:17
Been Pleasing God Lately?, John 14:16-26
Beginning Again, Jeremiah 18:1-10
Behold, The Man, John 19:1-5
Being A Christian Takes A Lot Of Time, Luke 9:32
Being A Disciple Of Jesus, Matthew 28:18-20
Being A Follower Of Jesus Is Costly, Mark 8:27-9:29
Being A Good Example To Others, Ephesians 4:25-5:2
Being A Soul Winner, John 4:27-30
Being Child-like, Matthew 19:13-14
Being Filled With The Holy Spirit, Acts 4:31
Being Known In Different Ways, 1 Samuel 16:7
Being Led By The Holy Spirit, Romans 8:14
Being Near To God, Ephesians 2:11-13
Being Thankful In All Situations, Colossians 3:15
Believe It Or Not, Genesis 1:7, 9, 11, 15, 24
Believers Are To Have A Spirit-filled Life, Ephesians 5:18
Believers In Jesus Are Eternally Secure, Ephesians 2:8-9
Believers In Jesus Have Been Adopted, Galations 4:1-9
Believers Live By Their Faith, Not Works, Galations 3:1-5
Believing Has Been Made Easier, Matthew 7:13-23
Believing In Or Accepting Christ, Is There A Difference?, John 3:16
Benefits From The Word Of God, Micah 2:7
Benefits Of Being Obedient, Luke 5:1-11
Benefitting From God's Word, 2 Timothy 3:16
Beward Of Antichrists, Study #7, First John, 1 John 2:18-27
Biblical Faith Is Essential, Hebrews 11:6
Big Faith Without A Big Fish, Jonah 1:17-2:9
Blasting Or Blessing, Acts 5:1-12
Blind And A Nobody, John 9
Blocked By The Holy Spirit, Acts 16:7
Bold Believers, John 12:42-43
Border Line Christians, John 5:24
Born Into A Different World, 2 Corinthians 5:17
Bragging, Boasting, James 4:13-17
Bread From Heaven, John 6:25-58
Bring Our Country Back To God, Lamentations 5:21
Bringing Christ Into Your Crisis, Daniel 3:24-25
Bringing Mankind To God, Matthew 20:28
Bringing Up Children God's Way, Ephesians 6:1-4
Buried With Christ, Romans 6:3-11
Burnt Offerings Bring God's Song And Joy, 2 Chronicles 29:27

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